How to judge one’s fertility? You can tell by looking at your menstrual situation, how is your fertility?

How to judge one’s fertility? You can tell by looking at your menstrual situation, how is your fertility? 

How to judge your fertility? You can tell by looking at your menstrual situation, how is your fertility? 

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Women’s feelings about menstruation are almost love and hate:

If you don’t come to your period on time, you may feel that something is wrong with your body; but if you come on time, you will find it very inconvenient. If you have dysmenorrhea, it will be even more uncomfortable. 

However, because of the characteristics of female physiological structure, menstruation has its own reason and necessary mission. 

Since the first menstrual holiday, women’s follicles will go through the process of development, ovulation, atrophy, and shedding every month. If they become pregnant, this process will end. 

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In the process of shedding, it will be accompanied by shedding and bleeding of the endometrium. Because it is once a month, it is not called menstruation. Nowadays, there are also “period holidays”, “big aunts”, etc. New name. 

Menstruation is related to the seeds and space needed for pregnancy, and naturally has a lot to do with pregnancy itself. 

Although women who are menstruating may not be able to conceive smoothly, abnormal menstruation affects their fertility. 

Menstrual and What is the relationship between fertility? 

▶ Menarche and childbirth

Although the ancients believed that women who had menarche could have children, in ancient times, some girls were married when they were 13 years old. 

However, modern science believes that girls usually start menstruating at the age of 12-15. If they come too early or too late, it may be due to problems with the ovaries and uterus, and further examinations are needed to avoid pregnancy difficulties. 

▶ Menstrual pattern and fertility< /p>

Under normal circumstances, women’s menstruation should be once every 28 days, plus or minus one week before and after it is relatively normal; the amount of menstruation should be 30-50ml; the length of menstrual period should be 3-7 days. 

If the menstrual cycle and volume are changed and abnormal, it may be due to physical problems, which will affect the probability of pregnancy. 

Sometimes menorrhagia has a lot to do with stress and lack of rest. These mental problems can also make it difficult for women to get pregnant. 

However, if the menstrual cycle is always 37 days and it is still very fixed, it may be because the cycle is 37 days, so don’t worry too much. 

▶ Dysmenorrhea And fertility

Dysmenorrhea is very common in women. Depending on age, the probability of occurrence is 50%~90%. 

90% of dysmenorrhea is caused by excessive secretion of prostaglandins, which has no effect on pregnancy. 

But some “secondary” dysmenorrhea, which is caused by uterine problems and other factors, can affect fertility. 

Therefore, women who want to become pregnant still need to have a pre-pregnancy check-up with their husband to help improve the success rate of pregnancy and the health rate of the baby. 

Because menstruation is too important, There are also many rumors related to it, so everyone should pay attention to distinguishing them. 

▶ Is menstruation a detoxification? 

Many people think that women’s menstrual blood is darker and contains impurities, which means that the body is detoxifying. 

In fact, this is also fooling people Because the uterus falls off and other reasons, the body will expel these debris, cells, etc. when bleeding. 

There are normal blood and human tissues inside, without any toxins. 

▶ After marriage, dysmenorrhea will disappear

In fact, as the age increases and the endocrine system further develops, some women will also stop dysmenorrhea, which may be just in time for marriage . 

However, after giving birth, the endometrium is more likely to fall off because the uterus has been enlarged, and some women may no longer have dysmenorrhea. 

▶ You don’t get fat by eating anything during menstruation

Women’s metabolism has not changed much during menstruation. Some girls feel that they have become thinner after menstruation. This may be due to edema during menstruation. 

Therefore, you still need to control your own diet. Overeating not only gains weight, it is also unfriendly to the stomach. 

Eating too much sweets during menstruation may also cause instability of blood sugar and may cause acne. 

In addition to dysmenorrhea, women can How to judge one’s fertility? 

▶ Age

Women between the ages of 24 and 34 are more likely to become pregnant, and the body is less harmed by pregnancy. 

▶ Height and Weight

Women’s BMI value, which is the square of weight (kg)/height (m), is normal between 18.5 and 27.9. 

Below this range is If you are too thin, if you are above this range, you will be obese, which makes it unsuitable for women to conceive. 

▶ Living status

If a woman has a regular schedule, exercises more than 3 times a week, has less stress in her life, and has no bad habits (smoking, drinking) , It is easier to get pregnant. 

Pregnancy is not a case of a woman alone, and the physical condition of a man is also very important. If you have not become pregnant for one year, you need to go to the hospital for examination. 

But it is best for men to check first, because men’s check items are simple, the body burden is relatively small, and the cost is low. If everything is normal, you can do women’s. 


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The three types of expectant mothers are blessed. Most of them can lose weight quickly by seizing the golden period of postpartum. May you be among them

Everyone has a heart for beauty Therefore, the mothers of newly born children are no exception. They also hope that their bodies can quickly return to a slim state. 

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Postpartum, the body can quickly return to the state before pregnancy. It is the dream wish of every mother-to-be. After all, many women have completely lost their body after experiencing pregnancy and giving birth. It is not easy to become slim. Some are even how old the baby is. The meat hasn’t fallen at all. 

But not long after the birth of a child, many celebrities can return to their pre-pregnancy body, which is very enviable. It is hard to tell that they are just pregnant and giving birth. 

Is it true that celebrities are naturally beautiful, and they can immediately recover after giving birth. In fact, as long as you have some characteristics, you can also be like a star and quickly recover after giving birth. 

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Expectant mothers with these characteristics can quickly recover their body shape after childbirth.

1. Pregnant mothers with lean physique

A person’s fatness and thinness are related to their personal physique. If some people have a physique that is prone to obesity, they may grow flesh after drinking cold water, let alone eating. 

For people with lean physique, it is difficult to gain weight with anything they eat. They may also have long fetuses without meat during pregnancy. Then, after giving birth to a child, the body will quickly become Return to the state before pregnancy, especially when it is harder to bring a baby by yourself, the body will feel faster. 

2. Pregnant mothers with a reasonable diet

After pregnancy, some women feel that the nutrients they need for fetal growth come from themselves, so they not only eat well but also eat a lot every day. Only in this way can the normal growth of the fetus be ensured, but in fact, the more you eat during pregnancy, the better. This will not only increase your own weight too fast, it is not conducive to the recovery of postpartum body, but may also cause the weight of the fetus. The rapid growth has become a huge situation, which makes production more difficult. 

In addition, it is also possible that due to excessive weight gain, the fibrous tissue of the skin is broken and stretched, which increases the difficulty of postpartum recovery. 

If you take a reasonable diet during pregnancy, control your own calorie intake, and ensure that your daily nutritional ingredients are fully supplemented, this will not only ensure the fetus’s daily nutritional needs, but also complete the normal growth and development needs. , It can also control the growth of one’s own weight, prevent the appearance of stretch marks, and can also make one’s own body quickly recover after childbirth. 

3. Pregnant mothers who insist on exercising

People who insist on exercising for a long time will not only have more elastic skin, but also firmer and more elastic muscles. The lines of the whole person can be seen It looks so beautiful. 

Then these women who love to exercise will still maintain this habit after pregnancy. This will not only strengthen their own physique, consume excess fat and calories, control weight gain, but also benefit postpartum delivery and postpartum body shape. Recovery. 

How to care for after childbirth Can help the body recover? 

1. Uterine recovery

Under normal circumstances, the recovery time of the postpartum uterus is about 42 days, and the cervix is ​​closed about 8 days after giving birth; about 12 days, the uterus will drop to the basin In the bone; about half a month, the endometrium will shrink to about 4 cm, and it will gradually return to normal in about a month and a half. 

Therefore, during the recovery period of the uterus, Bao Ma should pay attention to proper exercise, take measures to keep warm, and massage the uterus to promote the contraction of the uterus, help the lochia discharge as soon as possible, and the uterus quickly restore. 

The recovery of the uterus can make the ovaries recover as before, which can also carry out normal hormone regulation and metabolism, and the body can quickly recover. 

2, full moon sweating

Full moon sweating can expel the cold in the body of women during confinement period, so that some confinement diseases such as headaches, backaches and backaches can be eliminated, and blood circulation throughout the body The increased speed can also clear the meridians in the body, such as the breast, which can effectively prevent Baoma from having breast problems during breastfeeding. 

In addition, it can also promote the speed of metabolism, burn fat in the body, and make the body quickly recover. 

3. The pelvis is closed

After a woman is pregnant, as the fetus grows and the baby needs to pass through the pelvis during delivery, the pelvis will increase to a certain extent, which is also An important reason for many Baoma’s postpartum bodies is out of shape. 

Therefore, it is necessary to do exercises to repair the closure of the pelvis after childbirth, or to do the correct repair under the consultation of a doctor to gradually shrink the pelvis and restore the body. 

Reminder: The golden period of postpartum body recovery

According to medical observations, the recovery period of the postpartum uterus is about 42 days, and the repair time of the pelvic floor muscles and pelvis may be longer. It takes 6 to 12 months, which requires your mother to grasp this period of time so that her figure can quickly return to its pre-pregnancy state. Return to Sohu to see more

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