How to wean a baby scientifically? Learn these tips to help you pass the weaning period easily

How to wean a baby scientifically? Learn these tips to help you get through the weaning period easily

As we all know, breast milk is the best way to feed, because breast milk is not only rich in nutrients, but also easy for the baby’s gastrointestinal absorption and digestion. 

However, as the baby grows, it is not possible to breastfeed for a long time. Science shows that breastfeeding can last for more than 6 months. On the basis of not affecting the complementary food, it can only be fed until about 2 years old at most. 

So we have to face the problem of weaning, and this weaning process has caused a lot of headaches for many mothers. Weaning is actually very simple. Today I will share with you four good methods for weaning, and collect them! 

Communicate with children in advance

In fact, children sometimes just Can’t express, but understandable. So when it is indeed time to be weaned, we can communicate with the child in advance and tell him that he has grown up and must be weaned. 

You can also use some weaned babies as an example to tell your babies. In fact, the baby himself can understand. 

Remember not to forcibly wean, because the baby is accustomed to this way of feeding. Sudden changes will only increase the baby’s stress response, and the baby will feel like being cheated. 

Reduce the number of feedings

Weaning is not a time point. It’s a process. We can appropriately reduce the number of feedings during the weaning period, by 1-2 times a day, and replace them with other foods. 

Especially to reduce the breast milk before going to bed, let the baby understand that this time is to sleep, rather than drinking milk, to distinguish the two things, we can tell stories, singing, etc. Help your baby fall asleep. 

This weaning method can provide a buffering stage for the baby, and the mothers will not feel uncomfortable due to sudden weaning. 


This kind of distraction The method is really suitable for babies. We can ask family members to help take care of the baby or play with the baby, tell stories and other ways to divert the baby’s attention when it is time for the baby to feed. 

If the baby really wants breast milk, we can say that it can only drink a little bit, and the rest should be drunk with this bottle. The baby will generally accept it. 

So that we can follow the baby’s pace, slowly from breast milk to the perfect conversion of milk powder. 

Reduce dependence on mothers

In fact, for children In other words, weaning is not only a requirement for food, but also a dependence on the mother. The baby will have a sense of security when he eats breast milk. 

So during the period of weaning, the first thing we need to do is to reduce the baby’s dependence on the mother. At this stage, let the father have more contact with the child, which can not only create a sense of trust in the father, but also It can reduce the dependence on the mother, so that weaning can naturally be better completed! 

Although the World Health Organization has indicated the latest weaning The time is around 2 years old. According to the actual situation, many mothers need to wean early. Therefore, around one year old is the best time to wean, and gradual progress is the key element of weaning. Confinement is a major issue for pregnant mothers, and they can’t be sloppy in terms of diet. It’s okay to eat in this order.

Pregnant, eating and drinking is a big problem. Because not only the pregnant mother’s own nutritional needs must be considered, but also the baby’s needs must be fully considered. In case the baby’s development is affected by poor eating, it will be completely lost on the starting line. This must be something every mother-to-be does not want to see. So once you are pregnant, not only you will be more careful, but also the people around you will keep reminding you to pay attention. 

However, the kindness of others may not be really good Especially when it comes to diet during pregnancy and confinement, many so-called “old traditions” are actually wrong or even harmful. Pregnant mothers must make the distinction early. I remember when my cousin was pregnant last year, she almost had an accident because of eating. 

At that time, she was only more than two months pregnant. After her grandson-cherished mother-in-law heard this, she hurried over from her hometown to take care of her. She also brought a lot of nourishing local products from her hometown, just the old hen. There were six, and the small refrigerator was instantly full. 

Since then, urging the daughter-in-law to eat has become the main task of the cousin’s mother-in-law, chasing after each other to remind her cousin that it is time to eat. The cousin originally had a small appetite, and the reaction was a bit heavy during pregnancy, her appetite was extremely poor, and her mother-in-law’s kindness turned out to be the “bad heart” she avoided. 

Although she is very resistant, she can’t stand her mother-in-law My cousin still bites her scalp and eats a lot of so-called “tonics”. 

When the result was more than three months, the doctor warned that the fetus was overweight and asked the cousin to control the food intake, especially the high-calorie food to eat less. After being told by the doctor, the cousin was very scared. She explained the reason to her mother-in-law when she returned, and never took the so-called folk supplements again. 

You have to replenish your body when you are pregnant. This is the view of many older generations, because they think that only if the mother eats more can the fetus develop well and give birth to a fat boy in the future. As for whether pregnant mothers will gain weight or have other health risks, these people don’t care. 

In fact, the diet after pregnancy is not trivial. The focus of each stage is different. Eating indiscriminately will not only harm the pregnant mother’s own body, but also affect the baby’s development. 

How should I arrange my diet during pregnancy? It’s right to eat in this order.

1. There is no need to increase your diet during the first trimester.

From the estimated start of pregnancy to the end of March, it is the so-called “early pregnancy”. During this period of time, the weight gain of the embryo is not obvious, and it is mainly undergoing differentiation. So Baoma doesn’t have to deliberately increase the amount of food, eat as much as you used to eat, but pay attention to nutritional balance, and not eat too heavy food, there is no taboo besides this. 

2. Increase the amount of food in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, and eat smaller and more frequent meals

In the second and third trimester, which is 3-9 months of pregnancy, the food intake of pregnant women should increase The reason is that the fetus is developing rapidly and the weight gains quickly. Only by taking in sufficient nutrients can the fetus’ development needs be met. But on the other hand, due to the compression of the stomach due to the expansion of the uterus, the amount of food Bao Ma can eat each time is reduced, so it is best to adopt the strategy of eating smaller meals, which is more conducive to digestion and can ensure the intake Sufficient nutrients. 

Follow the above order to arrange pregnancy diet , Basically, nothing will go wrong. On this basis, you can refer to the pregnant mother’s own taste and avoid unhealthy foods such as heavy oil and heavy salt. Like the diet during pregnancy, during the period after giving birth, Bao’s mother’s diet needs special attention. 

During the confinement period, the maternal diet is also a big problem, so eat the healthiest

mainly with high-protein, nutritionally balanced foods

Postpartum pregnant women need to use “food supplements”. Quickly recover the body so that you can have more energy to carry your baby and breastfeed. And the food that can replenish the body most needs to meet two requirements: one is high protein, and the other is nutritionally balanced. Protein is the main component of human tissues. Eat more high-protein foods, the maternal body will recover faster, and it will be easier to milk;

Nutrition balance can increase the absorption rate. Under the premise of satisfying the nutritional intake, Do not underestimate this to minimize the digestive burden of the parturient. For the parturient who has just given birth to a child who is still very weak, it is a luxury to eat and sleep well. 

Don’t be superstitious about so-called soups” Tonic”

In the old generation’s concept, soup is the most nutritious. So when a daughter-in-law gives birth to a child, the mother-in-law or mother-in-law will give her the so-called “big tonic soup”, such as old duck soup, old hen soup, crucian carp soup, etc., which are said to be for replenishing the body, or for the better Underground milk. 

In fact, the so-called large tonic soup is not only useless to the parturient, but harmful. Because the thicker the soup, the higher the salt and fat content, and besides that, it contains almost no nutrients. Therefore, drinking the thick soup will increase the metabolic burden and make it easier for women to gain weight. There is no benefit at all. 

Diet during pregnancy and confinement, not only It’s about Baoma’s own physical health, and it’s also about the baby’s growth and development. Only if the mother eats well and eats healthily can the baby have a stronger physique and a smarter brain, so that she can surpass at the starting line of life.

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