“I can’t put you in this house?” The female treasure’s homework reveals “18 martial arts”, and Bao’s mother is speechless after seeing it.

“I can’t put you in this house?” Female treasure’s homework reveals “eighteen martial arts”. After watching her, Bao’s mother is speechless.

Whenever the topic of tutoring children with homework is mentioned, old parents and old mothers are both Can’t help holding a handful of bitter tears for myself. 

Although at the beginning, parents also said “I have to teach the child I have, I can’t be angry” to “contain”, but faced with all kinds of deliberate procrastination behaviors when the child is doing homework, But it eventually evolved into a pattern where brooms, bumps and slippers are all on the battlefield. 

One homework turned the warm and harmonious scene of mother, kindness and child filial piety into a scene of horrible jumping. So, how “spell” do primary school students do when they do their homework? 

The female treasure reveals “eighteen martial arts” while writing homework

Xiao Ke’s family has a “little princess” who is in the 4th grade. Because the child is talented and danced from elementary school, he also won various awards. Xiao Ke has a proud expression every time he mentions it, but If you ask her, if your baby can’t worry about doing homework, Xiao Ke will immediately switch to Tucao machine mode. 

“Chang’e flying to the moon, know? Dunhuang Feitian know? Have you seen Tiebanqiao?…” The little girl in Xiaoke’s phone photo was very energetic, sitting between the table and the bench. Perform a variety of difficult movements during the period. 

In the beginning, the little girl just moved her feet I put my body on the back of the chair and propped up my small body with only my elbows. Later, I was probably a little tired, so I put one leg on the chair. The shape was only a lute from Dunhuang Feitian. It seems that the little guy really showed “eighteen martial arts” in order to write an assignment! 

Xiao Ke, the mother of mine, was speechless and a little dumbfounded after seeing the child’s appearance, and said: “Is this room unable to hold you?”

Coincidentally, this boy is also full of tricks when he does his homework.

In fact, he is doing his homework Above, children’s psychology is the same. 

As long as the child sits at the table, everything around him is more interesting than the exercises in the book. Whether it is posing a strange shape or doing other things, it can be delayed for a while anyway. 

For example, this little boy does his homework I started the “exploration and discovery” mode, knocked on the wall and pushed the door, studied the floor, and then looked at the bathroom…In the ten minutes before and after, only 16 seconds were used for homework. 

Homework is a compulsory course for children, but now it is always mentioned that parents are getting bigger and bigger. So why is it so laborious and procrastinating for children to write homework? 

Why is the child so procrastinated to do homework? 

1. Resistant to homework after class

Children are in the stage of love to play. After a day of study and life, after school, they want to change to another mode to release their energy to the fullest. So let him sit there obediently doing homework, naturally he is reluctant. 

In addition, the learning environment and atmosphere at home is completely different from the school, and the child is not used to it. After all, in the heart of the child, the school is the place to learn, and he is very resistant to the homework that needs to be continued after returning home. . 

2, lack of self-control and understanding of the outside world Too longing

Ten-year-olds are very curious and yearn for the outside world. Children at this stage have a curiosity to learn new things. 

However, because the child lacks the corresponding self-planning ability and self-control, and is in an immutable family environment, it is difficult for him to complete his homework quietly without the control of a teacher. 

3. Did not learn the knowledge points in class

In addition, if the child is distracted while doing homework, it may be true. 

After all, the knowledge points in class are not mastered. Even if the child wants to complete the homework efficiently, he still has no way of writing. Therefore, when the child bites the pen cap in a daze, parents should not rush to get angry. , Because the child is likely to be extremely thinking and puzzled before leaving God. Most parents don’t see how stressful their children are. They will only say that their “stress resistance” is poor.

The term “stress” is a topic that every one of us can’t avoid, and children are the same. Many parents feel that their children’s pressure is not worth mentioning when they have their own pressure. But after all, children are still young and they don’t have the same vision and endurance as adults. Parents really understand children’s pressure. How big is it? 

Case study:

Anxiety before exam is a lot of children The general psychology is reflected in the nervousness before the exam, and it can even lead to inability to concentrate and insomnia. 

The neighbor’s child, Xiaoji, is preparing for high school this year. Since the third year of junior high, I can often hear Xiaoji’s father quarreling with the child in the corridor. 

The father of the child often says to the child: “When is the time you still want to relax, I have felt this little pressure, your father, how come you can’t stand it like you do?”

After listening to this, I feel very chilling. Most parents always Use your own experience to measure your child’s condition, but how is the pressure of entering a higher education facing a child now comparable to that of more than a decade ago? The child’s desire for relaxation has reached the parents, but why has it become a glass heart? 

In fact, most parents don’t understand their children at all, nor can they see how much their pressure is. They only say that their children’s “stress resistance” is poor, but this is not the case. 

Where does the child’s stress come from? 

Nowadays, children generally face great pressure to enter a higher school, especially when the second-child policy is opened, even if children go to kindergarten, they need to register for lottery. If they are unlucky, they can only enroll in private schools. 

When competition grows, children are naturally prone to anxiety and fatigue. Now even some elementary schools require entrance examinations. Only children with top-notch culture and talent can enter the best schools for education. In this way, in the future, many students will have to pass the selection of high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, and graduate entrance examination. How can this kind of hard work be compared with the previous education situation? 

On the one hand, the pressure from the school keeps training children The endurance and willpower

Although most schools hang the banner of “decompression and burden reduction”, they never let the children take time off. Children often need to do homework late at night, enduring the torture of boring study. Especially children who have entered the stage of entering school, they have to participate in successive monthly exams and final exams. The results and ranking announcements again and again remind children to endure stress and pain. 

On the other hand, the pressure from parents never stops.< p>In order for their children to have good grades, parents not only contact the teacher every day, give the children double supervision of the family and the school, but also enroll their children in extracurricular tutoring classes and interest classes, causing the children to completely lose their free personal space. It’s hard to relax. The most unbearable thing for children is that parents continue to put pressure on their children under the banner of “I am for your good.” 

So parents are the “authorities of education It’s difficult to really recognize how much pressure a child is under, and it’s also difficult to really help the child relieve the pressure. Children are prone to emotional breakdown or restlessness, not because the child is poorly able to bear it, but because the child has to find a way to release the pressure that he has to accept. As parents, we should look at this issue more objectively and help children relieve stress. 

How can parents help their children decompress? 

The first point is to look at children’s emotions objectively and provide them with an outlet for their emotions to vent

When children are under pressure, parents should get rid of the inertia of blaming the children for the first time, and deal with the problem objectively. , First find an outlet for the child to release the stress, such as allowing the child to go outside for a walk, allowing the child to watch their favorite programs, etc. Parents can try these healthy stress relief methods. 

The second point is to help children accept reality and Overcoming the problem

There is nothing wrong with the pressure of reality, but we can’t reject it because of this. What a child should experience is always an experience. What parents can do is to help children understand the duality of reality, because It is difficult to select talents without pressure, and to survive the most difficult period, only persistence is the most difficult problem that should be faced and solved. 

Third point, tell your children to face everything calmly and don’t be afraid of failure

A large part of the reason why children will be nervous and anxious is that they are afraid of being eliminated after failure, but in fact they are not. Parents can give their children more choices, such as expanding their children’s interests, and don’t treat the only pressure in life as a boulder in the heart, and diversified development is the best way to reduce the harm caused by failure. 


Everyone has stress, but Why do we feel that the child is too fragile when it comes to the child? Parents should revise such thoughts in time, and think about whether they can really accept such a large competitive pressure when their children are at their age. When a child needs to be released, parents must correctly guide and respect the child, and do not put more pressure on the child.

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