How old did the baby begin to trust his mother? There is a “golden period” for the establishment of trust, and parents should seize the opportunity

How old did the baby begin to trust his mother? There is a “golden period” for the establishment of a sense of trust. Parents should seize the opportunity.

Everyone who has brought a baby knows that a baby has a “recognition” stage, but also shows trust and dependence on familiar people. . But you know what? Children’s trust in their family members is not innate. 

After Meiqi gave birth, she brought her own baby. On this day, she needed to go out to handle some things, so she asked her mother-in-law to help take care of the baby. Both Meiqi and her mother-in-law think that the baby still doesn’t recognize people, and to the little guy, the grandmother is no stranger, so Meiqi went out with peace of mind. 

Can Dang Meiqi is consulting about handling matters At that time, the mother-in-law called and said that the baby had been crying as soon as she woke up, and the baby was crying on the phone. 

There is no way, Meiqi can only run home immediately. When the baby saw Mei Qi, the baby with tears on her face burst into a smile. This makes Meiqi helpless and amused. 

The mother-in-law said: “This little man is really amazing, and he has learned to recognize people at such a young age. It seems that I don’t come often, so he doesn’t trust me?”

So, when does the baby’s trust in the caregiver begin? When should the family build trust with the baby? 

How old did the baby begin to trust his mother? There is also a “golden period” for the establishment of children’s sense of trust.

American psychologist and psychoanalyst Eriksson proposed the eight-stage theory of personality development. In his opinion, children’s recognition The development of knowledge also requires continuity. Similarly, the establishment of a child’s sense of trust also requires continuity. 

It can be seen that although mother and child are connected, the trust of the baby in the mother is not innate. There is also a golden period in this, so parents should seize the opportunity. 

In addition, when children grow up at different ages, the trust relationship between kids and their parents is also different. 

Before 1 year old: Try to build trust with parents for the first time< p>Before one year of age, it is actually a “golden period” for babies and their families to build trust. At this stage, the baby’s trust in the caregiver is both positive and negative. 

This is not a tongue twister, but a description of the trust and dependence between the baby and his family. If the family members give the baby enough sense of security at this time, the baby will have full trust. 

On the contrary, just like the supporters of “Hold without crying”, although the baby is immune to crying, he also loses trust in his family. 

1-6 years old: trust your parents, but will start Rebelling against parents

When the baby is 1 year old, he has a certain degree of self-awareness and cognition, but it is still in its infancy. Their behavior is sometimes cute and cute, and sometimes mischievous. 

This is because they are constantly testing the boundaries and bottom line of their parents through this method. As a parent, we must also understand this behavior of the child, and don’t overly blame or criticize. 

6-12 years old: began to question the words of parents, trying to challenge parental authority

After the children are 6 years old, their self-awareness becomes stronger. At this time, they not only question the words of their parents, but also occasionally try to challenge the authority of their parents through some radical words or actions. 

But sometimes, these behaviors and performances are just to prove that they have grown up. 

What should parents do to increase their children’s trust? 

First of all, stay with your children more and let them rely on their parents from the heart. 

Li Meijin, a well-known juvenile criminal psychologist, once said that if parents do not accompany their children effectively before the age of 6, the parents will want to discipline their children after they are adolescent. I am afraid it is difficult to convince the child. 

From this perspective, as the main source of children’s sense of dependence and security, companionship is very important. 

Secondly, don’t promise casually

In the process of disciplining children, parents shouldn’t coax their children with easy promises. This not only fails to achieve good results, but instead breeds the children’s willfulness and rebellion. 

Again, the things promised to children will be done

Once parents promised, they must try their best to practice lies, and don’t let the trust established in the previous companionship disappear. In lies again and again. 

Finally, set an example for the child

Parents must first set an example for their children. Instead of asking the child to do this, it is difficult to build up a child’s sense of trust. 

The younger brother saves half a month of student milk for his sister. Netizens: The milk will expire. Sisters and younger brothers don’t love it

Sisters who have younger brothers at home generally have a point of view: you have to beat your younger brother as soon as possible, or you won’t be able to beat him when he grows up! However, this is usually something that the younger brother is more naughty and always makes the older sister angry. 

Some younger brothers are very sensible, and they know how to care for their sister, what is delicious and fun, and they always want to leave it to their sister, even if the sister is not at home, they have to “quietly” Save it to my sister. 

What is the experience of younger brother loving sister? The 12-year-old brother saved half a month of student milk for his sister, which is enviable

A female college student shared her experience of being touched by her younger brother. 

This sister’s university is far away from home. It has been a long time since she went home. When she learned of the holiday time, she excitedly called her home and told her family that she was going home. 

My brother told her mysteriously on the phone that he had prepared a special gift for her. 

My sister is still thinking, what special gifts can the children prepare? After all, children don’t have much money, and the family is strictly controlled. However, it is already a rare thing for the younger brother to have this intention. After all, other siblings can’t get into the house if they don’t fight each other! 

However, my sister went home and saw my brother My nose can’t help but feel sore when I’m giving you a gift! The gift the younger brother gave was that he saved half a month of student milk, and he was willing to share his “ration” with his sister, indicating that he really hurts his sister. 

My mother said that the younger brother remembered that his sister liked to drink student milk, so when the sister said that he was coming back, he quietly started his “storing milk” plan. I saved a box every day, and I didn’t want to drink a box of it. I put it neatly in my sister’s room, waiting for my sister to come back and drink the milk she likes. 

It is really enviable to have such a younger brother who knows how to love her and loves her sister! 

Some netizens say: look at other people’s Brother, look at my brother who only lays on the sofa at home and robs TV and plays games with me. He is really more popular than others! 

Some netizens said: After saving for so long, what if this milk expires? Someone responded to this: Milk will expire, but sister and brother love will not. 

Some netizens said: This younger brother is so heart-warming. He already knows how to care for his sister at a young age. The family atmosphere and tutoring must be very good at ordinary times. He must be a warm man when he grows up. I don’t know which girl is going to be “cheap”! 

This kind of sister-brother friendship is really enviable In a second-child family, the parents’ contribution is indispensable for cultivating such a sensible brother. 

Why are the children of some second-child families always prone to “quarrels” or “fights”? 

1. Parental eccentricity

Parents treat their children differently. Although the children do not say anything on the surface, they will always have unfair thoughts in their hearts. Especially in some patriarchal families, if the parents are too partial to the son, the daughter will have some hostility towards the younger brother, thinking that the presence of the younger brother has taken away the love of the parents, so all kinds of conflicts are prone to occur. 

2. Parents always quarrel

Parents are the best teachers for their children. If parents always quarrel, the children at home will also learn how to quarrel or fight, and they will subconsciously think that this is also a part of interpersonal communication. Kind of normal way. 

In a family with many children, what should parents do to educate their children? 

First of all, parents should make a bowl of water smooth. 

Parents should not show in front of their children that they particularly like or hate a certain child, and try to be fair to the child and don’t favor one another. 

Secondly, teach children to respect and love each other. 

No matter how close the relatives are, they also need to maintain a proper distance. Huawei respects each other. Brothers and sisters help each other and love each other. 

Finally, parents must set an example. 

Parents should pay attention to their words and deeds in front of their children, and refrain from arguing or fighting in front of their children. 

Family with many children is not easy to get along, but If parents are well-educated, their children will grow better and better. Just like this younger brother, he knows how to cherish his family, which is more enviable than good grades. Ninety-nine percent of the food for breastfeeding mothers is wrong. Come and take a look.

Many mothers always think that giving birth to their children will make it easier when they are pregnant. On the contrary, all kinds of things that happen after the baby is born make you caught off guard, and even the diet is restricted. 

During breastfeeding, mothers often want to eat hot pot, barbecue, and want to go out for a drink with their friends, but there will always be many questioning voices telling you “no.” But is this really the case? 

Although the breastfeeding diet is very particular, some foods are still edible, so what should I pay attention to in the breastfeeding diet?

Spicy and stimulating food

Many mothers have just experienced a tonic during pregnancy and always want to eat something flavorful. Especially some spicy food. In fact, these spicy and stimulating foods are not that you can’t eat them, but it is best to eat less. 

On the one hand, because this kind of high-calorie and greasy food has no nutrients, it will also have a certain impact on the mother’s postpartum repair. 

On the other hand, due to a large number of spicy foods, it is likely to cause the milk to taste bad and even affect the health of the baby. 


Like the coffee we often drink now , Milk tea will contain caffeine, so can breastfeeding mothers really drink it? Generally speaking, breastfeeding mothers can still drink as long as their caffeine intake does not exceed 300mg a day. 

But it should be noted that some babies are more sensitive to caffeine. When the mother feeds the baby after drinking caffeine, the baby is likely to be more excited, unable to sleep or even seriously affect the baby’s Sleep quality. 

So, for babies who are more sensitive to caffeine, mothers should still avoid caffeine intake. 

Something with ice

Many people treat breastfeeding mothers Whether you can eat iced food is really very confused, because in our concept, eating iced food will cause diarrhea, in fact, this itself is a misunderstanding. 

When the iced food reaches the stomach from the mouth, it will not be cold for a long time, and naturally it will not affect the intestines and stomach. And the things that mothers eat ice will not affect the milk, and will not cause problems in the baby’s intestines and stomach. There is no effect between the two. Therefore, breastfeeding mothers can eat iced things. 


Alcohol can be said to belong to breastfeeding mothers In the restricted area, even a small glass of wine may enter the baby’s body through the milk. In addition, alcohol will reduce the mothers’ milk and even affect the baby’s growth and development. 

In short, drinking alcohol is harmful to both the baby and mother. For the baby’s health, alcohol must be avoided. 

The diet of breastfeeding mothers is indeed very good Be careful, but don’t blindly believe in those traditional ideas, ask more, check more, and eat scientifically, so that your baby can grow up healthily!

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