How old should my baby’s formula milk be? The answer given by the expert is not only saving money but also good for children

How old should my baby’s formula milk be? The answer given by the expert is not only saving money but also good for the child.

For mothers, after the baby is 6 months old, it is best to start the “international practice” of mixed breast milk and formula milk feeding. Are you familiar with it? 

Although breastfeeding is generally advocated for at least one year old, as the baby grows, the nutrients contained in breast milk can no longer meet the baby’s growth needs. 

Therefore, supplementary food and formula milk powder are needed. Another problem for the mothers also followed, that is, how old does the baby’s formula milk need to be? 

Some people say that it is 2 years old, and some people think that it will be 3 years old. It can be said that there are different opinions, which puzzles the mothers. 

My girlfriend, Wenwen, recently had a lot of bitterness with us in the WeChat group. The cause was the problem of her son drinking formula milk. 

Since Wenwen gave birth to her son, the elderly in the family were not in good health and could not help take care of them, so Wenwen had to quit her job and concentrate on taking care of the children at home. 

Wenwen and her husband’s plan is to wait until their son can enter the kindergarten at about 3 years old, and then Wenwen will work again. This also means that the financial burden of the family has been placed on her husband alone in these 3 years. Body. 

Although the economic pressure is relatively high, Wenwen and her husband also follow the parenting book method, even if the son is now 2 years old and can eat rice, lean meat, fish and other foods, they still continue to give the son Drink formula milk. 

After Wenwen’s mother-in-law knew about it, she personally came to persuade the young couple not to drink formula milk for their children, because the daily meals are nourishing enough. 

The mother-in-law said that nowadays it costs about 1,000 yuan to drink formula milk for the child every month, which is completely unnecessary. 

Wenwen heard from the mothers whom she knows that it is better to at least drink formula milk for the children until they are around 3 years old. 

Wenwen saw that she could not persuade her mother-in-law, so she took her to consult with the child care doctor, until the doctor explained the benefits of formula milk to her mother-in-law and it was best to stop at the age of 3, the mother-in-law did not stop. prevent. 

1. How old should your baby’s formula milk be?

Experts usually suggest that children under 3 years of age should keep drinking some formula milk every day, so that they can supplement the child with sufficient nutrition and benefit the body. Normal development. 

Of course, some children begin to reject formula milk after they are 2 years old. At this time, parents no longer have to force their children to continue drinking, and respect their children’s choices, as long as they pay attention to nutritional supplements and supplements in their daily diet. Just balance. 

It is worth noting that children under 2 years old should still drink formula milk, because at that time the child’s gastrointestinal digestive system and absorption function are not as perfect as 3 years old, and may not be able to pass Get enough nutrition in your daily diet. 

2. Do you have to drink the 4th stage milk powder?

We all know that the formula milk that babies of different ages drink is different. Generally, babies from 0 to 6 months drink 1 milk powder, 2 milk powder before 1 year old, and 3 milk powder before 3 years old. 

Four-stage milk powder belongs to the category of children’s milk powder, suitable for children who need additional nutritional supplements from 3 to 7 years old. 

Whether you want to drink 4-stage milk powder for your own children is mainly based on your child’s developmental status or the doctor’s requirements. Compared with the necessity of 1–3 stage milk powder, 4-stage milk powder is optional . 

Through the above expert advice, we can know that it is necessary for a child to insist on drinking formula before the age of 3. 

Of course, it is not a rigid requirement to drink until the age of three. After the child reaches the age of two, as long as the child is reluctant to drink formula milk and is more repulsive, according to the child’s development status, you can consider not to force your child to drink formula milk. 

Because of the importance of formula milk, a dazzling array of formula milk powders are widespread in shopping malls and supermarkets. 

Not only domestically produced formula milk powder, but imported formula milk powder also occupies a large proportion. The choice of formula milk powder is a test for parents. 

for babies What issues should be paid attention to in formula milk powder? 

1. The choice of formula milk powder

When choosing formula milk powder for their children, many parents like to choose the imported and most expensive formula milk powder. In fact, when choosing formula milk powder for your child, the most important thing is to suit your own baby. 

A formula that can be close to breast milk, contains nutrients including DHA, and a suitable protein ratio is the best. 

2. Precautions for preserving formula milk powder

When the formula milk powder can is opened, it must be sealed, and the remaining milk powder must not be exposed to the air for a long time. It is also necessary to avoid moisture and pollution. 

In theory, formula milk does not need to be refrigerated and frozen, as long as it is placed in a dry, cool and clean place. 

3. Don’t add sugar or fruit juice to formula milk

Some parents may think that the taste of formula milk is too light, and they are afraid that the baby will not drink it. So when brewing formula milk, add some sugar or fruit juice to improve the taste. 

As everyone knows, this approach will increase the baby’s risk of dental caries. 

For babies, formula milk is a must in the process of growth and development. It is rich in nutrients that can make up for the shortcomings of breast milk or lack of nutrition in the daily diet. 

Choosing the right formula for your baby and adopting the correct brewing method can provide an important guarantee for your child’s healthy growth and normal development! 

As for whether to continue feeding formula milk to my baby after 2 years of age, it is mainly based on the baby’s developmental status. If the hospital’s examination results show that it is not necessary to continue feeding formula milk, the child does not want to drink it again. Parents can stop feeding baby formula milk! 

How old does your child stop drinking formula milk? Welcome to leave a message to share! A 9-year-old daughter’s essential product for falling asleep, but she has precocious puberty. Many people have the same style as the culprit.

Nowadays, children grow faster because of their superior living conditions and rich nutrition, and even some children There will also be precocious puberty. There are many reasons that cause precocious puberty in children, not just because of overnutrition or eating too much hormone-containing food, some seemingly common habits and items in life may also become the culprit for precocious puberty in children. 

For example, the night light that accompanies many children to fall asleep can cause precocious puberty in children. The Pediatrics Department of Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University has received such a medical record. Xiaohua, a 9-year-old patient, had problems with premature breast development. When Xiaohua’s mother was bathing her daughter, she found that Xiaohua’s breasts were obviously bulging. The breasts developed like an adolescent child. There was even a circle of areola. This made Xiaohua’s mother feel very abnormal, so she brought her before. Come to see a doctor. 

After examining Xiaohua, Tang Hongli, the chief pediatrician of the Chinese University Hospital, confirmed that Xiaohua was indeed precocious. Xiaohua has not suffered from diseases that can lead to precocious puberty, and has not taken any hormone drugs, and his usual diet and living habits are relatively normal. Finally, after detailed inquiry, it turns out that Xiaohua liked to turn on the lights when she was a child. At the beginning, her mother wanted to get rid of Xiaohua’s problem, but because her daughter was very afraid of the dark, her mother allowed her to turn on the lights all the time. go to bed. 

Unexpectedly, this habit of turning on the lights in sleep has brought such serious consequences. Dr. Tang Hongli believes that the main cause of Xiaohua’s precocious puberty is the light that was turned on while sleeping. Many parents in life also have the habit of turning on the light when sleeping, especially when the child is relatively young, it is more convenient to get up at night to change diapers and make milk powder. It is more convenient to turn on a light, but this habit is very important for the child’s physical development. Unfavorable, it will bring many serious consequences. 

Why do you sleep Turning on the night light will cause precocious puberty in children.

The human body itself is like a running arousal. It works during the day and rests at night. Various hormones in the body will also be adjusted during the day and night. Especially young children who are in a period of rapid physical development, they secrete growth hormone during sleep at night, and the brain secretes melatonin at night. These hormones can promote physical development on the one hand, and inhibit sex hormones on the other hand. The role of. 

But if you turn on the night light when you go to bed at night, even if you are asleep, the light will make your body feel excited and it is difficult to enter a high-quality sleep state. In addition, light can also affect the level of hormones secreted by the brain. If the body stays bright at night for a long time, the body will stop secreting growth hormone, so that the sex hormones cannot be suppressed, and the symptoms of precocious puberty will appear sooner or later. 

Precocious puberty What harm does it bring to children?

Influence on height

It is difficult for children with precocious puberty to grow tall, because the premature secretion of sex hormones will affect the normal growth of the epiphyseal line, leading to premature closure of the epiphyseal line. Once the epiphyseal line is closed, even a very young child cannot continue to grow in height, so the height is finalized. 

Affect mental health

If a child’s body has precocious puberty, it will not only affect the height and physical development, but also seriously hinder the child’s mental health. Because the physical abnormality can make the child feel panic and fear, especially when compared with the children of the same age around him, the situation that others have not yet encountered, if you encounter it in advance, it is easy for the child to have an inferiority complex. If you are ridiculed by your classmates because of this, it will cause serious harm to your child’s psychology. 

Precocious puberty poses many threats to the child’s physical and mental health. Therefore, as a parent, we must pay attention to this. If the child already has similar symptoms, we must go to the hospital for medical treatment in time for early detection and early intervention , In order to minimize the damage. If the child does not have symptoms of precocious puberty, he should pay more attention to prevent the occurrence of tragedy. 

How to prevent children Precocious puberty

Scientific and reasonable diet

Children’s diet should be scientifically and rationally matched to avoid overnutrition. Do not let children eat too many high-sugar, fried, high-calorie foods and drink less carbonated drinks And sugary drinks. Eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and foods rich in protein, and eat whole grains appropriately. In addition, do not blindly supplement your children with nutritional and health products. Many health products contain hormones, which are harmful to the child’s health. 

Change bad habits

Keep the room quiet and dark when you sleep, don’t always turn on the lights to sleep, and avoid prolonged contact with electronic products. The screens of electronic products are also high-brightness light sources. Prolonged exposure may also cause precocious puberty. . 

Exercise more

The best way to prevent precocious puberty in children is to exercise regularly. Exercise can regulate endocrine levels and promote bone and muscle development. Especially the exercises of lower limbs, such as skipping, running, kicking, etc., have many benefits for height and physical development. It is best to ensure that the daily exercise time is more than 1 hour. 

Does your child have the habit of turning on the lights while sleeping? If so, we must help the child to correct it as soon as possible, so as not to affect the health. If not, you should pay more attention to them, eat a reasonable diet, and exercise moderately in order to make your child grow taller and stronger.

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