How old is the child ignorant of “sex”? When the same room was bumped into, the parents’ “flicker” became the child’s pain

How old is the child ignorant of “sex”? Being bumped into the same room, the parents’ “flicking” has become a pain for their children.

Nowadays, young parents have a big characteristic, that is, they think that their children are still young and don’t understand anything. So sometimes it is too “relaxed” in front of the child. 

Of course, parents who are a little more sane know that they should restrain their behavior in front of their children, but sometimes there are still some “misses.” 

Among the mentally ill patients I came into contact with, she (temporarily named Yunyun) is 26 years old. She is an unmarriage and a cold personality. Her crux happened when she was a child. 

When Yunyun was 10 years old, she accidentally ran into “that thing” from her parents. She was shocked at the time. She wanted to ask her mother to sign it because she was due to pay the next day when she went to school, but during the day I forgot, and I was afraid that I would forget to wake up the next day, so I got up from the bed and went to look for my mother. 

As a result, after opening the door of Mom and Dad’s room, the scene was very embarrassing. Fortunately, they were covered with quilts. Mom quickly said to Dad, “The child is here!” Dad actually replied, “She doesn’t understand.” Then he turned to Yunyun and said, “Mom has a backache, and I will massage her. You go to bed quickly. I’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

Yunyun’s head is like being hit by something, “buzzing” in her head, because she actually understands, but her father is fooling her. 

Since that day, Yunyun has not been able to convince herself to forget, and even began to reject these things, and she couldn’t accept these things in her heart. After Yunyun grew up and fell in love, she refused to have close contact with her boyfriend. Later, she went to see a psychologist to find out that she had a “shadow”, even though it was only a small thing. 

Maybe many people can’t believe it. Isn’t it just that they accidentally bumped into their parents’ husband and wife behavior, and they were prevaricated by their parents for some reason? How could it become so serious. 

Although it is said that not every child’s psychological growth path will evolve in this way, it can be found that some children with weaker psychological endurance are exposed to things that are contrary to their own cognition. , It is likely to bring a huge impact to their hearts. 

Returning to the topic again, many parents feel that their children don’t understand anything. In fact, most children are relatively precocious, because in the past, children had less access to information resources, but now children can basically understand as long as they have access to electronic information products. Many parents have never taught them knowledge, including sex knowledge. 

This also means that children nowadays are at least 3 to 5 years older than the previous children in terms of their psychological age. Although they are in the same age group, it is obvious that modern and contemporary children mature earlier. 

Children will enter the “sexual organ stage” after the age of 3. At this stage, they begin to be curious about the sexual organs, and parents should popularize the corresponding knowledge for them. After the child is 8 years old, parents can develop a deeper knowledge of sex for them, including how the child was born. 

Irrational parents choose this after being hit by their children Do

1. Deceptive or evasive answers

Some parents often choose to deceive their children after being hit by their children, or avoid answering their children’s questions by changing the topic . 

Be aware that the wrong guidance of parents may cause children to imitate, just as parents say “Mom and Dad are playing games”. If the child misunderstands the concept of this game, then this behavior will be compared with others in the future. The kids follow suit, how should it end? 

On the other hand, parents’ evasive answers will only lead to a stronger child’s curiosity, leading to a secretive observation or exploration psychology, which has a great impact on the child. 

2. Scolding their children

Some parents became very impatient and scolded their children, letting the children go out quickly. This approach is worse than the previous one, because the child will feel very wronged and can’t figure out why he is criticized. 

In the future, when you suddenly react to what is going on, you will have a great sense of rejection of the couple’s behavior, and you may also complain to your parents because of this. 

So should you tell the child correctly? If the child is at an age that seems to understand but not understand, then parents can euphemistically tell their children that this is a way for parents to express love, and it can only be expressed like this after marriage. 

You can also take this opportunity to tell your children that they are the crystallization of love. At the same time, you can buy children’s sex education picture books, read with them, and tell them how they came into this world. Usually children Will have great interest in this topic. 

Through chat to convey sexual concepts to children, broaden children’s knowledge, and enhance children’s self-protection awareness, this is what parents should do, not through scolding or evasion. Pushing the child to the other extreme, the most obvious manifestation is the child’s mental health, which is now ignored by most parents. The first child gave birth to two sons, lacking a little princess, and the second-born childbirth checkup stunned the couple. The husband has to open a kindergarten.

The cost of having children is becoming more and more expensive nowadays. “Considering” one’s own family financial strength, after all, “four-legged gold swallowing beasts” are not so easy to raise! 

Of course, after the opening of the second-child policy, many families plan to have a second child, either for the purpose of giving Dabao a playmate, or for the future retirement plan. 

But if there are already two children in the family and the parents have to fight for another life, then such a choice is really surprising! 

Baoma Head She gave birth to two sons, but her husband didn’t say she was missing a little princess. During the second childbirth checkup, the couple was stunned.

When Ms. Wang, who lives in Binzhou, Shandong, and her husband went for a checkup, the doctor excitedly told the two people that Ms. Wang was pregnant. It’s twins! 

Although the doctor is very happy, Ms. Wang and her husband have some “helplessness”. It turned out that Ms. Wang had already given birth to twin sons. If twins were born, there would be four babies in the family! 

When Ms. Wang gave birth to twin sons, her in-laws were very happy and took the initiative to help take care of a family of six who lived under one roof. Although cramped, they were warm and harmonious. 

However, Ms. Wang’s husband felt that he had always wanted a daughter and did not fulfill his dream of giving birth to a daughter. It was really a bit regretful. 

So she couldn’t stop her husband’s persistence, and finally Ms. Wang decided to have a daughter. But what she didn’t expect was that she was pregnant with twins again this time. 

This makes Ms. Wang feel a bit “tangled.” She was worried that she would not be able to raise four children, but there were some reluctant babies in her stomach. 

After the parents-in-law learned that the daughter-in-law was pregnant with twins, they believed that the two elderly people who had many children were very supportive of the daughter-in-law’s birth. “Raising a child is to work harder when you are young, and you will know when you are old. How happy you are!”

Ms. Wang’s husband also said, “If you can have children, you can raise them. If you have two daughters, then I would be so happy!”

Finally, Wang Ms. Wang gave birth to twin daughters smoothly, and Ms. Wang’s husband’s daughter dream finally came true. 

While watching the four children running around the floor, Ms. Wang’s husband said triumphantly, “It seems that our family has to open a kindergarten, otherwise it’s not enough for these four children to have fun!”< /p>

The twins are pregnant What problems will you encounter during pregnancy and childbirth? 

1. Stronger pregnancy reaction

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother will become lethargic, and the morning sickness reaction will be very serious in the first period of pregnancy. For twin pregnant mothers, they suffer even more from the pregnancy reaction during pregnancy. 

Affected by the secretion of hormones in the body, pregnant mothers have to endure a harder life during pregnancy than singleton pregnant mothers. 

2, more likely to suffer from pregnancy complications

Two children put a greater burden on the body of pregnant mothers, and the bulging belly not only makes it difficult for pregnant mothers. 

At the same time, pregnant mothers are more susceptible to pregnancy complications, such as pregnancy-induced hypertension which is more likely to occur in twin pregnant mothers. 

3. The degree of difficulty is higher during delivery.

Most pregnant mothers with twins experience premature delivery. In terms of the choice of delivery methods, many pregnant mothers have to choose the method of cesarean section to give birth. 

It can be seen that during childbirth, twin pregnant mothers have to bear more pressure and face heavier delivery tasks. 

The couple are in What considerations should be made when choosing a student? 

1. Do you have the energy to bring a baby?

It’s best not to lay hands on others to raise a child. If you have to let others take care of the child in order to fight for a living, then this is not only unfair to the child, but also to It is also a pity for parents. 

Giving birth to children but not enough energy and time to accompany them to grow up, such a choice really violates the original intention of the parents to fight for their lives. 

2. Are there enough financial resources to raise a baby?

After the child is born, the family’s financial expenditure will be a lot more, whether it is milk powder money or diaper money , All make the family economy more expenditure. 

And as children grow up, parents will spend more and more money on their children. If there is not enough stable family support, then the arrival of the little guy is likely to Put pressure on the family economy. 

3. Are you prepared for education?

In families with many children, parents should master the wisdom and tricks of education. Let children get equal love and fill their hearts with a sense of security. This is something that parents need to explore and study hard to be able to give. 

Sufficient educational psychological preparation can create a suitable growth environment for children. 

Whether it is to realize their childbirth dreams or to keep the children with each other, when choosing to fight for life, parents must consider their own reality and make a choice after careful consideration. 

Because the arrival of any small life is worthy of being cherished by parents, if it is only because of impulse, it is obviously the parents’ irresponsibility. 

What do you think about the practice of family fighting for life?

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