How old can a baby understand an adult’s speech? If it is earlier than this age, the baby may be a “smart child”

How old can a baby understand an adult’s speech? If they are older than this age, a baby may be a “smart child”

Many netizens know that some babies will babble and scream soon after they are born, many of them Parents think that although their children can bark, they may not be able to understand what an adult says, so they are reluctant to talk to their children. 

But this kind of thinking is wrong. Related studies have shown that babies actually start to know the world when they are born. They all want to be able to communicate with other people, but they don’t have this ability. 

But they can still feel the emotions of different people towards them, so they are very sensitive to it. 

My girlfriend just gave birth to a baby, she and The other mothers were a little disappointed after the baby was born, because she thought that the baby should be white and fat and very cute, but after the baby was born, she found that the baby was black and there were many folds. 

When she saw a baby like her, she jokingly named her own daughter “Ugly Girl”, and she just kept calling it vividly. 

But until she was more than one year old, she still called her own daughter as an ugly girl. Every time her daughter heard the name, she would hide away in disgust, and if she was called a baby, she Will be very happy. 

After that, she asked the doctor. The doctor said that the child can hear the parents’ speech. Calling the baby ugly like this will seriously affect the baby’s mental health. 

How well can the baby understand adults? If the baby is older than this age, the baby may be a “smart embryo”

According to relevant data, if a baby can understand the words of his parents at about one year old, the child’s intellectual development is normal. 

If parents can clearly feel that their child can understand what they say before this, the child’s brain development is very excellent, and the ability to accept things is also very high, as the saying goes The “smart embryo”. 

Of course, the ability to understand the words depends largely on the feelings of the parents, and to know whether the children can understand the words is to constantly explore the laws of the children’s speech. 

How do children understand? Children from 1 to 3 months

Children at this stage have just come into contact with the world. They basically use their eyes and hands to receive information about the world, and they accumulate knowledge of the world in their brains. In fact, the information and knowledge the baby has received is more than everyone imagined. 

4 to 7 months old

This stage Children of children are more familiar with their own names. If parents always use a name to call their children, then the children will realize that this name is calling themselves at this stage. Therefore, as long as the parent calls this title after this, the child will respond. 

Children from 8 to 12 months

Children at this stage have been able to receive some brief information, and they can understand some verbs and adjectives in the larger population. 

Therefore, the baby at this stage is very sensitive. Parents should be as gentle as possible when getting along with the baby, get along well with the baby, let the baby feel that you give her more love, and It’s not harsh. 

Children from 13 to 18 months

Data show that children at this stage can already understand about fifty words, and this vocabulary will grow rapidly with age. 

And this growth rate has a lot to do with the conversation between parents and children. Therefore, parents should abandon the misconception that children cannot understand adult speech and communicate well with children. 

Children between 19 and 24 months

This stage Some changes will take place in the heart of his child, he will begin to realize that he is an independent individual, and before he will think that he and his mother are one. 

They also started to have their own thoughts in their hearts, just like joking with their parents. 

Children from 25 to 36 months

Children at this stage can already understand more than 150 vocabulary, and as they grow older, they also begin to get to know how to get along with each other the way. 

Children are smarter than we think. In daily life, parents have to talk to their children to help them develop their brains. Netizens think how smart children are to understand? “Baby dad can’t see life in his eyes”, full-time mothers go out for three days and publish the before and after comparison pictures at home

After having children, many parents will truly appreciate raising a baby It is not easy for a child to grow up to take care of himself in life. It is not easy for the parents to worry about the big and small things in life. 

At this time, in addition to bringing the baby to coax the baby, the burdens placed on the mothers are also heavy housework. If you are working while taking care of the family, you will not be too busy. Therefore, after careful measurement, many mothers, I chose to quit my job and be a full-time mother at home, taking on the task of bringing the baby and housework with one hand. 

So we will find that in families with full-time mothers, family members are well taken care of. But have you ever wondered what will happen to the family if a full-time mother goes out due to accidents? 

The full-time mother is out for three days due to an accident, and she goes home after she goes home Comparison chart before and after leaving home

Actually, in many families, family members have become accustomed to relying on full-time mothers’ housework to take care of their babies one-handedly. Therefore, once full-time mothers are temporarily unable to take care of the family, the family will become a mess. 

No, there is such a netizen who posted a comparison chart before and after home on the Internet. 

It turned out that this full-time mother needed Before going out for three days, Bao Ma kept the house clean and tidy. Unexpectedly, the full-time mother was away from home for only three days and the house became a grocery store. 

The father of the child seems to live like a child and cannot take care of himself. He takes the child to live in the “trash dump”. Not only does the pots and pans be thrown in the sink without washing, but the things at home are also thrown away. . 

I have to say, after Mommy goes home This group of home photos made people laugh, but also made people feel a lot of emotion, so some netizens said: “I also have the same style at home. Dad treasures can’t see living things in their eyes, probably because they think dirty clothes can run by themselves. Go into the washing machine!”

In fact, from these simple comparison photos, we can see how much housework my mother usually undertakes for the family, and we can’t help asking, these housework should really be Does mom bear it? 

Bringing a baby and doing housework should not be the mother alone

Everyone in the family is a member of this family, and has the obligation to take on the task of bringing the baby and the burden of housework, instead of putting these on the mother alone. 

On the one hand, this family relationship model is obviously very unfair, and it will show many drawbacks over time; on the other hand, too cumbersome work will also make mothers too stressed and irritable, which affects family harmony . 

So I still hope that Dad can do it after get off work Put down your mobile phone and fulfill your obligations as a family member. If conditions permit, you can also take your baby to do housework, and perhaps you will have unexpected gains. 

What are the benefits of doing housework together as a family? 

1. Children realize that it is not easy for their mothers to germinate the seeds of gratitude.

Not only should Bao Dad help Bao Mom share the housework, but after the child grows up, he should also try to let the child do When doing housework, let the children realize that it is not easy for their mothers, and let them be grateful in their hearts, which is more conducive to the formation of good character. 

2, the husband feels the hardship of his wife, It will be more conducive to family harmony.

Many fathers now claim that it is not easy to make money and support the family. They are the pillars of the family, but have you ever thought about the wife taking care of the children and the family at home? It must be much easier than making money to support a family, and even more tiring than working outside. 

Therefore, only a husband who understands his wife and takes the initiative to help his wife with housework can make the family more harmonious and happier. 

3. Enhance children’s self-care ability by doing housework

Doing housework from an early age can not only help children develop a good three outlooks, but also train their self-care ability, so that They can take care of themselves at a very young age, which not only reduces the burden on adults, but is also very beneficial to the growth of children. 

4. In the process of teaching and being taught , So that the parent-child relationship will gradually improve

The process of teaching children to do some housework within their capacity is also a process of parent-child interaction. In this process, the child can realize the difficulty of the mother, and it can also give the mother more More opportunities to communicate with children will gradually improve the parent-child relationship and consolidate the relationship between the baby and mother.

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