How to properly buy insurance for children? This choice is a waste of hard-earned money and is worth collecting

How to properly buy insurance for children? This choice is a waste of hard-earned money and is worth collecting.

In recent years, as everyone’s awareness of crisis has increased, and seeing critically ill children on the news, many parents choose to give their children immediately after their birth. Buy an insurance, hoping to bring protection to the child. 

However, when some parents buy insurance for their children, it is easy to fall into this misunderstanding: The more expensive the better. In the end, many mothers spend the money in vain, but the value is not high. 

There are still many parents who don’t know how to choose insurance for their children. Under the persuasion of relatives’ agents, they bought insurance that is not suitable for their children and stepped on a lot of pitfalls. How to buy insurance for children? 

First children and then adults

Because most of the The family is an only child, so parents want to buy the best for their children, buy all kinds of insurance for their children, but they only have medical insurance. The child’s insurance costs account for a lot of the family’s budget. When they want to buy it for themselves, there is nothing left. Budget. 

If you have no money for treatment when you are sick, how can you let your children receive a good education? So the correct approach should be: buy it for adults first, and then buy it for children. 

Buy rebate insurance first

Chinese tradition The idea is to be afraid of buying things, even buying insurance is like this. Many people feel that if they spend a lot of money on insurance and don’t get sick in the end, they will spend so much money in vain. 

So when everyone buys insurance, they all prefer back-to-back insurance. Many back-to-back insurances really fall ill. In fact, the cost of the coverage is very limited, and the reimbursement ratio is not very high. 

If the family really wants to provide protection for their children, it is not recommended that parents buy this type of insurance. 

Blindly buying education funds

There are also some parents in Before the child went to school, he bought the education fund early. Now everyone attaches great importance to the child’s education. Insurance companies have also seized this feature and made many different types of education fund insurance for parents to choose from. . 

The education fund is to buy an insurance for the child on a regular basis, so that the child can get a sum of money when he goes to college or at work. 

In essence, it is very unnecessary. It cannot help children improve their grades. This same amount of funds can be afforded even if they are not deposited with parents. It is very tasteless and there is no need to buy it. 

Pay attention to critical illness insurance

The last one is everyone Special attention is paid to critical illness insurance. Parents are afraid of accidents for their children. The first thing they do is to buy accident insurance. 

In fact, when the child was young, the first choice was children’s medical insurance, which is more cost-effective than any commercial insurance. Whether it is a serious illness or a minor illness, you can go to the hospital for reimbursement and provide more protection, and then you can purchase it according to the conditions. Other commercial insurance is out. 

The above points are given by parents When children buy insurance, they must keep their eyes open to prevent them from stepping on thunder. Parents can take care of the initial protection first, and then make choices according to their needs. Don’t rush to complete all the configurations. Not only are they not available right now, but they also reduce the quality of life. Mathematics enlightenment, what really needs to be taught to children is to “play” numbers, not count “123”

You Sibin, graduated from the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom with a major in mathematics, and once appeared on the podium of “I am a speaker” He is an idiot of mathematics. He used a wonderful speech to tell everyone how important it is to learn mathematics well. 

It is not only the basis of all disciplines, but also the lowest-level way of thinking for humans to understand and understand the world. If you can use mathematics well, its power can even surpass a million soldiers. 

Many parents realize that mathematics is very important. One point, and they all hope that their children can learn mathematics well, but most parents think that whether their children learn mathematics well or not is a question of their children’s IQ and the teacher’s teaching. 

This idea is one-sided, IQ and The teacher’s teaching has a certain influence, but this is only one aspect. In addition to these two points, there is another important point that is the child’s mathematics enlightenment. Many celebrity parents have done a good job in this regard. 

For example, Lin Zhiying, who has the title of immortal man god, once posted a video on Weibo about his child Kimi learning mathematics. In the video, Kimi is teaching his younger brother to learn multiplication. Kimi asked his two-year-old brother that two times two are equal to How much, my brother answered very smoothly. 

There is also Cecilia Cheung in a variety show She said frankly that when her child was still in kindergarten, she would spend four hours a day with her child to learn math! 

There is also Huo Siyan, her mother. She was photographed when she was choosing books for her children at the Wangfujing Bookstore. She was reading a book about mathematics enlightenment and asked the bookstore’s shopping guide for questions. 

As parents, to enlighten their children in mathematics, parents must first understand What is the difficulty of mathematics? Why are so many children embarrassed? 

1. Trivial and boring

It is undeniable that mathematics is indeed a tedious and boring subject, ranging from single-digit multiplication and division, addition and subtraction, to integration operations. It requires the parties to keep going Calculate, prove, recalculate. 

For children, this is one This is a time-consuming, labor-intensive and fun-free behavior, which is obviously not welcomed by children. 

By the way, improving IQ is always a difficult task. If it is so easy to do, who would envy high IQ? 

2, pure academic subjects

Physics has experiments to do, biology has cells to observe, history has cultural relics to watch, and Chinese has classics to read. Only mathematics is the most abstract. 

French child psychologist Lem once said that the thinking thread of children is single-line, and can only run one in a short time. 

For the time being, such advanced mathematical concepts as imaginary numbers Not to mention, most people can’t reach it. Let me talk about some simple ones that are suitable for young children. 

For young children, one orange + one orange and 1+1 are completely two concepts. 

In other words, even if there are other references outside, it is very difficult for children to read and understand mathematics. This is also easy for many parents to teach their children simple addition and subtraction. The reason for the crash. 

3. Parents lack educational experience

Parents, as people who come by, know that the most difficult thing is to teach their children mathematics. There are two reasons. One is that children are young and ignorant, and their brains can’t keep up with the parents’ thinking. . 

Parents are teaching children more basic addition and subtraction In the Fa, there will always be such a simple idea that you can’t learn it. In the eyes of most parents, the multiplication formula is also simple, let alone a single digit, even if it is a multi-digit operation, as long as you remember and follow the formula, you can solve it step by step. 

Under the guidance of parents, children either make mistakes all the time or fail to learn after a long time. As a result, the parents become impatient and their tempers become more and more irritable. 

The more anxious adults are, the more fearful children will be. Children will feel fearful. When children develop such emotions, their thinking will become confused, and children will resist the subject of mathematics. As we all know, one of the biggest reasons for partial subjects is disgust, which is caused by parents’ lack of rational and scientific mathematics education methods. 

Parents know where the math is difficult, so what should I do? How about helping children enlighten to mathematics? 

1. Enlightenment by playing games

Now there are many educational and enlightening math toys on the market, such as nursery rhymes, puzzles, number games, etc. Parents can let their children get in touch with these things earlier. In the process of playing, children are guided to indirectly learn about mathematics, so that children can grow up and learn in the game, and finally achieve the purpose of mathematics enlightenment. 

2, instill mathematical concepts

Mathematics is not just numbers. In addition to numbers, shapes are also a part of it. Many parents are eager to find success and teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Become tired of learning. 

The child is still in the stage of enlightenment. Parents can start with the shape first, and let the child touch some visually interesting graphics, such as rectangle, square, circle, etc., so that the child is more acceptable. 

3. Read more math books

Learning mathematics well does not mean doing more workbooks, just go to a tutorial class. Children should also read math books, and parents should pay attention to their children’s reading of math books. 

Su Buqing is the “King of Mathematics” and “The First Geometer in the East”. His experience in learning mathematics at school is twofold: Do more questions and read more. 

He believes that the first step in learning mathematics is to understand what the basic concepts are and the origin of each basic concept. This requires children to read more and carefully read books and mathematics books. He once said: For some content in mathematics books, sometimes it needs to be read 6 times repeatedly. 

Even with “the father of modern Chinese mathematics “Hua Luogeng, known as Hua Luogeng, in the third year of junior high school math exams, his mathematics teacher Wang Weike thought he would be able to take the full score, so he would not let him take the exam, but he still recommended some mathematics books for him to read. 

It can be seen that reading more mathematics books has a great help and influence on children’s learning mathematics.

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