How old will the baby’s appearance be “finalized”? At this age, it is difficult to make a big change

How old will the baby’s appearance be “finalized”? At this age, it is difficult to make a big change.

The beauty and ugliness of children’s looks have always been issues that parents look forward to. From the beginning of pregnancy, many mothers secretly expect that they can give birth to a good-looking baby, and as the little one grows up, the parents hope that their baby will grow into a likable look. . 

There are still many parents who know that they look ordinary, but they still have expectations for the appearance of their children, hoping that the poor-looking babies can counterattack when they grow up. After all, this appearance is the age of justice. , Good-looking will receive a lot of preferential treatment. 

Actually, a child’s appearance is inseparable from the parent’s genes. If a child does not look good when he is young, it may not be able to change when he grows up. 

People who come here: If the child’s appearance is ordinary when he is young, he will grow up Ms. Wu may not be able to counterattack

After giving birth to a child, although Ms. Wu has expectations for the baby’s appearance, she also knows in her heart that she and her husband look very ordinary, and no matter how the child changes, she can’t become the cuteness in the pictorial. baby. 

So when she saw babies who were getting more and more ordinary, Ms. Wu accepted it very calmly. After all, she is a boy and has not been cultivated too carefully since she was a child. 

Ms. Wu has a very close friend. There is a girl in the family who is a few years younger than her own child. 

A friend gave a child his 18th birthday , Ms. Wu was also invited. Later, a friend asked Ms. Wu privately: “You said that my child is 18, but there is no trend to look good except for his size? Don’t everyone say that the female big eighteen has changed? Why do you want to be the same as when you were a child?” /p>

Such words made Ms. Wu feel unable to answer. She felt that what she said was wrong. Originally, the two girlfriends were not handsome men and women. When the children were young, they always looked very ordinary. Can’t meet the standard of “good-looking” in the mouth of friends. 

Probably seeing Ms. Wu’s hesitation, my friend smiled and said that he knew it in his heart. It just needed someone to confirm the answer in his heart. Now Ms. Wu came over and said:” Take my child as an example. I think that if a child’s appearance is ordinary when he is young, he may not be able to counterattack when he grows up. After all, the child’s appearance will be finalized at a certain age.”

How old will the general look of a baby be “finalized”? 

Old people often say: “Children see the wind grow”, which means that when babies are young, the changes are relatively large, basically the same every year, but the main change is in the shape of the face, and the changes in the facial features are already very small in the later period. Up. 

When you are about 8 years old, the contours of the child’s face will not change much. At this time, you can basically judge the child’s general appearance in the future, but because the baby still has The baby is fat, and the skin color is likely to change the day after tomorrow, so it is not completely conclusive. 

And if you want to say “set shape” It will be around 18 years old. This is because at this age, the child’s physical development has basically been completed, and it is difficult to make a big change in appearance. 

However, ordinary parents don’t have to worry about their appearance. After all, the “value of appearance” is determined by many aspects, not just by looking at the face. 

The level of a person’s “face value” is determined by many factors.

In fact, the level of a person’s appearance is not only determined by the facial features. In addition to these factors, a person’s Behavior habits can also affect appearance. 

A good behavior habit must be one A person’s appearance adds points, and proper habits will make a person look elegant and enhance a person’s temperament. 

At the same time, the style of dressing and the habit of makeup will also add points to the appearance. Choosing a dressing style that suits you can take advantage of your strengths and avoid weaknesses, and the right makeup will enhance a person’s spirit. These are all It can enhance a person’s appearance and impression. 

In addition, inner temperament and polite conversation are also the criteria for judging a person’s appearance. These factors will not only improve a person’s outer temperament, but also leave a good impression. 

Parents still need to make a lot of efforts to make their children the “good-looking” in others’ mouths.

To sum up, if you want your child to have a good appearance, not only does it depend on the child’s own genetic conditions, but parents can also use acquired habits to improve their child’s appearance. 

For example, to develop good living habits for children and improve their personal qualities. Externally, they can guide children to the correct aesthetics, choose clothing that suits them, and enhance their personal image through the combination of colors and styles. Temperament and so on. The 3 types of interest classes comparable to the “cash shredder” sound tall but impractical. Parents should not pit their babies

The interest class is almost a stage that every child has to go through now, some children Before going to kindergarten, I have already started hobby classes. 

But, for children, are interest classes really as useful as the propaganda claims? 

A 6-year-old girl spends 1.2 million on hobby classes, but she can’t figure out how much 6+9 is.

In the variety show “Teacher Please Answer”, there is an issue about a 6-year-old girl going to After 3 years of hobby classes, I spent about 1.2 million at home, but when the teacher asked the question, she couldn’t figure out how much 6+9 equals! This makes many people feel incredible. 

This 6-year-old girl is called Qingqing, She has a full schedule every day. In addition to the daily classes, there are 6 or 7 interest classes, including ballet, performance, vocal music, piano, abacus and mental arithmetic, and walking on the catwalk; probably because of these. With a wide range of “interests”, she has been on a big stage, performed a sports concert, and went to a show in New York Fashion Week. From these points of view, she realized many dreams that many young people in their twenties could not realize at the age of 6, which made many people cast envy. Qingqing’s mother and grandma also felt that Beier had face. However, many people have changed their views on the next question. 

The host gave Qingqing a math test question: 6+9=? 

Qingqing froze for a long time, but she didn’t think of an answer, and her grandma’s expression was very solemn. 

Some guests said that this question should be I learned it in the first grade; Cai Guoqing’s son Qingqing couldn’t help saying, “This shouldn’t have been learned in the first grade, it should have been in kindergarten?” He also bluntly said that this is a very simple question. 

Qingqing said, “You think it’s simple, I think it’s so difficult! I can’t figure it out at all, and my mother will remind me later.”

Spent 1.2 million for hobby classes, but answered There is no question about the level of kindergarten, which makes many people have a different view of interest classes again. 

Let’s take a look together, where did the 1.2 million yuan go? 

Signed with the company 138,000; one-on-one vocal performances are about 400,000; the “tuition” for two concerts is 300,000, and the stage fee is 150,000; New York Fashion Week spent one time About 200,000; there are also training and acting classes in other schools plus some scattered classes about 300,000. 

There are dozens of interesting classes for children Ten thousand, it is comparable to a “crusher”. It can be seen that this family is really willing to invest for the children, but the result of the investment does not seem to be very satisfactory! Qingqing is indeed “packaged” very well, but in terms of cultural education, she has lagged far behind children of the same age! 

It took millions to apply for classes, but he couldn’t even answer a simple math question. Is this kid stupid? A child who can learn so many things, how could she be a stupid child? 

The reason why she becomes “stupid” is because the family has stepped on the “pit” of the hobby class. 

The original intention of the interest class is to develop or increase the child’s interest in a certain thing, so that the child can find healthy hobbies that help the physical and mental development in the boring after-school life. Simply put, the child is in A “passionate way” outside of daily learning. 

However, today’s interest classes are full of “pits.” 

What are the “pits” in interest classes that parents can easily step on? 

The first “pit”: interest class has become a “cram school”

The current interest class has become another form of “cram school” in disguise. 

Some parents see that their children are worse than others in handwriting, so they go to calligraphy class; see other children dancing well, they also send their children to the same dance school training. 

Under this kind of “comparison psychology” of parents, interest classes have become children’s “cram school”: if others have it, their own children cannot be few. 

The second “pit”: hobby classes can make children famous and make big money

Many hobby classes will praise children for being brave, eloquent, good-looking, etc., and finally say: oneself It is from a certain company. So far, how many young moderators have been trained, which awards have been won, and what are the advantages and resources in the profession, sending children for professional training, they will definitely have their own reputation in the future. 

Also, there are many special offers and more for registration When the child’s parents heard it, they thought that their child could be famous and earn a lot of money, and sent the child away without saying a word. 

Now many children make their debut at the age of five or six and earn money for their families. Many training institutions use this “psychology” of their parents to make many parents fall into the “pit” unconsciously. 

The third “pit”: Interest classes can give unwise children one more opportunity and another way out

For some children who are not very good or not very smart, some Interest classes took advantage of our anxiety and used the excuses of “give the child a chance and a way out” to convince my parents that as long as the child learns one hobby, he will never starve to death in the future, so he enrolled in classes one after another. Seven or eight, there is always one who can learn something. 

I enrolled in countless interest classes, spending money just like running water, but found that not only did the child not make much progress, but it seemed to occupy the child’s normal cultural class study time because of various interests. In class, he didn’t have time to consolidate and do homework after class, do a good job preview, etc., which caused his grades to be less and less able to keep up. 

As time goes by, children have no sense of accomplishment and become less and less willing to learn. 

I didn’t pick up the watermelon, and lost the sesame. Therefore, when parents and friends are choosing interest classes for their children, it is best to keep their eyes open and choose what the children are interested in. At the same time, they should focus on their children’s daily learning, not putting the cart before the horse. 

These three types of interest classes are both a waste of energy and money for children. Parents should not “step on the pit”

1. Interest “Crash Class”

There are some publicity slogans on the market that are very ” Parents should avoid exaggerated interest classes. 

For example, learn to master in half a month Piano, violin, or being able to speak fluent English in 7 days, including teaching and meeting, etc., these interesting and tall interest classes are actually just “sugar-coated cannonballs” fabricated by entrepreneurs. Learning anything requires time accumulation. Parents should not be blinded by these false and exaggerated things. 

2. Some subjects in the school

Some interest classes have already set up corresponding courses in their schools, but parents always feel that the school is not as good as the outside ones. If you have more money, the quality should always be better. 

However, not everything that costs money is good, especially in hobby classes. Spending double amounts of money to learn the same thing is actually a waste of money, as well as a child’s time and energy. 

3. Interest classes that children are not interested in

Some children actually don’t like to learn so-called dance or piano, but in order to be able to add a piece of tallness to the children’s life experience Experience, many parents press their children’s waist and legs, and they must let their children learn. 

Interest classes that children are not interested in, no matter how long they learn, they will learn nothing, and many of them are actually not very practical. In addition to occupying children’s study and rest time, they will not be true. What are the benefits to the child. 

So, it is best for parents not to force their children to learn things that are not of interest to them. 

Actually, a child’s interest also implies a certain potential of the child. Parents only need to carefully observe and guide them. There is no need to enroll in too many interest classes, and he can also walk out without spending millions. Your own way, don’t pit your baby because of your momentary judgment. 

The kindergarten runs a flea market, and the daughter goes home empty-handed. Mommy questioned the teacher again and again Apologize

When the child reaches a certain age, he will leave his mother’s arms and enter the kindergarten group to start learning knowledge. At the same time, the school teacher will also organize some activities, hoping to enrich the child’s life , And cultivate their emotional intelligence. 

Activities like flea markets are loved by many children, but there are also children who show some problems in this group activity, such as reluctance to share. 

The kindergarten held a flea market, and only the daughter went home empty-handed.

Smile is the baby in the family. The whole family loves her, but the child seems to be a little used to being pampered after a long time. Shun will be very angry. 

A kindergarten organized a flea market activity, laugh Laughing mother also wanted to take this opportunity to let the child know how to communicate and share, but when the child was picked up by her grandma at night, only Laughing came home empty-handed, and her expression was very depressed. 

Mother Xiaoxiao thought that the child was wronged in the kindergarten, so she called the teacher out of anger, but Baoma repeatedly apologized after questioning the teacher. 

Because the teacher said: “Laugh today I kept holding her plush toys, and other children were unwilling to touch them. Later, they became awkward and threw the dolls into the trash can. Laughing mom, the flea market originally wanted the children to dispose of toys they didn’t like. Share it with other children, but your approach is contrary to our original intention of holding the event.”

The teacher’s words made Bao’s mother speechless. It turns out that the plush toy is one of Xiaoxiao’s favorite dolls. Originally, the child didn’t want to take it to kindergarten, or Xiaoxiao’s mother forced the child to take it with the purpose of hoping that the child could take this step and share his favorite things with others. As a result, she did not consider the child’s ideas, which caused this situation. 

Is it selfish not to love sharing? Wrong, this is only a necessary stage in the growth of children

I often hear parents and children say that sharing is very happy, so if children don’t know how to share, is it selfishness? In fact, this answer is wrong. 

Because children are With the development of the brain, awareness of property rights and self-awareness will gradually form, what items will be my own thinking, I have the right to control, etc., these are normal phenomena of children’s development, parents only have to be patient Only by guiding can children gradually understand the joy of sharing. 

So what should parents do when encountering similar kindergarten activities? 

Many parents believe that when their children go to kindergarten, they have encountered some parent-child activities, or some hands-on activities for their children, so when encountering activities like a flea market, how can parents better guide their children? 

◎Do not force children to share

In view of the children’s awareness of property rights, parents should not force the children or even accuse the children of being stingy, etc., and respect the children if they do not share. Consciousness and thoughts. 

◎You can guide, but don’t help your child do it Decision

When a child shows that he is unwilling to share, what parents need to do most is to guide. Correct guidance will change the child’s thinking. Don’t help the child make decisions. Children like it very much. , I have to let the child give it to others. 

◎Inform children of the nature of such activities in advance

The kindergarten organizes such activities, in fact, to exercise children’s communicative skills, cultivate children’s emotional intelligence, and let children have a spirit of sharing, then Parents can tell their children the significance of these activities before participating in the activities, so that the children can do better. 

◎Respect the children’s own choices

Although children are young, they are worthy of being respected. So when facing these kindergarten activities, do not force children to do what they should do. They must follow their ideas and let them have the right to choose independently.

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