Human traffickers are too bold to broadcast live “baby trafficking”, and the baby boy is whitewashed in less than 2 months. It’s terrible

Human traffickers are too bold to live broadcast “baby trafficking”. Baby boys are washed white in less than 2 months. It’s terrible.

Now as the Internet becomes more developed, all kinds of live broadcasts are emerging in front of people. People like to watch the live broadcast of Dawei Wang, and some people like to watch the live broadcast of talent, but I believe that everyone has never seen this kind of special live broadcast-that is, live broadcast to buy children. 

We all know that the XX population is illegal. I believe everyone is very concerned about the safety of children after hearing such a live broadcast. The children we have worked so hard to give birth do not want to be trafficked, let alone. Was sold. 

Buy children live , The baby boy has been washed white? 

Zhang Moumou sent out a circle of friends of Sleepless Night on February 40, and Sleepless Night is the code name of the child. After the announcement of this circle of friends, Zhang XX and her husband embarked on the road of buying children. Why was this process broadcast live? 

It turned out that in this transaction, an undercover agent discovered that the undercover agent kept in touch with Zhang XX during the entire transaction, and Zhang XX trusted the undercover agent very much. 

Zhang XX successfully took the child home on April 27. She said that the child is from Shanxi and the child is worth 50,000. 

After bringing the child home, Zhang XX was considering how to register the child, because Zhang’s relatives were in the public security bureau, so it was related to whitewashing the child. 

Zhang Moumou first obtained a certificate of reporting abandoned infants. Because of the relationship in the Public Security Bureau, the process went smoothly. 

The next step is to register for adoption. Zhang XX succeeded in becoming the child’s mother. This process only took less than two months, and the child changed from Shanxi to From Shandong. 

What’s even more frightening is that during this process, the police station, the Civil Affairs Bureau, the hospital, and even failed to prevent the children from being bought and sold, these institutions acted as promoters. 

After this incident was exposed by an undercover agent, we knew that it was so easy and so rampant to buy and sell a life. 

Prevent children from meeting Trafficking, first understand several commonly used methods of human traffickers, and strengthen the prevention of

acting to create illusions for others

This method is mainly aimed at a mother who is a child with a baby. For example, when walking on the street or at a bustling station, a group of people suddenly rushed over and yelled, “Someone robbed a child, someone robbed a child.” 

So they took away the child in Bao Ma’s arms, and then a group of people pressed Bao’s mother on the ground and yelled at the people around, “This woman is a trafficker and even grabs the child.” So, Bao’s mother Incompetent for help, I can only watch my child being taken away. 

Pretending to be a good-hearted person

Some traffickers like to approach their children by pretending to be good-hearted people, for example, they use toy sets close to them, and they talk to parents about information about the children and their parents. 

Once a parent encounters a stranger who always approaches the child intentionally or unintentionally, even if he is kind, stay away from such a person. 

Because once the trafficker gains the trust of the child, it is very likely that the child will be coaxed away with toys or candy while the parent is not paying attention. When the parent looks back, the child is no longer found. 

Acquaintances commit crimes

The success rate of acquaintances committing crimes in the abduction of children is the highest. Some traffickers lurking in a family for a long time for money, for example, as a nanny. 

When the family’s trust is gained, they will take the child away while the family is not paying attention, and then pretend to cooperate with the parents in acting. 

So whether parents hire a nanny or a confinement, a stranger who wants to approach the family must take precautions in advance. 

To prevent children from being abducted, parents should learn these three methods.

Scene simulation education

We all know that children have no safety awareness, so they can easily be abducted by strangers. Therefore, parents must educate their children to prevent trafficking from an early age. 

For example, give children a scene simulation education, let them know how to prevent being abducted, and tell them that if a stranger comes over to give you toys or delicious sweets, you must be vigilant. People are bad people. 

Tell your children not to leave their parents casually

Because the children’s awareness of prevention is relatively low, some knowledge must be told by the parents to the children. First of all, parents should let their children remember to stay with their parents when they go out to play. 

Don’t just run away because of new things, otherwise you will be caught by traffickers. And at this time, you must also tell the child what the consequences will be after being caught by a trafficker. Only when the child develops fearful thoughts will he remember the education of his parents. 

Let the children remember family information

Sometimes the children will inevitably have accidents when they go out with us, for example, the children get lost. At this time, parents must let their children remember the home address and the parents’ mobile phone number in advance. 

And tell your children not to panic if they can’t find their parents, look for the uniformed uncle on the street, the police, and then tell the police the phone number of the uncle’s parents and the home address. 

Human traffickers are becoming more and more rampant nowadays. It just happens to be during the Spring Festival. Children are often taken to crowded places. It is necessary to prevent children from getting lost or being abducted by traffickers. 

This ending is not what we want to see, so we must be vigilant. 

Finally, what do you think about how to prevent children from being abducted by traffickers? Please leave a message in the comment area. Not only do the belly grow bigger after pregnancy, but also these. Some of the husbands are “untouchable”

After pregnancy, the most obvious feature of women is the belly, especially some women with more prominent features. , It may reach the effect of 8 or 9 months of pregnancy for other people around 5 or 6 gestations. 

There is a full 40 weeks of pregnancy. Some children may “start” earlier, and some children may “start” relatively late. 

From the beginning of pregnancy, most pregnant women have a relatively flat belly in the first month of pregnancy, and wait until the second month to show a small amount of pregnancy, until about 3 months of pregnancy, as long as they are not wearing Clothes that are too tight are actually hard to see. 

But after entering the second trimester, the baby has officially entered the golden development period. At this stage, the belly of pregnant mothers “surges by leaps and bounds”, and it will not take long to see the belly of pregnant mothers. Shaped. 

The second trimester of pregnancy can be said to be the rapid stage of pregnant mothers’ belly enlargement. In this stage, the belly enlarges faster, so from then on, pregnant mothers, in order to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, Usually, you should apply some olive oil or other care products in an appropriate amount, and stick to it until the end of the pregnancy. 

In the third trimester of pregnancy, pregnant mothers’ belly enlargement rate tends to be stable, relatively not as fast as the second trimester, but because the abdominal wall fibers are more likely to break at this time, pregnancy is more likely to occur Wrinkles, so it is necessary to insist on care, so that the belly becomes larger, but also needs “beauty”. 

Besides, all the mothers who have had pregnancy experience know that it is not only the belly that becomes bigger after pregnancy, but also many aspects. Let’s take a look. 

Will be after pregnancy These are the things that get bigger, some of them are “untouchable”

1, breasts

They all say that after women become pregnant, the breasts will undergo secondary development, which is reflected in most pregnant women. . Of course, there are still a small number of pregnant women whose breast enlargement is not obvious, but most other pregnant women will become bigger. 

This is mainly due to the large fluctuations in body hormones in women after pregnancy, which stimulates the secretion of prolactin. At the same time, this is also the adjustment of the body to the pregnancy. In order to better breastfeed the child after delivery, this It is also the power of the body’s autonomous functions. 

As for how big the breasts can grow, this is mainly based on the differences in physique of pregnant mothers. Some pregnant women may not change much, but some pregnant women may grow to 2 to 3 times the original size, which will reach its peak during lactation. “Gospel” for some pregnant mothers. 

But what needs to be reminded is that pregnant mothers should also be psychologically prepared. After the lactation period is over, pregnant mothers’ breasts will shrink further. This is because the secretion of prolactin is reduced, so that the breasts It also shrinks in a short period of time, and mothers will find that it may become smaller than before pregnancy. 

If this is the case, don’t worry, because the breasts also need a transition period and a buffer period. After a while, the breasts will return to a larger state than before pregnancy. It’s finalized. 

2. Buttocks

After pregnancy, women’s buttocks in the first trimester will not change much, but after entering the middle of the cloud, the appetites of pregnant mothers are relaxed, and the demand for nutrients has also increased. At this time, if the intake of pregnant mothers is not controlled, then the weight gain will be overweight in the short term. 

In this case, the amount of fat accumulation in the body of pregnant mothers will also increase, and pregnant mothers usually sit or lie down, then the buttocks become the easiest place to accumulate fat , So it will become bigger and bigger. 

3. Thighs

Similarly, in addition to the buttocks, the thighs are also one of the most prone to accumulate fat. Since most pregnant mothers do not like to exercise during pregnancy, “can sit without standing, and lying without sitting”, this is a joke on the Internet, but it is true that many pregnant mothers are like this. 

For a long time like this, thigh fat will accumulate more and more. Some pregnant mothers may think it’s okay, but in fact, after the delivery is over, you will find it hard to lose weight because the buttocks are Thigh fat can be said to be the most stubborn fat in the whole body. 

4. Temper

Many fathers-to-be said that the biggest change in wives after pregnancy is not their stomachs, but their tempers. There may be some truth in the past, but since pregnancy, they can only follow their tempers and make a few comments. They may all be irritable, or else they will cry and make a lot of noise, which is really “untouchable or unprovoked.” 

In fact, this is mainly because women’s hormone balance is disrupted after pregnancy, so that emotional fluctuations are greater, and the degree of influence will also increase. 

After pregnancy, women will also become more sensitive and fragile, and often cannot find a way to vent their emotions, so they are easy to show irritability in front of people they trust and close. At this time, they must be soothed Their emotions, more understanding and tolerance, otherwise they are prone to depression symptoms. 

Some netizens said that the “nervous” of their wives became bigger after they became pregnant. What about your family? Is there anything special?

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