Human cubs can only cry, how can they survive in primitive society? Evolution has entered a “dead end”?

Human cubs can only cry, how can they survive in primitive society? Evolution has entered a “dead end”? 

After the baby is born, the only thing he will do is cry. But among mammals, many animals walk as soon as they are born. For example, a newborn lamb will stand up in just two hours, and will eat grass to take care of itself in just one day, but babies need careful care from their families. It takes more than a year to walk, so some people think that there is nothing more stupid than a human baby. 

Indeed, for a newborn baby, maybe a little mouse may kill them, because the newborn baby has no power at all except crying. If it lives in In primitive society, they could kill them at any time, and even bring danger to the whole family, because the cry of the baby would attract many beasts. 

Unexpectedly, the result of the theory of evolution It shows that crying babies have more chances to survive. Why is this? Because in primitive society, human life is not like ours now. They all live in groups, and their children are also raised in groups. Although humans are afraid of the appearance of beasts, they are also more afraid of crying children. The cry of a child is like an alarm, which can attract the attention of adults, and of course, it can also attract the appearance of beasts. 

In that complex environment, human beings have their own method of expelling beasts, which is to use fire. Although primitive people have a relatively short lifespan, they have strong survivability. The advantage of living in groups is that when encountering anything, everyone can communicate and take care of each other. One person’s ability is limited, but the collective strength is very high. Powerful, whether in caring for babies or dealing with beasts, humans can use their own methods to solve them. 

Therefore, even in primitive society, people do not need to worry about the baby’s crying. Besides, babies who seem to be just born know nothing, but in fact they are also very smart. Because babies don’t cry stupidly all the time. When they are picked up by an adult and move in a quiet environment, the crying will stop. This is the smart performance of the baby. 

The reason why this mechanism has evolved, It is also because the living environment in ancient times was very cruel. If the baby cries, it will attract wild animals, which will reduce the survival rate of the cubs. For this reason, those children who are still crying while moving will be directly eliminated, so Until now, most babies will not cry when their mother is holding and moving. 

In fact, the reason why the baby becomes so stupid is because of premature delivery. A foreign scientist has put forward a theory that humans are all premature babies. He believes that human development time should be around 21 months, and we only need 10 months to give birth to babies, that is to say, humans have not yet He was born when he was fully developed. Why? 

Baby being born early is inseparable from human walking upright. When we are walking, the two legs alternately move forward. If the distance between the two legs is relatively large, the center of gravity will be unstable, and it will shake when walking, like a gorilla. If you want to walk upright, you must narrow the distance between your legs. This means that the pelvis cannot be too wide, so the passage for women to give birth has to be narrowed, so the baby must be born early. 

If the baby is 21 months of development After being born, they will be like lambs after they are born. It is estimated that they will be able to walk in one day, but for humans to walk upright, they must be born ahead of time. It is precisely because of being forced to be born early, the baby will come out before it is fully developed. Naturally, the survival ability is relatively poor, and parents need to take care of it carefully. 

Although babies are fragile, they are not the weakest among animals, such as marsupials. They are also very helpless at birth and need to continue to develop in their mother’s bag. In addition, there are many birds whose eyes were not opened when they first came out. The baby of the giant panda is also notoriously small. According to the ratio, it should be the weakest baby among mammals. 

Because the baby is not fully developed in the mother’s belly, so she has no ability to survive, and can only draw her mother’s attention by crying. If the baby is sick, it will cry. This is to remind parents to take care of it. By yourself, to improve your survival rate. After the baby is born, except for breathing and heartbeat, all things need the help of adults, and the only way to express needs is to cry. 

A baby who can only cry does not mean They don’t know anything. When you put your hand in the baby’s hand, they will hold it tightly. This is instinct. However, if a beast strikes and escapes, if you can’t hold on to the adult’s baby, you will be eliminated. 

Compared with animals, our brains will be bigger, because we need the brain to process all kinds of information, which is also the smart place of human beings. Due to the increase in brain capacity, our brains become larger, and larger brains are easier for humans to compete with animals. When our ancestors came down from the tree, their ability to snatch food was not as good as that of gorillas. The key is that many carnivores were staring at us, so our ancestors learned to walk upright first, so that we can better avoid them. Those animals. 

The most important thing is that walking upright liberates our hands, and liberation of hands and brain capacity promote each other. We have to use our brains to deal with the free hands, or we can say, hands To use various tools, you need the help of your brain. 

But there is also a drawback of walking upright, that is, the waist will feel pain over time, which is also related to the small pelvis. The head is big and the pelvis is small, so it will be very dangerous when giving birth to a baby. , But nature will also find a balance based on the strengths and weaknesses of human beings, and for this, let the baby be born early. 

Research shows that the fetus must pass through 18- It takes 21 months to reach the standard, but now our baby is born early at 9 months. This is also natural selection, otherwise the baby cannot be born safely. This can also explain why our baby is so stupid. , Because it is a premature baby. This is the magic of evolution, not a dead end but a more optimized solution. 

It can be seen that our babies are not stupid, just because they came to this world early, but after development, human brain development far exceeds those animals, and crying is one of them. This instinct, but this instinct will bring life danger to oneself. Although we humans do not develop as fast as animals, but can survive in primitive society, that is the strongest. The 1-year-old boy Xi mentioned the new house given by his grandfather. He was held by his parents and pressed his handprint. Netizen: I am so sour

For a family, the birth of a baby not only symbolizes the love of the parents, but also the whole family. Therefore, when a baby is born, apart from the parents, the elders must be the happiest. 

As the saying goes, the older generations look at their grandchildren, more or less “separate generations”. In fact, this is not bad at all. What the older generations like most is the lively atmosphere around their children and grandchildren, so For the lovely little grandson and little granddaughter, the old people love them very much. 

Moreover, this situation is more common in today’s families. In order to show their love for their grandchildren, many elderly people will do their best to give material satisfaction. 

A 1-year-old boy Xiti gave him a new house as a gift. The parents held their handprints all the way.

This one-year-old cute baby in Nantong is on fire, and the reason is that there is a “heart-warming grandpa” who is worth more than many adults at just one year old. So what is going on? 

It turns out that the birth of the little guy has brought great joy to the family, especially the grandfather of the child. Everyone shows off that he has a smart and sensible grandchild, and he also attaches great importance to this grandson. . 

So what does the elderly care about this child? How about? The heart-warming grandpa gave his 1-year-old grandson a new house, and his grandfather also said: “Anyway, the child has to buy it when he grows up. It’s better to buy it now. If you buy it, you need to buy it, and you can buy a villa directly in one step. My grandson.”

So under the witness of the family, this one-year-old boy liked to mention the new house his grandfather gave, and the little boy’s expression was very calm when he was held by his parents and pressed his handprints. Know what this means. 

Netizens turned back to “lemon essence” after seeing this “Said with emotion: “I’m so sour to see this scene! It’s not as good as a child after more than 20 years of struggle.”

In fact, in life, there are many situations like “inter-generational parents”. , And the way the old people behave is also different. 

In the matter of “separate generations”, the old people have their own unique tricks

@徐亚亚: The father-in-law likes boys. When the little one is born, the father-in-law gave me 20,000 With a big red envelope, he also opened an account of 200,000 yuan for the child. He also deposits money regularly every month. This kid was richer than her mother when he was born. 

@我有一个刘小宝: The same world, the same grandpa. My baby is only two years old. Grandpa buys new toys every time he comes. Besides, he pays me back every month. , Said that it is specially for children to buy food and clothing. 

@七月: My children are grandparents The treasure in the palm of the hand can’t be beaten or scolded. When he sees his child, his father is the same as he didn’t. When he sees his little granddaughter, he is a kiss! 

In this way, when it comes to treating grandchildren, the elders are full of compassion, but for babies, excessive “inter-generational kiss” is not all a good thing, and as Parents should also be properly reminded to avoid negative effects on their children. 

What should parents do in the face of inter-generational relatives? 

1. Avoid the spoiling caused by inter-generational relatives

Old people like to enjoy the happiness of family, they are also very easy to overspoil their grandchildren. For example, if children are not allowed to do housework, everything is Arranged and so on. 

This way of pampering is very easy to get used to children Bad, the habit of getting ready-made clothes to stretch out their hands to open their mouths hinders the development of children’s character. 

2. Communicate with the elderly in time

When the elderly overspoil their children, parents must communicate with the elderly in time to let the elderly understand the consequences of excessive spoiling. 

At the same time, parents can strive to reach a consensus with the elderly, stay consistent on the issue of educating children, let the elderly know how to love children correctly, and help children develop good habits. 

3. Teach children to have a grateful heart

When reaching an agreement with the elderly, gratitude education for children is equally important. As parents, we must lead by example, respect and respect elders, and influence children in a subtle way. 

At the same time, we must also educate our children and be grateful to their elders. Children will definitely be greatly affected by the influence of their parents. 

In addition, parents should also correctly understand the family relationship of the elders

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