How to get the most fetus during pregnancy? Different sleeping positions in different periods, and the principle of “three needs and three don’ts”

How to get the most fetus during pregnancy? Different sleeping positions in different periods, and the principle of “three needs and three not”

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalization: Empress Su Zi

After pregnancy, women tend to become anxious and cautious due to the difficulty of adapting to the change of roles for a while, and they dare not relax their vigilance even when sleeping at night. 

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How to sleep well during pregnancy? 

Since the growth and development, size, etc. of the fetus are different in each period, it is necessary to treat them over time. 

1. Early pregnancy (0-12 weeks): sleep at will

At this stage, the size of the fetus is still small, the area in the uterus is relatively small, and the abdomen is not raised , The uterus is also in the pelvic cavity. 

Therefore, pregnant mothers do not need to pay too much attention to their sleeping posture during this period. They can sleep comfortably and ensure the quality of sleep, but they can slowly change some of their bad postures, such as lying on their stomachs. Sleeping, sleeping with your head covered, sleeping with your arms around, etc., may affect the fetus in the later stages. 

2. The second trimester (13~27 weeks): Sleep sideways

At this stage, the size of the fetus is gradually increasing. Mothers-to-be should be careful not to press the abdomen when sleeping, because it is easy to compress the abdomen The blood vessels flowing to the fetus are affected. 

Therefore, it is best for pregnant mothers to lie on the side at this stage. They can lie on the left side, on the right side, or alternately on the left and right sides. 

If you want to lie supine, it is best to put a pillow, quilt, etc. on the right hip pad, and tilt the pelvis to the left to promote the healthy growth and development of the fetus, and also enable the mother-to-be to sleep better . 

3. Third trimester (28~birth): lying on the left side

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus grows up a lot, which can easily lead to the presence of the left sigmoid colon and the appearance of the uterus In the right-handed state, the doctor usually advises the pregnant mother to sleep on the left side at this stage. 

Because lying on the left side can effectively relieve the dextrorotation of the uterus, the tension of the uterine blood vessels can be effectively relieved, and the oxygen supply of the placenta can be correspondingly improved to avoid the phenomenon of fetal distress in the uterus. 

In addition, this sleeping position can effectively relieve the pressure of the uterus on the inferior vena cava and aorta, and promote the blood flow of the uterus and heart to be guaranteed. It not only allows the fetus to normally get the required nutrients, Oxygen can also effectively prevent the occurrence of pregnancy-induced hypertension in pregnant mothers. 

the whole night of pregnancy Do I need to stay on my left side? 

In fact, if you sleep like this all night, pregnant women will feel uncomfortable. Expectant mothers have trouble breathing, chest tightness, etc. 

When lying on the right side or lying down, put pregnant pillows, small pillows, etc. under the buttocks to shift the body about 30° to the left to adjust the sleeping position. 

In addition, according to statistics, it is found that 20% of pregnant women will have a left-handed uterus during pregnancy. If you continue to lie on the left side, it will be easy for the mother and child All cause harm. 

In addition, some pregnant mothers with heart problems, and the heart is located on the left side, taking the left side, will directly affect the normal sleeping position of the mother-to-be. 

In summary, expectant mothers should adopt a correct sleeping position during pregnancy. Don’t listen to others saying that it’s good to lie on the left side. Just sleep like this all night during pregnancy. The pregnancy period is different, make corresponding adjustments. 

Follow during pregnancy “Three must and three don’t”

1. Sleep on time

Reasonable work and rest time during pregnancy, for pregnant mothers and fetuses All of them are crucial, because the body’s hormones can be adjusted at night, complete metabolism, detoxification, etc. 

In addition, studies have found that the growth hormone secreted by pregnant mothers at 11 to 2 o’clock at night can reach the vigorous period and promote the growth and development of the fetus. 

2. Ensure the quality of sleep

Pregnant mothers are still in low mood when it’s time to fall asleep, and sleep quality is not long enough in time To guarantee, it will directly affect the growth and development of the fetus. 

3. Adjust the sleeping position.

As ​​mentioned earlier, in the first trimester, Pregnant mothers can adopt a comfortable sleeping position, and they need to make appropriate adjustments in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. Otherwise, they will not only sleep uncomfortably and affect the quality of sleep, but also directly affect the fetus’s nutrients and oxygen, and even endanger life and health. 

4. Don’t eat anything

Pregnant mothers should not eat before going to bed, it will not only burden the stomach and affect sleep The quality may also cause the expectant mother to become fat due to the inability to consume these calories, which will cause harm to the health of the mother and child. 

5. Do not drink too much water

Do not drink too much water one hour before going to bed Too much water, the size of the fetus in the third trimester of pregnancy is very large, and it causes oppression on the mother, resulting in frequent urination, which affects the quality of sleep. 

6. Don’t sleep for too long at noon

Pregnant mothers feel tired during the day, they will choose Take a break at noon to replenish your physical strength, but if you take a break at noon, you need to be careful not to take too long, otherwise it will lead to a long time at night unable to fall asleep, or even unable to take a normal rest. Return to Sohu to see more

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There are several types of children who seem “dumb” , May often be robbed of toys by his companions, but when he grows up, he will get away

Some children’s behaviors when they are young may seem clumsy in the eyes of parents, but this does not indicate that they will be difficult to achieve when they grow up. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

As parents, we all hope that their children are smart and smart. If you don’t be bullied by others, you will make a difference in the future. Therefore, when you are educating, you will be more disciplined and expect your baby to develop in the direction you want. 

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Xiaozhi is 6 years old this year and has exactly the same personality as her mother. She is honest, honest, and enthusiastic. She thinks this is good. 

But Dad doesn’t think so. He thinks Xiaozhi seems a bit “dumb” like this, he can’t say nice things, and he’s not “playing smart, being too honest, full of kind thoughts, always caring for others, feeling After growing up like this, after entering the society, it is easy to be deceived and calculated by others, and I am very worried.

Therefore, when my father educates Xiaozhi, he will deliberately tell him: “Think more for yourself , The situation is sinister, don’t help others casually. “

But my mother insists that people are responsible and treat others kindly, and no one will want to harm others in the future.

Because the two have different views on childcare, they often Some contradictions will occur, but this does not affect Xiaozhi. He still insists on his own personality and the way of being in the world, and has many good friends in the class.

Dad scolded loudly, but mom felt that when such a child grew up, Being able to break through in society, after all, connections are resources.

Although Xiaozhi’s parents have some truth, but excessive intervention in the growth of children is really unnecessary. In fact, there is Several types of babies seem to be “dumb”, but they may develop very well.

These three kinds of children look a bit “dumb”, but they will be able to break into society in the future.

1. Children with stupid mouths

This kind of children look dumb, can’t speak, can’t speak sweet words, and they don’t seem to be as smart as those who can speak eloquently, but in fact, this kind of children are stupid, but their minds It will be more pure and simple, so in the future it will be easier to gain the trust of others and be able to make some intimate friends.

Therefore, this kind of people, others will see at a glance that they have no intentions, are more frank and honest, so they will It is even more derived from dealing with these kinds of people, so this kind of children will make many good friends when they grow up, and with the help of everyone, it is easy to break through in the society.

2 Honest children

This kind of children seem to be short-sighted and stupid, but for honest reasons, if they don’t cause trouble, they will be down-to-earth in doing things, so if the leadership of the unit is serious, then I feel that people of this type are more willing to like and promote them if they are serious and responsible in their work.

Therefore, people of this type are less ambitious, more loyal, and will not be swayed by the leadership. Leaders are more willing to promote them, so they will be able to break through in society in the future. 

3. Warm-hearted children

Warm-hearted children, because their minds are simple and kind, they are easy to be calculated by others when they grow up, and fall into the pit set by others, but they will be good. Good retribution, but it’s not yet time. 

As long as the time comes, good people will get what they deserve. Although there are many bad people in society, most of them are good people. 

So, a warm-hearted child will attract the same kind people. Although he may suffer some losses when he grows up, he will eventually get a huge reward, and he will also succeed in society in the future. open. 

In addition, there is a kind of children who seem to be “dumb”, and their own things are always robbed by others. When faced with this kind of scene, what will the parents do? 

Children’s things If it is robbed, it’s better for parents to educate them like this.

1. Learn to protect their own things

If this thing belongs to the child’s own, or is a public toy, the baby will get it first, but hasn’t played enough. At this time, as a parent, we must teach our children to protect their own things. 

You can also say, “This is our toy, if you want to play, you can ask our children for their opinions when someone else grabs something from a child!”

2, sharing or not sharing children have free choice The power of

If children are competing with other children for toys, parents must not let their children be humbly. Although this seems to show upbringing, it is actually a kind of harm to them. 

So if children don’t want to share their toys, but just want to play by themselves, this is a normal psychological phenomenon. For adults, there are often things they don’t want to share with others. At this time, you can tell your baby that you have the absolute right to choose and manage your own things. You can share it or not, and you don’t need to ask others for suggestions. Return to Sohu to see more

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