How tired is the full-time mom? Three days after being ill, Bao Ma posted a “home photo”, sparking heated discussions among netizens

How tired is the full-time mom? Three days after being ill, Bao Ma posted a “home photo”, which triggered a heated discussion among netizens.

Because of pregnancy in October, women enter the role of parenting earlier than men. Here Among them, full-time mothers are the hardest, but they are most often overlooked. 

“Isn’t it just bringing children? Why can’t you be an adult?” Husbands take it for granted that full-time mothers should be born with children, and this is their responsibility! 

In fact, although full-time mothers don’t get paid, they do the hardest work in the world. 

Bao Ma was sick for three days and had to rest in bed, waiting for her After she walked out of the bedroom, the scene in front of her made her very broken.

Xiaoya is a mother who loves cleaning very much. Although it is very hard to take care of the children by herself, as a full-time mother, she still takes care of the family very well. 

Xiaoya’s husband is an office worker, busy with work every day, and likes to hang out with friends after get off work, so most of the housework is done by Xiaoya alone. 

A few days ago, Xiaoya had to stay in bed because of a viral cold. In order not to infect her children, Xiaoya could only isolate her from her children. 

It happened to catch up with Xiaoya’s husband on vacation, so Xiaoya left the care of the children and housework to her husband. Although her husband has repeatedly promised that she can easily cope with it, Xiaoya still doesn’t believe it in her heart. 

Xiaoya who had a high fever for three days in succession Finally, on the fourth day, she felt a little bit vigorous, so she walked out of the room, still a little weak, but the scene in front of her unexpectedly made her “collapse” in an instant. 

I saw all kinds of garbage piled up in the living room, messy clothes on the sofa, and takeaway boxes left over on the coffee table. 

When Xiaoya came to the kitchen, the messy kitchen made her mistakenly believe that it had been robbed. Seeing the thrown tableware everywhere, and the unwashed dishes in the sink, Xiaoya couldn’t bear it. 

So dumbfounded, she took out the phone and took a picture of the scene at home, and then posted it online. 

At the bottom of Xiaoya’s photo, many netizens commented “excitedly”, “Dad Bao is too unreliable to take a baby. This time, Dad Bao knows how hard it is to bring a child! Full-time mother It’s not easy, and it’s too tired!”

“Those who say that it is too easy for full-time mothers not to go to work, really should take a good look at this set of pictures!”

Although full-time mothers do not have to go to work, they do more work than work.

1. “All year round”

For full-time mothers, there are heavy housework waiting for them to take care of them every day. It can be said that there is no day to rest for 365 days a year. 

Whether it’s the children’s eating and drinking, or the family’s three meals a day and daily cleaning, full-time mothers have devoted all their energy. 

2, “High pressure”

Because of taking on more parenting tasks, full-time mothers also bear more parenting pressure. “Why can’t you even take a child with you?”

Because the fathers bear the financial expenses of the family, they have “high demands” on the full-time mothers. 

It seems that full-time mothers do not contribute to the family finances, so they should take the initiative to take care of their babies. If they do not do well, they should be questioned and complained. 

3, “Lack of Doppelganger”

For full-time mothers, there is a feeling of lack of skills in daily life. 

When the children are sick, the mothers can’t wait for themselves to be sick, and when the full-time mothers are sick, they can’t wait for themselves to be superhumans. They can take care of their children while being sick. 

No one helps to make full-time mothers more anxious and helpless at the same time. 

The warm family environment is not dependent on a full-time mother alone

1. Full-time mothers deserve to be respected by their families

Although it seems that bringing a baby full-time is not a “decent” job, I have to say that full-time mothers deserve the respect of everyone. 

Maybe Bao dads will dislike their full-time mothers for being undressed and out of touch with society, but I have to say that there is no one in the world who knows how to love children and take care of their families better than them. 

For the family, the contribution of a full-time mother deserves to be seen and recognized. 

2, Bao Dad should be more involved in housework

Although Bao Dad who bears the financial pressure of the family will feel a little tired, full-time mothers are not easy either. So Bao Dad should put away those so-called “for granted”. 

Sharing housework with the treasure mothers not only contributes to family harmony, but also makes the treasure fathers more aware of the hardship of their wives. 

3. Family life requires mutual understanding and understanding Cooperation

The establishment of a family requires the joint efforts of the husband and wife, understanding each other’s situation, and finding the most compatible point of understanding, so as to ensure a warm and harmonious family atmosphere. 

It is impossible to maintain a lasting sense of happiness by relying solely on the efforts and tolerance of one party. The husband and wife should know how to cooperate with each other in a reasonable way. 

Every full-time mother should not be underestimated, and their contributions should not be taken for granted. 

When they give up their careers and put a heart on their children and family, they deserve everyone’s affirmation and respect. My 60-year-old mother bluntly said “should not buy a house for her daughter”, and thought she would be scolded, but netizens agreed.

“Parents’ beloved sons have far-reaching plans” (“Warring States Policy”). A word that lasts forever. Parents will always make various plans for their children out of love; in order to prevent their children from experiencing too many hardships, parents are even willing to use themselves as a slate to help their children pave the way. 

However, not all children are well versed in the truth of “the sheep have the grace of kneeling their breasts”, and accept the contributions of their parents, but they cannot learn to be grateful. 

“You shouldn’t buy a house for your daughter”, a mother in her 60s expressed her heart, and many netizens expressed their sympathy.

Mrs. Zhang is already in her 60s, and her wife was not there a few years ago due to illness. After she retired at home, her life was very leisurely. Once people are free, they tend to think more. 

Mrs. Zhang is thirty-six years old Her daughter, who had made a small achievement in her career, should have been a happy thing, but Mrs. Zhang couldn’t be happy because her daughter Yijin hadn’t been back home to see her for almost half a year. 

Mrs. Zhang said, it’s all because of her that she felt so sorry for her at the beginning and bought her a house, otherwise she wouldn’t even have to return home now. 

When she first worked, Mrs. Zhang’s daughter, like most young people, rented a house outside to live by herself, even if her place of work and home are in the same city, her daughter would rather rent a house by herself I don’t want to go home either. 

On several occasions, Mrs. Zhang received a phone call from her daughter’s landlord, saying that she was going to pay the rent. Her daughter also called several times, saying that she had no money to pay the rent and the landlord would chase her away. out. 

Mrs. Zhang is just such a daughter, listen After that, I felt distressed and didn’t want to let my daughter live the life of being urged and rushed to live, so I immediately decided to buy a suite for my daughter with my wife. The couple pieced together to give their daughter a stable place to live. It didn’t take long before Mrs. Zhang regretted it and bluntly said that she shouldn’t buy a house for her daughter alone, but should let her go home to live in. 

Mrs. Zhang said that since her daughter has her own house, she has gone home less and less frequently. Sometimes even on a rest day, she prefers to lie at home without thinking about it. Come and see my elderly mother;

Furthermore, it seems that my daughter is looking for a partner to marry, even more so. She has higher and higher requirements for finding a target, a car, a house and a career, and even made very clear requirements for the other’s height, appearance, and academic qualifications. 

However, her own conditions are set There, the degree of education is not very high, except for the house registered under the name, everything else is inferior to others. 

At the same time, she lacks the troubles of renting a landlord, and has no family and children. She spends more and more time at work. Although her career is getting better and better, the better she can do I didn’t even want to get married, and even thought about not getting married later! 

As a result, Mrs. Zhang had a fight with her daughter and advised her to find someone to talk about marriage as soon as possible. After all, she is not too young; but her daughter said that she had a good life alone, why should she Get married to add to yourself? Since the quarrel, the daughter has never returned home, and her contact method has been blocked. 

Old lady Zhang thought she would be scolded for saying that she shouldn’t buy a house for her daughter, but after listening to her voice, many netizens agreed with her, and many older netizens expressed sympathy : The longer the daughter gets, the less time she spends with the elderly after her work is independent, and the gap between the two generations is getting deeper and deeper. 

Mrs. Zhang’s experience may be shared by many parents I have experienced all kinds of worries when the child is not independent, but when the child is independent, he feels sad. After all, we, as children, have not done our filial piety. 

Although young people are under great pressure, no matter how much pressure they are, they should not ignore the parents who have been paying for us because of work or all kinds of upsets. 

Between work and parents, as a child, how do you weigh the pros and cons? 

1.””Sorrow for parents, give birth to my labor”

No matter how busy your career or achievements are, as a child, you should never forget your parents’ gift of birth and nurturing. Parents in their later years, need not Money, but the care of the child, transfers money to parents 10 times, not as good as staying with their parents and talking to them for 10 minutes.

Parents have devoted half of their lives to us. In the end, we are old, unable to walk, or even speechless, and may be left Time is running out. What they need is not the greeting on the other side of the phone, but the hand that they can hold.

When we were young, our parents supported us; we grew up, too. Parents should sleep peacefully on their backs.

2. “Go home often”

There is an old song called “Go home often”, which is a It’s a very cheerful song, but many people cry when they listen to it. Because when they understand this truth, there are no more mothers who can talk about things in the family, no father who can talk about work, there are just endless silence and memories.< /p>

The preciousness of parents is that no matter what the children do wrong outside, as long as they go home and see that the children are safe, everything will be fine. Nothing in the world is more tolerant than the hearts of parents. Sex.

So, no matter how busy you are at work, no matter how many quarrels with your parents, you should always go home and have a look. Even if it is only a few hours, it will be a precious memory for later.


Nowadays, young people are under great pressure and their relationship with their parents As a child, you must know how to be grateful, learn to understand your parents, communicate with your parents more, so that you won’t regret it in the future. The kindergarten teacher bothered to braid her baby. Mom felt very distressed after seeing it. Teacher: Be kind to donkey liver and lungs.

Different from elementary school teachers who only need to care about their children’s learning, kindergarten teachers are looking after children because they are very young and lack the basic ability to take care of themselves. They need help from adults in all aspects. Therefore, kindergarten teachers are looking after the children. It’s very hard to be a child, not only to supervise the child’s study, but also to take care of the child’s life.

Many attentive parents will find that kindergarten teachers not only help children pack their schoolbags, organize stationery, and even tie their hair. This complicated thing is also very good. I believe that most parents and friends are grateful when they see the baby being treated with care.

However, sometimes kindergarten teachers are very Improper handling of trivial matters in children’s lives may also cause conflicts with the children’s parents. 

The kindergarten teacher bothers to braid his baby at noon every day, Mommy But I don’t appreciate it.

The kindergarten teacher Liu encountered this situation. Kindergartens have always organized children to take a nap. After a child wakes up from a nap, his neatly combed hair will inevitably fall asleep. Especially girls, it can be said to be “horrible” at first glance. 

So Ms. Liu developed the habit of helping the children comb their hair every afternoon, and for this reason, he also learned a lot of twists and braids. 

But what Mr. Liu didn’t expect was, But I was accused by Tingting’s mother on the phone. Teacher Liu couldn’t hold back her temper and said to Tingting’s mother: “It’s really good to be a donkey liver and lungs. Let your child cut his hair short!”

It turned out that the twist braids made by Teacher Liu for Tingting were too complicated. When she returned home, Tingting’s mother found that the leather case was too tight, and the child kept screaming headaches. Bao’s mother felt very distressed after seeing it. I frowned even when I removed my hair, so I quarreled with Teacher Liu out of anger. 

This incident caused netizens In the enthusiastic discussion, some people think that the teacher’s good intentions do bad things, and the child’s health is more important while pursuing beauty. Some people think that Baoma is too fussy and has failed the teacher’s painstaking efforts. Some netizens believe that the teacher’s attitude is also problematic, and if there are contradictions, communication should be done instead of angry. 

The way Bao Ma handles things is not conducive to the solution of the problem.

In my opinion, there is really no standard answer to tell who is right and who is wrong in this matter. Of course, kindergarten teachers have something wrong. But the way the child’s mother handles things is a bit too extreme. 

After all, what the teacher makes for children is also Yu Haoxin, mother should calm down and communicate with the teacher for a solution, instead of dealing with the problem in such an extreme way. 

How to deal with this kind of problem properly? 

The problems that arise between parents and teachers revolve around the children. In fact, parents can also try to encourage their children to explain the problem to the teacher. 

For example, if the teacher combs the child’s hair and it hurts, the child should explain the problem to the teacher at that time and let the teacher loosen it up. 

But if you encounter a child, you must Parents should also calm down on the issues that parents face, don’t be anxious, and properly communicate with the teacher with the correct attitude in order to solve the problem. 

Extended reading: The teacher re-tied the child’s hair, mainly because of these reasons.

①. The child’s messy hair affects the appearance

The child needs to spend a whole day in the kindergarten, and it is still needed at noon. During a nap, it is impossible for parents to comb their children’s hair for a day in the morning. Usually in the afternoon, the children’s hair is messy and unsightly. At this time, the careful kindergarten teacher will help the children to re-tie their hair. 

②. Draped hair is not suitable for outdoor sports

When children are in kindergarten, there are classes that require outdoor activities every day. At this time, if children shed their hair, their actions will be hindered. Therefore, teachers usually do Will help children organize their hair. 

③. Children’s hair is soft and easy to get stuck in the gaps

Children’s hair is very soft. If it is not tidy, it is very easy to be caught by toys, stationery and other gadgets, so , Sometimes the teacher helps children comb their hair for safety reasons.

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