I can’t believe this is the morning of a 10-year-old boy. Netizens are really sad and realistic.

I can’t believe this is the morning of a 10-year-old boy. Netizens are really sad and very realistic.

Nowadays, children grow up in “honeypots”, and many families are “6+1”. Mode, a few adults circle around a child, so they are not willing to let the child suffer a little bit, spoiling and arranging is commonplace. 

In addition, the competition in education is becoming more and more fierce. Parents attach importance to their children’s academic performance. They only require their children to read and study every day, which leads to very poor self-care ability and many children with high scores and low energy. This phenomenon is detrimental to the development of children and parents must pay attention to it. 

Some time ago, there was a video of a 10-year-old boy on the Internet that caused heated discussion. After watching it, many netizens felt distressed and reflected on their own way of educating their children too much. 

In the video, this 10-year-old boy lives in a rural area in Henan. There are only boys and his grandfather with inconvenient legs. Mom and Dad are taking care of the seriously ill brother in the city hospital, so it is the alarm clock at 5 o’clock in the morning. When it sounded, the boy had to get up from the bed immediately. 

It was still dark after waking up at 5 o’clock. The boy had to ride a bicycle to collect vegetables from his own vegetable plot. After collecting a basket of vegetables, he would use the bicycle to pull home. It was just 6 o’clock. 

The boy tied the vegetables into bundles and gave them to his grandfather so that he could sell them in the town after dawn. When it was almost 7 o’clock, the boy took a steamed bun while drinking water and was about to leave. He hung his schoolbag on the bicycle, and then bid farewell to his grandpa to go to school. 

This boy is only 10 years old. Not only does he have to get up to school by himself in the morning, he also has to take on the labor of the family and help his parents earn money to support the family. 

In contrast, many adults may not be able to do it, not to mention that most children get up in the morning by their parents three times and four times. He doesn’t know how to peel eggs, and he doesn’t know how to do housework for his parents at home, and his ability to take care of himself is very poor. 

Why should we grow up Cultivate children’s independence

1. Make children more confident

Children can learn to dress and eat by themselves, arrange their own studies, and find solutions to problems on their own, all of which can be very significant Increase the child’s self-confidence. 

Because every time a child does a small thing, he can have a sense of accomplishment. The more things he learns to do, the more sense of accomplishment he can accumulate. Therefore, children with strong independence are more confident and stronger in their hearts than those who do not know anything. When they encounter problems, they can find more solutions. 

2. Make children more independent

Children who have strong independence from an early age will understand the truth of their own affairs and know that they are responsible for their actions before doing things. 

Such children will be very assertive in life, and they can have their own thinking and opinions in everything. They are more experienced than ordinary children, and they will not agree with others, and they can stand out in the class. When I grow up in the future, I will also have a clear understanding of my own life direction, and it will be easy to make a career. 

3. Can better adapt to the new environment

If a child has strong self-care ability since childhood, then whether it is going to kindergarten, elementary school or middle school, they can adapt to the new environment more quickly and integrate better live in community. However, if the child’s ability to take care of himself is relatively poor, he will encounter many insurmountable problems when he leaves the house, the child will feel fear of difficulties, and even his self-confidence will be undermined. 

Understand the importance of cultivating children’s independence from an early age, parents should pay attention to their own educational methods, and in daily life, they must consciously guide their children to form independence and help children learn to take care of themselves. So what should parents do? Do it? 

How to cultivate independent children

1. Stop arranging

If you want your children to be more independent, parents must stop the act of arranging and doing things for you. Don’t think that children are young and do what they should do instead. For example, if the child already knows how to take a spoon, then feel free to let the child eat by himself. If the child is in elementary school, let them carry the schoolbag by themselves. 

Don’t be afraid that your child won’t do it well. It’s normal if you don’t do it well the first time. If you do it a few more times, you may get messed up at first. , Eat a few more times, naturally you can learn. 

Many parents think that it is enough for their children to study hard and not let them do other things. This idea is very wrong. Only when children learn to take care of themselves and know that they have to do their own things will they be more conscious in their studies, because learning is inherently the children’s own business. If the children do not take the initiative to learn, it will be useless for the parents to worry about it. 

2. Let children learn to take responsibility.

Cultivating independence is to make children be responsible for themselves, and to bear the consequences of everything they do. For example, if a child makes a mistake, parents should not take the responsibility for the child, or let the child escape under the pretext of being young, and let the child feel the consequences of the wrong behavior. 

In this way, the child’s impression will be deeper, and will also be awe-inspiring, and will know what to do and not to do in the future, and become a responsible person. Older parturients have become the main force of second births. When women choose second births, these points need to be considered.

In the past few years, my country has completely liberalized second births. For some elderly couples, it can be said to be the first The great gospel, because if you don’t let go, they will regret it for life. So after the second child is let go, these elderly couples will be the main force in giving birth to the second child, and even some over fifty years old, will give it a go. However, the risk of giving birth at an advanced age is far greater than that of young women. This is also the reality that “elderly” women have to face. 

In the first half of last year, the 38-year-old cousin successfully gave birth to a child. This is also the first time she has given birth to another child in eighteen years. Both the first child and the second child are sons, but the two brothers are eighteen years apart. In order to give birth to the second child, the cousin can be said to have suffered a lot. Before the pregnancy, she had several operations just for gallstones and ovarian surgery, all for the purpose of surviving the second child. obstacle. 

However, despite the preparations, a serious problem occurred when she was about to give birth. At the last check-up, the doctor told her that the fetus was too large and could only be delivered by C-section. So the cousin who was not prepared for C-section was only Can change the plan temporarily, because the operation has been performed not long ago, this caesarean section operation is equivalent to worsening the situation, and it has brought endless pain to her. After untold hardships, the two boys were finally born, eight catties and two by two, and the mother and child were safe. 

Actually, my cousin was pregnant with a second child to have a daughter, but unfortunately, the day is not as good as everyone wants, and the second child is a son again. Thinking of the hardships she suffered for giving birth to the second kid, my cousin sometimes couldn’t help but regret it. She often said that if she knew she was a son, she would not have a second child. 

Older parturients fight for a second child? These risks have to be considered

The probability of fetal malformations and chromosomal abnormalities is significantly increased

The most recommended age for women to reproduce is 22-30 years old, also known as the “golden birth period”. During this period, women’s eggs are of the best quality, and fertilized and developed fetuses are also healthiest. When the age is over 30, the quality of the eggs decreases, and the probability of fetal problems is greater. Therefore, older mothers are often detected with malformed fetuses or fetuses with abnormal chromosomes. Such fetuses are definitely not allowed to remain. 

Hypertension and diabetes are the two major difficulties faced by elderly women

Forty For women over the age of, there are still two major hurdles in pregnancy and childbirth, namely hypertension and diabetes. These two diseases have become younger and younger in recent years, and many women have suffered from them in their early forties. Once suffering from these diseases, pregnancy becomes very dangerous. Not only is the nutritional supply of the fetus not guaranteed, but the health of the mother is also greatly threatened. Therefore, many women with extremely high blood pressure or severe diabetes will be dissuaded by their doctors if they want to become pregnant. 

More serious complications during pregnancy

Pregnancy complications in advanced-age pregnancy are also more serious than those in young pregnant women. Some usually have normal blood pressure and blood sugar, and they start to bother as soon as they become pregnant. Elevated. Diabetes and hypertension in pregnancy will bring great risks to the mother and the fetus. If you unfortunately suffer from a pregnancy complicated by heart disease, it will be even more dangerous. 

These are the additional risks that older women need to face. But no matter how high the risk is, the desire for children of elderly mothers is understandable. In fact, for those elderly pregnant mothers who want to have a second child, if the following aspects can be done well, the risk can be minimized. 

It’s very important to take care of the second child during the advanced age pregnancy.

1. Pay attention to the birth checkup

For women over 35 years of age, the birth checkup must not be ignored, even some It can be done or not, and it is also recommended not to let it go. Because many problems during pregnancy are minor problems at first, if you can do a good job check-up, you can find them at an early stage, so that the problems can be solved with minimal cost. Otherwise, once it drags on, not only the fetus may not be protected, but the body of the elderly pregnant mother will not be able to withstand the toss. 

2. Get more exercise

The physical fitness of older women is generally inferior to that of young women, which will cause great troubles in childbirth. If you want to solve this problem, you have to do more exercises so that you have enough physical fitness during childbirth. However, the exercise during pregnancy is different from usual. Some excessively large movements cannot be done. In addition, the elderly pregnant mothers should also consider the fact that their physical fitness has declined, and the amount of exercise should not be too large each time. 

3. A reasonable combination of diet

In China, the diet of elderly pregnant women is also very problematic. Because Chinese people have always agreed that pregnant women need a lot of supplements, and older pregnant women have a higher probability of suffering from the three highs. A little careless diet will make the condition worse. Therefore, in terms of eating, one should avoid large supplements, especially high-calorie foods. Otherwise, not only will pregnant women gain weight themselves, but the fetus will also be at risk of excessive birth weight. 

Although it is very common to have children at an advanced age, there is a saying that if there are no special circumstances, it is better to have children as soon as possible. Even if it is a second child, it is best to complete it before the age of 35. This is done to avoid the risk of having children at an advanced age, and to close the age gap between the two children. Otherwise, even though they are hands and feet, they are two generations in age, so they won’t be able to find a child. The role of companion.

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