How often do your children call “Mom”? Earlier than this month, it means that the baby is a smart baby

How often do your children call “Mom”? Earlier this month, it shows that the baby is a smart baby

As all experienced parents know, the first time a baby speaks, most of them will say “dad” or “mother”. Therefore, many novice parents are looking forward to their babies being able to speak. 

However, some little guys just don’t speak no matter how their parents teach, and when their parents are about to give up, they may not suddenly learn to call “Dad” or “Mom” at any time. This is really surprising and funny. 

Bao Ma Yuanyuan is looking forward to this Surprised, but seeing the baby is almost ten months old, the baby shows no signs of speaking, and Yuanyuan is also worried. 

I heard that the babies of other family members will be called “mothers” in six or seven months. I was so anxious that Yuanyuan would lip shape the babies every day, teaching “Dad” for a while and “Mom” for a while. , But the baby just stared at Yuanyuan blankly, not eager to learn to speak at all. The mother of Yuanyuan is a little bit distressed about this: she doesn’t know how old the child is to call “Mom”? 

What is the process of child language development? 

Actually, it is a matter of time for a baby to speak, but due to individual differences, the time to speak is not the same. 

When the baby is two months old, he can make an “ah” or “oh” sound. 

Four to six months old babies usually make sounds like “baba” and “mama” unconsciously. Sometimes mom and dad will mistakenly think that the child is calling “daddy” or “mama”, but this It’s just their unconscious behavior. 

But it’s worth noting that if the child is close At this time, the ability to unconsciously say similar pronunciations such as “mother” or “daddy” indicates that the baby is very smart. 

When the baby is more than eight months old, he can imitate the sounds of “ma”, “ba”, “da” and the like as adults. 

Generally speaking, babies have to wait until they are close to one year old before they can consciously call “Dad” or “Mom”, but if parents find that their child is earlier than this month, they can clearly distinguish between father or Whom the mother specifically refers to, that means the baby is a smart baby. 

If the child speaks late, parents need to consider the following factors.

Old people often say “the nobleman speaks late”, but if the child speaks later than 3 years old, parents need to pay more attention. In addition, if the child speaks later than his peers, parents can refer to the following situations. 

1) Environmental impact

Just as people need a language environment to learn a foreign language, children also need a language environment to speak. 

If someone in the family is speaking Mandarin and someone is speaking in dialect, in such an environment, the child’s brain will be in confusion, not knowing which language is correct, so the time to speak will be a little later. 

2) Children’s desire expressed in their own language< /p>

Some little guys are more introverted or slow-moving. They only speak when they have a desire to express themselves. 

When encountering this kind of child, parents need to communicate and interact with the child frequently, and skillfully use some small games to increase their desire to express. 

3) Moon age

The development of language is also based on month age. Generally speaking, it takes 6-8 months to consciously imitate speech, so parents are not too impatient, and basic language expression can only be realized until about 1 year old. Parents don’t have to be impatient. 

How to make the baby speak earlier? 

For a baby who speaks late, what should parents do to let the baby speak earlier? 

●Talk while pointing to establish contact

< /p>

When parents teach their baby to speak, it is best to use the correct pronunciation while pointing at the corresponding person or object. This can strengthen the relevance of words and semantics, and deepen the baby’s understanding of words. 

●Repeat short sentences

When the baby learns to speak at first, parents must say the same word or sentence over and over again to deepen the baby’s understanding of the vocabulary to be learned. The impression of the sentence. 

●Interact with your baby more

Parents usually interact with their babies more often. They may teach their babies to speak while interacting through reading, playing games, etc. Generally, very good results can be achieved. 

●Pay attention to the way of speaking

When the baby first learns to speak, he usually repetitive words, then simple short sentences or complex words, and then long sentences , Parents should not be impatient when teaching their children to speak. CCTV has exploded inferior cribs. 50% of families have bought them. Hurry up and check your home.

I believe that many parents will be unable to restrain their expectations and expectations for the baby before the baby is born. Love it; therefore, parents will prepare the baby’s clothes, toys, and indispensable cribs for them who are about to be born. In order to ensure the safety of babies, cribs are the first choice for parents when choosing preparation supplies. However, once the wrong selection is made, parents are equivalent to indirectly increasing the risks to the baby’s health and safety. 

Some time ago, CCTV news had been exposed Problematic baby cribs circulating on the market. According to a sample survey conducted by the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, 30 batches were sampled, and the results found that the crib problem rate among them was as high as 46.7%. Faced with such sensational data, it may be About half of the parents in this society have bought such a crib for their children, and the safety issues can’t help but worry about it. 

No, we only saw such a case in a news event not long ago. A family in Guilin, Guangxi also prepared a wooden independent crib for their two-year-old child. 

There is no obvious difference between this crib and other cribs in appearance. In addition, when purchasing the bed, parents consciously evacuated the smell of formaldehyde in advance. 

But parents have neglected a more important The problem, one day, one of the child’s legs was stuck in the crib guardrail. The family had nothing to do. The baby was crying in all possible ways. Finally, they had to notify the firefighters to come over and use hydraulic clamps to open the guardrail. Then the baby’s leg was successfully caught. Rescued. 

When choosing a crib, in addition to paying attention to the “odor” of the product, parents must also review other features of these products. 

What are the specific aspects? Let’s take a look at it together.

1. Whether the spacing and height are appropriate

Every crib of specifications will be equipped with guardrails. The existence of these guardrails not only protects the safety of the child, but also It will threaten the safety and health of the baby as mentioned in the above case. 

In recent years, many disputes have pointed to the crib. The improper spacing of the guardrails leads to the injury of infants and young children; in addition, the improper height of the guardrails may cause infants and young children to fall over the crib. risk. According to related engineers, if parents want to choose a crib, the distance between the heads of the bed should be between 45 mm and 65 mm. 

2. Observe whether the raw materials are in line with the promotion

Even if you choose a crib among entities, parents often feel very hesitant when faced with a dazzling array of products at different prices. Because of the lack of purchasing experience and relevant knowledge, they do not know whether the cribs sold by the merchants are good or bad. 

For the safety of children, parents must conduct more comparisons and selections before purchasing, and use their own physical observations and feelings to determine whether the business has false propaganda, shoddy goods, or incorrect goods. Version of the situation happened. 

3. To see whether the quality of raw materials meets the standards

This is a very critical point. If infants and young children sleep in a crib with insufficient width and thickness, their life safety is in jeopardy When the crib is accidentally impacted, the baby in it is likely to be injured. 

Of course, parents should also Pay attention to these issues

1. Create a good sleeping environment and avoid sleeping with the night light on

Many parents understand clearly that children are insecure, so they want to make children more comfortable. To fall asleep well, a small night light will be set up for the child before going to bed to warm the baby. But this approach is not advisable. Children’s eyes need to rest. The light and brightness will affect the baby’s rest. For the baby’s sleep and vision health, parents should avoid setting night lights as much as possible. 

2. Avoid babies sleeping on their stomachs

Infants and young children do not have general mobility after birth, and their problems of turning over and sitting up are slowly formed in the day after tomorrow. Yes, during this period of time, parents should try to supervise the child to sleep in a supine position. Only in this state can the baby be able to breathe normally through the nose and mouth; otherwise, when the baby is asleep Sleeping on your stomach can easily lead to suffocation and sudden death. It is also worth noting that when parents find that their children are sleeping with their heads covered, they should also consciously prevent this bad habit of their children. 

3. Set a suitable pillow for the appropriate age; After babies are born, their spine has not yet fully developed. In order to conform to the development trend of the child, the pediatric doctor generally advises parents not to set pillows for children under three months old, and wait until the child’s spine appears to be slightly curved. Parents choose pillows of suitable height, hardness, and quality for them accordingly.

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