How to judge the strength of female fertility? The face and body gave the answers separately, let’s take a look at them.

How to judge the strength of female fertility? Face and body gave the answers separately. Check it out.

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Along with women’s menstrual cramps, it often implies that the uterus has gradually matured and fertility has also appeared. However, due to different personal physiques, fertility can be divided into strong and weak points. What should I do? Judgment? 

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The answer has been given in two places on the body——

1. Look at the face

If a woman’s face looks bad, it often indicates a bad body condition, especially the appearance of dark circles, “beards”, and dark lips. 

It shows that the endocrine disorder in the body leads to poor complexion, insufficient estrogen secretion, cold palace, and not exhausted toxins in the body. In this case, fertility will naturally be weaker. 

On the other hand, if a woman’s facial complexion looks ruddy and shiny, and there are no dark circles, it means that the body is in good condition, the endocrine system is in a balanced state, and the fertility is not bad. 

2. Look at the figure

If a woman’s figure is bloated and the body fat content is too high, then the visceral fat will also increase. The secretion system causes interference, and hormones in the body are also likely to be affected twice, which affects the chance of conception, which means that fertility is weakened. 

In addition, if a woman looks thin, the body fat content will be very low, which will affect the endocrine in the body, leading to menstrual disorders, or even amenorrhea, and often the fertility will not be as strong. 

According to research, it has been found that women’s menstruation will remain normal only when their body fat rate is above 17%. 

Therefore, if a woman is of moderate size, then her body is in good health, her body fat rate is moderate, her endocrine will maintain a balanced state, her menstruation will be regular and normal, and her fertility will become stronger. 

In addition, the normality of menstruation is also an important basis for judging:

People often say that menstruation is a barometer of women’s health. Women’s menstrual regularity indicates that they Normal ovulation function means strong fertility. 

If the menstruation is irregular, then ovulation will be affected, which will affect the success rate of pregnancy, so the fertility will naturally weaken a lot. 

PS: Normal menstruation means that the menstrual blood is dark red, without blood clots, the volume of menstrual blood does not exceed 80 ml each time, and the bleeding is 2-7 days each time, and the menstrual cycle is 21 ~35 days or so. 

Female fertility What are the factors affected? 

1. Excessive dieting

In this society, people advocate “beauty by thinness”. In order to pursue a slim figure, some women have A4 waists, chopsticks legs, etc., through dieting. purpose. 

But if the body is too thin, the weight is much lower than the normal height and weight ratio, and the fat content in the body is too low, it is likely to affect the nutritional supply of the ovaries, and the quality of the eggs is bound to deteriorate , The conception rate is reduced, and the fertility is weakened. 

Even if the pregnancy is successful, the quality of the eggs may be too low, which may affect the fertilized eggs, which may induce fetal abortion and miscarriage. 

2. Staying up late

This lifestyle has become a symbol of modern young people. Some people are forced by life. , Need to work overtime, and some people at night holding mobile phones, watching TV shows, playing games, etc., do not fall asleep until early in the morning. 

But the human body needs late night sleep to maintain normal metabolism, hormone regulation, and detoxification in the body. If you stay up late often, it will inevitably affect endocrine. Thereby affecting the normal secretion of hormones. 

not only cause menstrual disorders and weaken fertility, but also affect the ovaries, and even induce amenorrhea, making women lose fertility. 

3, greedy for coolness

Some women are greedy for coolness and don’t pay attention to keeping their abdomen warm. Even during menstruation, they wear umbilical clothing. 

Especially in summer, falling in love with ice cream and ice cream, eating too much of this type of food is likely to cause irritation to the uterus, resulting in cold in the uterus, which affects endocrine, induces irregular menstruation, and weakens Fertility. 

4. Smoking and drinking

Some women fall in love with smoking and drinking, and feel that this way can relax the body and mind well. 

Although the nicotine in cigarettes and alcohol in wine can make people relax temporarily, it will easily affect the normal secretion of estrogen in the long term, affect the quality of eggs, and weaken fertility. It may also endanger your health. 

How to protect women Your own fertility? 

1. Healthy diet

Women who want to have strong fertility, need to pay attention to their usual eating habits, such as eating regularly and eating less junk food (oil Fried, barbecue, burgers, etc.). Eat more light and warm foods. You can also eat some foods rich in phytoestrogens, such as beans, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, etc., which are good for maintaining the health of the uterus and ovaries . 

2. Regular work and rest

Women maintain good work and rest habits, go to bed early and wake up early every day, so as to prevent their bodies from being superfluous. Working hard can also normalize the hormones, metabolism, and detoxification functions in the body, and maintain a healthy and good state of the body, which can effectively prevent premature uterine and ovarian failure, thereby protecting one’s fertility. 

3. Persist in exercise

Women’s persistent exercise can not only keep the body in a good state, but also promote blood circulation in the body. Uterine and caring for ovarian health are very beneficial and play a role in protecting fertility. Return to Sohu to see more

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There are too many temptations in society, I have not seen Children who have lived through these three worlds may be difficult to resist

There are too many temptations in society. Children who have not seen these three worlds may be difficult to resist.

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Information technology has become more and more developed. Although it has facilitated everyone’s life, it has also made some immature children face prematurely The temptation of society. 

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Therefore, many people will encounter such children in their lives:

“Forcing parents to buy luxury goods, if they don’t agree, they will lose their temper or lose their temper. Go on a hunger strike.”

“In order to be sought after by others and do things to hurt yourself.”

“In order to pretend that you are rich, you can borrow at will, but you can’t pay it back.”< /p>


These children can have this choice, although it is related to many factors, but together, it can be considered that they have never seen the world. 

What is “seeing the world” What? 

Although this term does not have an accurate explanation, we can think of it as an external manifestation of the child’s family education, personal experience, character, and behavior. 

Said that a child’s past and his current behavior have great performance. 

Because this society is constrained by various ethics, three views and rules, we often think that children who conform to behavior and do things in accordance with the moral, three views, and whose personalities make people like them, we often think that they have a pattern. , Have seen the world. 

As for those children who are unable to persist in temptation and have very flawed personalities, we may think that they have not “seen in the world.” 

Children who have never seen the world What are the specific characteristics? 

▶ Too much care about the feelings of others

Children who have never seen the world may care too much about the feelings of the people around them, so they do things that are irrational and wrong to themselves:


❶ Pleasant to others and will not refuse

When others have unreasonable requests, they will obviously harm their own interests or make themselves unhappy, but they are not willing to refuse to be afraid of destroying the relationship . 

❷ Material comparison


Don’t get the attention of others internally, just like attracting others externally or “not falling behind”, so there will be consumption far beyond one’s own ability. 

▶ Interpersonal skills are relatively weak

Children who have never seen the world dare not communicate with others when facing strangers, and do not know how to maintain relationships, especially when encountering strangers. Don’t dare to speak when there are questions. 

This is also not conducive to others to know oneself or realize the exchange of resources, and help oneself grow. 

▶ Weak frustration resistance< /p>

Children who have never seen the world may fall into prolonged depression and self-denial when encountering difficulties or small failures, and they may also fail to recover. 

So, in order for children to be able to To live in temptation and develop in an all-round way, parents can take their children to see these three worlds.

▶ Going for a walk

Going for a walk does not require parents to travel with their children. The economic conditions are good. Parents can take them to travel around the world. 

Let children experience the experience of flying and high-speed rail, and feel the different beauty of the world. 

Parents with weaker economic conditions can also take their children to experience a different life, such as taking their children to picnics and barbecues in a good environment, and learning skills such as barbecues and tents together. 

This way the children are writing There are also more experiences that can be described at the time, instead of adapting other people’s experiences or making up your own. 

▶ Learn more

❶ Reading

When children are young, parents can read books with them and develop reading habits. 

When reading, it is best for them to record important knowledge points that they encounter, as their own knowledge reserve, to enrich the brain’s knowledge base. 

If you just browse at will, then reading is useless. 

❷ Skill development

The cultivation of interests and skills can enrich children’s inner life and help them find personal goals. It is also difficult for a child to be tempted to pursue. 

▶ Communicate more

When you take your children out, don’t forget to give them more time for free activities or let the children be masters. 

For example, when traveling and shopping malls, you can ask children to ask for directions and check out more to exercise their expression and communication skills. 

The skills, personality, and various advantages of children are cultivated by parents who spend time and energy instead of waiting for them to take the initiative when they grow up. 

Raising children is a hard and happy thing. I hope that parents can be serious and responsible. 


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