How old can a child be for an ID card? Experts say: The sooner the better, and it’s easy to miss a few benefits later

How old can a child be for an ID card? Experts say: The sooner the better, the more you miss out later

The ID card is a very important document and it is of great significance. 

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Finalized: Su Zihou

Many parents take the children’s high school entrance examination and only apply for ID cards for their children when they need identification. However, the relevant departments have clearly stated that there is no age limit for Chinese citizens to apply for ID cards. 

How old can a child apply for an ID card? 

my country’s law stipulates that if citizens under the age of 16 apply for a resident ID card voluntarily, their guardian shall apply for a resident ID card on their behalf. 

This is mainly considering the development of the society. There are more and more minors who need to go to school, travel, etc. when they need documents. Therefore, as long as the child has complete personal information , You can apply for an ID card at any time. 

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If parents want to apply for an ID card for their children, it is generally recommended to be one year old Then go to apply, because citizens under the age of sixteen, the validity period of the resident ID card is only five years. 

After all, children grow fast. In five years, not only the height and weight will change, but the appearance will also change dramatically. 

Parents are late and may miss these benefits

1, life and travel are more convenient

In fact, the expansion of the age group for citizens to apply for ID cards is mainly due to the increase in the demand for documents. Whether it is for children to go to school or travel, they need to use an ID card. After a child has an ID card, life and travel are much more convenient. 

Although the child also has a household registration certificate, in general, it’s better not to take the household registration certificate with you casually, especially when you are traveling, if it is accidentally lost, it will often be very troublesome. 

ID card is a legal document used to prove the identity of the holder. 

As a parent, the last thing you want is for your child to get lost. However, if you have an accident and have an ID card, it is often very convenient to find your child. Place. 

3. Leave a special memorial for the child

When applying for an ID card, the child’s appearance at different stages will be recorded, and the ID card materials It will always be recorded in the book, and the baby’s appearance will be printed on it, and it will not fade after many years. 

Therefore, getting your child’s ID card early and looking at it when he grows up can also become a special memorial for the child’s growth. 

What materials are needed for the child to apply for an ID card

1. Materials that need to be prepared

For the first time to apply for a resident ID card, citizens under the age of 16 need to submit their parents’ ID card, residence permit, child’s household register, and birth certificate. 

Those who have already attended school also need to provide original documents such as a certificate of student status. Requirements may vary from region to region. You can prepare relevant materials after consulting with your child’s household registration. 

2. A guardian is required to accompany the on-site process

Parents or a direct legal guardian are required to accompany the on-site process, and go to the public security bureau or police station where the child’s household registration is located. , One of the parents only needs to be present, and the parent or legal guardian needs to take a group photo at the scene. 

3. Follow the procedure steps

Other procedures are no different from adult procedures At the office, fill out the ID application form, take the child’s independent photo, provide the ID photo, record fingerprints on the spot, and get the receipt at the window. 

4. Get your ID card

Generally speaking, within 30 days after you apply for your ID card, you can get your ID card with the receipt. Citizen ID cards under the age of 16 are valid for five years, so ID cards need to be renewed every five years.  Parents often call the baby’s name like this, it’s easy It casts a shadow on his childhood and often affects his baby’s life

Tyman Johnson once said: “Successful tutoring can make a child succeed, and failed tutoring will make the child fail long ago.”

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

When a child grows up, it is inseparable from the parents’ teachings, especially the words and deeds of the parents. Will affect the baby, and even spread this influence to life. 

For example, when parents call their children’s names, when they praise their children, if they don’t pay attention to using the correct methods, they will plant bad seeds in their hearts. 

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Parents always call their children’s names like this, which can easily leave a shadow on the children.

Many parents will have such a situation, that is, when they are in a good mood or when their children behave better, Call the baby’s nickname or nickname, such as “Mu Mu”, “Guoguo”, “Xiao Ming”, “Baby”, etc. When the baby is in a bad mood or the baby makes a mistake, he will call the first name together with the last name. 

For a long time like this, children will form a kind of conditional reflection in their psychology, feeling that as long as the parents call their full name, it means that something bad will happen and they will be reprimanded. This will easily leave a shadow on the baby’s psychology, and the acceptance of one’s own name will become lower. 

Even to exclude one’s own name, and daimyo is often a symbol that accompanies people throughout their lives, and is also the most mentioned character in the future. If such a shadow is left in the baby’s heart, then socializing in the future In the process, when the name is called out, or when he wants to introduce himself, he is very reluctant, or even refuses altogether. This will seriously affect the child’s future life communication and social activities. 

The reason is that many parents think that when they are angry, only by calling their children’s name can the baby realize the importance of the problem and listen to the parents’ speech seriously. 

But this is not the case. If you want your children to be obedient when they make mistakes, they must pay attention to communicating in appropriate ways. 

What should parents do Educate your baby correctly? 

1. Lead by example

In order for children to become better and better, parents need to lead by example, pay attention to what they say and do, set an example for their children, and gradually nurture their children. Make them better and better. 

2. Criticism and punishment

When a child has a bad behavior, when a parent criticizes and punishes, he must first patiently ask, fully understand the actual situation, and grasp the specific circumstances and circumstances of the matter. The severity is based on the reality of the error, not the right thing to the person. 

When criticizing, don’t use sarcasm, verbal abuse, or physical punishment. Instead, point out the error itself, deny its thoughts and behaviors, and make children aware of their behavioral errors and feel ashamed, and then Generate motivation to correct mistakes. 

3. Praise and Reward

Parents should affirm and praise their children for their correct behaviors and thoughts, so as to enhance their children’s self-esteem and self-confidence, and be able to persist in doing better to make greater progress , But you need to be pragmatic and explain why. 

For the praise and praise mentioned above, parents should pay attention to the method, otherwise they will easily have a bad influence on the baby. 

Commonly used by parents Three ways to praise babies are harming their children.

1. Compliment children at every turn

Some parents feel that boasting children can enhance their self-confidence, and they become particularly fond of praise children, regardless of the big or small things. You have to boast, such as eating, drinking and other normal little things, you can boast flowers, and say “baby, you are great” in front of the child every day. 

The consequence of this is that it is easy for a child to become overconfident and become arrogant. He feels that he is the best in the world. No one wants to look at him or listen to other people’s thoughts, which will easily lead to him. If you encounter setbacks in the future, you will easily fall into disrepair and seriously doubt your abilities. 

2. Complimenting children perfunctorily

When some parents praise their children, no matter what it is, they always say “you are awesome”, “you are so smart”, etc. This kind of perfunctory praise will only make the baby There is no direction to work hard, and even feel that the parents are putting a big hat on themselves, which creates a sense of pressure. 

3. Stepping on a handful

When some parents praise their children, they will compare with other friends, belittle others, and then say how good their children are, which is easy Let the child have a domineering, disdainful idea of ​​dealing with others, so that it is easy to make him unwelcome, and if he is surpassed by the other party, he will be hit. 

Sister fortunately recommends: When parents praise their children, they should praise specificity, facts, and effort. Don’t praise at will, and don’t perfunctory, so as to benefit the growth of the baby. 

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