Husband and wife are arguing about ligation, who is the most suitable person for ligation? Listen to what the doctor says

Husband and wife are arguing about ligation, who is the most suitable person for ligation? Listen to what the doctor says

For couples who do not have a reproductive plan, contraception has become a very important thing. Because they no longer plan to have a baby, many people choose ligation directly for the sake of simplicity, but who will do the ligation has also become a problem. 

Xiao Li has been arguing with her husband recently, and even got into divorce. It turns out that Xiaoli and her husband have already given birth to two children. For simple and effective contraception, the two plan to do ligation directly. Xiaoli thinks that she gave birth to her husband a son and a daughter, and both were given by cesarean section. Her husband should be considerate and considerate to do the ligation. 

But the husband is worried that his own ligation operation will affect his sexual function and undermine his masculinity. After being known by outsiders, he may become a laughing stock. And since the wife has already given birth to two children, another ligation operation has little effect. The two quarreled over the matter, and finally the two decided to ask the doctor what he thought of it, to see who the doctor thought should be ligated. 

“Women’s ligation operation needs to be performed in vivo, which is more complicated than male ligation, the recovery period is slow, and it is almost irreversible. However, men’s ligation operation is simple and highly reversible. Seriously It must be better for men to ligate up when they get up.” After hearing the doctor say that, Xiao Li’s husband finally had nothing to say, and then he agreed to have the ligation operation. 

Speaking of ligation, many people subconsciously think that the woman should do it. But this idea is actually not scientific. Both men and women can perform ligation surgery, and men are more suitable for this operation than women. It’s just that everyone has misunderstood men and women ligation operations for a long time. 

End the ligation operation Who is right? After thinking about these 5 questions, I will basically choose the man.

Which is more convenient for ligation

Whether men or women undergo ligation, the method of blocking or ligating the vas deferens and fallopian tubes is adopted, but women must The abdominal cavity can be opened to perform the operation, and the movement and diet after the operation will be restricted to a certain extent. For men, ligation only needs to be done on the scrotum, which has little impact on life. 

Therefore, it is more convenient for men to ligate regardless of whether it is from preliminary preparations, surgery, or recovery after surgery. Especially for women who have already had a C-section before and go for ligation, it is undoubtedly a second crime. 

Whose ligation is more dangerous

However, any surgery has certain risks, especially those that require open cavity. Therefore, the infection rate of female ligation is higher than that of male. In addition, women’s hormone levels have periodic changes, and their physical conditions are more unstable. After ligation, abnormal periods are likely to occur. For examination and treatment, related treatments are more complicated and difficult for women, and even the abdominal cavity needs to be opened again. 

Who can regret it after ligation

For women, ligation is irreversible, and ligation also means the loss of fertility, while men’s ligation is less difficult to unblock, and you can recover at any time if you regret it. The couples who choose ligation basically make this choice because they have no birth plan, but sometimes the plan cannot keep up with the changes, and everything still has to leave a way out. 

Such an example happened before. A couple had both children, so the wife went to do the ligation. Unexpectedly, an accident took away two children. Although they wanted to have another child, they could not do anything about it. In the end, the husband cheated on others and gave birth to a child, but the woman did not get many people’s support, and in the end she almost left the house. 

How do men excrete sperm after ligation?

Many men’s resistance to ligation actually comes from a lack of understanding, such as how to excrete sperm after ligation? In the final analysis, sperm are actually only germ cells. If they are not excreted, they will be absorbed by the surrounding tissues. This is not a terrible thing. After all, every day there are cells in our body that are born, old, sick, and die. Every day, many cells are absorbed, and then return to our body in another way. 

Does male ligation affect masculinity

Speaking of the biggest confusion of male ligation, it is undoubtedly whether the ligation will affect one’s sexual function and masculinity. This is a matter of dignity for a man, but in fact it is purely unfounded. Because sperm originally only occupies a small part of semen and only bears the fertility function, it has no effect on sexual performance, sexual pleasure and masculinity. Moreover, some men are born without sperm. Generally, they can’t find out by themselves before undergoing a semen examination. It can be seen that sperm has no effect on sex. 

In the era of family planning, most women perform ligation operations or place birth control rings in their bodies, so that everyone has a stereotype of ligation operations and believes that this is what women should do. In fact, it is not. In contrast, men are more suitable for ligation. However, ligation is a relatively private topic. As long as the husband and wife reach an agreement, it doesn’t matter who does it. 

Who do you think is more appropriate to perform the ligation operation? These “jokes” of parents, the speaker has no intention, the listener has the heart, and you can’t stand it as a child.

Parents’ influence on their children is often gradual and silent. Reflected in the details. In many cases, things that we don’t care about will have a deep impact on the child, and even cause psychological trauma. Especially in some families who like to use percussive education, many times the evaluation that parents think is a “joke” will deeply take root in the child’s heart and undermine his/her healthy personality development. 

Three-year-old watch until old! You are like this now, and then…

They all say “the speaker has no intention, the listener has the heart”. Many times parents will say this sentence because they do not know how to communicate and get along with each other. When they want to educate their children about correct behavioral norms, but there is no way to make their children obedient, parents will say similar things because of the fire in their hearts. For parents, this may be just a catharsis of self-emotions, but hearing the child’s ears is the parent’s judgment of his/her future, which negates his/her “predictions” from other flashing parts. 

As parents, one thing we need to know is that children’s understanding of themselves is based on the reaction of the outside world. In other words, the more people who are close to the child give him/her evaluation, the more the child will be internalized in his/her heart and think “I am such a person”. If we always give a child a negative evaluation in education, these evaluations will be internalized into the child’s heart and become part of his/her self-evaluation. This will directly affect the child’s self-confidence and personality development, and will have a negative impact on his/her future life. 

You are not obedient If you do, I will lose you and pick up an obedient brother/sister to come back.

When the child was young, he was very casual and basically had no emotional control ability, so he would appear very disobedient at certain moments. For example, when I see what I want, I want to cry and want it; I don’t want to go to kindergarten, but I don’t want to go there… In such a situation, some parents are really annoyed by the harassment, so they will use this The words scared the child, and even cooperated with corresponding actions (such as pretending to leave) to make the child obedient. 

Although sometimes this method does work, and the child is behaved right away, but this will make the child feel very insecure. He/she will think that it is a condition for parents to love themselves, and this condition is “obedient.” If things go on like this, the child will develop to gain the approval and care of others by flattering others and turning himself into an “obedient person”. In severe cases, it will develop a pleasing personality, ignoring one’s own interests and satisfying others. Therefore, for the sake of children’s future healthy personality development, we must be careful not to talk about this kind of words in our education. If the child really does something inappropriate, he should also be criticized and educated in a reasonable way. Don’t always intimidate or threaten the child so that he/she lives in panic. 

Take a look People, look at you again, why are you so boring

As the old saying goes, “Shop around” means that there is always a mountain higher than a mountain in this world. No matter whether it is goods or people, there is no perfect existence, there is always a better and better existence than the present one. Many parents like to criticize their children through comparison, believing that doing so can make their children feel the gap between themselves and others, and stimulate their children’s positive attitude. But this way of combating education for a long time will only make children feel extremely bored. 

People and people are not comparable. As parents, we may only see that the children of a certain family have good academic performance and excellent extracurricular activities, but we have not seen how much the parents of that family have bet on it. What kind of education methods have been adopted. We have seen that some children can be very self-disciplined even if they do not need high-pressure discipline, forgetting that they are always muttering and interrupting the children because of anxiety when they are raising children, so that he/she has no chance to form a space for self-management…< /p>

A lot At that time, when parents always habitually compare other people’s children with their own children, they actually project their inherent unconfidence. And long-term projection of this kind of unconfidence on the child will make the child have a rebellious psychology, show self-defeating behavior, or become more and more rebellious. 

Every child is like a young sprout that needs our patience and gentle care to grow into a big tree in the future. Their hearts are very delicate. If they don’t pay attention to what they say to their children, they are likely to hurt them. So in daily life, parents must pay more attention.

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