How old should a child sleep with his parents in a separate room? Many parents make mistakes, and they tend to lose their sense of security

How old should a child sleep with his parents in a separate room? Many parents make mistakes, and they tend to lose their sense of security.

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When a child reaches a certain age, parents will choose to let them sleep in separate rooms, but many parents don’t know how old it is to sleep in separate rooms. 

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The five-year-old forced the child to sleep in separate rooms, and the child continued to have problems every night

Xiao Zhang’s child is five years old, and she thinks it’s time for the child to develop the habit of sleeping alone , So choose to sleep in separate rooms. On the first day, after she finished telling the story, she returned to her room. 

What I didn’t expect was that the child who didn’t cry and didn’t make trouble when he left rushed to his room after a few minutes and said that he wanted to go to the toilet. Xiao Zhang reluctantly took her to the toilet, but she said nothing. If you leave, you will stay in Xiao Zhang’s room. 

Xiao Zhang first comforted the child Then tell her that she has grown up and that she wants to learn to be independent. The child said in an imploring tone that he must sleep well tomorrow, and wants to sleep with his mother today. 

It’s too late to see that Xiao Zhang didn’t want to toss and let her fall asleep. Who knows that every day in the future, the child will find various reasons to come and sleep with his mother. The plan to sleep in separate rooms can only be temporary Set aside. 

The time for sleeping in separate rooms should depend on the situation.

Many parents just think that they should do this when sleeping in separate rooms, but they don’t know why. 

In fact, in the child’s growth process, sleeping in separate rooms is of great significance. Like other physical skills, it is an important part of the child’s independence. 

Therefore, the modern parenting theory has formed a consensus that “5-year-old children need to sleep in separate rooms”. However, many parents blindly obey, but forget an important condition for sleeping in separate rooms: the child has the ability to sleep independently. 

If only age is the principle Forcibly sleeping in separate rooms, it will be counterproductive and hurt the baby. For example, it will be difficult to develop the habit of sleeping independently in the future, and it will also destroy the child’s sense of security, and suffer emotional gains and losses. 

In the matter of sleeping in separate rooms, we should proceed step by step. Early preparation is the key. Always paying attention to the development of children is the basis of sleeping in separate rooms. 

The survey shows that 27% of children can successfully divide their houses at the age of 4, 30% can divide their houses around the age of 5, 20% can divide their houses around the age of 7, and some children even You can sleep in separate rooms after the age of 10. 

here It can be seen that the division of houses needs to be carried out in a planned way, and the division cannot start after the stipulated time. This will only hurt the children and fail to achieve the plan successfully. 

Prepare early to help children better sleep in separate rooms

Childcare experts suggest: After the child is 2 and a half years old, we should start preparing for sleeping in separate rooms, 5~ The whole process should be completed at 6 years old. 

The specific implementation steps are as follows –

▲ 2 and a half to 3 and a half years old: mainly to cultivate children’s sleeping habits

It is possible for children to go to bed before going to bed There will be some habits, some need to listen to stories, some need to play games, and some need to go to the bathroom. 

Therefore, before going to bed, parents should plan what they want to do before going to bed at this stage, and gradually form a habit, so that the child knows that he should Went to bed. 

Note: Before going to bed, try to avoid things that stimulate your nerves, such as watching TV or intense exercise, which will keep your body or spirit excited and make it more difficult to fall asleep. 

▲3 years and a half~5 Years old: Start to sleep independently

It is naturally difficult for children to sleep in the same room after they are used to sleeping with their parents. Therefore, you can first try to let your children sleep in the same room with different beds, so that the children can raise Get into the habit of sleeping independently. 

Some children are more sensitive and may find it difficult to fall asleep on their own. Parents can take three steps:

One is to go to the cot to accompany the child and put the child on the cot, and the parent is lying next to it. Accompany to sleep; the second is to sleep with different beds, that is, the child is in a small bed, and the parents are in a big bed, but the behavior of coaxing sleep; the third is to fall asleep independently, sleep in their own bed, and no longer coax. 

▲ 5~6 years old: officially implemented points Sleeping in the room

At this stage, the child should have developed the habit of falling asleep independently, but this does not mean that they can accept sleeping in separate rooms. Therefore, before this, parents should take a period of time (usually 15~ 30 days) Give him enough psychological construction so that he can understand and accept this fact. 

When he realizes this, parents can start to ask the child’s preferences and arrange the room according to his favorite style, which is more psychologically acceptable. 

Even if it’s done completely Be prepared, but parents should still be prepared enough: children may go back to their parents’ room to make noise from time to time, but usually it will get better after a period of time, so parents should also be properly guided at this stage. 

The division of the house seems simple but it also hides a lot of trouble, because the child itself is a sentimental life, can not be too simple and rude to accept it, but should gradually prepare for each stage . During pregnancy, Feibao is using three types The way is silently guarding my mother, so heartwarming

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

The hard work of pregnancy, pregnant mothers may not be able to say for three days and three nights, but in this process it is not that mothers fight alone, in fact, the baby in the womb has been silently guarding you. 

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Novice pregnant mothers have a hard way to conceive

I have been pregnant for 7 months every year. During this period, some large and small pregnancy reactions made her a little broken, but In the end, he survived under the care of his family. 

But getting closer and closer to the due date, pubic pain became her nightmare. When she went to the obstetric check-up, she told her doctor about her condition, and the doctor gave him some suggestions. 

Complained every year: “It’s so easy for others to give birth to children. Why is it so difficult to come to me? If I knew it was so painful, I don’t want to kill me.”

The doctor smiled after hearing this, and told Nian Nian, that’s right. It’s too unfair for the baby. In fact, during the pregnancy, the baby is also silently guarding the mother, which brings some benefits to the mother. 

After listening to the doctor’s words, I feel a lot happier every year, especially when I think of my baby working hard with me, I am full of motivation and hope. 

After pregnancy, the baby will protect the mother from these three points.

▲Keep the mother young and healthy

Studies have found that during pregnancy, the fetus secretes a type of stem cell , Even after birth, such stem cells still exist, usually for decades. 

The main function of this stem cell is to repair the organs and the body. Under its action, the mother’s body can get more protection and repair, which will help the body’s health, and it will naturally be better. Young and energetic. 

So this is the baby’s first gift to mother. 

▲Protect mother’s personal safety< /p>

During the checkup, especially during the examination after the fetus is formed, it can be clearly seen that the fetus has been kept curled up. 

We all know that the growth of the fetus will cause the enlargement of the pregnant woman’s uterus, thereby compressing other internal organs of her body. 

However, at a certain stage of growth, the fetus will choose to curl up in its own physical state instead of desperately trying to seize the mother’s body space, the purpose of which is to protect the mother from harm. 

At the same time, the mother body itself It also secretes a substance that can prevent the fetus from growing too large, which is also a kind of protection for the fetus. If the fetus is too large and insufficient space to move, it is prone to hypoxia and increase the difficulty of production. Usually, it is about 50 cm at birth. . 

▲Assisting childbirth

Childbirth is the most painful process in the whole pregnancy, especially for mothers who give birth, because not only need to endure pain, the whole process is also relatively long, but in In this process, the fetus is also working hard with the mother. 

During delivery, the fetus can receive signals from the outside world, try to shrink into a small ball, reduce the difficulty of delivery, and turn over several times to cooperate with the mother’s delivery. 

Although these protective actions are not It is not an initiative, but a kind of natural existence, but the connection between mother and child is real. They protect each other and work together. 

Intimate baby, nurture is indispensable for the day after tomorrow

The time that Feibao spends with her mother in her belly is only 10 months, and the time to get along with her is obviously more after birth, so after birth Cultivation is extremely important. If you want to have a caring baby, it is best to do these points——

1. Demonstration effect

For children, the best education It must not be done verbally, but penetrated every bit in life, where the demonstration role of parents occupies an important position. 

Usually the family environment is warm, and the relationship between family members is harmonious, mutual care and help, then under the influence of this environment, children will naturally become intimate and warm;

On the contrary, Parents themselves are selfish, narrow and indifferent, and children naturally can only learn this behavior. 

2, express your love Meaning

The word love is very complicated, and it is difficult for children to understand. Parents need to teach them in simple ways, such as kissing the baby on the cheek, and let him respond in the same way. In this way, an abstract concept can be concretized, and it can be better to express your feelings and love. 

Of course, when they express to their parents, they need to make the right response, which is a guide for them even if they are encouraged. 

3. Reject stereotyped education< /p>

When babies are young, they are all emotional animals. The difference between rationality and sensibility can only appear after growth and time. 

Therefore, when carrying out education, you should not be too rigid and use a serious tone to force indoctrination, which will only make it repulsive. 

The correct method should be entertaining, through a certain story or a certain game to help them understand a certain truth, so that it will not be repellent, but also easy to remember. 

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