How old can a baby use a pillow? Not a full moon or 2 years old, the pediatrician will give an explanation

How old can a baby use a pillow? It’s not a full moon or 2 years old. The pediatrician will give an explanation.

The impact of pillows on sleep quality is very considerable, a good one Pillows can make people fall asleep more peacefully. On the contrary, an unsuitable pillow can ruin a night’s sleep. 

But not everyone can use pillows. For example, newborns can’t use pillows, otherwise it will be detrimental to the development of the cervical vertebrae and skull. 

Last week, my cousin’s child had a full moon drink, and relatives all went to join us. Unfortunately, when everyone went there, the baby just fell asleep, so a bunch of elders could only be surrounded The baby’s crib was dry and watched. The little nephew who has just been full moon has a flushed face, which is a lot longer than when she was born, and she is really cute. While watching, everyone praised where she looked like mom and where she looked like dad. 

But at this time, my cousin who was studying at university pointed to the baby and raised a question. He said that such a small baby cannot use a pillow, and the cousin let the baby sleep on the adult Use pillows to sleep. The cousin explained that it was to prevent the child from falling asleep. The cousin was reluctant and insisted that her cousin’s behavior was wrong and asked her to take off the pillow immediately. The relatives laughed when they saw the seriousness of their cousin, and some even bluntly said that you are not married yet, and actually accused others of being a mother. Only a few of my peers think that my cousin is right. 

Faced with all the accusations, my cousin immediately took out his mobile phone to search, and found a popular science article for my cousin to read. After reading the article on the Internet, the cousin realized the seriousness of the consequences and immediately took off the pillow. Although some people still feel that the cousin is making a fuss, but the children’s affairs are all big things, and the cousin dare not take even the slightest risk. 

Can’t pillows be used for full moon babies? The pediatrician baby grows to this size to use the pillow.

When the newborn baby lies down, his head and back are on the same level, so there is no need to use pillows.

We use pillows to keep the head and back as close as possible. On the same level, so as to reduce physical stress and make sleep easier. But the head of a newborn is relatively large, and the head and back are originally on the same level when lying down, so the effect of using a pillow can be achieved without a pillow. In fact, if the newborn baby is forced to use a pillow, his head will be much higher than his back, which is of course even more uncomfortable. So if the baby can talk, he will definitely refuse the pillow. 

The pillow can be used after three months, but it is not an ordinary pillow

The newborn baby is long When can I use the pillow? The answer to this question should be answered by a pediatrician. Just ask a pediatrician. I believe you can hear an answer like this. Three months ago, newborns were absolutely not allowed to use pillows. After the children were three months old, they could start using pillows. In the beginning, only very thin baby pillows could be used instead of the ordinary pillows we usually use. Therefore, the age at which the baby can actually use the pillow is three months old, not the more widely spread full moon or 2 years old. 

Unfortunately, many parents lacked understanding of this, so that they mistakenly used pillows for their babies, which caused many harms, and some even caused immeasurable consequences. 

Don’t give your baby any more pillows. You need to know about these hazards.

1. Affect bone development

The first major hazard is the development of the baby’s skull and cervical vertebrae. . After a newborn baby puts on a pillow, the cervical spine will be forced to bend under upward pressure. Once this state is maintained for a long time, it will become permanent, so that the child’s neck will become long and crooked. Ruined. In addition, after using the pillow, the pressure on the skull also increases, and the newborn’s skull is not completely healed. Under pressure, the skull is also very easy to deform. Therefore, once a pillow is used for a baby less than three months old, it is possible to “create” a child with a crooked neck and a deformed head. I believe no parent wants to see his child become like this. 

2. Affect sleep

Appropriate pillows make us sleep more securely, while improper pillows can affect sleep and even cause insomnia. Although the newborn does not have insomnia, after using the pillow, the head is higher than the back, which will make him uncomfortable, thereby reducing the quality of sleep. The quality of sleep is reduced, and the development of the brain will also be affected, so the child’s intelligence may also be problematic. 

3. May cause suffocation

In addition to the above two major effects, the use of pillows for newborns will also bring direct dangers, and even death of babies from suffocation. Because the pillow is a soft thing, once the baby has his face buried in it during sleep, it will be difficult for the nose and mouth to breathe air. The newborn has little strength and is unable to turn over after asphyxiation. It is very likely that they will die from asphyxiation. Tragedies like this are staged almost every year due to the misuse of pillows by parents. 

I hope that every parent can be vigilant after reading this article. Parenting is no small matter. Don’t look at the pillows that are usually harmless to humans and animals. Once they are used by babies by mistake, the harm it will bring is huge. Only by strictly following the advice of experts and gradually using pillows for the baby can we ensure that the baby develops healthily and grows up safely. Because the name is too fate, the marriage certificate of young couples is on fire. Netizens named their children and have skills blessings.

The name is a symbol of ourselves that we live in this world, and the name is full of most parents’ feelings about their children. Good wishes. 

In order to give a child a special and beautiful name, whether it is looking through dictionaries, history books or poems, parents take great pains. 

However, in the case of duplicate names announced by my country in 2020, there are still many cases of duplicate names, such as Zhang Wei, Wang Wei, etc. The number of duplicate names can reach as many as 290,000. 

Because the name is too Due to fate, the marriage certificate of young couples is on fire, and netizens have children named and blessed with skills! 

Although the phenomenon of duplicate names is not uncommon, if men and women share the same name, it is relatively rare. This is why when a young couple posted their marriage certificate before, it attracted a lot of comments from netizens. 

On the marriage certificate, the names of the groom and the bride are exactly the same as “Zhang Meng”. Many netizens joked that “Such fate is simply doomed. It would be a shame not to get married!”

As the discussion deepens, many netizens even start a campaign for their future children. Name activity. 

After the broad-minded netizens voted, “Zhang Mengmeng” combined with the two names got the highest number of votes, far surpassing “Zhang Mengzi”, which means two children of “Zhang Meng”. 

Netizens think that the names of these two people are simply a blessing for the children’s naming skills. First of all, there will be no disputes about the child’s surname. Whether it is called Zhang Mengmeng or Zhang Mengzi, they can well reflect the crystallization of husband and wife love. And the continuation of life. 

Adding the parent’s name to the child’s name has been very popular in recent years. It not only reflects the love of parents, but also shows the love of parents for their children. Very convenient. 

However, this way of naming is not suitable for everyone. It is still necessary to consider whether the name is smooth, pleasant, and has a good meaning. Otherwise, when the child grows up, it will be very troublesome to complain that the parents are not careful in naming the name. 

Parents to children When naming, what should be paid attention to? 

1. Pay attention to whether there are ambiguities or homophonic meanings of names

Previously, there were many ridiculous examples of homophonic names on the Internet, such as “Du Ziteng” and “Hu Lijing”, etc., maybe There is no ambiguity in the literal meaning, but the pronunciation is quite ambiguous. I believe these people were often teased or nicknamed by children of the same age when they were young! 

Therefore, when naming a child, parents must pay attention to whether there is ambiguity or homophonic meaning in the name, so as not to disturb the child and even affect the mental health. 

2. Try to avoid uncommon or complex traditional characters.

Maybe some parents, in order to reduce the possibility of their children having the same name, or to reflect the difference of their children, so when naming their children , Will deliberately use some rare and uncommon characters or traditional characters with complex strokes. 

Rare and uncommon characters or traditional characters with complex strokes will not only make it difficult for children to learn, but they may cause misunderstandings or miss opportunities when they are difficult for ordinary people to recognize when working in the future. 

When parents name their children, they still have to consider whether the name they choose will bring troubles and adverse effects to the children. 

The name should not only be catchy, full of beautiful meaning, and not easy to have duplicate names, but also take into account that it will not cause unnecessary misunderstandings and troubles to the children. 

To do this, it is undoubtedly a test for parents. However, for the sake of the children, I believe that parents are willing to do so. 

Next, let us take a look at what naming tips can help parents when naming their children! 

Parents to children When naming, those good ways to learn from! 

1. Quoting classics

Our Chinese civilization has been passed down for more than 5,000 years. Many celebrities have recorded history through idioms and poems. This is a treasure of our Chinese nation. 

Parents may wish to search for historical books, allusions, etc. to give their children a name that is both pleasant and full of cultural connotations. 

2. Combining the parents’ surnames

Combining the parents’ surnames to name the children, this is the simplest method and also a very practical method. It can not only reflect that the child is the crystallization of parents’ love and the continuation of life, but also reflect the love of parents. 

Similarly, if your parents’ names are also good, you may wish to combine your parents’ names. This is also a simple and practical method. Just be aware that it won’t appear to be mechanical or uncomfortable in the end. 

3. Combining the best wishes from parents to their children

Many children’s names are parents’ best wishes to their children, whether it is health, career, luck, character, etc. 

For example, Wenjing, Bowen, etc., are all names with good meanings. Parents can use this analogy to combine their expectations of their children and their surnames. 

The name is a symbol that follows us for a lifetime. Because the rename procedure is relatively cumbersome, most people use the same name for a lifetime, so the name is also related to daily life and the first impression on others. 

Therefore, parents must be cautious when naming their children. A good name is also a good start for children. I hope that parents can give their children a good name that is beautiful, catchy, and memorable! 

When you name your child, what are your considerations? Welcome to leave a message to share!

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