I have not seen a fetal heart rate at 8 weeks of pregnancy, did it hit a fetal abortion? Experts gave answers, one good and one bad

I have not seen a fetal heart rate at 8 weeks of pregnancy, did it hit a fetal abortion? Experts gave answers, one good and one bad

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Final draft: Su Zihou

Under normal circumstances, the fetal heart rate can be heard through B-ultrasound at about 8 weeks of pregnancy, but in reality, some pregnant mothers are here At that time, the fetal heart rate was not found, which made mothers-to-be worried that they were afraid of fetal abortion. 

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Lily and her husband became pregnant with their love crystallization soon after their marriage, and the couple were very happy. 

About 8 weeks of pregnancy, the couple went to the hospital together for the first check-up, but the results made them very worried that they didn’t get a fetus. heart. 

“The baby won’t leave us…”

Lily and her husband were worried, so they quickly showed the results to the doctor. The doctor asked about her condition and learned that Lily had menstrual disorders before she became pregnant, and she also forgot when the last menstruation came. 

So inferred that the reason for not seeing the fetal heart rate is probably because of the wrong menstruation, and recommended that Lily tested the progesterone and HCG and found that the value was not bad. Let her go home and wait for 1 to 2 weeks before coming to the hospital for examination. 

The young couple returned home with anxiety. Lily asked for leave to rest at home. After 2 weeks, a B-ultrasound examination was performed again and it was found that the fetus did appear. After the fetal heart rate, the young couple were very happy. 

No fetal heart rate at 8 weeks of pregnancy, suggesting a fetus Stop breeding? 

In this regard, the experts gave two answers, one is good and the other is bad. Pregnant mothers may wish to compare:

Good news:

If the baby is not checked out at 8 weeks of pregnancy The heart is not necessarily due to fetal abortion. There is also an error in the calculation of the gestational week. At this time, the fetus is still small and has not reached the 8th week of pregnancy. It is normal if the fetal heart rate is not detected. 

Especially for some pregnant mothers who have irregular menstruation, late conception, and errors in calculating the ovulation period, they are prone to errors when calculating the gestational week. 

Therefore, if the pregnant mother did not check the fetal heart rate at the 8th week of pregnancy, but the progesterone and HCG have doubled very well, the pregnant mother can rest assured and can go again every 1 to 2 weeks The hospital conducts an examination. 

Bad news:

If it does not appear at 8 weeks of gestation, and the values ​​of progesterone and HCG also decrease, then it is likely to be caused by fetal arrest. This situation occurs. Pregnant mothers need to pay attention to them, and they must pass detailed tests. If the diagnosis is diagnosed as fetal abortion under the doctor’s examination, it is recommended to terminate the pregnancy in time. 

Signal from fetal abortion

1. The original early pregnancy reaction suddenly disappeared

After pregnancy, most women will experience some early pregnancy reactions such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and rise in body temperature due to changes in hormones in the body. 

Suddenly during this period when the fetal heart rate is not detected, these normal early pregnancy reactions suddenly decrease or disappear, and it is likely that the fetus has stopped. 

2, abdominal pain, brown discharge appears

If the pregnant mother had seen redness, secreted brown secretions and abdominal pain some time before the fetal heart rate was detected, this is likely to be Threatened abortion and fetal abortion occurred. 

3. Hcg doubling is abnormal

Detecting hcg is an essential item. It can be used to know whether the pregnant mother is pregnant or not. Of course, it can also be used in the first trimester. The doubling of the value indicates the growth and development of the fetus. 

If the pregnant mother does not detect the fetal heart rate, and the hcg value is not good, the doubling is abnormal, it is probably due to the occurrence of fetal arrest. 

However, the occurrence of fetal abortion is not necessarily a bad thing. Some experts say that this happens, in fact, most of it is the result of “survival of the fittest”. Therefore, if pregnant mothers encounter such things, they don’t need to be too sad. The baby will be healthier. 

8 weeks of pregnancy Precautions to be paid attention to during pregnancy check

1. Pay attention to the quality of sleep the night before.

Some pregnant mothers start to worry, think about things, or even think about some more negative situations during each pregnancy check. It is easy to cause the quality of sleep to be affected. 

Actually, pregnant mothers don’t have to be like this. This kind of wild guessing emotions can easily affect the growth and development of the fetus, especially in the first trimester, when the fetus is relatively fragile. 

2. Clothes are loose and comfortable.

When pregnant mothers go to the hospital for examination, they wear loose and comfortable clothes. Do not wear dresses or other complicated clothes as much as possible, which is not conducive to the exposure of the abdomen and makes the examination troublesome. . 

Pregnant mothers are best able to wear loose and comfortable cotton clothes with upper and lower splits, coupled with comfortable flat shoes. 

3. Hold urine in advance

Pregnancy examination of abdomen B is overtime, no fasting is required. If you choose abdominal ultrasound, you need to hold back your urine in advance, which will make it easier for the doctor to see the growth and development of the fetus more clearly Happening. 

If you choose a female ultrasound, you don’t need to hold your urine, but you have to drain. 

4. Accompanied by family members

In the early stages of pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will have different degrees of early pregnancy reactions, and the body will also appear a little tired and prone to accidents. If there are family members accompanied at this time It can save the need to run errands and save energy for mothers-to-be. 

In addition, after the pregnant woman passes the test, if an abnormal situation occurs, psychological comfort can be given and corresponding measures can be taken in time. Return to Sohu to see more

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Several common misunderstandings of prenatal education during pregnancy, if you want There are three ways to improve your baby’s intelligence.

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

Everyone may already be familiar with the term prenatal education, but they have not fully understood it. Some families even deify it, exaggerating its role or using improper methods. As everyone knows, this will not only help the fetus Bao’s development is also easy to damage its health. 

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Pregnant mother blindly prenatal education, was promptly stopped by the doctor

My friend Xiaoxia has always liked music, because she and her husband have no talent in this area, so I thought about it I must make my baby a singer in the future. 

After some consultation, I heard that music prenatal education during pregnancy can play a certain role, so she listens to some piano music every day, and the style of music is changeable, ranging from impassioned to tender and soothing… …

Xia Xia thought that she had made a right decision. When she went to the hospital for an obstetric examination, she even deliberately showed off her prenatal education experience to the doctor, but unexpectedly received a ban, the doctor sighed and said:” This kind of prenatal education not only cannot give the fetus a positive effect, but also easily damage his hearing.”

In fact, there are many people like Xiaoxia. They think prenatal education is too magical, and even think it can help children “change their fate”, so Blindly adopting some wrong prenatal education methods, the result is that it hurts oneself and the fetus in the end. 

Correctly understand prenatal education

We should first be clear that prenatal education is not a kind of behavior exclusive to modern people, but originated from ancient times. 

In ancient times, prenatal education was a code of ethics that pregnant women must abide by. They believed that the fetus was easily affected by the mother’s body, and pregnant women must abide by good etiquette and behaviors in order for the fetus to be better demonstrated. 

Modern research has found that prenatal education is mainly about the mother’s body being in a relatively good environment, and the body and mind can be relaxed. In this case, it can help the fetus to develop, which is a scientific and effective way of eugenics. 

However, prenatal education is not a way of directly acting on the fetus itself in many cases, but indirectly through the mother’s body to transmit positive effects on the fetus. 

Several misunderstandings of prenatal education

1. The sooner the better

Many pregnant mothers think that the earlier the prenatal education is, the better. The longer the time span, the wider the impact on the baby, and the better the effect, but this is not the case. 

As far as the developmental process of the fetus is concerned, the auditory system is basically formed at about 4 weeks, but hearing is not yet available at this time, and it usually takes 6 months to truly Hear the outside world. 

And wait until After 7 months, the fetus can respond to external movements and sounds, so it is more appropriate to conduct fetal education at this time. 

2. The closer the music is to the belly, the better.

Some mothers always think that Tierbao will not hear the sound if the sound is far away. In order for them to hear, they put the music closer or even Close to the belly. 

This behavior will only harm the hearing of the fetus. Their cochlea is very fragile. Excessive sound can easily cause irritation. It should be controlled within 70 decibels and around 1000 Hz. 

And the playback device should be 1.5m and 2m away from pregnant women, and the time for each time is about 5~10min. 

3. No plan

When carrying out prenatal education, many mothers just listen to them when they think of it, regardless of time and place, but the fetal treasure in the abdomen is the same as us, with its own Therefore, it must be carried out in accordance with its work and rest time. 

Usually when the fetal movement is more active It means that the baby is awake and can undergo prenatal education; and when the fetal movement is relatively weak, it means that the baby may be resting and it is necessary to avoid interruption. 

4. Do it alone

Many people think that prenatal education is a matter for mother alone, and other people have no effect, but the real situation is not like this. The role of father plays an important role in it. effect. 

For example, during music prenatal education, the father can whisper to the baby and comfort his wife. This will not only make the mother happy, but also increase the intimacy with the baby. 

If you want to improve your baby’s intelligence, the following three ways are more reliable

▲Footing prenatal education

Exercise is a way of prenatal education, pregnant mothers need to use hand skills When learning, there should be regularity when stroking the belly: from top to bottom, from left to right, you can easily touch the umbilical cord around your neck. 

It is often helpful to stabilize the baby’s mood and help it develop better. 

At the same time the best The time should be around 9 o’clock in the evening, usually only 5-10 minutes. 

▲Language prenatal education

The fetus does not have language skills in the abdomen, but there will be a natural connection with the mother. The mother’s words can be Perceived through language, so you can tell stories and chat with Tibao before going to bed. 

▲Music prenatal education

Naturally, this form of prenatal education, as long as mothers who have had prenatal education will definitely adopt music prenatal education. The main function of this method is to relax the mother’s psychology, thereby promoting the intellectual development of Feibao, which is also the most important way of prenatal education. 

But when choosing music Don’t choose the same song repeatedly, it should be diversified, and focus on relaxing and soothing music. Return to Sohu to see more

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