How to judge if the baby is cold, sleepy or hungry? The crying is different for different reasons. Mommy will quickly understand

How to judge if the baby is cold, sleepy or hungry? The reason is different, the crying is different, Bao mother quickly understand

When a mother is a new mother, the novice mother will feel the gap between ideal and reality. 

For example, a baby who has just been born is obviously a “little angel” in the parents’ impression, but they often become “little demons”, and they cry at every turn. And when parents listen to the babies’ long or short, quick or slow crying, they will also be at a loss because of their lack of experience. 

But you know what? The cry of a baby is also a language, and different crying sounds have different meanings. Parents and mothers need to think carefully. After all, parents need to deal with crying before the child is half a year old. 

Before the baby is six months old, parents judge that their needs are mainly It depends on crying and body movements.

Although the baby seems to express all his needs through crying before he is half a year old, in fact the baby’s crying is already an emotional outburst stage, and there are often some limbs before crying. Actions, combined with these, can help parents judge their inner needs. 

So, if parents can determine what the baby wants through the body movements before crying in time, then the behavior of crying may be avoided. 

Even when the baby is crying, there are many rules to follow. After all, the crying sounds are different for different reasons. As long as parents are careful to distinguish them, they can find that different crying sounds represent different meanings. Moms, please understand quickly. 

What if the baby is cold, sleepy or hungry judgment? Parents should understand the child’s “infant language” when the baby feels that the indoor environment is inappropriate: the cry is not loud, but it continues

When the baby is in the mother’s belly, it is always in a constant temperature environment. Therefore, the perception of external temperature after birth is also very sensitive. 

If the indoor temperature makes the baby feel uncomfortable, whether it is too hot or too cold, it will make the baby feel a constant irritability, but not how intense it is. 

This time the baby’s crying is often accompanied by The feeling of humming, crying, although not loud, will last a little longer. 

In this case, Mommy can touch the back of the baby’s neck and quickly determine whether he is in a comfortable temperature state. 

When the baby feels sleepy: After eating the milk, he screams and rubs his eyes.

Newborns sleep a lot longer than adults, so basically babies of younger months It is easy to feel tired after eating and sleeping. 

When babies feel sleepy At times, they often cried twice after eating milk, but this time was not long, and would give parents the illusion that he was just wailing casually. 

Slightly older children may be accompanied by small movements such as rubbing their eyes and scratching their ears. But if mom and dad don’t get their needs in time, it may cause a big trouble for the baby. 

When a baby wants to express that he is hungry: crying like a trumpet that gradually increases in volume

Hungry is the normal state of newborn babies, and it is also a good thing for babies. At this time, their crying will be like A small speaker with increasing volume, from low to high, is not only loud but also very rhythmic. 

In fact, this process is the baby telling her mother , The baby is hungry! Get the baby’s ration! 

When the baby wants to explain that he is uncomfortable: he will cry all the time, and it doesn’t matter to comfort him.

The previous three kinds of crying are actually the expression of the baby’s needs. As long as the baby’s needs are met, their emotions will be Will be comforted well. 

But there is a situation that after the parents have eliminated all the possibilities of sleepy, hungry, cold, hot, etc., the child still cries and does not stop at all. No matter how comforting it is, it doesn’t work. 

At this time, the parents will Attention is drawn. It is very possible that the baby is expressing that he is not feeling well at this time. Parents should pay attention to it. 

Sincere message:

After the baby is born, everyone gradually changes from a novice parent to an overcomer. Therefore, parents should not be at a loss when facing the cry of the child, but should analyze carefully, judge calmly, and give accordingly The comfort and needs of the baby will make the baby more and more like a little angel. These characteristics of children, pediatrician popular science, may be a precursor to “precocious puberty”

We are all together in the same sky and the same land. The same father, the same mother, the same love for their children. Many mothers now hope that their boys are 1.8 meters tall and handsome, and the girls are slender and beautiful, with long legs of 1.8 meters. However, recently many careful parents have discovered that something is wrong with their children, and the children seem to have “precocious puberty”. 

Recently, when I was scanning Weibo Saw a message. [Nine-year-old girl is precocious] The child of Zhao’s mother’s family is now in the fourth grade. He is only nine years old and he has menarche. Mother Zhao was terrified, because normal girls usually have menarche at the age of 12-13. Will coming to the period so early will cause harm to the child’s body? So, Mother Zhao hurriedly took the child to the hospital for an examination. 

So, what is precocious puberty and what is the definition of precocious puberty? 

Under normal circumstances, the development of children in some areas will be relatively late. Girls only appear at the age of 12-13, and boys usually appear at the age of 13-14. However, in ordinary people, the age at which children begin to develop is generally 10.5 years old for girls and 11.5 years old for boys. Precocious puberty refers to the second developmental characteristic of girls when they are eight or nine years old, and the second developmental characteristic of boys when they are about ten years old, it can be preliminarily concluded that the child is’precocious’. 

Then boys and girls are’precocious puberty’ What are the performances? 

1. The performance of girls’ precocious puberty:

1. Girls have obvious breast bulges before the age of 10.5 (or have small lumps on the touch, the child will feel pain if pinched) ;

2, there is axillary hair and pubic hair growing prosperous;

3, menarche, etc. 

Second, the performance of boys’ precocious puberty:

1. Boys have a bulge of the Adam’s apple (speaking voice becomes dull) before the age of 11.5;

2. Grow a beard before the age of 11.5;

3. Increase the volume of the testicles and increase the penis, etc. 

As people’s lives are getting better and better now The incidence of “precocious puberty” in children is also increasing year by year. According to relevant investigations, girls are nine times more likely to have “precocious puberty” than boys. That is to say, if there are ten children, nine of them are girls. , A child will be a boy. 

Nowadays, the life pressure of every family is quite high, and I hope that parents will take care of their children’s health when they come home from work. Once they find that their children have the above conditions, parents should take their children to a regular hospital in time Check and intervene early, after all, the earlier the effect is, the less harm to the child’s physical and mental health. Dad’s surname is “fuck”. I wanted my son to follow his mother’s surname. Grandpa took it casually and gave people a thumbs up.

Chinese names often contain many Deep meanings, such as the continuation of the family, the inheritance of culture, and the expectations of parents for their children. Therefore, our folklore has more requirements for naming. 

However, there are many surnames in our country, and many of them are rare surnames, which makes people worry when they choose their names. Therefore, many parents take a leap and give their children some more novel names, but this also brings a lot to the children. awkward. 

Dad’s surname is “Fuck”. I wanted my son to follow his mother’s surname. Grandpa took it casually. People couldn’t help but give a thumbs up.

Some time ago, a father named “Fuck” was so happy, the whole family was extremely happy, but The children made it difficult for them. 

The couple wanted to give their baby a name that was meaningful and pleasant to read, but it didn’t feel right how to get it. In order to give the baby a good name, my father was so worried every day, he could hardly wait to read the dictionary while eating, and even said to his wife: “Should you let your son follow your name.” But the wife did not agree. 

On this day, my father was rummaged with the dictionary again, and just happened to see the word “Xin”, which had a good meaning, so he discussed with his wife to give the baby the name. The wife also liked it very much after seeing it, so the two of them told their grandparents about their decided name. 

Who knows, grandpa frowned when he heard it, and said: “The name “baby,” reads like’worry,’ which has a bad meaning. ‘Hit lack of gold’, it is better to add a word’文’ in the middle, and then change’Xin’ to’Xin’, called’Cao Wenxin’, which means that the baby can be attentive in learning.”

Dad didn’t think about this. Unexpectedly, grandpa took it casually and took such a good name, which not only has a good meaning, but also cleverly avoided the embarrassment of homophony. After listening to Grandpa’s name, the whole family couldn’t help but give thumbs up and applauded. 

Which minefields should parents avoid when naming their children? 

In life, many parents will give their children some funny names, such as “Xiong Chumo”, “Qin Shousheng”, etc.; some parents give their children names very casual , Such as “Glory of the King”, “Pang Guang” and so on. In fact, there are some avoidances in naming a child, otherwise it is easy to make people difficult to tell. 

1. Is the homophony appropriate?

When naming the child, parents must check whether the first name and surname match up with any inappropriate homophony, like “Cao Xin” Although the name has a good meaning, it can be combined with one another, and the homophony is a bit wrong. 

In reality, there are not a few children whose names are embarrassed by homophonic sounds, such as “Shi Zhenxiang”, “Fan Jian” and other names, they are very easy to be nicknamed by others. This not only greatly dampens children’s self-confidence, but also makes children feel inferior and unwilling to communicate with others. Therefore, if parents do not want their children to be laughed at because of their names, it is best to recite the names several times. 

2, is it awkward to read?

The name is a symbol that accompanies each person’s life and will be People are called for a lifetime, so it is very important to choose a well-known name. In layman’s terms, it means that people read fluently and do not speak. Names such as “Lingzhoujiu” and “Shen Jiji” are not only difficult to pronounce and sound, but they are also easy to be mispronounced. Let the child face an awkward situation. 

3. Is the choice of characters uncommon?

Chinese culture has a long history. Chinese characters have been passed down for thousands of years, and many of them are rare characters that people don’t use frequently. Many parents want to give their children a unique name, so they take a different approach and directly choose some uncommon characters as their children’s names. 

In fact, this is very inappropriate, because the name is too uncommon, not only people can’t pronounce it, but also easy to remember, which affects the child’s interpersonal relationship . 

If you want to give your child a good name, you can follow the following principles

1. Easy to understand and memorable

Take a name that can be remembered by the public at once, that’s a Good names, such as “Yiyi”, “Xia Lin”, “Wang Zichen”, etc. Although the names are simple, they can leave a deep impression on people. 

2. Send a beautiful meaning

The name is not only a symbol of a person, but also a parent to the child The future expectations and the good wishes must be included, such as “Ning Tao”, “Chen Kunyao”, “Li Jiaming” and other names. 

In fact, the name is just a person’s “code”. It doesn’t need to be too complicated, but it can’t be too random. It retains its original wishing meaning and symbolic function, and can reflect the profound cultural heritage. It is the best name. 

So, those parents who want to stand alone, must think twice, and don’t let your child become the laughing stock of others from birth.

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