How old is the baby going to start wearing underwear? Parents miss the best time, there may be three hidden dangers waiting

How old is the baby going to start wearing underwear? Parents miss the best time, there may be three hidden dangers waiting

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou


When a child is young, it is difficult to go to the toilet, so many parents will choose open crotch pants when they don’t use diapers for their children to make it easier for the child to go to the toilet. However, at a certain stage, they don’t wear panties in time. It is easy to cause multiple injuries to children. 

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If you don’t wear underwear in time, the child is in danger

Xiao Qiu and her husband are busy at work and don’t have time to take care of the children, so their grandmother always takes care of them. 

In a blink of an eye, the child is one year old. Grandma feels that using diapers is a waste of money and that it is easy to cause red butt if they are not replaced in time. So I changed into crotch pants, thinking that it would be convenient to go to the toilet and prevent skin To be bored. 

This is not summer, It just so happened that the home was close to the beach, so grandma would often take the baby to play on the beach, but since going to the beach, the baby who didn’t like to cry often became crying and always clasped her legs tightly. Grandma didn’t care when she took it with her, thinking it was just a personality change. 

It wasn’t until the weekend that Xiaoqiu and her husband were resting at home and found an abnormality, and then did grandma talk about the problems in the past few days. 

Xiao Qiu immediately took the child to check and found that it was because her grandmother did not wear underwear in time when she took the child to the beach to play. 

From this time on, babies need to wear underwear

Many mothers will choose to wear open pants for a period of time when their children are not wearing diapers, and then wear underwear when they are older. It is best for babies to start when they change their diapers. 

The survey shows: 65% of mothers do not put on their children underpants when their children take off their diapers, and miss the best time. 

When asked why they don’t wear underwear, most mothers say that it’s because they don’t want to wear them. The toilet is inconvenient, so I chose open pants, which saves time and effort. 

But in fact this The method is incorrect. The baby will take off on his own because of a short-term maladaptation. As long as the mothers patiently guide a few more times, the child will naturally be able to learn and accept it. This process can be divided into three steps:

First Step: When the child first wears underwear, you can let the child wear small underwear when doing activities at home. If they go out or sleep at night, they can still choose diapers. This will help the child adapt, but will not give it to the child. Going to the toilet causes trouble. Step 2: When the child is able to express his desire to go to the toilet, he can wear panties during the day and choose diapers at night to avoid trouble. The third step: When the child can go to the toilet on his own, he can completely give up the diapers, and can choose to wear underwear during the day and night. 

Of course, if you want these three steps to be implemented smoothly, parents should take the initiative to guide them. 

Wear underwear too late, maybe There are three hidden dangers waiting for the baby.

First, being invaded by “dirty things”

The child’s body is relatively fragile in all aspects, and the skin and body parts will be exposed without wearing underwear. It is easy to be invaded by some dirt and cause harm to your health. 

2. Increased risk of injury< /p>

Baby’s skin is very fragile. If you don’t wear underwear, it is easy to be poke or knocked out when going out, which will cause injury. In particular, it is easy to leave scars and affect the appearance if you are poked and bleed. 

3. Privacy cannot be guaranteed

The survey shows that less than 25% of children in my country know the concept of privacy. 

Many parents Thinking that such a young child has no way to understand this concept, he has always chosen to avoid it. 

In fact, this concept is wrong. It should be taught from an early age to protect your privacy. Covering your body is the first step in learning privacy. Therefore, parents should put on their children’s underwear and respect their children’s privacy. Private. 

Extended reading: It’s important to choose suitable underwear

Baby is different from adults, body and skin are fragile in all aspects, and underwear protects important parts, so pay attention to selection Suitable underwear——

In terms of material, cotton fabric should be selected, because this fabric is softer and has better air permeability, and basically does not cause allergies. In terms of color, children’s clothing should usually be light-colored, and underwear is naturally the same. Such underwear dyes are used less, and stains are more likely to be found, which is convenient for mothers to monitor the child’s health from time to time. 

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In terms of elasticity, it is incorrect that the underwear is too tight or too loose. Too tight will tighten the body and hinder blood circulation. Too loose will not provide good protection and increase friction. . Therefore, when choosing a size, it is best to choose a size that fits just one finger. 

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The “new eccentricity” is spreading in second-child families. Many children have been injured and their parents have not yet awakened.

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor-in-chief: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: After Su Zi

The opening of the second child, the problem of parental eccentricity gradually returned to the public’s view, and this time, It is no longer limited to patriarchalism, but appears in a brand new way. 

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The second child was born and the eldest son was hurt

The young couple in the neighbor’s family closely followed the national policy and gave birth to the second child when the eldest son was only four years old. Bao, is a younger sister, and she has made up a good word. The whole family is very happy. 

But because of the birth of the second child, the couple put all their focus on her, often neglecting to take care of the eldest son. 

Once, my sister was ill, and the two rushed to take the child to the checkup. They delayed the time to pick up the son from the kindergarten. So at night the son broke down and cried and said to his parents, “I hate this sister, why? To give birth to her, you only love her and not me at all.” 

My son’s words are like five thunders, husband and wife The two think that they have worked hard to balance their love for the two children. Why does this happen? 

In fact, because children are still young, it is naturally difficult to fully express their ideas, and parents do not know too much, so this new type of eccentricity has quietly entered many second-child families. 

This form of eccentricity is not easy to detect, and even many parents take it for granted. Because the second child is relatively small, the parents always feel that they will be more vulnerable, so they shift more of their focus to this child. Under circumstances, it will naturally cause unequal treatment. 

Parent’s The new type of eccentricity has deeply injured many children

▲It has an impact on the children’s character

The common problem in second-child families is that the younger one will naturally give more Some parents didn’t take care of and nurture their first child in the way they thought they were perfect, so they wanted to compensate her after having the second child, but this would be detrimental to both children. influences. 

For the big one, look at it all year round The love of parents for younger brothers or sisters will inevitably lead to resentment and affect the feelings between each other. At the same time, in this case, the child’s personality is prone to introversion and low self-esteem. For the small one, it is normal to be arrogant and arrogant. When facing a sister or brother, he will not show respect. On the contrary, he tends to be arrogant and arrogant. 

▲Parent-child emotional indifference

In addition to adversely affecting the child’s character, the eccentric behavior of parents will also adversely affect the parent-child relationship. Usually the children who grow up in this kind of family are not close to the family. After they grow up, they are more willing to escape from the family, and are unwilling to get along with their parents and siblings. 

If things go on like this, it will inevitably lead to each other So far, the indifference of family affection affects the relationship between parents and children. Not only does it fail to achieve the vision of “two children supporting each other” when the parents gave birth to the second child, it is prone to disharmony between relatives, resentment and rejection between brothers and feet. 

But in the face of this, many parents have yet to wake up and realize their own mistakes. This is a terrible thing. 

For two-child families, it’s very important to balance the relationship.

1) Let the children understand the meaning of siblings

In fact, when the parents gave birth to the second child, The feelings and opinions of the older child should be considered, but some families do not consider that this level already has a second child. In this case, the child should be allowed to understand what the younger brother or sister means to them. 

He is not your opponent or enemy, but grows up with you. The family who will support each other and take care of each other in the future will exist like mom and dad. Except for your parents, he is the closest person to you. . Let the older children understand this meaning, and naturally they will be more able to accept the fact that younger siblings exist. 

2) Give children equal Love

Many times, it is obviously impossible to completely balance all the feelings, especially when the second child is much younger than the older child. 

But parents should not neglect to take care of the older child when taking care of the child, especially not because the older child accidentally bumps into the child when he hits and scolds, this will only deepen the conflict. It is best to balance the big things completely and the small things as much as possible. 

3) Communicate with children more

Communication is the basis for solving any problem. When children are young, some of the more profound principles are naturally difficult to understand, but sometimes they don’t need to be spoken. The embrace or companionship of the parents is against them. Words are a kind of communication. 

When the child is unhappy, we must give comfort and company in time, so that he can feel the love of his parents, so that naturally there will be no unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Return to Sohu to see more

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