How to distinguish between these two situations? Novice Mom, look over and make it clear all at once

How to distinguish between these two situations? Novice Bao Ma look over, and make it clear at one time

Baby within 3 years of age has poor immunity and is prone to various “small problems”, especially those who like to have a fever in the middle of the night, which makes a lot of Novice parents are in a hurry. 

For example, two days ago, when I heard a friend complain about it, his baby suddenly cried in the middle of the night, and he couldn’t breastfeed or sleep, so he hurriedly took the baby to the hospital. 

On the way, he checked the Internet and thought that the baby was flatulence. After going to the hospital for an examination, the doctor said it was colic. He was embarrassed by his friend and could only be at the mercy of the doctor. Up! 

For novice parents, the term colic may have never been heard, let alone prevention and relief methods. Today, I will take this opportunity to popularize the knowledge about intestinal colic and flatulence, as well as some prevention methods. 

The cause is different.

Generally speaking, flatulence It is caused by gastrointestinal indigestion, because the baby’s intestines and stomach are relatively fragile. If his parents give him more difficult to digest food, he will have indigestion, which will easily lead to flatulence. 

In addition, eating bad stomach, cold or constipation can also cause intestinal flatulence, so no matter in winter and summer, parents should pay attention to the warmth of the baby’s stomach, especially not to eat colder foods for the baby, so as not to cause intestines and stomach Unwell. 

As for intestinal colic, it is generally caused by excess gas in the intestines and stomach. For example, if a baby inhales too much air while drinking milk, it is likely to cause intestinal colic. 

In addition, babies’ food allergies can also cause intestinal colic, so parents don’t want to give their babies all food, and they should be moderate in feeding! 

The appearance time is different.

Generally speaking, intestinal strangulation Pain usually occurs in babies from 0-4 months old, and usually occurs at night, and lasts at least an hour each time. Therefore, for babies, colic is still quite painful, and it is no wonder the baby will cry. 

Compared with intestinal colic, flatulence occurs more frequently and has a wider age range. Generally speaking, babies under 3 years of age are likely to have flatulence, so parents should always note! 

The clinical manifestations are different.

As mentioned above, the intestine Colic is more painful because it comes violently and lasting. Generally speaking, there is no obvious abdominal distension for intestinal colic, and the stool condition is relatively normal, but the baby’s stomach will be particularly uncomfortable, so the baby will cry loudly, kick his legs and other manifestations. 

Compared with intestinal colic, flatulence is more obvious. For example, if the baby is farting all the time and has a swollen belly while breastfeeding, there will be a louder sound when patted. 

In addition, when the baby has flatulence, he will also kick his legs. Parents should pay attention to this point! 

Prevention methods

Whether it is flatulence or colic Pain is all related to the feeding method, so parents must pay attention to the method when feeding the baby, do not overfeed, and do not let the baby hold an empty bottle to drink. 

In addition, after feeding the baby, parents can pat him and hiccup, which can effectively prevent intestinal colic and flatulence. 

The above is about baby colic and bowel Novice parents must take a closer look at some knowledge points about flatulence, so as not to know the situation when the baby has these conditions, and let the baby suffer for nothing. “Pocket Girl” is on fire. The height of 1 meter 3 looks like 1 meter 7. Netizens: The proportions are too perfect.

In our modern aesthetics, we tend to appreciate tall people, but this aesthetic Concepts make us attach great importance to the height development of the next generation, but not everyone has the same growth opportunities as ordinary people, and some are due to parents or diseases, and the height is far less than that of people of the same age. 

There has been such a pocket girl recently. , Because of her beautiful appearance, she was loved by netizens, but at first, because she only showed her face, everyone thought that this girl looked cute. Although she was not very tall, she would be very delicate. 

But what I did not expect is that this pocket girl Boldly admit that she is only 1.3 meters tall, and posted a full-length photo of herself on the Internet. Her actions caused many netizens to exclaim. Some netizens also said that the height of 1.3 meters looks like 1.7 meters? 

It turns out that the proportion of this girl looks too It’s perfect, so that when taking pictures alone, she doesn’t look like one meter three at all, but when you stand with other people, you can see that her height is indeed less than one meter four. No wonder some netizens also commented: It seems that the reason why it looks like one meter seven has been found. This ratio is too perfect! 

However, most netizens do not pay much attention to women The height of the child, because the girl herself is pretty and beautiful, and she doesn’t do other things at ordinary times. Instead, she shares her life insights and experiences on the video platform. It’s no wonder that many netizens continue to become such a cute and real internet celebrity. Her fans. 

However, after all, not every child can be born with a balanced proportion and a beautiful face like a pocket girl. Therefore, parents should pay more attention to the height of the child to avoid affecting their growth due to their own problems. “. 

How are children’s height growth affected? 


Parents have a great influence on the height of their children, it can be said that the influence is about 70%. If the height of a person’s parents is not particularly high, then his height is generally difficult to “breakthrough”. However, this is not a matter of decision. If the child honestly supplements nutrition and exercises according to the following examples, he will have the opportunity to “change his fate”. 


If a child lacks exercise, it will have a very unfavorable impact on his acquired life, because some scientists have made relevant studies to show that if the child passes through acquired efforts Exercise, it is possible to break through the “fetters” and make the height higher than expected. 

And this kind of research can actually get reliable proof from athletes, because many athletes’ parents are not tall, but they still rely on their own hobbies and heights to achieve “fate change” . 


The most basic condition for height growth is diet and nutrition. If a person’s diet is not nutritious, it will have a great impact on his height growth. In other words, food and nutrition are like the grassroots of a building. Only when it is stable and stable, can the height of the child rise steadily due to the movement, and the height growth will not suddenly stagnate due to the unstable foundation. 

④Bad habits

If a child has bad habits such as staying up late or smoking, it is likely to kill his growth possibilities. Because the peak of our human growth hormone secretion is in puberty, if the child gets bad habits at this stage, it will lead to the lack of hormone secretion, which directly affects the child’s “growth”, so parents must pay attention to the child’s habits. Prevent the child from being missed the optimal fertility period.

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