How painful is the delivery? Listen to what the new mother who just came out of the delivery room said, is the third one here for real?

How painful is the delivery? Listen to what the new mother who just came out of the delivery room said, is the third one here for real? 

Because they are afraid of the pain of having a normal delivery, many women choose to have a cesarean section. However, according to the WHO’s recommendations, it is a more beneficial way for the baby to give birth. Therefore, many countries in the world are controlling the rate of cesarean section. In my country, the caesarean section rate has remained high for many years. Of course, this can’t be blamed on the parturient. After all, it is really painful to give birth. Compared with the 12th grade, more women are still willing to take a knife. 

How painful does it hurt to give birth? The answer to this question, of course, is that people who have personally experienced it have the most say. They happen to have a baby who has had a child recently, and they are the mothers who gave birth to a normal child. From their feelings, the pain of a normal childbirth is indeed far more than everyone’s. Imagine. 

The first mother, Xiaowen, born after 95, was the first child. Compared with the other two, she was luckier. The most difficult stage of opening the uterus was over after only five or six hours. Most women need to experience more than ten hours or even one or two days. Xiaowen describes the pain of giving birth, and it feels like a knife has been scraped in the abdominal cavity, and she feels distressed from time to time, until it hurts to the back. She is almost numb all over, so that the baby never feels it after birth. The doctor told her. 

The second mother is born after 85. She was 33 years old when she gave birth, and she was approaching the threshold of “elderly-aged women.” However, she had had a childbirth experience before, and this time the weight of the fetus was not as good as the first child, so even though it was a smooth delivery, the whole process went smoothly. But I don’t know if it’s due to physical aging. The fetus had a very difficult time passing through the birth canal, and the pain caused her to faint. The situation was critical and timely, and the doctor had even considered turning it forward. But she was lucky enough to survive, and when the cry sounded, she also exhausted the last bit of strength. 

The third mother, Xiao Zhang, was the worst. Although she was born in the 90s and was much younger than the second mother, she had the worst physical fitness. She was still pregnant with an overweight baby, and she was born with a total of eight catties. Two. What’s more tragic is that it took Xiao Zhang Guang to open the palace mouth for two days. During those two days, she suffered from heart-piercing pain every moment. Sometimes the pain caused her to scream out. She is hypocritical. In order to avoid dystocia, the doctor also performed a lateral resection on her, but even so, many lacerations were caused during delivery. It was the pain caused by the compression of the birth canal, the pain caused by the surgical incision, and the pain caused by the laceration, Xiao Zhang didn’t know how he survived. 

After reading the feelings of the three treasure mothers, I believe you should also have a certain understanding of the pain of natural childbirth. However, this is far from enough to reflect what the mothers have to bear, because in addition to the pain of childbirth, the mothers have to face many embarrassing tests, some of which may even leave a huge psychological shadow on her. 

except for birth pain Unbearable, these embarrassments will also cause the mothers to collapse in minutes

The fingers of a stranger are inserted into the lower body

The most painful stage before delivery is the opening of the uterine mouth, and it happens at this time. , The parturient will encounter a very embarrassing thing, that is, the fingers of a stranger will penetrate into the lower body. This is a necessary operation, and it is done by a doctor or an experienced nurse. It is used to check the degree of opening of the uterine opening of the pregnant mother. It will only be explained when the opening of the uterine opening reaches 10 cm (commonly known as 10 finger width). When you are about to enter the delivery procedure, the doctors and nurses can prepare. 

Due to the varying lengths of the opening of the uterine mouth, the doctor may repeat this operation many times during this period, which brings embarrassment to the mothers again and again. If you encounter a male doctor unfortunately, it is not just embarrassment, it may even be painful. 

Shaving the hair of the lower body with a knife

There is also a procedure called “skin preparation” before the delivery, in which the doctor or nurse uses a blade to shave the hair on the lower body of the parturient. The purpose of skin preparation is to reduce postpartum infections, because although it is a normal delivery, there may still be side cuts or lacerations. If the hair is not shaved beforehand, the dirt and bacteria hidden inside are likely to cause wound infections, which will cause postpartum infections. Recovery brings disadvantages. Although this is a routine operation, it will bring great psychological discomfort to sensitive mothers. 

Delivery room incontinence

To say that the most unbearable embarrassment when giving birth, I am afraid it is also “incontinence in the delivery room.” Incontinence is easy to understand, it means that the bowel movement is not controlled, if it is normal, it will be a big deal, and it will be dealt with by yourself. But in the delivery room, and in the presence of many people, you can imagine how embarrassing the scene is. What’s more, childbirth is inherently stressful. Once incontinence occurs again, the mothers with poor emotional control capabilities may collapse directly. 

In short, if you have a child in Shun, you not only have to endure the legendary twelfth level of pain, but you also have to endure many embarrassing things that are usually unimaginable. So mothers are great and respectable, because they have silently endured tremendous pain and endured endless suffering for the reproduction of human beings and the continuation of civilization. When Bao Ma is breastfeeding, no matter how good the relationship between these people is, they must avoid them. It is not to avoid suspicion, but for the child.

Women are especially concerned about breast exposure before giving birth, but since Many women simply don’t care about so many children. They can breastfeed anytime and anywhere as long as their children need to. Even some mothers don’t care if there are people around. Although breastfeeding is an important matter, some things Bao Ma should pay attention to when breastfeeding still need to be paid attention to for the child. 

After Xiaofei gave birth, some relatives and friends came to visit Xiaofei during her confinement period. At first, Xiaofei didn’t think there was anything, because some friends basically came to stand and leave. But sometimes friends are too enthusiastic, staying at Xiaofei’s house and reluctant to leave, sometimes Xiaofei is a little embarrassed to breastfeed her child, but then she has experienced more times, Xiaofei is also used to this matter, in front of her. Mian Xiaofei, an outsider, dared to breastfeed her baby. 

But once, a friend of Xiaofei’s husband came to Xiaofei’s house. Seeing the time of the meal, the friend didn’t mean to leave. It seemed like she wanted to stay for dinner. The mother-in-law happened to be there. Not at home, my husband had to take care of Xiao Fei while cooking for friends. When her husband and friends were eating, Xiaofei was feeding the baby. At that time, Xiaofei wanted some paper, but it was not very convenient, so she called her husband. After hearing this, my husband hurriedly opened the door and came to Xiaofei’s room. At that time, my friend thought there was something wrong and followed. 

Xiao Fei didn’t think it was embarrassing to be seen breastfeeding a child at the time, but when a friend came in, the cigarette was still lit in his hand, which made Xiao Fei particularly angry. Xiaofei immediately blasted her husband and friends out. 

At that time, Xiaofei’s attitude was indeed not very good. Later, friends did not have too many meetings and might have felt it. After eating, she hurriedly left Xiaofei’s house. In fact, situations like Xiaofei are still very common. Usually when Mommy is breastfeeding her baby, in some cases, Mommy has been tempered by her swords and guns. As long as the child needs someone around her, she doesn’t care about it. But here is my advice to moms. It is better to avoid a little while the baby is breastfeeding. It’s not just about avoiding embarrassment, but also avoiding things that are not good for children. 

When parents breastfeed their children, they must avoid smokers. Sometimes Bao’s mother has to breastfeed her child because of certain circumstances, but some people can’t be so conscious, especially men like the child’s father. Sometimes when Bao’s mother is breastfeeding the baby, Bao’s father will watch it by the side, and it doesn’t hurt to take a look, anyway, it’s his own. But some Bao Dad still smokes while watching the baby breastfeeding. In this case, Bao Mom must stay away, because second-hand smoke is really harmful to newborns. 

When parents breastfeed their children, they must avoid some sick people. Because sometimes babies who feed on milk are relatively young and have weak body resistance. People who are sick carry bacteria all over their body. Expose themselves and their children to the bacteria, and babies are also vulnerable to infection. If such a small baby is really infected, it would be terrible. 

Parents should avoid talking people when breastfeeding their children. Children need a quiet and comfortable environment when they are breastfeeding, so that the baby will eat more comfortably. But sometimes, when Bao’s mother is breastfeeding, there are always some nagging people beside her, and they keep talking to Bao’s mother. Such people will always interfere with the attention of the child and Bao’s mother. Sometimes the baby The enthusiasm for breastfeeding is easily interrupted, so it is better to avoid such people when breastfeeding, and to provide a comfortable environment for the child. 

In addition to avoiding some people when breastfeeding the baby, the baby mother also needs to pay attention to the breastfeeding posture when feeding the baby. Many novice baby mothers will not breastfeed their children. They clearly have enough milk. I want to eat too, but I can’t eat it in my mouth. The hungry child cries loudly. In fact, many reasons for this situation are because the baby’s breastfeeding posture is incorrect, so the baby can’t get milk for a long time. 

Of course, in addition to paying attention to the correct breastfeeding posture, Momma also pays attention to the amount of breastfeeding of the baby. Some parents are extremely strict with their children. The child develops the habit of feeding on time. Of course, Bao’s mother’s idea is good, but it’s not so good for younger babies, who eat less and hungry faster. If the mother blindly asks the baby to take milk according to the time period, it is easy to happen that the baby is not hungry or too hungry, which is particularly detrimental to the baby’s health. 

So for the seemingly simple matter of breastfeeding, Momma still needs to pay attention to a lot of details. A little carelessness will cause harm to the child. Of course, sometimes breastfeeding the baby is not just a matter for Momma alone, the people around you All need to cooperate with the mother, especially the family members must create a good nursing atmosphere for the mother and the child to ensure that the child can feed healthily and happily.

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