How should older mothers prepare for pregnancy in the second child’s age? This pregnancy guide is worth collecting

How should older mothers prepare for pregnancy in the second child’s age? This guide to pregnancy preparation is worth collecting

If you have a baby over 35, you can be classified as an “advanced mother”. Since the country opened up the second child, the main force who has worked hard to fight for the second child is precisely what we think of as “older” mothers. While they are still fertile, thinking of adding a younger brother or younger sister to their children, they will not be too lonely in the future. This is the voice of most mothers wanting a second child. 

However, they also know that age is here after all, and it is not easy to want a child. How should such an elderly mother prepare for pregnancy? 

Remember to supplement folic acid

Folic acid is a supplement for pregnancy For “elderly” pregnant sisters who want to have a second child, supplementing folic acid is even more important. 

Folic acid for pregnancy is mainly to reduce the incidence of fetal malformations. With age, the function of the ovaries declines, and the quality of the eggs will decrease accordingly. Poor quality eggs will increase the probability of fetal malformations. Taking folic acid on time can effectively prevent it. It is best to start eating from the first three months of pregnancy. , 0.4mg per day, be sure not to stop. 

If you want a baby, it’s not the same For one person, pre-pregnancy assessment is also very important. If the body is not at its best, it is easy to be pregnant with an unhealthy baby. 

At present, there are mainly these kinds of examinations to be done before pregnancy: fathers should do sperm testing, mainly to check the quality and vitality of sperm, and mothers should do anti-Müller examinations to see the function of the ovaries. There is a B-ultrasound to explore the condition of the uterus, but also to do 6 sex hormones during the menstrual period to check the hormone levels in the body. 

At the same time, father and mother should do a chromosome examination together to see if there are any abnormalities in the chromosomes. In addition, they also need to check for mycoplasma and chlamydia. The values ​​must be within the normal range before they can be pregnant. 

Improve living habits

Now the big environment is not good, Work and life are stressful. Most of us have unhealthy lifestyle habits. For example, we often order takeaways, stay up late every day, often eat supper, and stare at the electronic screen for a long time every day. Such lifestyle habits are good for our health. The impact is also great. 

It will cause the hormone levels in our body to be disordered, which is also very detrimental to pregnancy. If you want a baby, you need to improve your living habits. Try to eat less spicy and greasy things as much as possible, and don’t stay up late. If your dad’s working environment is hot or you need to sit for a long time, you must strengthen exercise and exercise properly. 

Healthy living habits can improve the quality of sperm and eggs, which will help us conceive a healthy baby. 

Pregnancy books for “older age” require a lot of With great determination and courage, the body is not as good as it was when you were young, and you have to be more cautious if you want a baby. Before preparing for pregnancy, be sure to do relevant checks to make sure that your body is in the best condition, so as to help you conceive a healthy baby. If a child lacks these four abilities, going to kindergarten is suffering. Parents don’t care about it.

As parents, they always hope that their children will have a bright future when they grow up. Their children lag behind other children. Old fathers and mothers often hope that their children can learn as soon as possible and learn more. 

Kindergarten is the first step for a child to enter a learning career. Parents are cautious in choosing a school for fear that the child will not adapt. However, there is always a gap between ideals and reality. Some children perform very badly after they arrive in kindergarten. 

In fact, life in kindergarten does not mean that children will be able to adapt when they are old. If the children lack four abilities, then going to kindergarten is suffering for them. 

The teacher said that the child is not suitable for kindergarten, and the parents feel angry and angry Helpless

Leilei is the only child in the family, and he is old enough to have a son, so the family don’t mention how much he spoils him, especially the grandparents, can’t wait to hold him in the palm of their hands. 

For a long time, this kind of indulgence makes the child become a little young master who has nothing to do. He doesn’t have to do anything every day, just waiting for his grandparents to take care of him. It is no exaggeration to say that Leilei even washes his face. I don’t want to do such simple things by myself, so let alone wear clothes and tie shoelaces. 

For this, the child’s parents have also Try to communicate with the elders. After all, it’s impossible for a child to be spoiled like this. Seeing that Leilei is about to go to kindergarten, but he does not even have basic life skills. It is really worrying, but the grandparents of the child are not at all. After buying it, they think that the child is to be pampered. 

As a result, the child had just started kindergarten for less than a month, and the teacher said frankly that she could not take good care of Leilei, so she should let the child go home temporarily and learn some basic skills over and over again. 

Although the teacher’s words sound a bit hurtful at first, it is not difficult to understand after understanding the reason. 

The teacher said that the child eats, dresses and goes to the bathroom every day They all need someone to take care of them, and I have to take care of more than 20 children in the class. I don’t have so much energy to take care of one person at all. Besides, Leilei always loses his temper and can’t get along with other students in the class. This is not only the teacher’s troubles. Labor, children are not happy.

Finally, the teacher also said bluntly to Leilei’s father: “Kindergarten life is actually a test of students’ abilities. If children lack these four abilities, then going to kindergarten is suffering. !”

So what exactly are the four abilities that the teacher refers to? 

First of all, simple self-care abilities

Some basic self-care abilities should be possessed by everyone, especially for children. Parents should start from the basics. Don’t think that the children are too young. We should take care of them more, but in fact, the more we do, the greater the difficulties our children will encounter in the future. 

In fact, the most basic content, like washing, It is recommended that parents let their children learn in advance for dressing, eating, and simple housework. After all, it is impossible for us and the teacher to take care of our children all the time, so in order to avoid embarrassment, it is the right choice for our children to have these basic abilities in advance. 

Secondly, the basic language narrative ability

After children go to kindergarten, they will meet many children, so how to achieve good communication with each other? Or how do you express your aspirations to the teacher? 

The answer is to have basic language narrative skills If the child can’t say anything, or if he doesn’t understand, his life can only be a mess. 

Again, it is the social ability to get along with other children in harmony

If you want to gain a foothold in the kindergarten environment and be liked by everyone, in addition to basic communication skills are not enough, but also Having a certain degree of social abilities, this may not only be born, but also be influenced by parents. 

Parents need to be more role models for their children. And observe the child’s words and deeds, and at the same time give correct guidance, and teach some tips when necessary. 

Finally, there is a certain degree of self-control ability

No matter how much restraint is given to children by the outside world, it is not enough. The most important thing is that children have knowledge of what they are doing and know themselves. What are you doing, and have certain principles and plans. If parents have not cultivated their children’s self-control ability, I am afraid that the older the children, the more they have no rules. 

Kindergarten is the main component of a child’s childhood, and parents need to pay more attention.

Kindergarten actually plays a very important role in the child’s entire childhood, which is equivalent to the child’s enlightenment stage. If we can’t give it to the child as mentioned above The four abilities of the child are also a kind of loss and injury to the child. 

So parents have to bother, In order for the child’s life to go smoother and smoother, we must start with the details and be stricter!

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