How to choose the first car in a child’s life? It is not difficult to have both safety and performance at the same time!

How to choose the first car in a child’s life? It is not difficult to have both safety and performance at the same time! 

The first car in a child’s life is a stroller. As a baby’s “exclusive car”, the safety of strollers is also a common topic. 

The “baby stroller accident” that occurred in Xiaogan, Hubei last year, became a “learned lesson of blood and tears” and sounded a safety alarm for countless families. 

[Review of the incident]

A young mother used a stroller to push her three-month-old child to the supermarket together, because the stroller is larger than the supermarket isolation As a result, the supermarket staff and mother lifted the stroller together. No one would have thought that accidents would happen in a hurry. 

When the stroller left the ground, the baby slipped out of the car and fell heavily to the ground. Children without the ability to protect themselves, after receiving such a fatal blow, resulted in a fracture of the right clavicle and a concussion. 

Such a tragic incident has touched the hearts of countless people. Some netizens accused the supermarket staff of doing bad things with good intentions, and did not worry about the safety of the children in the stroller. 

Some netizens relentlessly criticized their parents for being purely irresponsible and taking their children’s lives as a trifling matter. 

The accident of the stroller is far more than this one. 

Earlier, a Hangzhou father took his one-and-a-half-year-old son for a walk by the river. After stopping the stroller, the father raised the camera to record his son’s smile, but he never thought that the stroller Suddenly “broken down” at this time, “the baby and the car” slipped into the water together. 

The anxious dad threw away the camera and jumped into the river to save the child, but unfortunately was trapped by the mud at the bottom of the river. After 20 minutes, someone rescued the father and son. They both drowned. 

When will the tragedy stop? 

In addition to parents not being taken lightly and putting “child safety” as the first priority at all times, they must also pay more attention to the purchase of strollers and strictly control safety, quality, and performance. 

What are the factors to consider when choosing a stroller? 

1. Price

The price range of baby strollers is wide, ranging from hundreds of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. There are both international brands and unknown “cottage brands”. The high cost performance is the domestic processing of imported brands. 

The price is determined according to the actual economic situation of each family. Don’t go towards “polarization” when buying. Either you think that the price is high and the quality is good, or you just want to be cheap and ignore the baby stroller. Safe to use. 

Second, body weight

This is a detail that “everyone here understands”. After all, the traffic of barrier-free facilities in the city is not “unblocked”. In escalators, stairs, or the isolation pile passages in the above case, the stroller relies entirely on manpower, and the heavier the body, the greater the effort the parents will expend. 

While the weight of the body is heavy and the operation is inconvenient, it can also make parents “failure” during the handling process, causing unnecessary and major troubles. 

Third, the planned time of use

Baby grows up very fast, and the little ones will become more and more autonomous, and they will be able to “Baiyi” before 6 months of age. Baishun “submitted to the mercy of his parents, but bigger, the little guy has a “resistance mentality.” Therefore, the use of strollers cannot be “generalized”, and you must make your own planned use time period in advance. Of course, this factor and price factor are also additional. After all, the longer it is used, the cheaper it will naturally be. 

Before 6 months of age, lying down is the main focus. At this time, the softness and comfort of the stroller should be considered. After 6 months, many babies are no longer comfortable lying down, they can’t wait to explore the world, so babies from 6 months to 3 years old use strollers, most of which are based on sitting. 

Families with more economic conditions “local tyrants” will lie down and buy separately. Ordinary families, in order to increase the practicality of the stroller, most will choose to lie down and sit.

Many stroller brands, there are also baby strollers that can meet the needs of reality, have complete functions, and are economical. By car. For example, DearMom’s A7 stroller has won the favor of many parent-child experts. It is the domestic processing of the German brand and combines the quality of the German brand and the price of the domestic car. It can be described as a baby stroller with super cost-effective and one-step performance. It is suitable for babies aged 0-4. 

How to choose a stroller? In addition to price and brand, what is more important is the details of the product. From the materials used to the special functions, the stroller is not a “fuel-saving lamp”

1. The material must be reassuring

“If it is good, I will know by myself” Strollers are also a tool that values ​​materials. One is the use of fabrics that are skin-friendly, not skin-friendly, comfortable or uncomfortable, and environmentally friendly? The second is the toughness and firmness of the frame material, can it have both weight and firmness? The third is the durability of wheels and bearings. How about the quality? For example, the hood made of pineapple mesh cloth has better elasticity and softness. Generally speaking, aluminum alloy is a commonly used material in baby carriage frames, but 7004 aluminum, which has more alloys, is no longer at the same level in quality than ordinary aluminum alloys. 

2. The function should be comfortable.

No matter what tool it is, it needs to be practical and has certain functions. The stroller solves the problems that Baoma encounters with her baby in her daily life. Tired of holding your baby often? The stroller solves these burdens. Afraid of the sun basking the baby? Four-speed UV awning so you don’t have to worry? Want to save money? The stroller with an adjustable backrest can be used from zero to four years old. Afraid that the baby won’t ride in the stroller? The 360 ​​rotation design makes it convenient for you, so that mom and baby can face each other, and the baby will no longer cry. 

3. Safety must be reassuring

Safety issues have always been important considerations, whether it is a baby slipping from a stroller or parking without stepping on your feet Brakes are very dangerous things. The five-point seat belt is to protect the baby in all directions; one foot and double brakes make it more convenient to stop and step on the brakes, instead of having to step on one wheel by one. But no matter what kind of function and what kind of design, you must first have this concept of paying attention to safety, and secondly, don’t be careless, just like “driving and not drinking, drinking and not driving”, it must be practically practiced. 

4. Life must make people happy.

The baby carriage is not only as simple as bringing a baby, but secondly, it can also make Baoma’s life more colorful. First of all, the stroller can solve the problem of mother’s dilemma of bringing the baby, which leads to the baby’s tiredness and difficulty in traveling; more importantly, it prevents Bao’s mother from being restricted in her life. Can’t travel? Even going to a cafe with sisters and a cup of coffee, taking the baby in a stroller is easy. Nowadays, baby strolling has become a trend for mothers to bring their babies. Therefore, choosing a lightweight, easy-to-use, multi-functional and high-view stroller is very important for both babies and mothers. 

To ensure the safety of your baby in the stroller, in addition to choosing a suitable stroller, you should not take it lightly during use. The stroller is a mother’s little helper, but it is not a tool to escape the “trouble” life, so the central attitude, method and method should be appropriate and scientific in the process of bringing the baby. 

Welcome to exchange and share parenting experiences. Women’s “ectopic pregnancy” or men “make” these habits should be changed in time

In recent years, there are more and more cases of female ectopic pregnancy. In addition to women’s own bodies, the The cause of most female ectopic pregnancy is still male. 

Sometimes men make women cooperate on a whim, but after the work, the men pat their buttocks and leave, leaving a mess for the women to clean up. Due to some bad habits of men in the same room, women have physical problems. 

Xiaofei and her husband belonged to different places. When they were in love together, it was a different place. Neither Xiaofei nor her husband was willing to give up their hard work and came to each other’s city. People didn’t want to break up, so after the efforts of both sides, the two eventually got a good result. 

After the two got married, they still lived in a different place. Sometimes Xiaofei would go to her husband’s city, and of course her husband would also come to Xiaofei. The two hadn’t seen each other for a long time, plus the comparison between the two young people. Exuberant, it’s not good to be affectionate every time you meet. 

Sometimes the two of them don’t care about anything when they meet each other, and only remember to clean up every time they are done, so the two slowly get used to it. 

But when Xiaofei went to see her husband, Xiaofei felt her stomach hurt before the two of them had sex, but she frightened her husband, and her husband hurriedly sent Xiaofei to hospital. 

As a result of the examination, Xiaofei was pregnant, but it was an ectopic pregnancy. Xiao Fei was terrified at the time, but fortunately, she found out in a timely manner. The operation prevented the fetus from becoming pregnant in time. Fortunately, no major problems occurred. 

When Xiaofei was discharged from the hospital, she also asked the doctor why she had an ectopic pregnancy! After hearing what the doctor said, Xiao Fei instantly understood that her ectopic pregnancy had a lot to do with her husband. 

Women with ectopic pregnancy, What is the relationship with your husband? 

My husband doesn’t pay attention to hygiene

If the husband does not pay attention to hygiene when men and women share the same room, the impact on girls will be quite large. 

Because the female reproductive organs are special, they can contain “everything”, leading to some viruses and bacteria in the male organs, and the female genitals are also unconditionally accepted. 

So if men do not pay attention to hygiene during the same room, they will bring viruses and bacteria into women’s bodies, which can easily cause inflammation in women’s bodies. 

Once the female body has inflammation, it will hinder the implantation of sperm and eggs, so ectopic pregnancy will occur. 

Husband’s Irresponsibility

When some husbands have sex with women, they don’t want to take measures for the sake of their own pleasure. They always let women bear the consequences afterwards, so many women have to take some drugs. 

Of course, it is understandable if this happens occasionally. If this happens every time, women’s bodies will also have problems. 

Because contraceptive drugs contain a certain amount of hormones, long-term use is not good for women’s health. In addition, if women are pregnant with frequent miscarriages, later women’s pregnancy is also prone to ectopic pregnancy. 

Of course, sometimes the irresponsibility of men is also the result of women’s indulgence. Women must learn to be responsible for themselves, otherwise it is themselves who suffer in the end. 

For the health of their bodies, women must learn to protect themselves


If women don’t care for themselves, who can hope to take care of themselves, women themselves are relatively weak in the relationship between men and women. So women must learn to protect themselves. 

When you should say no, be brave to say no. In addition, women must learn to love themselves, and don’t give their bodies to men easily. You won’t cherish what you get easily. 

Asking for the opposite sex

Women must learn to ask for the opposite sex in the relationship between the sexes. It is theirs to enjoy the comfort, and the final suffering and sin are all for women to bear. 

In a husband and wife relationship, women have the right to demand that men should protect themselves, and men must take responsibility for the things that men take responsibility. 

Self-esteem and self-love

The most important thing for women is to learn self-esteem and self-love, and also to have some basic common sense and awareness, not to be afraid of women being casual or not being afraid that women do not understand self-protection. 

There’s nothing wrong with men slapped ass, and women not only leave a bad reputation, but also bear unnecessary pain. Therefore, as a woman, it is better to respect and love herself, and only protect herself. Kingly. 

Of course, as a man, you must also be considerate of women. Don’t be too selfish for your own chic and happy moments. Regardless of women’s feelings, any problems between men and women will have an impact on the other. Men should not think that as long as they are okay. 

Have men ever wondered whether they will not be affected if they have physical problems with women who have sex with them? 

The woman’s body has inflammation, which can also be transmitted to the male when the two are together, and the male’s body will also have problems. Therefore, health is for both sides. Only by knowing how to protect each other can men and women be more together. Health. As long as either party is selfish, they will not be too happy together.

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