How “wonderful” is the baby’s sleeping position? After lifting the quilt, Mommy laughed out loud, it can be said that she was full of drama

How “wonderful” is the baby’s sleeping position? After opening the quilt, Bao’s mother laughed out loud. It can be described as a scene all over.

Every little baby is a happy fruit for the grown-ups in the family. They are lively, cute and likable, and they often play with their parents. At that time, it will bring a lot of laughter to the family, so that old fathers and old mothers feel some happiness and joy in the exhaustion of taking children. 

However, many parents have said that funny things about their cute babies do not only happen when they are playing, for example, the strange sleeping postures of the babies after falling asleep always make everyone can’t help but laugh.” “Magic,” and even parents complained that opening the quilt is like opening a blind box, because you never know what kind of strange looks the little guy can put on. 

How “wonderful” a baby can sleep ? 

On the Internet, there is a group of cute photos of sleeping postures that aroused enthusiastic discussions among netizens. In the photos, the parents first showed the “normal sleeping position” of cute babies sleeping under the quilt, and then exposed the open quilt. After watching the “actual sleeping position” of the cute baby, everyone discovered that there are some “little gymnastics experts” among them. 

For example, this kid looks normal sleeping when only a small head is exposed under the quilt, but after opening the quilt, Bao’s mother suddenly laughed. I twisted it into a “twist”. These soft legs and small feet are really enviable. After reading it, many netizens said: I also have a baby of the same style. 

In addition, this baby’s The shape can be described as “unique”, the appearance of the little feet high and raised, at first glance it looks a bit like the “flying sky” in the Dunhuang frescoes, it can be said that the whole body is full of drama. 

It is undeniable that the sleeping posture of the babies is really interesting, but while the parents find it funny, don’t ignore the hidden university questions in the sleeping posture. 

The sleeping position of the child is also hidden behind the university.

Generally speaking, most babies who are less than three months old will sleep on their back, because this sleeping position can effectively prevent the duvet from being blocked. With regard to the nose and mouth, the baby will feel more comfortable, and his limbs can stretch freely. 

And when you choose the sleeping position for sleeping on your back, It is also more convenient for parents to observe the baby’s every move, and can catch the needs of the child in time, making it easier to take care of. 

Sleeping on your stomach:

In fact, compared to sleeping on your back, sleeping on your stomach is not so safe. After all, babies have no ability to take care of themselves, and they don’t know how to adjust themselves when they are uncomfortable. The process of sleeping on their stomachs It is easy for the bedding to block the nose and mouth in the middle of the school, so when the child sleeps in this sleeping position, the parents are best to take care of him. 

Also, if the parent finds that the child is asleep At the time, I especially like to maintain the sleeping position on the tummy. It is necessary to consider whether the baby is uncomfortable before adopting this sleeping position. 

Side sleeping:

Children often sleep in one position and get tired easily, so side sleeping becomes a very useful “transition” sleeping position. 

However, when a baby who is under 6 months old and does not have the ability to turn over chooses to sleep on his side, parents and friends should also be careful not to let the child fall asleep and lean forward to form a tummy sleep modeling. 

What should parents pay attention to when the baby sleeps? 

1. Don’t let your children stay in a sleeping position for a long time.

Children’s infancy is an important period of physical growth and development. At this time, their head shape has not been fully formed, so stay asleep for a long time. Posture, the baby’s head shape will also be affected. 

So we can’t let our children stay upright for a long time Lying down or sleeping on one side all the time, you have to change your posture frequently to make your child’s head shape develop more standard, and the head shape will not be flat. 

2. Avoid letting the baby open his mouth to sleep

Many parents and friends take the child’s sleeping posture as a point of concern, and ignore the child’s facial expressions when sleeping. In fact, this is also Very important. 

For example, sleeping with your mouth open is not a good habit. This way of sleeping will cause the child’s appearance to decrease, the upper lip will be thicker, and the nostrils will rise. Therefore, for babies with this sleeping habit, parents should pay attention to help them correct it. 

In general, infants and young children are in a critical period of growth and development. Any small habit will have an impact on the future, even small things like sleeping cannot be ignored. 

So while we can’t help but laugh at our children’s strange sleeping posture, let’s not forget to help them correct their bad sleeping posture, so that the baby can grow and develop better. Advice to all parents: No matter how poor the family is, the children must bring their own, don’t be lazy

Some time ago, I was online I have seen a set of data. It is said that in dual-income families in first-tier cities, the proportion of grandparents participating in the third-generation support is as high as 80%. Even in some families, young parents basically do not participate in childcare, but give their children full power to the older generation. Faced with the education problems of their children, they themselves are like a “supporting role”, and they are not salty or indifferent to soy sauce. , The time and quality of getting along with children are extremely scarce. 

In fact, this phenomenon can also be understood. Nowadays, young people’s lives are generally under great pressure. They live in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment, and it is difficult to take care of their children. . Let the older generation directly participate in parenting, you can liberate yourself, and also free up enough time for your career development and social leisure. However, even if there are various benefits of “intergenerational parenting”, it is still recommended that parents’ own children must be brought by themselves, even if it is hard and poor. 

The relationship between parent and child, once missed, it may not be anymore

When a child is young, his parents are the objects he naturally wants to rely on most. This stage is also a golden period for parents and children to cultivate relationships. If the parents take their children to other people, the children will be less dependent on their parents. The relationship between the two is cold. 

The child of a friend of mine was basically brought up by her mother-in-law, and she rarely interfered. Once, the child fell ill and had a fever at night, crying and crying. She was very distressed and wanted to hug the child. As a result, the child only let her mother-in-law hug, and the child cried to death when she touched it… The relationship between mother and child has become so embarrassing, any mother must feel uncomfortable. However, the relationship between children and their parents is like this. It is cultivated in daily life. Usually, if you do not bring children, your children will not kiss you. 

The power of educating children is given to the elderly, and life will be better Not to be free

Often young parents find that after giving their children to the elderly to take care of them, they do not feel extremely relaxed and happy. On the contrary, they find that the elderly are beginning to dictate their own lives and take control of their lives, and see themselves more and more. It’s not pleasing to the eye, I can’t do the little things like sesame and mung beans at home. 

This is because when young parents hand over the education of their children to the elderly, it is equivalent to letting the elderly participate in their own lives. In the eyes of the old man, he is responsible for your life. For things as important as taking care of children, the elderly are usually responsible for other trivial matters at home, the elderly feel that they have more power to intervene. Young parents surrendered the right to educate their children, and they have no place in the family. 

If the child is not brought up by his biological parents, it is easy to feel insecure< p>Professor Li Meijin, a well-known psychologist, mentioned in his speech more than once that as a parent, if you want to educate your children, you must bring your own when they are young. Because, in the early stages of life, people are very helpless. Parents give their children to their elders. The elders are old and infirm, and the protection for the children is limited. In addition, the children are not supported by their parents. They cannot be like other children. They can easily feel insecure when they have their parents by their side. The damage is very big.

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