How to choose “real milk”? The “milk” that parents often stock up may not be nutritious and make the baby fat

How to choose “real milk”? The “milk” that parents often stock up may not be nutritious and make the baby fat

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For For children in the developmental period, most of the parents dare not slacken their efforts, and they almost change their tricks to prepare a nutritious diet for them. 

Milk is the first choice for parents, but ordinary pure milk has a lighter taste, and many children don’t like it. So the “fake milk” tastes sweet and sour, has cute packaging, and looks nutritious. It attracted the attention of parents. 

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Especially the old people who love the younger generation, thinking that the nutritional value of all milk is similar, they spend more money to buy milk that suits their tastes for their children. 

When discounts are on sale, it is even more so that uncontrolled children drink a lot when facing their favorite drinks. The result may not only be nutritious. Up there, problems such as obesity and tooth decay also appeared. 

There are basically these three kinds of “fake milk” in the list of most parents buying milk for their children. 

Teach you how to recognize it now, so as not to be deceived in the future. 

▶ Breakfast milk

There are some milks on the market, which are added with coarse grains such as oats and cereals, and are packaged into breakfast milk and dinner milk, which are full, regulate the stomach and supplement The effect of nutrition has attracted many buyers who don’t know the truth to buy. 

Actually, breakfast milk does not It is not real milk, but a modified milk. Because of the addition of grains and nuts, it has a richer taste, but in order to balance the overall taste, additional sugar, water and more additives are added. 

Milk is a food that supplements calcium and protein for children, but the complex modulation makes its functions less concentrated. 

The child may not only not be able to supplement enough nutrients such as protein and calcium, but also very few nutrients from grains, but because of excessive sugar intake, the body may become fatter. 

It’s better to let them drink pure milk, and then use nuts as snacks, which will get richer nutrients and fewer side effects. 

Similar to breakfast milk, banana milk, chocolate milk, etc. are all modulated milk. 

▶ Lactic acid drinks

“Milk” such as yogurt is also confusing. Many parents only see that they are fruity and think that this kind of milk can add the dual nutrition of fruit and milk to their children, but ignores that they are not milk. , But milk drinks. 

Most of them are made of water, sugar, milk powder, additives, etc. It is easy for children to indulge, and drinking too much will make them gain weight. 

There are various children’s milk similar to this kind of milk. 

▶ Flavored yogurt

Flavored yogurt corresponds to yogurt. The yogurt has no other substances added, and only fermented by milk and fungi; flavored yogurt is added with fruits and vegetables , Cereals, etc., may taste better. 

Although flavor The nutrition and taste of yogurt looks very rich, but its additives, sugar and fat content will be higher, and the protein content will be less. In fact, it is not as nutritious as yogurt, which is not suitable for children who are growing up. 

How to choose milk for children? 

▶ Look at the ingredient list

When purchasing milk for children, parents need to carefully check the ingredient list. The simpler the ingredients, the better. Vitamin A, vitamin D, and minerals can be added. Wait, but it is best not to choose white sugar, food additives and food flavors. 

Milk with complex taste is not only not rich in nutrition, but it can also make children have a strong taste. 

▶ Taste color

The color of milk is milky white, with a slight milk fragrance just fine. 

▶ Don’t believe the shopping guide’s words

Many parents are easily fooled by shopping guides when they arrive in shopping malls and supermarkets, and then buy some expensive but poorly nutritious milk. 

Therefore, parents should make preparations before going to the mall to buy milk. 

What are the precautions when giving children milk? 

▶ Don’t add sugar to milk

Some children don’t like to drink milk with a weak taste, so parents will add sugar to it and heat it, but this will damage the milk’s nutrition. 

The lysine in milk and the fructose in white sugar will form fructosyl lysine at high temperature, which is not easily absorbed by the human body, and may also be toxic, which not only causes the child to absorb less protein and is healthy Also affected. 

Furthermore, if you eat too much sugar, your child is more likely to have dental caries and gain weight. 

▶ Let the child adapt slowly Milk

Nutrition experts suggest that it is best for children to drink formula milk until they are three years old, and then change to pure milk. This is to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort or lack of normal nutritional intake. 

When parents change their child’s formula milk to milk, don’t change it suddenly, but add a little bit every day to let the child adapt slowly and observe whether they like it or if they have lactose intolerance By the situation. 

▶ The milk can’t be heated for too long

If you heat the milk for too long and the temperature is too high, it will destroy the vitamins in it. Therefore, when parents warm the milk to their children, it’s best to Soak the package in hot water for 5 minutes.  The smartphone that is popular all over the country, the best for parents Don’t follow the trend to buy, beware of impaired children’s physical development

Parents are best not to follow the trend to buy smart phones that are popular all over the country, and beware of impaired children’s physical development

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After the first smart watch appeared, the types of smart wearable devices are becoming more and more abundant, and the functions of children’s phone watches are becoming more and more abundant. , Loved by children and adults:

For children, it is very happy to have an electronic product of their own and to show off in front of their classmates. 

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For parents, it is very convenient for parents to have a small and unfavorable device that allows them to contact their children in time and locate the location. 

However, parents should also consider when following the trend to buy smart watches for their children. Although the main focus of smart watches is safety, in some respects, it does not seem to be that safe. 

Today’s smart watches may Will bring these three risks to children

▶ The risk of children’s premature love

The recent news about children using smart watches to fall in love with other children, it is estimated that many people Still impressed. 

The social software on the watch was designed to facilitate children’s communication with other classmates and relatives, but it has become a tool for children to talk about several friends at once. 

Not good for some self-control For children with bad habits, especially smart watches may not be suitable for them. Now that children have studied the capabilities of smart devices, they are even better than adults. 

Some feature-rich smart watches are smart phones in their hands. You may not delay reading novels, playing games, falling in love, and chasing dramas. 

▶ The risk of data leakage

Since smart watches can facilitate the location of parents, it can also facilitate the location of some criminals. Today’s smart watch market is huge and mixed, and parents may not know whether the one they buy for their children is safe or whether the information will be leaked. 

If some of the child’s data is leaked into the hands of others, the safety watch becomes a “dangerous goods”. 

▶ The safety of the watch< /p>

❶ Hazardous Substances in Watches

A review blogger once evaluated smart watches of multiple brands and found certain hazardous substances on the watch, such as phthalic acid Esters, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, etc., all have exceeded the standard. 

Although these brands say that they meet European standards, the actual results are still very vague. 

However, the price of smart watches is too high, and not all parents will buy regular and reliable brands for their children. They may tend to buy some cheap other brands, so the possibility of harmful substances exceeding the standard is greater. 

The direct contact of the watch strap with the skin is inherently dangerous, especially when children cannot buckle the watch strap with one hand, they will bite in their mouths, which may cause harmful substances to enter the body directly and affect the child Physical development. 

❷ The strap may be damaged Children’s skin

Different brands of watch straps are also very different in hardness and hardness. Watch straps that are too hard and too tight may damage the skin of children. If they are too soft, they may have excessive plasticizers. The possibility is difficult for parents to choose. 

Therefore, it is not necessary to buy a phone watch for the child. If other children have it, the baby is crying again. Parents also need to be cautious when buying it as a last resort. 

Buying children’s watches for children What should I pay attention to when? 

▶ Try to buy watches with simple functions.

Parents are best to buy some watches with simple functions. They can make calls, locate and alarm. Watches that are too complicated will make the children feel more fresh. Strong, it may take a lot of time to research, leading to delays in academic performance. 

If the function is more complicated, special Because there are too many entertainment functions, parents also need to limit their children’s usage and time. For example, they have agreed with their children that the watch can only be used after going out, and it should be kept by parents at home. 

▶ Buy in regular channels

Try to buy smart watches with good reputation in regular malls, pay attention to purchase invoices and vouchers, so as not to buy fakes, some miscellaneous smart watches, In addition to the high possibility of hazardous substances exceeding the standard, the risk of database leakage may also be relatively high. 

It is not conducive to children’s health and personal safety. 

▶ Teach them the correct way to use it

In addition to restricting the time and place of children’s use, parents should also teach them the correct way to use, such as not allowing children to bite or watch The belt cannot be fastened too tightly. 

Also pay attention to the problem of cleanliness during use. In addition to cleaning the strap, pay attention to absorption after using the watch. 


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