How to calculate a woman’s ovulation period? There is a very convenient method, which can be “touched” by hand

How to calculate a woman’s ovulation period? There is a convenient method that can be “touched” by hand

How to calculate the ovulation period of a woman? There is a very convenient method, which can be “touched” with your hands

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Nowadays, more More and more young couples have realized the importance of preparing for pregnancy. If they want to effectively conceive a healthy baby during the process of preparing for pregnancy, many women need to understand their ovulation period. 

Calculation is a commonly used one. In this way, how do women calculate their ovulation period? 

The average period of a woman’s period is 28 days. If her last cramp was on January 31, then after 28 days, the next cramp will be on February 28. 

The 14 days before the onslaught is the ovulation day, so this woman’s time is February 14, plus or minus 4 days before and after the ovulation day is the ovulation period, so its ovulation period is 2. October 10th to February 18th. 

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But modern people’s life pressure is relatively high, coupled with irregular work and rest, and irregular diet, there are very few women with regular holidays. 

Therefore, they each month The ovulation period may not be fixed. But nowadays, some doctors have introduced that in addition to calculations, the ovulation period can also be traced by hand. 

The position of the female ovaries is generally three inches below the belly button. You can touch that place with your palms starting on the 8th day after the end of the period. If you find that the place is slowly becoming bulging, it may be The ovulation period is approaching. 

Of course, this method also has many inapplicability. 

If a woman’s abdomen has more fat Many, you may not feel it; some women just gain weight during that time, which will also cause inaccurate results. 

However, always pay attention to your body Women with changes should find these feelings in the body after the ovulation period arrives. 

▶ Anal falling sensation

During this period, a small amount of body fluid will enter the pelvic cavity and compress the nerves and bladder inside. As a result, women have a feeling of anal drop, and they may go to the toilet more often. 

▶ I can’t lift my energy

At this time, because the body consumes a lot of energy and the hormone level is unstable, they may feel fatigued and unable to lift the energy. . 

▶ Increased body temperature


If a woman who is preparing to become pregnant has the habit of measuring her body temperature in the morning, she will also find that her body temperature will rise slightly by about 0.5°C during a certain period of time. This may be the arrival of ovulation. 

▶ Increased secretions and bleeding

During this time, due to the influence of estrogen, the secretions of the body will increase, thicken, and even a small amount of bleeding may be possible. 

▶ Lower abdomen pain

The egg will break the follicles during the process of discharge. At this time, women will have some discomfort, such as lower abdomen pain, which usually lasts 1 to 2 days. 

▶ The brain is very creative< /p>

Due to the influence of body hormones, although the spirit is relatively exhausted, the brain is very active, and the cognitive ability will also be improved. 

At this time, many women will find that they are more efficient in doing things and have better work abilities. 

Except for the exact date, men and women When preparing for pregnancy, what other methods can improve the chance of pregnancy? 

✔ Have a checkup

Before preparing for pregnancy, it is best for both men and women to go to the hospital for a comprehensive checkup, so as not to waste time preparing for pregnancy. 

Furthermore, the pre-pregnancy examination can not only find out the problem of infertility, but also because of the doctor’s advice, the baby is more likely to be healthy and smart. 

Most of today’s pre-pregnancy check-ups are free, even for families with financial difficulties. 

✔ Keep a good mood


Mood has a great influence on endocrine. If the couple is under too much pressure and is in a state of anxiety and anxiety for a long time, it will be difficult to get pregnant. 

This is the function of the pre-pregnancy check-up, and it is also reflected. If the husband and wife do the check-up in time, there is no physical problem, and the mental pressure will be less. 

✔ Maintain a regular schedule and diet

A regular schedule can relax one’s mood, get enough rest for the body, and maintain a normal endocrine system. 

The regularity of a healthy diet enables both spouses to maintain a healthy weight while taking in adequate nutrition. 

Research shows smoke Unhealthy foods such as alcohol, alcohol, etc., are likely to cause serious damage to the development of the fetus. Therefore, parents with some unhealthy habits should also control them during pregnancy. 

✔ Maintain weight

During pregnancy, you should also control your weight. You should not blindly pursue nutritious foods, which can lead to overnutrition and weight gain. Experts show that women with a body mass index of 18-24 are easy and suitable for pregnancy. 

Body mass index = weight (kg) divided by the square of height (m). 

Of course, men also need to control their weight. Obesity may also cause chromosomal problems. 


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The “formaldehyde” of these kinds of vegetables exceeds the standard, and the boiling water is not clean. Parents should not blindly follow the trend when buying.

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Nowadays, parents are more and more aware of the importance of vegetables to the body, and they have begun to add various kinds to their children’s diet. Kinds of vegetables. 

But the choice of vegetables is also very important. In order to get enough nutrients for the body, it is best to choose a different color for each meal; for the health of the body, some vegetables that may contain undesirable additives should be purchased at the time of purchase. Also be cautious. 

These 4 kinds of vegetables are likely to contain formaldehyde. Parents should avoid them when buying them for their children. 

▶ Baby dishes

Baby dishes are one of the essential ingredients for many people to eat hot pot in winter, but because it is not easy to preserve, it is likely to be used by businesses to spray formaldehyde. Keep fresh. 

Some netizens have done experiments on purpose. He will buy back two baby vegetables, smear one of them with formaldehyde, and leave the other one as it is, and then observe for 12 hours at room temperature. . 

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The results show that the baby cabbage coated with formaldehyde is still very fresh; the leaves and roots that have not been coated have signs of corruption. 

Some merchants said that in order to keep baby cabbage longer, formaldehyde will be applied to the roots and other places, but the amount is not large, and after a period of volatilization, it may disappear. 

A small amount of formaldehyde may not be a problem for adults, but it will have a great impact on children’s underdeveloped bodies. It is best for parents to reduce the purchase of baby vegetables. 

Or check carefully when you buy, if there is an obvious peculiar smell, don’t buy it. 

▶ Garlic stalk

Now spring is coming soon, garlic sprouts, as a special delicacy in spring, are also very popular with parents and children. 

Garlic sprouts are the same as baby cabbage. Its roots are difficult to preserve and are prone to spoilage. Therefore, in order to preserve freshness, businesses will spray and dip antistaling agents, such as a milky white preservative exposed in the video a few years ago. Agent. 

Furthermore, formaldehyde is also a good preservative, and it is easy to volatilize. It is also the choice of many businesses. Therefore, parents should consider and judge carefully when buying garlic sprouts for their children. 

▶ Flammulina in bag

The shelf life of Flammulina velutipes is very short. It can only be stored for about 5 days at 2~4℃, while bagged Flammulina can be stored in the supermarket. For a long time, it is likely that formaldehyde has been added. 

And because of the existence of plastic bags The formaldehyde in food is difficult to evaporate, and bagged enoki mushrooms may be more dangerous than bulk vegetables. 

Vegetables are essential foods for human beings. In addition to safety issues, they are worrying, and some of their own tastes are also difficult to accept. Many children hate eating vegetables. 

Why do kids hate to eat vegetables? 

▶ The taste is too heavy

❶ Family eating habits

If parents usually have a heavy taste eating habits, the same is true for the food prepared for their children, it is likely to let Their taste is too strong to accept light vegetables. 

❷ Eat salt too early

Some parents, when their babies are 6 months old, let them eat adult meals. If they take salt too early, they may also let their children raise them. Into the heavy taste. 

▶ The vegetable tastes bad

❶ Too much fiber

Some vegetables such as celery have a lot of fiber and are thicker. Babies may refuse to eat vegetables because they can’t chew or jam between their teeth. 

❷ There is a strange taste

Different people have different tastes. The taste of vegetables such as leeks and coriander may be peculiar to some babies and they are unwilling to eat. 

❸ Bitter taste

Some vegetables such as spinach contain a lot of oxalic acid, which not only tastes bitter, but may also affect the absorption of calcium and other minerals and cause intestinal discomfort. Therefore, it is best to blanch the water before cooking. 

Even if children hate to eat vegetables anymore If they don’t eat, the baby’s gastrointestinal function may be affected, constipation or diarrhea. Many vitamins are also hidden in vegetables, and the baby may not eat it, which may cause malnutrition. 

How to make children like to eat vegetables? 

✔ Don’t force them to eat what they don’t like.

When the child makes it clear that they don’t like to eat a certain vegetable, parents should not force them. This will arouse their rebellious psychology. . 

Parents need to establish a mindset that everyone will have something they don’t like to eat, and then they can prepare different vegetables for the baby every day to see which one they like to eat. 

✔ Improve cooking skills

❶ Correct cooking method

Parents with better cooking skills, the way of cooking vegetables is also correct, such as blanching foods with high oxalate, so that children will be more acceptable vegetables. 

❷ Hidden vegetables

Some parents who are particularly good at cooking will make vegetable cakes, fruit and vegetable yogurt and other foods to hide the presence of vegetables and allow their babies to accept them. 

✔ Inculcate thoughts

Parents can also instill in them the idea that eating vegetables is good for their health through picture books, cartoons and other forms of interest to their children, and they are more receptive. 

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