How much influence does it have on the child to wear old clothes? Psychologists should never dress children

How much influence does it have on the child to wear old clothes? Psychologists should never wear children’s clothes

With the continuous development of the economy, the people’s living standards have improved qualitatively, and buying new clothes is no longer exclusive to the New Year. You can feel free to use them in daily life. Bought. 

However, many parents insist on the traditional virtues of diligence and thrift, and still retain the habit of wearing old clothes for their children. 

And psychologists pointed out that in the case of family economic conditions, it is not necessary to be too harsh on the child’s unwillingness to wear old clothes, otherwise it is likely to affect the child’s mental health. 

Neighbor Wang’s monthly income is about 10,000 yuan, and Wang’s husband’s monthly income is about 15,000 yuan. The elderly in the family also have pensions. The house is also purchased with a one-time payment, so there is no pressure to repay the mortgage. It can be said that the economic conditions of Wang’s family are still very good. 

But everyone discovered that Jiajia, the 7-year-old daughter of Sister Wang, often wears old clothes. It stands to reason that Jiajia is the only daughter of Sister Wang, and there should be no old clothes. 

While chatting, Sister Wang explained that she was afraid that her daughter would develop a character that loves vanity and pursues material things, so she decided to bring the old clothes of her 8-year-old niece. 

Of course, in addition to clothes, Sister Wang is still very willing to educate Jiajia. The young Jiajia already knows how to play the piano, dance, paint, calligraphy and other skills. 

Jiajia has good academic performance, is well-behaved and cute, and has so many specialties. She is already one of the best “children of other people” in the community. 

However, as long as you observe Jiajia carefully, you can find that she usually walks with her head down when she walks, and when she talks to others, she appears a little inferior and cowardly. 

Every time I see other little girls in the community wearing new clothes, my eyes are full of envy. Jiajia told Sister Wang more than once that she wanted to wear new clothes, but she was stopped by Sister Wang. 

Sometimes little girls of the same age ask Jiajia “Why do you wear old clothes”, “Are your parents poor?” and so on, all make Jiajia lower her head in shame and angrily silence. 

Perhaps many parents are like Sister Wang. In order to educate their children to be thrifty and not pursue the external character too much, they are very strict with their children, and they don’t hesitate to wear old clothes for their children. . 

In fact, this kind of education method that requires children to be frugal and wears old clothes without considering their wishes is likely to have a negative impact on children’s psychology! 

for children What are the effects of old clothes on children? 

1. Hurt the child’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

If the surrounding peers are wearing beautiful, neat new clothes, and suddenly a child wearing inappropriate and old clothes appears, the child is very May be ostracized and ridiculed. 

Whether it is a kindergarten or a school, it is a small society. The strange look and ridicule of the students will seriously hurt the children’s self-esteem, and negative emotions will follow. 

Children who have been in a ridiculed and excluded environment for a long time will also suffer serious damage to their self-confidence and become inferior, withdrawn, and out of gregariousness. 

Therefore, the clothes that children wear may not be brand-name, or gorgeous or exaggerated, but they should be kept clean and tidy, and look brand new and not broken. 

2. Lack of control

If the child can’t even meet his own dressing requirements, his parents will arrange everything he wears. Even the old clothes he resists, he must follow the parents’ arrangements. 

Then the child will lose control, do not know how to make decisions about his own affairs and life, and rely too much on his parents or others. 

The psychologist Maslow once said that people who lose control often lack their own ideas and live passively. 

Therefore, parents should follow their children’s choices appropriately. Whether it is the style or color of the clothes, they can guide the children on the side, but they cannot make decisions directly and arbitrarily for the children. 

3. Hurt the child’s self-worth

He often wears other people’s old clothes, or uses other people’s old things, in a subtle way,

he will not actively pursue better things , The consciousness of self-worth is getting weaker and weaker, and he treats everything with a casual attitude, and it is easy to compromise. Let the child get used to the role of being “charited”. 

Children will not take the initiative to pursue their ideals, do not have the desire to realize their self-worth, and do things with a casual attitude. Naturally, it is difficult to become a good person. Presumably this is what parents do not want to see! 

In order to cultivate children’s frugal and simple character, parents wear some old clothes to their children. This kind of practice is not a wrong way of education if it is done properly and properly measured. 

However, if the child is always allowed to wear old clothes and the child is repulsive, it will only harm the child’s mental health. 

so the parents are here When deciding to wear old clothes for your child, you should pay attention to the following points.

1. Ask your child’s opinion

When dressing your child, you should first ask your child’s opinion. If the child acts very repulsive, So parents still have to respect their children, try to cultivate their frugal character from other aspects, and don’t obsess about dressing their children in old clothes. 

2. Don’t wear other people’s personal clothing

The personal clothing is in direct contact with the child’s skin. If the owner of the original clothes has a contagious skin disease, it is likely to be transmitted to his family. child. 

So, for children’s underwear, it is better to buy brand new clothes. 

Perhaps for parents, wearing old clothes is not a big deal. When children act repulsively, they feel that they are ignorant. 

Actually, children’s hearts are very sensitive and complicated. If the education method is improper, it is likely to harm the child’s mental health. 

If the family’s economic conditions are not very bad, parents should try their best to buy new clothes for their children and take care of their children’s physical and mental health, so as not to affect the children’s physical and mental health due to small losses! 

Do you wear old clothes for your children? What is your opinion on this matter? Welcome to leave a message to share! These 5 small movements of the baby make the mother want to hit someone with anger. In fact, the baby is “showing love”

After the baby is born, because of the limited expressive ability, many novice mothers can’t understand it. The intentions of the babies may even be misunderstood. In the process of raising children and growing up, the tacit understanding between mothers and babies will be gradually cultivated, which also makes it easier for mothers to understand the baby’s physical meaning. So when Bao Ma is annoyed by some small actions on the little guy, she can actually think about it from another angle. Maybe this is the little guys trying to show their love to their mothers. 

Bao Mom pretends Sleeping, I want to observe the baby’s reaction, but I didn’t want to be “three-in-one” by the little guy.

There was such a small video before, which aroused the attention of netizens. In the video, a treasured mother held a camera in hand. Lie next to the baby and pretend to be asleep. Mother Bao originally wanted to observe the behavior of the little guy, but she didn’t expect that when he just closed his eyes, the little guy with the pacifier crawled over to his mother, and reached out and took out his eyes. Although Bao Ma tried to avoid it, she did not expect the little guy to persevere in “three consecutive picks”. In addition to picking his eyes, he also picks his nose and face. After this operation, the baby’s mother is really a little angry. 

In fact, this was not an accidental act of the little guy, Bao Ma complained to the camera, as long as she fell asleep with her eyes closed, but the little guy was not asleep, then she couldn’t avoid being fucked. Bao Ma murmured, “Don’t look at him because he is young, the strength in his hands is great, it really makes him very angry in every minute.” Many netizens left messages at the bottom of the video, and everyone said that they had also had similar experiences. “Although it is his own, but the little guy does not know the severity of the operation, it is really easy to blow up the hair!” “People’s babies are here to retaliate, my baby is here to avenge! It is really too ruthless to start!” /p>

This on the baby The five small actions are easy to misunderstand Momma, but in fact, it is the baby who is “showing love”

Many babies will have eyes that like to buckle their mothers. They will do this when they are in the arms of their mothers or lying next to their mothers. In short, the little guys are always fascinated by the operation of pulling eyes. No matter how good Baoma’s temper is, she will get a little angry after doing so. Although it is indeed easy to make people irritable to be pierced, but I have to say that this is actually the little guys expressing their intimacy with their mothers. Little babies are not very proficient in mastering the strength of their hands. Maybe they just want to touch their mother and get close to their mother, but they may become violent because of excessive force. 

I believe that many mothers have their faces or noses chewed by their babies, especially when the babies start to grow teeth. Although the little guy is still young, he doesn’t have enough energy when he bites. If he can’t move the baby quickly, then Bao Ma’s face is likely to show a row of teeth marks. In addition to the face and nose, the baby also likes to bite her mother’s arm, which also makes Bao’s mother likely to be bitten and cry from time to time. 

Although the mothers are very troubled by this, it is actually a way for babies to show their goodness to their mothers, because for the younger babies, the way they perceive the world is with their mouths. Come have a taste. In addition to the mother’s face, nose and arms, the baby’s own hands and feet will also be put into the mouth by them. 

There are also many babies who like to pull their mother’s mouth with their hands, and many mothers will feel annoyed by the baby’s actions like this. After all, being pulled into the mouth by the baby’s hands is really a bit disgusting. Some babies even take the opportunity to pull Bao Ma’s tongue, which is really unbearable. But in fact, this is not the baby deliberately mischievous, they are likely to want to share with their mother. For babies of younger months, they like to eat hands, which makes them feel safe. So when they put their hands in their mother’s mouth, they didn’t think it was anything special. 

The biggest headache for moms is scratching their hair. I believe that many moms will be recruited because of this. Whether they are holding the baby or lying next to the baby, it is possible The little guy grabbed his hair and pulled it vigorously. Even though Bao Ma has expressed her disgust and rejection, the little guys still clenched tightly and didn’t want to let go. In fact, the way a baby pulls his hair is not to hate his mother, but to express a kind of dependence on his mother. At the same time, the baby will think that pulling hair is a more fun thing. When pulling the hair, the baby will find that Baoma’s expression will fluctuate significantly, which makes them feel very interesting. 

In addition to the above-mentioned methods, babies also like to show love by stepping on their mothers. After the little guys can crawl and walk away, the mothers will find that they show amazing combat effectiveness. Especially when they are bored, the mothers may also become their toys, such as being violently stepped on by children. If you encounter this situation, the mothers should not be busy scolding the children, because this is most likely because the little guy wants to interact with you more. If you can get Bao Ma’s response at this time, then the little guys’ stomping behavior will be somewhat restrained. 

So when Bao’s mother is distressed by some small actions in her child, she should consider the child’s demands and needs from a different angle, because it may be that they are expressing their sense of dependence on their mother and Intimacy. Do you have any experience sharing about the analysis of small movements in your baby’s daily life?

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