How often do I bathe my baby in winter? Different ages are different, more than this number of days, it hurts the baby very much

How often do I bathe my baby in winter? Different ages are different, and more than this number of days will hurt the baby.

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< p>Winter is coming on schedule, and the cold makes people tremble. Taking a bath has gradually become a challenging thing. Especially in the face of young babies, novice parents really feel a little helpless! A lot of questions follow one after another. How often is it appropriate for the baby to take a bath? How can I reduce the risk of colds when my baby takes a bath? How much water temperature is suitable for bathing in winter…

Novice mother bathed her baby and caught cold, and went to the hospital with a cold that night

Xiao Zhao is a novice mother. The baby is one and a half years old this year. The temperature will be after autumn. It is obviously lowered. Bathing the baby at night has become a big problem. One night because of negligence in nursing, the baby caught cold. He cried and woke up in the middle of the night. The fever lasted for two days. Bathe your child and simply wipe the baby for several days. 

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It’s really troublesome to bathe your baby in autumn and winter, especially for younger babies, who don’t cooperate in the bath, not only crying, but also moving around, even if the father Mom went into battle, and was too much tossed about by the little guy. 

The doctor said: When the child shows resistance to bathing, parents should self-examine whether the bath water temperature is too high or too low, the bathing posture is wrong, or whether the baby is unwell, bathe the child in winter , There are many things to pay attention to. 

Matters needing attention when bathing your baby in winter

1. Water temperature and room temperature

The temperature of baby bathing water in winter is about 40~42 degrees, and the room temperature is kept at 26~28 degrees is enough. Turn on the warm light before bathing your baby. Use your elbow to test the water temperature more sensitively and accurately than your hand. If you are not sure, use a thermometer. 

2. Bathing posture

Before taking a bath, mom and dad should soothe the child’s emotions and gently put it in the bathtub in a embrace, starting with the feet and letting It adapts slowly, then puts down all the body, and keeps holding the baby’s waist and neck while taking a bath. 

3. Bathing sequence

In the bathing sequence, you must wash your face first, then wash your body, and then wash your hair at the end, because it is easy to wet your hair too early. When bathing your baby, choose a baby shower gel. If it is too irritating, it will remove the sebum on the baby’s body, reduce the skin’s defense ability, and cause skin sensitivity after long-term use. 

4. Bath time


Generally, it is recommended that babies take a bath 1 to 2 hours after eating, and they can’t take a bath after eating milk, because at this time the baby’s stomach is in a state of expansion, bathing immediately may cause vomiting. In addition, when the baby is not digested After taking a bath, after the stimulation of hot water, more blood will flow to the expanded capillaries, resulting in a relative decrease in the blood supply of the abdominal cavity, which in turn affects the baby’s digestive function. 

5. Long bathing time

Because the baby’s skin stratum corneum is relatively thin, avoid wrinkling the skin and avoid getting cold. It is advisable to control the bath time at 10-15 minutes each time. 

6. Finishing the bathing

Don’t leave the bathroom immediately after taking a bath, first use a towel to dry the baby’s head and body thoroughly, especially the armpits, groin, etc. Where it is ignored, wrap the baby in the bedroom with a thick dry towel. 

7. After bath care< /p>

Apply some talcum powder on the folds of the baby’s skin, some skin care oil on the buttocks, and some moisturizer on the dry skin to keep the skin moist and smooth. After putting on the clothes, use a cotton swab to clean the baby’s ears and nose Dirt. 

It should be noted that babies will be vaccinated regularly when they are young, and there will be minimally invasive openings at the eye of the needle. If contact with water may cause local redness and swelling, it is recommended to bathe the baby the next day after vaccination to avoid inflammation. 

How often do I bathe my baby in winter? Different age groups are different.

1. Newborns (within 28 days of birth)

If it is a full-term newborn, wash it every other day. If it is a premature baby, the most Fortunately, scrub with a towel, just once a week. 

It should be noted that the newly born baby’s halogen door, belly button and private parts should not be cleaned casually. Because the neonatal halogen door is very fragile and sensitive before it is closed, avoid scratching; once the belly button gets water, you should quickly wipe it dry with a cotton ball and dip it in alcohol for disinfection to avoid infection. 

2, infants (0 -6 years old)

The skin of infants and young children is gradually developed and perfected. It can be washed every other day or once every two or three days. For babies with recurrent seborrheic dermatitis, you can do it every other day. If parents are worried If your baby catches a cold while bathing, take a bath at least once a week. If it lasts more than a week, it may hide dirt, itchy skin, red buttocks and other symptoms.  Little s “poorly raises” daughter, big s”Fu Yang” daughter, the difference between the two children is very obvious now

Text | Fortunately pregnant sister (senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not plagiarize)

Nowadays More parents firmly believe that “the rich adopts daughters, the poor raises children”, believing that given their daughters with favorable material conditions, they will have a higher vision and will not be easily deceived in the future. 

On the contrary, daughters raised in poverty, because they didn’t get anything when they were young, they grew up with low self-esteem, poor vision, and were easily deceived. Some small favors from others would make them desperate. . 

But is this really the case? 

Big S has a rich daughter, and a little S has a poor daughter. How are their children now? 

The size S is a well-known pair of sister flowers. Although they look alike, there are big differences in temperament and personality. 

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Big S is like a lady, always maintaining the best state, while the little S is more lively, because of the identity of the entertainment host, even more weird. 

Because of these differences, when they raised their daughters, they also showed a different attitude: the older S felt that the daughter should be rich and spoiled; the younger S felt that the children should not be cultivated to spend money indiscriminately. habit. 

For example, in a variety show, Xiao S’s daughter sent a message and wanted to buy a trendy brand clothes. After seeing the brand, Xiao S felt that the price was too expensive and not suitable for 13-year-old children. , Tell her not to buy. 

After seeing it, Big S felt that the clothes were very beautiful, so he paid for it to his niece as a reward for her dance champion. 

For children’s pocket money, The two also have different views. Although the big S recognizes that the child should know how to manage money, he will regularly pay living expenses and be rewarded for good performance; the little S does not give pocket money, and all the pocket money of the child comes from rewards. 

Although the two daughters are very different in age, the gap has already been reflected. 

The eldest S daughter, at a young age, is already like a little princess, sitting upright and elegant, like a lady, without losing her innocence and happiness; little S’s daughter has been able to shoot magazines since she was a teenager , Participate in dance competitions and earn money. 

It can be seen that regardless of whether it is poor or rich, both big and small S raise their daughters very well. Especially Xiao S explained another kind of poverty when raising her daughter: materially poor and spiritually rich. 

Small S is rich though , But it is not in vain to give my daughters pocket money and prevent them from buying famous brands. This is a kind of external poverty. However, when her daughter has excellent academic performance and won the ranking and results of the competition, the reward for her daughter will also not be less. 

Moreover, little S’s daughter can win prizes in dance competitions, which has a lot to do with her usual education expenditure. Although little S does not buy expensive clothes for her children, she will hire the best teachers. , Report expensive tutoring classes. 

The cultivation and support of children’s interests and abilities is a kind of spiritual enrichment. 

In addition, parents’ words and deeds are also very important.

We can also see the shadows of the two daughters, S and S, in their personalities and behaviors. 

What role models does S and S always give their children? 

▶Financial management

Although Big S is rich in raising her daughter, she does not blindly spend money on her children. She gave an example of her childhood experience. 

When big S was studying, she had 600 yuan in pocket money every week, but she didn’t spend randomly, but planned well, so she often seemed rich and could buy everything she wanted. Bought. 

Small S is materially harsh on her daughter, and the same is true for herself. She can carry a bag for 11 years, even if it has worn out. 

▶Behavior and manners

Big S is usually more ladylike, she has very high demands on herself, and even her hair must be perfect, although she is over 40 years old, it’s not obvious Old, still elegant and beautiful. 

So her daughter, little Elegant and temperamental at a young age. 

Small S is usually a rather eccentric and proper person. The same is true for her children. They can joke with their mother on social platforms. They are very confident. They get along like a mother and daughter. 

[Said fortunately pregnant]

Poor raising and rich raising have their own advantages. Different family conditions can produce excellent children. I hope that parents of poor raising children will not let They feel low self-esteem; rich parents do not let their children have self-esteem, and develop the habit of spending money and vanity. 

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