I accidentally opened the wedding photos of my parents and saw the photos. Netizens sighed: I know why my parents are feeling better.

I accidentally opened the wedding photos of my parents and saw the photos. Netizens sighed: I know why my parents are feeling better.

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalization: After Su Zi

The continuous development of technology and the popularization of mobile phones and cameras have made it easier to record our lives. However, in the days of parents, a photo album seemed to be sufficient Precious. 

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Netizens’ self-reports

“’All say that brothers are like brothers and feet.’ After reading the young photos of my parents, I finally understand that their relationship is still so good for so many years. The reason for this is because from the photo, my mom is basically my dad’s siblings.”

The netizen Xiao Liu is like this, it’s all because he couldn’t calm down when he saw his parents’ wedding photos when they were young. 

The woman with short hair in the photo is really difficult to connect with her middle-aged but still elegant mother. The mother of the year looked like a piece of fresh meat, if not Having been confirmed by his parents, Xiao Liu couldn’t believe anything. 

The reason why my mother would stay This hairstyle was because my mother wanted to go out alone on her own. She had trouble with her long hair, so she cut her hair short. Later, when I met my dad, his hair was washed and blow-dried with his help, and then I regained my long hair. 

After listening to the stories of his parents, Xiao Liu understood the feelings and experiences of his parents when they were young, and he also had a deeper understanding of the family and parents. 

Have you ever seen the “brilliant beauty” of your parents when they were young? 

@crstal Little Tomato: Unintentional I turned to the photos of my parents when they were young. When I saw the photos, I was shocked. This turned out to be my parents? Why are they so good-looking, but I can’t even count as ordinary, am I my own birth…

@木木不沐沐: Looking at the image of my dad’s shaggy middle-aged greasy uncle, I can’t help but ask my mom Why do you like my dad? 

Until my mother took out the photos of them when they were young, I didn’t realize that I was blind, but I just wanted to ask how much “pig feed” my dad was fed by the years! 

@阿默默: handsome man and beauty My parents, look at me again, it’s hard to be done. There are so many beautiful women in the world, why can’t I be one more? 

@会会会好: Open the history album, I just want to say that my mother’s beauty is not the so-called God’s food, I guess I can make a direct debut now. 

@穆易子: No Looking at these old photos, I don’t know that our family was also Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. My dad’s appearance when he was young can probably kill a large number of small fresh meat in seconds. 

@小迷离: looked The looks of my parents when they were young, I found that they usually say that I am ugly is also reasonable, but I was born to you, other people’s family is “negative to be positive”, why come to me like “positive and positive” Lose”? 

@Less than Yellow: Me Dad’s face value back then, it looked like my mother, Dad, you blinked when you were kidnapped. But to be honest, now I finally have specific requirements for my partner, that is to be more handsome than my dad! 

A photo is a memory

Old photos are usually memorable. They may be shocking in a short time, but they are indelible marks. , Usually brings some positive meanings to the family:

1. For children:

Children have memories of their parents’ looks when they were young. 

Everyone has a young age, although there is no way to eternity, but it can be recorded in some ways. Children cannot participate in their parents’ past, but they are also curious about their parents’ past. 

With these photos, children can have memories of their parents’ faces, satisfy their curiosity, and can see the imprints of life in their parents’ changing faces, and have a great influence on the children’s own lives. Will produce enlightenment. 

Children have a deeper understanding of their parents Understanding. 

There is always a generation gap between children and parents. The biggest reason is that there is no way to understand each other’s lives. Especially for children, they can only remember the parents after they have the memory, but there is no way to understand what the parents were like before. 

Usually after having a child, there will be a certain change in the personality of the parents, so as far as the child is concerned, the parents are the current parents. 

But if there are some old photos, children can understand their former parents: or playful and unrestrained like themselves, but are willing to be confined to a small family for themselves; or for the sake of the hard years Achieve today’s warm family by myself…

No matter what kind of change, children can understand and understand their parents better in this change, and they are always grateful. 

2, for parents

Precious memories, eternal memories. 

Old photos are also an unforgettable memory for the parents themselves. When flipping through the photos, the scenes of the past can still be vividly remembered. This kind of photos is warm to them and will undoubtedly be Warm their years. 

Today’s topic: Have you seen photos of your parents when they were young?  On the first day after delivery, whether the mother completed this Several things determine the quality of confinement in the next 42 days

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalization: After Su Zi

After giving birth, the parturient becomes very weak and needs to confinement for physical recovery. Some need to rest for 30 days, and some need 42 days. 

The first day of postpartum care often determines the quality of the future confinement, so it is particularly important. 

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Linlin just gave birth to her baby and was ready to take a break, but her mother-in-law took out the chicken soup she had prepared for a long time, saying that this can promote body recovery and speed up Order milk. 

Looking at such a greasy soup, she was a little nauseous, but when she saw her mother-in-law’s concerned eyes, she pinched her nose and drank it. As a result, a blockage of milk occurred the next day, and her breast milk could not come. 

Later, I found out that it was because the chicken soup was drunk too much and blocked the breast. If it is not cleared in time, it may cause acute mastitis. 

Take care of these on the first day after delivery Point

1. Cleansing lochia

After the baby is born, the placenta will be delivered, and the attachments will gradually fall off. It is a normal physiological change and lasts 4-6 weeks. , That is, the lochia is discharged throughout the confinement period. 

Women who have just given birth will excrete a lot of lochia. When in the hospital, the nurse will help to clean it and take care of it in time. The family can learn about it. 

If the parturient is a cesarean section, the discharge rate of lochia will be slower because it has not undergone the opening of the uterus. The doctor may inject oxytocin according to the situation to help the lochia discharge better. 

2. Massage the abdomen

Massaging the abdomen can help the contraction of the uterus and help the lochia discharge as soon as possible. 

Especially for the parturients who delivered by caesarean section, the uterus itself is not well contracted, and the lochia cannot be discharged very well. When in the hospital, the nurse will press 5-10 times a day. Although it is painful, Can promote the discharge of lochia. 

3, urination, exhaust

Under normal circumstances, the puerpera who gave birth would be required by the medical staff to get out of bed 2 to 4 hours after delivery to urinate, which can be done after the baby is born , Drink water to stimulate the excretion of urine. If there is no urination for more than 4 hours, the doctor may insert a urinary catheter to help the smooth completion of urination. 

The parturients who have a cesarean section need to have gas. Normally, it is 1 to 2 days after giving birth. When there is no gas, they can only choose liquid food. After the gas is completed, the normal diet can be gradually restored. 

4. Postpartum getting out of bed activities

Women who choose normal delivery can get out of bed freely after 2 hours postpartum. Generally, they can do it independently. 

While the parturient who chooses to have a caesarean section, the abdomen and uterus are left with incisions due to the operation. After the operation is completed, they need to lie supine on the pillow for 6 hours before turning over and moving their lower limbs. Family members can help. Massage the legs. 

After exhausting, you can get out of bed. This action is extremely painful for the mother of C-section, especially when she just sits up, the wound will be extremely painful. You need to walk with the support of your family, and you can feel every step. Pull to the wound. 

But it must be endured, so as to prevent postpartum intestinal adhesions, promote the discharge of lochia, and the recovery of the uterus. 

5. Prescribe milk

If you choose a mother who has a normal delivery, the doctor will let the baby help the mother prescribe milk after 2 hours of observation, and follow the “early sucking, early breastfeeding” principle in principle. 

Women who have a C-section are a little troublesome. They need to find a comfortable posture when conditions permit, and try to let the baby help the breastfeeding, but the breastfeeding time will be significantly longer than that of the natural birth mother. Slower. 

6. Light diet

Some parturients prepare some greasy food for them shortly after giving birth to lactation. This will not only cause blockage of the breast, but also affect the recovery of the body. In addition, you can prepare some liquid light diet first, and then slowly eat prolactin soup 7 days after delivery. 

For Baoma who gave birth by caesarean section, 6 hours after delivery, prepare some liquid and light diets that help to exhaust gas, such as radish soup, rice soup, etc. 

If the parturient meets In these cases, you can be out of confinement.

1. There is no pain in the body

According to investigations and studies, many mothers have different degrees of joint pain. Therefore, if the parturient does not feel any discomfort, soreness or pain after the confinement, it means that the confinement is sitting well and can give birth with peace of mind. 

2. Energetic

Because childbirth is a very damaging matter, if you don’t get a good rest and recuperation during the confinement period, you have to take care of yourself Baby, the complexion is naturally worse. 

But if the confinement sits well, then the complexion and mental state of the whole person will look good, which means that the confinement sits well, the recovery is good, and the confinement can be relieved. 

3. Lochia excretion

Because everyone’s physical characteristics are different, after giving birth, the time and state of recovery will be It’s different. Some women get rid of lochia in 2 to 3 weeks after delivery, while some women do not get clean lochia, or even relapse, which means that the body has not recovered yet. 

But if the lochia gets rid of early and does not reappear, then it means that the uterus is recovering well, indicating that the mother’s physical condition is recovering well. Confinement with peace of mind. 

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