I deliberately chose a wet wipe to wipe the child’s buttocks, but it hurts the baby. Is it still impossible to use the wrong method?

I deliberately chose a wet wipe to wipe the child’s buttocks, but it hurts the baby. Is it still impossible to use the wrong method? 

Xiaomi’s baby has some diarrhea and often needs to clean the baby’s buttocks. In order to save things as much as possible while ensuring cleanliness and hygiene, Xiaomi asked her husband to buy a few packs of wet wipes to wipe the baby’s buttocks. 

In this way, you only need to wipe your child’s buttocks with a wet wipe every time you change your child’s diapers. It is really convenient to not need to clean the child. 

But after three days in a row, Xiaomi found that the child’s skin was a little red and swollen, and there were a lot of red rashes. The child was unhappy with a light touch and looked very uncomfortable. 

Xiaomi didn’t think much about it, but when Xiaomi continued to clean the child’s ass with wet wipes, the child resisted and burst into tears. 

“Is there something wrong with the wet wipes?” Xiaomi picked up the wet wipes package and found out that the wet wipes bought by her husband contain alcohol, which is irritating to the child’s skin. 

Xiaomi hurriedly asked her girlfriend who had already given birth to two babies, but she didn’t expect to be taught by her girlfriend, “How can I wipe my child’s ass with a wet wipe every time?”

“A lot of wet wipes contain alcohol, and the material is relatively rough, which is not a small irritation to the child’s skin. In addition, after the baby’s excretion, the buttocks are relatively dirty, and it is easy to have residues when wiped with wet wipes. No.”

So on the suggestion of a girlfriend, Xiaomi changed to use a new wet towel to clean up the child first, and then dry it with a dry towel, and wash the child’s ass at least twice a day. The redness and swelling on the buttocks are getting better. 

Wet wipes are indeed very convenient to use. In addition, there are so many baby wipes on the market. Many mothers will prepare some wet wipes at home. 

As long as the wet wipes are qualified for infants and young children, Baoma can use them for children, but it is better not to use them if the method is wrong. 

Baby can use Wet wipes? The method is very important. If the method is wrong, it will hurt the baby.

Pay attention to the frequency of use of wet wipes

Only those who have been parents know how troublesome it is to bring a baby. Just changing the baby’s diaper can change the trouble every day. 

Therefore, after using wet wipes a few times, mothers may rely on wet wipes very much. As long as they change their diapers, they will wipe their ass with wet wipes. 

But in fact, the wet wipes are not as soft to the touch. Repeated use will irritate the child’s skin, and the cleaning power is also limited. 

As time goes by, your child’s skin is prone to redness, swelling and itching due to the alcohol in the wet wipes, rough touch and bacteria remaining on the buttocks. 

Minimize the use of wet wipes in winter

The use of wet wipes is also divided into seasons. For example, in winter, wet wipes will become cold. In fact, the baby is very uncomfortable when directly touching the baby’s buttocks. 

Furthermore, the baby is likely to catch a cold when changing diapers. If a cool wipe is used at this time, the risk of the baby catching a cold is even greater. 

If you really want to use wet wipes in winter, it is recommended to soak in hot water to make the wipes warmer. 

Wet wipes can’t be recycled.

We are more accustomed to using wet wipes at home. We may use wet wipes for wiping hands, feet, mouth, and ass. In fact, a lot of consumption is consumed in a day. 

If you buy baby wipes, the price will be even more expensive. In order to reduce costs, some people will wash the used wipes and dry them in the air, save them for use as dry tissues next time, or re-soak them before use. 

But simple washing and drying cannot eliminate the bacteria inside, and it is very unhygienic to use it again. 

Furthermore, after rubbing and drying, the wet wipes may become a little flaky and stick to the baby’s skin during use. 

Baby’s skin problems can’t be used

When the words “clean” and “sterilization” are printed on the package of wet wipes, mothers tend to trust and feel more at ease, and even use them to wipe the delicate baby local. 

But these types of wet wipes generally contain alcohol, and the strength of sterilization is relatively limited. And the more such a wipe, the less it can be used on the baby’s skin that is already experiencing problems. 

Therefore, when the baby’s skin has redness, swelling, itching, rashes and other symptoms, it is best for Mom to choose to clean it with warm water. 

Try not to wipe sensitive areas with wet wipes.

Except for the areas where the skin is already problematic, you can’t use wipes. It is best not to wipe the sensitive areas of your child with wet wipes. 

The skin in these areas is often more delicate and more easily irritated. When Mommy wipes these areas with wet wipes, the baby is actually not happy. 

Especially when cleaning the baby’s butt, Bao Ma should be careful not to bring the excrement to the privacy sensitive part, so as to avoid the growth of bacteria in the baby’s private parts. 

In the care of newborns, the butt is prone to redness and swelling. Therefore, parents do not need to be too nervous. The main thing is to deal with it properly in time and pay more attention in the future. 

The butt is wrapped in diapers for a long time, and it is easy to be injured by the bacteria in the excrement. However, the care of the baby’s butt should be simple and not complicated. In many cases, sanitary and warm water is better than cleaning agents. Supplies should be reassuring. 

How did you clean your baby’s ass? For couples who have passed the “watershed”, it is not recommended to have a second child. It is not just Dabao who is embarrassed.

Nowadays, many middle-aged couples start to have a second child. Compared with young couples, middle-aged couples Couples have greater enthusiasm for childbirth. It can be said that they have an economic advantage in the matter of having a second child. But I have to say that raising children not only requires stable financial support, but also requires parents to invest more time and energy. Therefore, for older middle-aged couples, the practice of having a second child needs to think twice. 

For couples who have passed the “watershed”, the doctor does not recommend having a second child, not just for Dabao’s consideration

Ms. Wang is 45 years old this year, and her daughter has already graduated from college. However, Ms. Wang, who has no financial burden, feels that life is a little empty, especially after her daughter chooses to work in another place, she can’t go back home several times throughout the year, which makes Ms. Wang feel even more lonely. Thinking that her daughter will get married and become a family in the future, she will go home less often, and Ms. Wang is worried about her later life. After thinking about it, Ms. Wang planned to have a second child. When he told his daughter about this idea, he thought that the daughter would be unhappy, but the daughter said, “If the doctor thinks the mother’s body can still give birth I have no opinion!”

Ms. Wang was very happy with her daughter’s support, so she happily ran to the hospital for an examination. When she explained her condition to the doctor, the doctor poured cold water on her. “You are 45 years old this year. It can be said that you have reached the watershed for having a second child. I can understand your willingness to have a second child, but if you rush to give birth, your body may be overwhelmed. So I do not recommend that you fight for a second child. Fetus.”

However, Ms. Wang, who wants to have a second child, doesn’t agree with the doctor’s advice very much. “My health is very good, and I’m still very confident about this! So I’d better ask the doctor to do a good job. Check it for me. Although I know that giving birth to a second child at this age is very hard, I already understand it!” Seeing that Ms. Wang was determined, the doctor performed a physical examination for her. Judging from the indicators of the examination, Wang The lady does still have the conditions for childbirth. So, after listening to the doctor’s advice on pregnancy preparation, Ms. Wang happily went home to prepare for pregnancy. 

has passed the watershed What are the negative effects of couples insisting on having a second child? 

Middle-aged couples give birth to a second child. This undeniably affects Dabao’s life, especially for the adult Dabao. This choice of parents will inevitably make them feel sad and even hurt their hearts. A sense of security. But besides that, preparing for a second child for middle-aged couples is also a challenge to themselves. As far as Bao Ma is concerned, after 35 years of age, they become senior parturients. They are more likely to suffer from pregnancy complications during pregnancy. At the same time, postpartum recovery will be relatively slow, which makes Bao Ma’s body aging more obvious. 

After the baby is born, the couple have to take care of the responsibility. Relatively speaking, couples over the age of 45 have very limited energy, and taking care of the children is not easy, which will inevitably make the two people bear more Heavy parenting burden. If two people can’t understand the division of labor, the pressure of raising a baby may also cause tension in the relationship between husband and wife. In addition, from the perspective of the second child itself, if the age of the pregnant mother is too old, the quality of the fetus will also be affected due to the gestation environment, for example, the probability of deformity is greater. As the second child grows up, they may be ridiculed or discriminated against by their peers because their parents are too old. 

has passed the watershed What kind of preparations should the couple make before making a life-saving decision? 

Parents must first communicate with Dabao. Although it is the right of parents to have a second child, it has to be said that this will have a certain impact on Dabao’s life. If the relationship between Dabao and himself is affected because of the second child, then the parents’ behavior would seem to be outweighed by the gains. In addition to Dabao’s feelings, parents should also make adequate preparations for the care of the second child. If their own energy is insufficient, then it is inevitable to ask a confinement nanny for assistance. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the second child rearing, parents should plan in advance in this regard, whether it is funding or the choice of confinement and nanny should be carefully considered. 

At the same time, parents should also make adequate preparations for education. For example, they must not overly spoil the second child. At the same time, they should be more individualized in education methods. With the educational experience of raising Dabao, parents must be more attentive in the discipline of the second child. In short, couples who have passed the watershed cannot be willful in giving birth to a second child. It is the responsibility of the whole family to make adequate preparations. In addition to considering Dabao’s thoughts, the couple should have a more comprehensive review of their physical conditions, family conditions, and the education and growth of Erbao. Do you share any opinions about the practice of middle-aged couples struggling to have a second child?

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