How to prevent the harm of precocious puberty? Parents are advised to understand

How to prevent the harm of precocious puberty? Parents are advised to understand

You are an angel in the world, and you will be safe with your bare hands. You are a hero. . . . . . The cheerful and hearty solo voice spread to the corridor and to the hearts of the medical staff. It turns out that today is Goddess Day, but the female medical staff in our hospital still stick to their jobs, turning “Goddess Day” into “Labor Day.” 

The kid who reads and sings is also Rui Rui’s child who just received intervention treatment yesterday, Rui Rui is 8 years old. Recently, Rui Rui’s mother discovered that the child’s height is growing very fast, and Rui Rui’s breasts have begun to develop. The parents are not at ease, so they hurried to bring the child. An examination by a specialist hospital showed that Ruirui was “precocious”. Fortunately, Ruirui’s parents discovered it early. At present, it is only pseudo-precocious, so they rushed to intervene and treat the child. 

As the quality of life improves, the current ” “Precocious puberty” has gradually come into people’s field of vision. Many parents question the relationship between precocious puberty and food. Is this really the case? 

So, what are the harms of precocious puberty to children? 

1. Signs of tumor

There is a situation that may be the child’s precocious puberty caused by tumor compression. If the child is not intervened in time, it may endanger the child’s life safety;

2, early sexual behavior

If the child is Precocious puberty may increase the risk of early marriage, early pregnancy, and premature love. This is caused by the mismatch between the child’s mental and physical development;

3, psychological disorders

If a child enters the second developmental feature prematurely, his physical appearance will also undergo some changes, which may easily cause the child to have some psychological disorders. In severe cases, it may also affect the child’s learning. 

Many parents are not very clear about the characteristics of their children’s precocious puberty, which leads to serious children’s later stage. Then, what are the characteristics of their children’s precocious puberty? 

Some parents are more confused, leading to child sex What is the reason for precocious puberty? 

In life, now that we know the possibility The reasons that cause precocious puberty in children, then, how to prevent precocious puberty in children, you can look at the following prevention methods to learn:

Understand these little knowledge, so in life, parents should also pay more attention to observe the child’s physical development, when abnormalities are found At the time, take the child to a regular hospital for examination in time. In addition, I wish all the medical staff and female friends Happy Goddess’ Day! The 1-year-old cute baby has become popular in sleeping posture. Opening the quilt is a “one-word horse”. The difficulty of the action is a full score.

As the saying goes, “the child is quiet, there is a high probability of being a demon.” For those who have experience with baby For parents, what they fear most is that their children suddenly quiet down. 

Because when the little guy is quiet, it means that they are probably brewing a “big move”, so some parents sighed and said: “It would be nice if the baby can sleep for a while.”< /p>

But did you know? There are many children who are not honest even in their sleep. After all, babies are “extraordinarily gifted” in their infancy. Their bodies are very soft and they are not controlled at all after falling asleep. 

So when they fall asleep, you will always I can’t guess what their postures are in the quilt, even if they are serious on the surface, but when you lift the quilt, it really is called a “various poses”. 

The 1-year-old cute baby’s sleeping posture became popular. When the quilt is opened, it is the “one-character horse” shape.

It is undeniable that some babies can put on some weird shapes after they fall asleep. Postures that adults seem to be difficult to achieve are easy for them. 

For example, on the Internet, there is a treasure mother who shared the shape of a 1-year-old cute baby sleeping and practicing “one-character horse”. I saw that the head and arms of the baby when she slept still looked normal, but After opening the quilt, the child’s 180° standard “one-character horse” was revealed. The difficulty of the action was also praised by netizens.

After all, this kind of action is completely inadequate for many adults, let alone maintain this position Went to bed. 

Many netizens praised this: “I can get a perfect score for the difficulty of this action. I will cultivate it in the future. It should be a good seed for practicing gymnastics!”

In fact, the baby’s sleeping style is always It’s all weird

The sleeping postures of the babies are always weird. Don’t look at them outside the quilt, but they have practiced eighteen martial arts under the quilt. 

Then the “one-character horse” sleeping position became popular, and all kinds of strange sleeping positions also followed. Upon closer inspection, the sleeping positions of the little guys are like all kinds of masters participating in the dance forest competition. same. 

“Scud”, “Floating on Water” It’s all small tricks. Some children even slept like a twist, and they seemed to be imitating the Dunhuang frescoes to sleep as a goddess. But how did the children’s strange sleeping postures appear? 

What factors will affect the child’s sleeping posture? 

The sleeping position of children may be related to their environment and sleeping comfort. 

▶Indoor environment

If babies have strange sleeping positions, parents must first consider whether the indoor environment is not suitable for sleeping, because the environment is not suitable for children to twist their bodies Make yourself more comfortable. 

▶The child’s feeding status before going to bed


Secondly, pay attention to the child’s feeding. You must pay attention to your child’s diet before going to bed. If you eat too quickly or eat too much, air will be mixed in, which will make them uncomfortable and unite yourself. A “ball”. 

▶Is the baby’s mood too happy and excited

If the child sleeps at a level of excitement, their body will continue to be in excitement and naturally begin to be in the bed There was a dance. 

So when taking care of the children, mothers must pay attention to giving the children a good sleeping environment, the light is darker, and it is best to turn off the light source at night. 

Parents don’t have to worry about the baby’s sleeping position Much

In fact, most of the babies’ sleeping postures are caused by the twisting of their bodies. If the environment is uncomfortable, or the child is too excited, it will affect their sleeping posture. 

Parents don’t need to pay too much attention to the sleeping position of their children. If they are uncomfortable, they will adjust themselves, and the mother’s correction will affect their sleep. 

But for moms under half a year old Be careful not to let the child sleep on his stomach, because the child will not turn over at this time. Once sleeping, it is very dangerous to block the mouth and nose with the bedding. 

It is also not recommended to sleep on the side. If the little guy has not mastered the skills of turning over, the inertia of the child’s body when sleeping on the side can easily make them lie down. This has the same effect as sleeping on the side, so half It is recommended for babies before the age of 12 to sleep on their backs. Kindergarten teachers: There is a significant gap between the children brought out by working mothers and full-time mothers in three aspects.

Data show that the proportion of young parents who are at home full-time is gradually increasing. The ratio is 58.6%. Among them, the proportion of full-time mothers born after 1995 has reached 82%. 

When I saw this data, I wonder if your heart is a little complicated. 

Actually, the post-95s mothers are only 25 years old now, which means that they may enter the family as soon as they stepped out of the school gate, or they may choose left and right in the family and children. In the question, gritted his teeth and gave up his career and ideals. 

And what does it mean to put all your energy on the child? This means that few people are able to separate their minds to improve themselves, enrich themselves, and prepare for their subsequent return to the workplace. 

It is said that the child’s brain develops before the age of three In the critical period of character formation, the company of parents is extremely important to them, but have you ever thought about the difference between the children brought out by working mothers and full-time mothers? 

Regarding this question, the kindergarten teacher can tell you the answer.

Sun Qi is a kindergarten teacher with 7 years of teaching. She has also met all kinds of parents during her work. 

Tian Tian’s mother, a fierce and fierce woman:

Tian Tian’s mother is a typical working woman. She walks with wind on weekdays. She is especially popular with strong women, but her child Tian Tian and her mother are not. Very close look. Every time I was sent to the kindergarten, I waved my hands with my mother “chily” and didn’t care about the departure of my parents. In contrast, I was close to the elderly at home. 

Mum Tian Tian said after she gave birth Seeing that her colleagues are working hard for their careers, only her own life is occupied by children. She doesn’t like this kind of life that is stumbling, so she tries to return to the workplace as soon as possible. 

But this also caused the child to have a bad relationship with her. Sometimes even Tian Tian’s mother would be rejected if she wanted to coax her daughter to sleep, thinking that she was dispensable in the child’s heart, and Bao’s mother also Can only smile bitterly. 

A full-time Doudou mom who is worried about her career:

The opposite of Tian Tian’s mom is Doudou mom. Although Doudou’s mother is not very old, she still has a good way of educating her children. The little guy is usually well-behaved and sensible. The only problem is that she is very sticky. Sometimes you have to act coquettishly with your mother when you are playing, like a piece of brown candy, the child will follow wherever the mother goes. 

On the day the kindergarten started, Doudou was crying Heart-crack, just don’t want to be separated from my mother. In this regard, Doudou’s mother thinks that the little guy is a “sweet burden”, but every time she sees her son’s heartwarming behavior and hears the teacher’s praise of the child, she feels very satisfied and thinks that her efforts have not In vain. 

However, as the children’s life and learning are stable day by day, Doudou’s mother also began to worry about finding a job. 

Did you find it here? Bringing a baby full-time is actually a “double-sided mirror”. There are good and bad sides. In this case, children will naturally make a difference. 

Children who grow up in different environments have obvious differences in these three aspects.


The most direct difference between the two types of mothers is the difference in the time spent with their children. Full-time mothers spend most of the day with their children. The mother knows what the little guy thinks and what he likes to eat. The two sides have established good communication and exchanges, which will also enhance the child’s sense of security. 

Working mothers are too busy at work to take care of their children. When the children needed their mothers most, they were not there for many times, so the two parties became the “most familiar strangers” to each other, and naturally there was no sense of security. 

▼Awareness of independence

Full-time mothers protect their children more comprehensively, dressing in the cold, not letting go to dangerous places, etc., everything will be considered in advance, which is a big deal It is not conducive to the cultivation of children’s independent consciousness. 

On the contrary, working mothers can only draw a lot of There is less time to take care of the baby, and most things are done by the little guy alone. This will exercise the child’s independence consciousness to a certain extent, and it will be smoother in kindergarten. 


Studies have shown that the critical period for children’s growth and myocardial infarction before the age of 3, whether it’s personality shaping or EQ and IQ are developing rapidly. 

The child carefully brought out by the full-time mother Because the heart is full of security, the external performance will be more lively and cheerful, like to communicate with people, is a “little sun” that emits heat anytime and anywhere. 

Because of the busy work, working mothers rarely take time to take care of their children. In this lack of companionship, their children tend to be cowardly or pretending to be strong like a paper tiger. 

In general, working mothers and full-time mothers are a choice. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages for their children. You need to weigh them before you decide.

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