I got 95 in the English test and became the countdown in the class. Now that the competition is so high, how dare you to relax?

After 95 in the English test, it became the countdown in the class. Now that the competition is so big, how dare you to relax?

Nowadays, all the children have been forced by their parents to become school masters. When the children were in school, they could If the test scores above 90 in the class, it is definitely a master class! 

But the children nowadays get a score of more than 90 on the test. It’s just too common. There are too many children who scored more than 90 on the test. Moreover, after the score of more than 90 on the test is more than 20 in the class, the current child The learning competitiveness is really great! 

Coco’s daughter is in the second grade of elementary school. Coco always feels that her child is studying well. Every time she meets relatives and friends, she will tell her about her daughter’s learning. 

But recently the girl’s school organized the final exam, and the girl’s English score was 95 points, which should be quite a lot! But the girl’s English score in the class turned out to be the bottom of the class. There are really too many scores above 95 in the test, and there are more than 10 tied for 100 points. 

Coco can no longer be happy looking at her daughter’s ranking, and no longer dare to show off to her friends, and Coco even feels that she may not be too lax with her daughter’s learning degree, which leads to her daughter’s no pressure. , So the academic performance can not catch up with others. 

In fact, it is not only Coco who has this idea. When Coco shares his doubts with colleagues, who knows that the children of colleagues are the same. Obviously 95 points on the test are high enough, but the ranking Still lagging behind, parents really don’t know whether to keep their children in the future, or to be more strict with the children and improve their children’s grades. 

Parents now seem to have entered a misunderstanding. They stare at their children’s academic performance all day long. In the parents’ perception, the children’s performance is the most important thing. As long as the children can get high scores, the parents will work hard. , No matter how much it pays, it is worth it. 

Some parents In order to get high scores for children, I often do this.

1.Forcing children to keep learning

Some parents always force their children to keep on top in order to get high scores for their children and make their children’s scores be among the best. Even the parents control their children’s playing time, throwing a lot of materials and test questions to the children every day, and the children are not allowed to rest if they can’t finish them. 

Some parents even use things to stimulate their children in order to achieve their own goals. With this kind of duck-filling education of parents, the children’s performance may be improved under the compulsion of the parents, but it will certainly not last, because the children have a feeling of being forced to operate. Once the parents relax, the children may plummet. 

2. Enroll children in various classes

In order to improve their children’s grades, parents have no means to place their hopes in the major cram schools. Others’ children enroll 3, and they enroll 5 for their children. In short, I have to learn more than other kids. 

Parents think that their children’s grades can be improved in this way. In fact, this is not the case. Parents can’t grasp the key points of their children’s learning at all. Instead, they will make their children physically and mentally exhausted. 

3. Comparing children with others

Sometimes parents may not have a good way, so they want to stimulate their children with agitation, so they always pretend to their children that they have learned well in others’ families, what about other’s children? how about it? 

Parents think that they can motivate their children. In fact, they not only fail to motivate their children, but they will also undermine the children’s self-confidence and make the children desperate. 

Actually, the score is not absolute. The child’s academic performance is only one aspect of it. Parents do not have to keep an eye on the child’s performance and force the child to become a learning machine without any interest. If that is the case, even if the child can get a high score in the exam, the child will not be really happy. 

compared Parents should pay more attention to children’s grades.

1. Children’s mental health

Compared with children’s grades, parents should pay more attention to their children’s mental health. How many children are currently living due to learning pressure Some people who have psychological problems directly deal with their parents, or even kill them, in order to get rid of the learning pressure that their parents put on them. 

So letting children have a healthy mental state is more important than academic performance. If a person is mentally unhealthy, let alone academic performance, even if the parents push the child again, the child’s performance will not be better. 

2. The development of children’s interest

The academic performance is dead, and the knowledge in the books learned by the child is also dead. Parents do not have to force the child to take 100 points on the test, as long as the child’s academic performance is about the same can. 

Parents should pay more attention to their children’s interests, because when children enter society in the future, others will not see how many scores you can test, but only one’s ability. Therefore, the ability is greater than the learning score. Parents encourage their children to develop more interests. The wider the children’s interests, the stronger the children’s comprehensive ability in the future. 

Educating children is not just about getting a good grade in the test. The personality of the child, the relationship between the parent and the child, and the child’s psychological problems are all points that parents need to pay attention to, so parents should not be staring. The child’s academic performance is anxious! 1 child gave birth, 18 accompanied the childbirth. Those who didn’t know were envious, but the doctor who knew the insider was angry.

Pregnant mothers finally waited until the delivery time for a full 40 weeks of pregnancy, but at this stage the most It’s easy to make things happen, which is what we often say “good things are hard to come by”. 

Case 1 had a normal childbirth, and 18 had a paternity.

Usually, when pregnant mothers give birth, most of the parents who go to the childbirth are a few in-laws and maidens, and rarely go to a dozen or so family members. 

But on the day Xiao Chen gave birth, a total of 18 family members came. If they hadn’t been persuaded, they might have come more. What happened? 

Xiao Chen’s cousin went to visit her that day. Everyone was chatting happily outside. Xiao Chen’s husband suddenly found out that his mobile phone was not by his side, so he went into the house to take the phone, and found that his wife was looking at her. Cell phone. 

The fact is that her husband cheated. During her pregnancy, Xiao Chen suddenly became very emotional, and even threatened that it was useless to have a child. It was better to just take it away, but at this time the child was 37. It’s a week, and it’s going to be born soon. 

Xiao Chen’s husband himself knew that he was doing something wrong. He saw his wife emotionally, and he was also panicked with a big belly. He tried to calm his wife down, but Xiao Chen still couldn’t calm down. He even scolded her husband loudly. 

The family in the living room heard it all and hurried to see what was going on. Xiao Chen became more and more excited, and soon fell to the ground and shouted that his stomach hurts. Her husband came to help her. She was even more reluctant. Struggling to shake off her husband’s hand, he couldn’t stand firmly and fell to the ground. Everyone was shocked. Now Xiao Chen’s stomach hurts even more, and the family rushed to the hospital. 

After all, Xiao Chen’s cousin is a family member. After knowing this, he hurriedly notified Xiao Chen’s parents and also told his parents. In this way, everyone would know as soon as they passed on, and they all went to the hospital. Hurry, only then did more than a dozen people have a paternity. 

Some uninformed people still envy Xiao Chen’s family. It is fortunate that so many people have come to have a child. However, the doctor who knows the truth points directly to Xiao Chen’s husband’s ignorance and lack of responsibility. 

Because the hospital is affected by the epidemic, so many people cannot stay outside the delivery room. The families of most people are waiting in the family area. Xiao Chen’s husband will also be very regretful. 


Some men are very unaccountable. How can they be worthy of a wife who has a hard-to-pregnant wives when they “have no thoughts” when their wives are pregnant? I read a message from a mother some time ago

“My husband was found cheating when I was 30 weeks pregnant. I was really desperate at the time. I felt that everything was meaningless, but thinking about the child, I resolutely took the child back to my natal family. Later, my husband always promised me that he would change. After the child was born, I would be a competent job, but I have left a lump in my heart and I can’t erase it.”

Women are delicate and sensitive, especially for pregnant women. How can a woman with a big belly accept that her husband “has no thoughts” during her pregnancy? It is impossible to change to ordinary women, let alone pregnant mothers? 

After the wife is pregnant, she is responsible Men do this.

1. Share housework

Perhaps during the first trimester and the second trimester, pregnant mothers can still do light housework, but in the third trimester, pregnant mothers With a big belly, it is inconvenient to move, let alone doing housework. 

It’s best for dads-to-be to help with housework after returning home from get off work, especially if there is no mother’s help. Although they just take off their clothes, wash dishes, or mopping the floor, they are pregnant. Mothers will be very pleased. 

2. Chat with pregnant mothers

It can be said that most pregnant mothers will feel worried during pregnancy. After all, as their figure is getting fatter, they will feel ugly, let alone their husbands? 

Once such thoughts appear, pregnant mothers will become more and more anxious, less confident, and restless all day long, which is extremely detrimental to the stability of the fetus. 

The most important way for men who are really responsible is not to take advantage of this stage of “destroying”, but to take care of the emotions of pregnant mothers, to appease their anxiety, and to fill their sense of security is to use The action proved to them. 

You must know that the emotions of pregnant women are directly related to the growth and development of the fetus. If you want the fetus and the pregnant mother to survive the entire pregnancy in good health, the father-to-be must spend more time thinking about it. 

3. Take the time to take pregnant mothers out to play

After pregnancy, most pregnant mothers are restrained at home, especially in the middle and late stages. Being in an environment for a long time, plus if there is no one to talk to, pregnant mothers will become more dull, serious and even depression may occur. 

In response to this, parents-to-be can take pregnant mothers to parks or other attractions after get off work or on weekends, or go to the nearby grassland for a picnic. Pregnant mothers usually prefer This way of activities, in this way, their mood will become more pleasant. 

Be a responsible and responsible man and don’t let pregnant mothers down. Just like when I saw a netizen say, “If he dares to be sorry for me, he won’t even think about admitting it in the future.” What do you think?

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