How old is the baby to be weaned? When these signals appear, parents should act

How old is the baby to be weaned? When these signals appear, parents should act.

Most novice parents are groping forward in the process of raising children. Although they can learn from the experience of others, it’s because each baby’s individual The growth rhythm is different, and many things can only be “talking on paper.” 

Take the time of weaning as an example. Some elderly people think that when babies start to add complementary foods after 6 months, they don’t need breast milk and they can be weaned naturally. Young parents believe that breastmilk is the best “ration” for their children, and of course they have to be fed until their children grow up. For this reason, the two sides are arguing about it, always because of the weaning issue. 

Take this opportunity, let’s talk about these issues about weaning. Let’s take notes! 

How old is the baby to be weaned? 

After the baby reaches a certain age, the energy needed for physical growth cannot be met by breast milk alone. With the addition of supplementary food, the baby’s demand for milk is gradually decreasing, so it is necessary for the mother to wean the baby . 

Then the question is, how old is the right child to wean? 

The WHO recommends that the baby should be breastfeeding before 6 months, and after 6 months, start adding complementary foods and continue breastfeeding until 2 years or older. 

my country’s infant and young child feeding guidelines suggest that exclusive breastfeeding should be at least 6 months old, and infants and young children from 7-24 months should continue to breastfeed if the amount of breast milk is reduced or needed Weaning requires supplementation with formula milk powder. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that breastfeeding must be maintained for at least one year. 

But it should be noted that the little guy has his own developmental rhythm and cannot be “one size fits all” in time. It needs to be judged according to the child’s own situation. 

When the baby has these signals, parents should act.

Although there is no fixed specific time for the weaning time, if breast milk problems affect the baby’s normal development, then the mothers at this time A decision must be made as soon as possible. 

The specific situation is manifested in two aspects. On the one hand, parents find that their children love breast milk far more than complementary foods. On the other hand, they habitually want to drink breast milk for psychological comfort when encountering any problems.< /p>

The former is because if the child resists complementary food for a long time, Insufficient intake of “energy” is prone to occur, which in turn affects their own development process. 

The latter is because for children, the action of drinking breastmilk no longer exists as a survival skill, and more of it plays a role in calming emotions, which is not conducive to the development of the child’s personality in the long run, and its The substitutability is relatively strong, so you can start to try to wean. 

“One size fits all” behavior at weaning is not advisable

According to the older generation, it is necessary for the mother to stay with relatives and friends for a few days when weaning, so that the child cannot find her mother and it is more convenient to wean. But in my opinion, this behavior is not conducive to the establishment of a child’s sense of security. 

Other parents will find that the child cries heart-piercing after a meal without milk, which affects the normal rest of the family, and Bao’s mother feels uncomfortable, so she hugs “It’s okay to feed” the mood to breastfeed the child again. 

This kind of repeated weaning, or simply one size fits all Weaning methods may cause children to cry, sleep difficulties, nausea, etc., so weaning should be done gradually and slowly. 

What should be the correct way of weaning? 

As mentioned above, weaning is not something that can be done overnight. If you want to do gentle weaning, you can try these tips. 

1) Weaning at night and then breastfeeding

Generally speaking, night milk can be weaned off gradually after the child is six months old. 

In this process, parents can take their children to watch picture books, or personify breastfeeding, compose a story that is easy for them to understand, and tell them in a simple way that they can’t eat the night again. If you are breast-feeding, you can help your child to quit night breastfeeding first, and then gradually start to try to quit breast-feeding as a whole. 

2) Gradually extend the feeding time

If your baby is accustomed to feeding every 3-4 hours, then parents can consciously extend the feeding time after the child can sleep the whole time. You can try it gradually with half an hour as a node. 

3) Increasing the diversity of complementary foods

At 9 or 10 months, the types of complementary foods that children can eat tend to be diversified. After the complementary food is transferred, parents can reduce the frequency of breastfeeding step by step, so as to achieve gentle weaning. The class teacher’s “fancy roll call method” has become popular. In order to prevent students from not listening to the lectures, there are so many moves, which are praised by parents.

As parents, everyone knows the importance of academic performance to the future of their children, so parents will start from their very young age. Strictly disciplined began when they were studying, and children were not allowed to be distracted or distracted while studying. 

When children are at home, our parents can naturally supervise their studies, but once the children go to school, whether they go to class on time, whether they are listening carefully, it depends on their self-consciousness and the teacher’s Supervised. 

Some parents think that there are too many children in the school to look after, but in fact, we really don’t need to worry too much. After all, teachers now have a lot of tricks and tricks to prevent students from not listening in class. 

The class teacher’s “fancy roll call” is on fire. Creative, funny and interesting to catch students off guard:

Now, in order to facilitate contact with their children, many parents will equip their children with smartphones. 

But regardless of whether it is high school or university, the school does not recommend children to bring their mobile phones into the classroom, so calling and checking mobile phones has become something that teachers must do before class. 

No, there is a teacher named on the Internet Checking the video of the mobile phone went viral. When the teacher just walked into the classroom and asked the students if they had a mobile phone, everyone said in unison if they did not. 

After hearing this, the teacher did not continue to ask, but just stood on the podium and said, “Hey, siri”, and there was one response after another in the classroom. The students could only vomit: “The teacher’s routine is too deep,” he obediently handed in the phone in his pocket. 

Random naming method:

Some science teachers have also designed a small program for randomly selecting people. During class, the system randomly selects people at any time, which completely eliminates the fluke psychology of the students, and just finish the call with the teacher. Take this idea. 

As soon as this method comes out, students can only Obediently in the classroom, and this method has also won the praise and praise of the parents. At the same time, everyone is amazed by the teacher who designed a small program for randomly selecting people. 

Routine naming method:

Some teachers make good use of high-tech routines, and use face-to-face group building to draw students into the group to ensure that every student is present, and the teacher will “make surprise attacks” during class. “, let everyone share their real-time location in the group. 

Teachers’ painstaking efforts are behind the naming call.

In fact, whether it’s high school or university, the teachers work hard to implement these fancy naming methods. Their purpose is to let the children listen to the class well and not be absent. Don’t be distracted in class. Behind this lies the teachers’ hard work, hoping that children can learn something in class and gain something. 

As parents, we should guide our children to thank you The teachers’ hard work, don’t complain that the teacher is “many” and “strict”, and the teacher is also thinking about the children’s learning. 

This creative method of roll-call is also more popular with children.

In fact, why children don’t want to go to class? A large part of the reason is that the knowledge imparting class is too boring, and the children find it very boring and “boring”. 

And the various ways of naming names created by these teachers will increase the fun of the classroom to a certain extent, give the originally boring classroom a fun start, and make children start looking forward to the daily lessons. The class is not so irritable, it can also be very interesting. 

Teachers who will adopt this type of roll call , The mentality is relatively young, and there is no generation gap with the children. Such a teacher imparts knowledge to the children, and the children are more receptive. 

In general, regardless of the teacher or the parent, we attach the same importance to children’s learning. Parents are strict with their children so that they can study well and have a good future. The teacher is in the classroom” “Hundreds of tricks” is also to manage children more effectively and attract children’s attention. 

If parents and teachers cooperate well with each other, the supervision and restraint of children’s learning will naturally be more efficient. Therefore, parents and friends should cooperate more with teachers’ teaching work. We hope that with our joint efforts, Children can have a bright future.

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