How “tested” mothers are during delivery? Post-95 women can’t stand it without going to the delivery bed, it really hurts

How “tested” mothers are during delivery? Post-95 women can’t stand it without going to the delivery bed. It’s really too painful.

Now it’s said that a normal delivery is better than a caesarean section, but this is from the perspective of the baby. If you stand from the perspective of the mother Judging from it, a normal delivery may not be better than a cesarean section, because the pain of giving birth is not something ordinary people can tolerate, but it is the legendary “tenth-level pain”! 

To talk about how painful it is to have a child, those who have experienced it must have the right to say. Although some women choose to have a normal childbirth, they regret it after giving birth, and some have pain without going to the delivery bed. Overwhelmingly, I finally chose to turn to the other side. 

There is an example of this around me. The baby was born to a post-95 mother, who was tall and had great physical fitness. The results of the pregnancy check-up were also very good. The doctor suggested that the child was born. 

But on the day of delivery, the mother was so painful that she “ghosted and howled” in the hospital completely disregarding her image, terrified the family members who came to accompany her to give birth. 

At that time, I hadn’t gone to the delivery bed. The doctor said it was a normal prenatal labor pain, but the mother kept saying that the pain was unbearable, and then she asked for a cesarean section altogether. 

For the request of the parturient, the doctor is of course difficult to veto, but the family members of the parturient, especially her mother-in-law, are very unhappy. They also said that they had children in the same year, and women have to experience this. Suffer, forbearance and forbearance passed. 

When the mother-in-law said that, the parturient was so angry that she rolled her eyes, and the husband saw something wrong, so she quickly agreed to a continual cesarean, so the baby who was supposed to be born fluently was later born by a cesarean section. 

In ancient times, there was no technique of caesarean section. No matter how painful it was, the parturient could only endure it. Even if it was a dystocia, even if it would die, there was nothing to do. 

Now it’s different. It’s really painful. You can also switch to C-section, or even choose C-section from the beginning. 

The emergence of this technology has saved many high-risk women, but it has also made some women unable to withstand the test in the face of pain. For example, the post-95 mother “fallen down” in the face of the test. . 

Facing the normal birth There are three major “pain” levels. One level is more painful than the other.

1. Prenatal labor pain

After entering the expected date of delivery, pregnant women will face the torture of prenatal labor at any time. The so-called prenatal burst is actually the pain caused by “contractions”. 

Since the fetus has already developed, the uterus will continue to contract in order to allow the fetus to descend to the position of the uterus. During this process, the parturient will feel constant pain, which will become more severe in the later stages. 

The appearance of antenatal blasts indicates the imminent delivery. For the sake of insurance, mothers should also be admitted to the hospital immediately. 

2. Pain after opening the uterus

Prenatal labor pain is already a very high level of pain, even higher than the pain level of ordinary injuries or surgery, but later caused by the opening of the uterus In front of the pain, it was just a “little witch”. 

Opening the uterine orifice is the process of slowly opening the cervix before delivery. In order to ensure the smooth birth of the fetus, the uterine orifice needs to be opened to the width of “ten fingers”, which is almost 10 cm. 

Usually, the width of the cervix is ​​only about one centimeter, and it will be enlarged ten times at a time, and the pain it brings to the parturient can be imagined. 

Many parturients can’t bear it during the opening of the uterus, and thus ask for a cesarean section. Although some can bear it, it has become a lifelong nightmare. 

3. Labor pain

The pain of opening the uterus is basically the limit of the pain that humans can endure, but its level of pain is not as good as the severe pain of the last childbirth. 

The whole process of the fetus coming out of the cervix, entering the birth canal, and being born from the birth canal, the mother will be immersed in severe pain, this is the legendary “tenth-level pain of childbirth”, many mothers It is precisely because I was afraid of it that I chose to have a C-section. 

The above three major pains, even the most “mild” prenatal labor pains, are unbearable for ordinary people. Therefore, how much test it is for a mother to have a child, I think everyone should also experience it. 

For the baby Endure the pain of natural childbirth? In fact, you don’t need to

Caesarean section babies are not bad

It is said that delivery is better for babies. In fact, the advantages in this regard are very weak, mainly reflected in the improvement of the baby’s immunity by the birth canal flora. on. 

If you can pay attention to the baby’s care after delivery and strengthen breastfeeding, you can make up for the deficiencies caused by caesarean section to a large extent. 

So it is an unwise choice to insist on not having a caesarean section to endure the pain of a natural childbirth for the sake of the baby, especially those women who have been explicitly told by the doctor that there is a risk of having a childbirth, let alone choose the childbirth. 

Painless childbirth is also an option

Does it have to endure great pain in order to give birth? Actually not necessarily. In foreign countries, painless childbirth has been popular for hundreds of years. Starting from the prenatal labor pain, doctors can apply appropriate drugs according to the needs of the mother to achieve the effect of shock pain. 

Unfortunately, due to various reasons, painless childbirth is not very popular in our country. If one day it becomes as popular as a cesarean section, there will be more mothers who choose to give birth. 

As a bystander, we certainly cannot bear the pain of the parturient in person. However, improving the delivery environment, promoting painless delivery and other delivery methods that can effectively reduce the pain of the parturient are what we can do. What should be done, this is also a tribute to our great mother. The old man sued his child for not providing for the elderly, and finally lost the appeal to netizens. This kind of parent is not worthy of sympathy.

Parents are kind to their children, and the children naturally have the responsibility to support them. But if the parents give their children the wrong education, then the grown-up children are likely to have resentment towards their parents, and will be more resistant to the responsibility of support on their shoulders. The success of parental education not only refers to how good they have cultivated their children, but also reflects whether their adult children are willing to sincerely obey the elderly. 

The elderly because of their daughters It is a “white-eyed wolf” who is not pensioned for the elderly. After losing the lawsuit, the comments of netizens deserved it! 

Uncle Wang took his biological daughter to court some time ago, and in front of the judge, he tearfully accused her of being a white-eyed wolf. “It’s not easy for me to raise her up, but she doesn’t care about my retirement. Such a daughter is really blackhearted! I curse her and she won’t be able to live well!” It turned out that Uncle Wang had asked his daughter for alimony before, but after being rejected Angrily brought this “unfilial girl” to court. 

After Uncle Wang cursed and said her demands, Uncle Wang’s daughter burst into tears when she was wronged. “Since I was young, my dad has always loved my brother. As long as it is delicious and well-dressed, I will leave it to my brother. After I finished junior high school, my dad didn’t want me to go to school. In the end, my teacher paid me the tuition. I avoided dropping out. After I went to college, I never spent a cent from my parents, and I also gave most of the income from doing part-time jobs to my family.”

“It’s finally hard for me to work, and my dad asked me He paid back my salary of 5,000 yuan every month to make up for the expenses they had to raise me. After my repeated explanations, he reluctantly agreed to leave me 700 yuan for living expenses, but in fact I rented it. A single room costs 500 yuan a month.”

“Some time ago, my dad said that he was ill and needed an operation. He needed 50,000 yuan when he opened his mouth. My money was returned home for To collect money for his surgery, I had to borrow money from a friend. But I later learned that my dad had used the money to supplement my brother. Because of the debt of 50,000 yuan, I asked not to pay the money at home first. The debts are paid off before they are paid. However, my parents disagree, they are really driving me to desperation!”

In the court, my daughter gave her father a sum of money. According to the transfer records, the weak girl finally got a bit hardened in front of her father. In the end, the judge ruled that the old man lost the case. Netizens expressed their opinions one after another, “Such an old man is a vampire and loves the girl!” “Such an old man deserves no one to care about him, and the last drop of his daughter’s blood will be drained by them. Such parents Should not be sympathized.”

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Children should support the elderly, but irresponsible parents really don’t blame their children for being unfilial

Eccentric and biased parents cannot raise filial children

Although in families with many children, parents’ old-age issues are the most secure, but it has to be said that if the parents are biased, it will be difficult for the children they raise to be filial. Children who are favored do not understand gratitude, children who are not favored are resentful, parents have problems with their education methods, and children naturally cannot be filial. Parents who can’t keep a good bowl of water will be more likely to end up in an old age and helpless. 

Parents who kidnap their children by family affection cannot get their children’s filial piety

Some parents think that they have given their children life and brought them up, which means they can Enjoy the service of your children with peace of mind and peace of mind. Parents often use the grace of nurturing to speak, and they often use kinship as a moral kidnapping. In this way, parents who are good at kidnapping their children with kinship are usually the least treated by their children. 

Parents who overspoil their children are shooting themselves in the foot

Parents who overspoil their children give their children love beyond their boundaries, and this also makes the children more selfish and indifferent. Children who do not know how to be grateful to their parents will naturally not be filial and supportive of their parents, and they may even become “giant babies” or “nibbles” who depend on their parents for their livelihoods. Parents love the wrong way, and no matter how much they give, they are the same as doing nothing. 

What about parents Can children be trained to be grateful and willing to obey their parents? 

Parents should become role models in the eyes of their children

As parents, parents should know how to discipline themselves, set a good example for their children, and convey the correct three-view concept to their children. It’s hard to believe that selfish parents can train their children to be humble and polite, and it’s hard to believe that parents who are greedy for enjoyment can guide their children in life. Parents want their children to be grateful and willing to be filial to themselves, so they should be themselves and strive to become respected elders by their children. 

Give children a loving growth environment

Children who grow up in a loving environment are more grateful to their parents for their dedication. The kind and soft heart makes the children more aware of perception It’s not easy for parents. Parents give their children enough love and a sense of security, which makes the children more positive about the concept of family affection and more willing to manage warm family affection. 

Grasp the correct way of expressing love

The love that parents give to their children should be measured. Only the correct way of expressing love can contribute to the healthy development of the child’s body and mind, and can help the child’s body Cultivation of good qualities. Spoiling is tantamount to a handful of sugar-coated poison for a child, sweet when eaten, but painful in the aftertaste. When parents are dissatisfied with their children’s filial piety, they should also reflect on whether their education has long since eliminated the problem. And young parents should take this as a warning, don’t cheat their children and harm themselves. 

How do you think about parents accusing their children of being unfilial?

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