How to educate children in the family? Parenting experts have three taboos for raising children and four taboos for adopting daughters

How to educate children in the family? Parenting experts have three taboos for raising children and four taboos for adopting daughters.

For every family, children are the most important existence. Children place their parents’ hopes on them, and they are also the future of a family. Therefore, many parents have to work hard every day to educate their children. What they look forward to most is that their children can become talents and be able to gain a foothold in this society. 

However, many parents have encountered many problems in educating their children, especially in families with both children and daughters. This makes it difficult for parents to grasp the way of education. In fact, educating boys and educating girls requires different education, so that children can develop better. 

With both children, education is a problem

Xiao Chen’s family has a pair of twins, which makes Xiao Chen’s family very happy. There are boys and girls in the family, and the whole family is very lively, but the way of educating children makes Xiao Chen difficult for a while. Now Xiao Chen feels that because he did not educate his daughter well, his daughter’s personality is as careless as a boy. I recently went to Xiaochen’s house as a guest, and found that the pair of dragons and phoenixes from Xiaochen’s house was a bit strange. In the fetus of the little Chen family, the girl is the elder sister, and the boy is the younger brother. We will find that the elder sister is like an older brother, always protecting the younger brother. 

Xiao Chen hopes that her daughter will be more quiet and her son will be stronger, but the sex of Xiao Chen’s daughter and son seems to be the opposite. The daughter is like a stunned kid with a very outgoing personality, but the son has been bored. Talking and greeting strangers can be shy. 

Seeing the two children look like this, Xiao Chen was very worried, and Xiao Chen’s daughter was about to go to junior high school. She found that her daughter’s dressing was becoming more and more neutral. Xiao Chen would also worry about her daughter’s future gender characteristics. More neutral, so Xiao Chen is very worried. In retrospect, Xiao Chen didn’t know anything when he was educating children, so many things were not taught to his sons and daughters. For example, he did not pay attention to cultivating his son’s outgoing personality, which caused his son to be as uncomfortable as a little girl. 

Parenting experts said that if there are children and daughters in a family, different education methods must be implemented so that the children can develop separately. 

The family has children There are three taboos in raising a child.

1. Personality cultivation is very important

Due to the influence of traditional Chinese culture, many parents are very precious to their sons at home, which makes their sons excessively favored by their parents in the process of growing up , Will make the son’s character more and more arrogant, even like a princess, can not accept other people’s criticism. Such a personality is extremely unfavorable for the development of boys. Boys should have an outgoing and cheerful personality, rather than tweaking introversion.

2. Cultivate children’s sense of responsibility

For Chinese As far as parents are concerned, those who have sons in the family hope that their sons can take the corresponding responsibilities. But we will find that many boys have lost their sense of responsibility now. They just want to escape and don’t want to take on their own responsibilities. This kind of boys who dare not take responsibility are very bad. When they go to society, they are also easy to be affected by others. Competitors are eliminated, and such boys are unpopular in the marriage and love market. 

3. Cultivate children’s bravery and tough qualities

For boys, they are inherently different from girls in many ways, such as the disparity brought about by physical strength, which leads to more boys’ personalities than girls Some bravery and perseverance. Therefore, according to the gender characteristics of boys, we must train children to be more courageous and firm. Don’t shrink from facing things, but go forward courageously and strive for what you want, instead of hiding behind the parents like a weak doll. 

The family has children There are four taboos for adopting daughters.

1. Don’t be overly rich.

As the saying goes, the poor raise the son and the rich adopt the daughter. This sentence means that only by raising the son can the son learn more life skills and be able to Cultivate many tough qualities in a poor environment. The rich daughter is talking about raising her daughter like a princess so that her daughter will not be easily deceived. In fact, this sentence is very unfair. Having a rich daughter will deprive children of many opportunities to learn life skills. In today’s equal society, daughters must be given the same right to learn. Don’t be too rich and raise children into everything. A fool who doesn’t understand. 

2. Don’t give preference to sons and daughters

If there are children and daughters in a family, many parents will be biased. Coupled with the influence of traditional culture, some families are particularly patriarchal. If a daughter feels the contempt and unfair treatment of her parents, it will hurt her heart and make her feel that she cannot get the love of her parents. The injury on the front is indelible forever. Until now, after many women have grown up, they still remember the injuries they suffered from patriarchalism. 

3. Don’t let your daughter’s character be too spoiled

Raising a daughter in a family should also pay attention to the cultivation of the daughter’s character. Many daughters are spoiled in the family, just like a little princess. . Their arrogant personality does not add color to their lives, but will make them run into obstacles everywhere in the future, because no one will endure their arrogance after leaving the house. Therefore, when raising a daughter, we should pay attention to cultivating her to be a considerate and independent person, rather than being arrogant and self-willed like a eldest lady. 

4. Cultivating the independence of daughters

It is also very important to cultivate the independence of daughters. When we observe carefully in life, we can find that many girls are very introverted. Dare to speak, encounter unreasonable things, and dare not fight for their rights. They seem to need the protection of others for everything. They can rely on their parents at home. Who can they rely on after leaving the house? Therefore, parents must cultivate the independence of their daughters. As a woman, it is not impossible to do nothing. Many independent women rely on their own abilities to achieve their success. 

Sex education is Education that is very important for both sons and daughters

Now that children are being violated more and more frequently, it is not only girls who suffer these injuries. A large proportion of boys also account for the majority. Children are innocent and kind, and they are easily hurt by bad guys. If parents don’t pay attention to popularizing children’s sex knowledge, they will be harmed and will not speak out because they are too ignorant about sex. This creates a second time for bad guys. Chance of injury. 

Education of children has always been a matter of great concern for parents, especially when there are both sons and daughters in the family. When parents educate their children, the first thing they must do is to level a bowl of water, and then carry out the treatment of their sons and daughters. Different education is more conducive to children’s growth. 

Finally, do you have any other opinions on how to educate your sons and daughters? Please leave a message in the comment area. After the child is 15 years old, there are still these unfilial behaviors. Parents should not expect their children to be able to provide for the elderly.

They all say “see the young at the age of three, and look at the old at the age of seven.” In fact, a child’s filial piety can be seen long ago. . 

If a child has some unfilial behavior when he is in middle school, don’t expect the child to be filial to the elderly when he grows up. 

The grandmother’s grandmother’s response was brightened when his grandmother kicked the grandmother on the street.

At the end of 2020, a netizen saw a child and an old man from his balcony seem to be in conflict. Doing it, he picked up the phone and recorded this scene. 

In the video, a very sturdy child about 10 years old is pushing and kicking an old man. The old man is older and he can’t stand firmly during the push of the child several times. 

The child has grown to the shoulders of the old man, and every time he takes a shot, he doesn’t hesitate to push the old man onto the guardrail. If there were no guardrails, the old man would have fallen to the ground. 

At the beginning, the old man was mainly defensive, holding the child with his hands, but seeing the child’s innocence, the old man should be chilled, and kicked and beat the child, but his strength was obviously smaller than that of the child. a lot of. 

After this video was posted on the Internet, netizens responded fiercely and supported the old man very much, saying that from the old man’s defense to later self-defense, it can be seen that she did not spoil her children. 

At the same time, netizens also condemned the little boy for being “unfilial” and “disobedience”. They also said that the child dares to beat the elderly at such a young age. I am afraid that even more unfilial behavior can be done in the future. Education is too important. 

A person’s attitude and way of dealing with disadvantaged groups best reflects a person’s character and essence. Therefore, such disrespectful old people, or even their grandmother’s children, will be more excessive in the future. Can do it. A child is filial or not filial, in fact, it can be seen very early. 

There are 3 Children with characteristics are likely to be unfilial in the future. Parents don’t take it seriously.

Disrespect the filial elders

A friend’s attitude towards the elders was bad before, and the people around him did not persuade him many times. Yes, but the words of his child made him wake up. 

One time when he was accusing the old man of causing trouble to himself, the child stood up and said, “Dad, if you treat your grandparents like this, I will treat you like this in the future!”

Child He almost screamed out with a crying voice. My friend was shocked when he heard this. In the future, he would never dare to be as unfilial to his parents as before. 

When everyone heard about this, they all said that he has a good son because he knows how to respect the old man and dare to protect the old man under pressure at such a young age. He will definitely be a big filial son in the future. 

People who like to bully animals

There is a saying that “dogs at seven and eight years old are disgusting.” Children like to play with animals, but they often make them hurt and dislike them. 

Some children are unintentional at the beginning, and can be corrected well after being educated, but some children like to bully small animals, seeing cats and dogs in pain, and hearing their misery Calling not only does not feel guilty, but also worsens. 

Children who like to bully small animals like this are often more violent, and will easily bully the weak in the future, and their attitude towards their parents will not be much better when they grow up. 

Put yourself first in everything.

Most children are more friendly and lovely, but there are some children who like to fight for and possess, and put themselves first in everything. 

I once participated in a charity event to distribute toys and books to the children. Everyone was queuing to receive them in an orderly manner, but two children squeezed to the front and took several people in one breath. For his part, he took someone else’s back later. 

Like this, children who don’t consider other people’s feelings but care only about their own children are generally selfish and have poor empathy ability. Even if they are not filial to their parents in the future, they may in turn blame their parents for not doing enough for themselves. 

Our society is a society where the “filial piety culture” prevails. A child may not be very successful, but he must know how to be filial to his parents. 

In the face of unfilial children, parents can’t stop talking about it, but in fact, children are filial or not filial and are cultivated by their parents. There are some things that parents teach their children from an early age. 

2 small things Teach filial children, parents worry-free, and happy when they are old

Don’t spoil children

Children who disrespect and don’t filial parents are basically spoiled and grown up, so parents have limited authority in their eyes. , Even regarded as the subordinates who serve themselves. 

When parents are old enough to provide them with limited help, but they still need their support, they also regard the elderly as a burden. 

Teach children to be grateful

It is not easy to give birth to a child, but the child may not be able to think of this. Therefore, parents should train their children to be grateful from an early age. 

For example, tell the children more stories about the elderly and themselves when they were young, let the children do some housework by themselves, let the children learn more about some social events, and let the children understand that the current living conditions are hard-won, so that they can be more loving Live, be grateful to parents. 

In addition, parents themselves must also be filial to their parents and educate their children by precept and deeds. 

If parents do not do a good job in this regard, they are actually teaching their children to be unfilial in disguise. 

How do you think about children’s unfilial piety?

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