How old is the child to go to kindergarten? Boys and girls should be treated differently, non-discrimination, and it will be better for babies

How old is the child to go to kindergarten? Boys and girls should be treated differently, non-discrimination, and better for babies

How old can a child go to kindergarten? This problem has always plagued parents. 

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As the baby grows up, parents will Consider a problem, that is, going to kindergarten. Some parents worry that their children will lose to other children, so they want to send their children to kindergarten early. 

As the policy continues to change, children now must be 3 years old before they can go to kindergarten. 

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Why does the policy require children to be 3 years old before they can go to kindergarten? 

After 1, 3 years old, children’s dependence on their parents is reduced

After the child is born, he is unfamiliar with the whole world, and gradually develops a sense of dependence on the parent. As the age of the month grows , Self-awareness is gradually sprouted. At the age of 3, it is a critical period to build self-awareness. At this time, the sense of dependence on the parents will not be too strong, and it has not reached the point of inseparability. As long as the parents give correct guidance, it will be fine. 

After the age of 2 and 3, children will be more curious about the outside world

As babies grow up, they will become more and more curious about the unknown. After 3 years old, they will have great curiosity about the outside world and want to explore. At this time, parents can let them enter the kindergarten to learn and explore. 

3. After 3 years of age, the child’s behavioral ability has developed to a certain extent

When the baby is young, he needs parental care and basically does not have the behavioral ability. With age, after the age of 3, You will gradually have a certain degree of self-care ability, such as eating, organizing toys, etc., so that the teacher can save a lot of worry when taking care of the baby, otherwise a teacher will definitely not be able to take care of so many children at the same time. 

The child is 3 years old Is it time to go to kindergarten? 

Actually, this is not the case, because boys and girls have differences in brain structure and development. Therefore, the age of entering kindergarten should also be different. 

According to research, girls’ brains will develop earlier than boys, and they will be stronger in language development, and their language expression and reading skills will be stronger. 

In addition, the development of the frontal lobe of the girl’s brain will be stronger for boys, so their self-control ability will be stronger, and the management of emotions will be more comfortable. 

So, from the perspective of brain structure, compared with girls, 3-year-old boys have stronger adaptability, expression skills, and emotional processing abilities. So 3-year-old girls are generally suitable for kindergarten. For boys, it can be extended for about 1 year. 

In the variety show, Huo Siyan also revealed that she will let her son enter the kindergarten a year later, so that is the best gift for the boy. 

Expert: Child If you don’t have these three conditions, you can go to kindergarten as early as 4 years old.

1. Independence

The age of children entering kindergarten does not depend on how old he is, but on his personal ability. After all, when you go to school, the teacher will not take care of all the children. If you don’t have the ability to be independent and can’t play alone, then in the kindergarten, for the baby, it is like a disaster. 

2. Self-care ability

After going to kindergarten, there will be a lot of children in a class, and the teacher cannot take care of them as carefully as parents. Children must have some basic self-care skills, such as eating and going to school. Use the toilet, put on clothes, organize your own things, etc. 

3. Communication skills

After children enter the kindergarten, they will encounter many problems. If they cannot express them in a timely manner and cannot communicate with the teacher, then the teacher will not be able to understand. If the baby needs help in time, they are likely to cry and cry. It can be said that a disaster is coming. 

After all, it is impossible for the teacher to guess the mind of every child. This is not only difficult, it will also increase the difficulty invisibly. 

Lucky pregnant sister suggested: Parents should exercise and cultivate their children’s independence and autonomy from an early age, so that they can do something within their capacity to enhance their children’s self-care ability. When taking care of their babies, they should guide their children to express their thoughts and gradually exercise them. Communication skills. The more talented the son, the easier the family” Broken roots”, this is not alarmism, parents should pay attention

The more promising the son, the easier it is for the family to “broken roots.” This is not alarmism, parents should pay attention to it.

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Now it’s the time to worship the ancestors on the Ching Ming Festival. How many young people will return to their hometowns to worship their ancestors? It can be said that in the hearts of most young people, the day of worshipping ancestors on the Ching Ming Festival has become a good time for outing and playing. 

Those who come out of their hometown, the more promising children are, the more so. 

It’s no wonder that many old people say: the more talented the son is, the easier it is to “break the roots”.

Just as Taiyuan Gong’s internet celebrity principal Zheng Qiang once said:

It’s useless to buy 5 houses wherever my son can’t come back. Even if the son and father are a bit emotional, in the grandson’s generation, they will basically sell the house and settle in the big city. 

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The Tomb-sweeping Festival will not come back. The graves in my hometown are basically not guarded for 4 generations. 

These remarks are tough, but they are true. It is becoming rarer for young people who have settled in big cities to return to their hometown on Ching Ming Festival, even their parents. Not necessarily going back, just burn some paper on the side of the road. 

Why is it easier for my son to “cut his roots” as he grows out? 

▶ I’m busy at work, it’s rare to go back to my hometown

Some young people may want to go back, but they are too busy at work and basically have no chance. Nowadays, outstanding young people are basically among the best in the rankings. Internet companies go to work, although they get a lot of wages, they also have to work overtime every day. 

Faced with a rare holiday, of course, I chose to spend it in a relaxed way. It is too much trouble to go back to my hometown, and I may not want to go back. 

▶ No ancestor worship Keep things in mind

Young people are now receiving scientific education, and they have studied abroad since they were young, and the concepts of ancestor worship and clan concepts are relatively weak. 

It is inevitable that these are unnecessary things, so I didn’t take them to heart. 

▶ I don’t want to go back to a small place after I settled in a big city

After many families have a son, of course they do their best to train him. Parents who hope their children will have a better life in the future will be willing to settle in big cities with them. 

But the result of this is that after children get used to living in a big city, they don’t want to go back to their hometown. 

Especially when parents follow After moving out, maybe the family will not return to the hometown to worship their ancestors, or these things are left to the parents to do. When the parents are too old to return home, they will never go back. 

Some young people may not even know where their ancestral grave is. 

Promising children are easy to cut roots, not only in the aspect of ancestor worship, but also in the aspect of giving birth.

▶ It is easier to not want children

Come out from a small place Of course, young people have to work harder if they want to be successful. At this time, they may not have time to manage relationships and take care of children, so it is easy for them not to want children. 

Except for men who have such thoughts, women are even more so. A study in the United Kingdom shows that women with higher education levels are less willing to have children. 

This also As a result, many men may follow their partners’ opinions and do not want children. 

▶ Don’t care about the gender of the child

The traditional Chinese view always believes that only boys can inherit the family business and continue the entire family. But for men with higher education, higher incomes and higher social status, they may not care about the gender of their children. 

Especially those in the middle-producing areas, and only want one child, both men and women are the same. This also shows from the traditional aspect that the more productive a son is, the easier it is to “cut his roots.” 

▶ Rarely take children back to worship their ancestors

When life is occupied by work and raising children, fewer and fewer young people can return to their hometowns to worship their ancestors. Not to mention that many young people do not want their children to face those “unlucky” places. 

I rarely take them back Sacrificing ancestors, this also verifies the words of President Zheng Qiang: The grave in his hometown cannot be guarded for 4 generations. 

[Mom’s Way]

Although young people do not want to go back, their parents still need to visit. 

Not long ago, there was a piece of news that was very emotional. When a middle-aged man went back to worship his ancestors, he couldn’t help crying when he saw his father sitting alone in front of his hometown. , Finally decided to take his father to live with the city. 

Sometimes it’s okay to “cut the roots”, but the most important thing is that you can’t leave your parents unattended. 


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