How old is a baby to recognize his mother? The child’s “mother recognition” is divided into three stages, parents should not miss it

How old is a baby to recognize his mother? The child’s “mother recognition” is divided into three stages. Parents don’t miss it.

They all say “Mother and child connect with each other.” I have been together for about 280 days in advance, so there will always be an emotional attachment between each other, and many babies will be particularly dependent on their mothers. 

We all know that babies can’t see clearly what things and people look like after they’re born, but they can always tell their mother quickly. What’s going on? 

The clingy baby has become a “stumbling block” in Bao Ma’s work.

After 90s, Bao Ma Fanyin encountered an annoying thing. It turned out that her maternity leave was about to be full. It was reasonable to say that she would go back to work after taking her maternity leave, but when she called her mother or mother-in-law to help, she found that the child could not do without herself, even if she was just going out. The child can cry until she goes home. 

At first, she felt that the child was not used to the bottle, but later found out that if she feeds the baby bottle by herself, the child can take the milk with peace of mind, and she changes Others, children do not eat well, and they look around to find their mothers. 

This situation makes Sannyin dumbfounded. Sannyin’s mother said: “March admits his mother. Now is the time for the child to find a mother. Or you can stay with the child for a while, and it will be better.” There is no way, Sannyin can only do it. First, I went to leave without pay. 

Elderly people often say “recognize mother in March”. How old is a baby to recognize her mother? 

Did the Sanskrit baby really be so obedient because he recognized his mother? In fact, the answer is not yes. 

According to the child’s visual development level, when the baby is born, everything he sees is mainly black and white. Even if you can see the state of things clearly after three months, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have seen your mother’s appearance. Therefore, the older generation’s claim of “March Admission” is not reliable. 

However, the entire process of “recognizing mothers” for a baby is not just as simple as seeing the mother’s facial features. If you look closely, you will find that it is far more complicated than you think. 

Children’s “mother recognition” is mainly divided into three stages

Since the baby does not recognize the mother by “seeing” , Then what channel or method is used to identify the mother? There are three main stages in this, parents should not miss it. 

★Listen to the sound and distinguish the taste

In fact, when the baby is in the mother’s belly, Has taken the lead in developing hearing. Therefore, the baby is very familiar with the mother’s voice after birth. 

In addition, babies are the most kind to their mothers, especially breast-feeding babies, who get along with their mothers day and night, so it is not difficult to distinguish the mother. 

★Slowly copy the mother’s face within the sight range

the baby’s vision will follow With the increase of months and continuous development, the vision range of a one-month baby is about 20 centimeters, and a three-month baby can almost see a range of 3 meters. 

When the mother is feeding and taking care of the baby, the baby is constantly looking at her mother, and she keeps copying her mother’s face by looking at her. 

Therefore, although the baby may not be able to see the mother’s face completely, in their eyes, the mother’s image is gradually clear. 

★Be sure that mother is the person closest to you

The mother’s care of the baby , It also makes babies habitually dependent. In their hearts, the mother who takes care of themselves all day is the closest person to them. 

For the same reason, if the mother is not taking care of the baby personally, the baby will also think that the person who takes care of him for a long time is the closest person. Therefore, Bao’s mother should not miss the important The “dependency period”. 

Baby’s dependence is a kind of “sweet burden”. Don’t be annoying for moms.

Many moms with older children will unconsciously miss the little baby who couldn’t leave her at the beginning. . 

Indeed, when a baby reaches a certain age, he becomes more self-reliant, and no longer depends on his mother like a baby. At that time, Bao’s mother will inevitably There is a sense of loss. 

So while the baby is still young, don’t feel annoyed by Momma, because this “sweet burden” really only lasts for a few years. 

write to the end:

Parents should not think that every child is the same when they are young, and wait until they are older. With, the child will be more impressed. Emotions are not objects. There is not such a precise time node. It is more of a subtle and silent feeling. Children don’t have a sense of time. They watch TV for a few hours. It’s as early as possible to develop “time awareness”

Ms. Ma’s son, Xiao Jin, is now in the first grade of elementary school. The academic pressure of grade is not great, but learning difficulty is still quite difficult for children. After school that day, Xiaojin returned home and turned on the TV to watch cartoons. Ms. Ma didn’t bother seeing her son so impatient to watch cartoons. 

Thinking that Xiaojin must be very interested in this cartoon, so he is so eager. But as time goes by, Xiaojin has watched the cartoon for an hour, and Ms. Ma wants Xiaojin to come for dinner first, but Xiaojin refuses. For this reason, Ms. Ma was very angry and felt that Xiao Jin had no sense of time. Not only did she not study and eat when she went home, she kept watching TV instead. 

What are the characteristics of children who lack “time awareness”? 

Procrastination is the main characteristic of most children who do not have the concept of time. Children always want to delay doing things. One and a half hours can be completed, and the child needs to spend 2 hour. This type of child is typically not time aware. They don’t know how much time they can use, so they are very procrastinated in doing things. 

Lack of planning is also one of the main characteristics of lack of time awareness. The child has no plan to do things, so he can do whatever he wants, and finally find that he has done something wrong. But it was too late to do it again. If the child can plan ahead, he will know how long each part will take, and there will be no mistakes. 

Why do many children have no concept of time? 

Many parents are more anxious when they see their children’s procrastination. They will soon be late to send their children to kindergarten in the morning. Parents are waiting for their children at the door with their schoolbags on their backs. But slowly eating breakfast. 

The reason why children don’t have the concept of time is because parents do many things for their children. They think that parents can arrange everything, so they don’t care about anything. Parents must let their children know the consequences of not having a sense of time, and they will be late to kindergarten right away. Parents must let their children know the consequences of being late, so that the child will hurry up next time. 

The words and deeds of parents will directly affect their children. Many parents usually procrastinate in doing things on their own. After eating, they will put their rice bowls in the sink for a long time before cleaning them. Before going to bed, play on the phone and wait until late. Parents’ behaviors like this will cause children to have wrong perceptions. They feel that the parents’ behaviors are correct, so they will delay doing things and have no concept of time. 

When parents take care of their children, they will arrange their children’s time very full, so that the children will not have the opportunity to control their time independently, and they will do whatever the parents ask them to do every day. 

Children’s understanding of time is rather vague, and they can’t intuitively feel what time is. Therefore, parents should set aside a certain amount of time for their children every day to let them themselves arrangement. 

How should parents properly cultivate their children’s “time awareness”? 

If you want your child to have a concept of time, you must cultivate your child to have a regular life, get up and go to bed at a fixed time every day, and don’t delay eating when the time comes. 

If the child does not eat at the time, the parents should tell them when the next meal time is, and let them know that the consequences of not eating at the time are hungry , So that the child will not delay. 

Some children have no concept of time, and have no control when doing what they like. They can watch TV for as long as they want. This is not conducive to the development of children’s time perception. 

Before the children watch TV, parents should give them a set time, which can be seen from 4:30 in the evening, and let the children watch the watch as soon as the time is up Turn off the TV. If the children are still watching TV when the time is up, the parents should step forward to remind them and let them take the initiative to shut down, otherwise they will cancel their chance to watch TV next time. 

In daily life, parents can use some games and activities to cultivate their children’s time perception. You can raise a plant with your child at home, observe and record the growth status of the plant every day, and you can mark it on the calendar so that the child will have a clearer perception of time. 

Faced with children of different ages, what methods do parents have to cultivate the concept of time? 

Children before the age of 3 begin to have a simple concept of time. At this time, some children go to kindergarten slowly, and the life pattern in the kindergarten will be more regular, which is more conducive to the concept of time. The development of. 

At this stage, parents can let their children participate in life, cooperate with the parents’ practices, and tell the children that the meal will be cooked in 5 minutes, and let the children watch the dial , The second hand can rotate 5 times. When 5 minutes have passed, the minute hand will also change significantly, so that the child will be more intuitive about the time. 

The comprehension and expression skills of 4 to 5 year-old children have been improved. At this time, parents will carefully guide them so that they can understand. 

In the kindergarten, the teacher will assign homework. Parents should control their children’s time when writing homework with their children and tell them how long this should be done More reasonable. In this way, the child’s movements will be more compact, reducing the probability of procrastination. 

The age of 5 to 6 is an important period for children to set their time concept. At this stage, children have already started to have their own ideas and will be more selfish in doing things. Therefore, the concept of time must be formed during this period. When a child procrastinates, parents should criticize the child in time and ask them to correct it. 

If the child does not make corrections, parents should let them know the consequences of the delay. After a few times, the child will know the importance of time. 

Children need the correct guidance of their parents. You can tell them some short stories about cherishing time, or watch some related movies to let them know the importance of time. Only when children really experience it, can they cherish time more. At the same time, parents should not be anxious, they should guide their children step by step and let the children slowly overtake. Single fathers send their daughters to school, accidentally discovering a scene of anger, making the father blame himself.

Educating children is not a simple output, instilling their own ideas into the children and asking them to strictly abide by them. I think that this will allow the child to grow up sturdily, without the troubles of growth. 

I don’t know when children can only accept passively , I will also close my heart, unwilling to tell my parents the true thoughts. 

When a child seals his mind tightly, and the parents cannot detect his thoughts, how can he find the right solution? 

Such an event happened recently, in In a single-parent family, because the child insisted on going to school by himself, the father felt very sorry and a little guilty, so he planned to follow the child secretly and escort her all the way. 

It didn’t take long to see this scene , Making my father very angry. In the morning, the father specially made some shaomai for his daughter, but the child threw the shaomai away on the way. Seeing that the breakfast he worked so hard for his daughter was ruthlessly abandoned, his father’s eyes were wet with tears. 

The father was dazzled by anger and asked his daughter why he did this after school. Seeing her father’s angry expression, the daughter was a little frightened, so she quickly apologized and said that she had done something wrong, and then even slapped herself on the initiative. 

In this scene, the father did not expect that what he originally wanted to do was preempted by his daughter. 

The applause of the child made him extremely Big shock. A netizen said that the father did really fail. After the problem occurred, the child’s first thought was to slap himself. It is very likely that the child was afraid that his father would fight harder, so that it caused a psychological shadow on her. . 

Afterwards, the father also expressed his thoughts. Originally, he wanted to get angry, but the child went his way, leaving him with nowhere to go. And seeing the child actively slapped the face, which made him somewhat unable to start, and a little self-blaming. 

Why don’t some children want to communicate with their parents? 

①Fear of parents

Loving mothers often lose children. We are accustomed to saying this. So many parents are known for being strict when educating their children, and even make their children a little afraid of them. 

When children have only endless fear of their parents, they worry that a certain sentence they say may touch the minefield, causing their parents to criticize themselves, or even do it. Where can they dare to Do parents communicate sincerely? 

②Parents are too strong

Some parents are too strong. They think their children are naive and they only need to listen to their own teachings. Therefore, I don’t care about the opinions of the children at all, and even if they are put forward, they will not be referenced. After a long time, children know that what they say has no weight at all, so how can they be interested in sharing their thoughts with their parents? 

How should parents open their children’s hearts? 

①Respect children

Children are also an independent individual. Although they are the love crystallization of their parents, they should also receive the most basic respect. When we get along with children, we should be patient and communicate with them, and don’t become impatient just because of a few words, as if the children’s words are not very important and don’t need to be considered seriously. 

②Use warmth to influence the child

The main reason why children are unwilling to communicate with their parents is that they are too far away from their parents. We should narrow the distance with our children and use warmth to influence them. 

When the child feels the warmth of the parental affection and understands that being close to the parent will not be harmed, he is willing to communicate with his parents and open his heart. 

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