How much influence does Bao’s mother have on her children if she doesn’t dress up? Children can see the obvious gap when they go to elementary school

How much influence does Bao’s mother have on her children if she doesn’t dress up? Children can see the obvious gaps when they go to elementary school.

Nowadays, children are very smart. The little ones in kindergarten will ask their mothers to put on make-up and dress up better before picking them up from school. 

Many mothers can’t laugh or cry. Why do children have such a request? In fact, if Mommy does not clean up herself, whether she does makeup for herself, or her appearance, will it affect the child? 

Especially in elementary school and kindergarten stage, this kind of influence is very big, and the gap can be seen from the children. 

After three years of teaching, a teacher in charge of an elementary school shared a piece of his own experience on the Internet. This parenting experience tells the mothers that they must clean up and dress themselves when picking up their children. 

Daobao’s mother is confused. Isn’t it enough to pick up the children by herself? Why bother to dress up for the child? 

The teacher in charge of this elementary school said that Bao’s mother actually did not dress up. When the child was in kindergarten and elementary school, he could see a significant gap. 

The better-looking children of Baoma are always happy when school is over, and the children of Baoma who are not well-dressed are more likely to be unhappy. 

For a long time, the children of good-looking Bao’s mother are always more confident, while the children of poorly dressed Bao’s mother will always lower their heads and be a little frustrated. 

Imagine if it was us, who would not want our boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives to be beautiful and beautiful at the door of our unit, so the children also think this way, and parents should also understand the children’s idea. 

If Bao Ma always sloppy to pick up and drop off the child, he is seen by the child’s companions, and used by some bad companions to make fun of the child and become the child’s laughing stock. 

Sometimes even the situation expands. Many children come to laugh at their children. It was a trivial thing, but it turned out to be a shadow of the children’s childhood. It’s not worth it. It’s better to dress up when you are a child. 

In addition to affecting the child’s self-confidence and affecting the child’s interpersonal relationship, what other effects will Bao’s mother have on the child if she does not dress up? 

No Bao Ma How much influence does dressing have on children? 

Influencing children’s future aesthetics

Bao’s mother dresses up and does not love beauty, which will affect the child’s aesthetic concept. A person with a good aesthetic concept is always more likely to accept the characteristics of beauty. People who are more receptive to beauty and appreciate beauty are also more likely to show the characteristics of beauty. 

We often find that good-looking girls tend to look good in clothes and have decent makeup. This is because they have a higher aesthetic level and are more likely to show more beauty. 

Therefore, if the mother does not clean up, she will also affect the child’s future aesthetic concept. If parents love to clean up and dress up, then the child is probably also a person who dresses appropriately, has a good aesthetic concept, and dresses appropriately. 

If Bao Ma is sloppy, then the child will most likely be a sloppy person in the future, who doesn’t like to tidy up. 

Affecting children’s self-confidence

Not only that, a good-looking mother can easily bring a lot of self-confidence to the child. When the child sees the mother’s intellectual qualities, he will also be affected by the self-confidence quality. 

In the future growth, the child will easily become a confident person, or become a good-looking and confident person like a mother. 

Because children will also be contaminated with the characteristics of mothers who love to dress up and tidy up. Girls who are dressed are always much more beautiful than those who are not dressed up. Compared with boys who are not sloppy, dressed up boys are more attractive in appearance. A lot of extra points. 

A good-looking child always has a good-looking mother, and behind a confident child there is always a confident mother. 

Besides when picking up and picking up the child, the baby needs to be dressed up, when is it necessary for the mother to dress up and give the child a long face, so that the child has confidence? 

except for picking up children When is there any time when Bao Ma Bao Dad should dress up well

When holding a parent meeting

When holding a parent meeting, Bao Ma Bao Da must also dress decently, not only Bao Mom, If the baby is going to participate, the father must also be kept tidy and clean. 

If it is untidy, unclean, sloppy, and dirty, come to the child’s parent meeting, then the child will be very sad and disappointed, and even hope that his father will not come again. 

When there are peer groups around your child

So when you attend a parent meeting, you must also pick up your child, especially when there is a group of peers around your child, you must maintain a clean appearance, and it is best to dress well. 

Especially children in adolescence are more sensitive to these, and children in elementary school will also show the characteristics of beauty. 

I always take a closer look at the good-looking mothers, and think that the children of the good-looking mothers will be better, and the children will have more self-esteem and more confident in the long run. 

Baoma’s dress is very important to the child, do you understand? The next time you pick up and drop off your children, you should dress up well, don’t be sloppy or sloppy. 

This is not only perfunctory self, but also perfunctory child, making children sad. Children in kindergartens and elementary schools will have a sense of beauty and face, and adolescent children will even more. These “shame and embarrassing” things after the maternal delivery room, the first three can not escape, the last two depends on luck

During pregnancy, the mothers suffered various crimes, and in the third trimester, the mothers all I hope the child will come out soon. But after going through all kinds of pregnancy, the mothers may still encounter unprecedented embarrassment in the delivery room. A few days before the baby was born, Xiao Miao felt a little uncomfortable and was admitted to the hospital for delivery. After a few days, Xiao Miao and the doctors and nurses became more familiar with each other. Xiao Miao was also very anxious to live, thinking about when the child could come out. But when it came time to give birth, Xiao Miao was embarrassed. 

It is normal for everyone to talk and laugh, but they are still those people in the delivery room, but they have to be naked, with their legs wide open in front of everyone, Xiao Miao blushed all of a sudden. However, the doctors and nurses were very natural. During the period, they talked and even made two jokes with Xiao Miao. After finally bearing the embarrassment, Xiao Miao couldn’t look directly at the doctors and nurses after she came out. Every time she saw the doctors and nurses, she would think of the scene when she gave birth, and she just wanted to leave the hospital as soon as possible. 

When it comes to giving birth to a baby, everyone first considers the safety of adults and children, but after entering the delivery room, a series of embarrassing things are prone to happen. Because of these embarrassing things, some families have serious conflicts, and some mothers never want to have a second child. 

Here in the delivery room Five situations are embarrassing, the last two are very powerful, but doctors don’t take it seriously.

Before giving birth to a baby, the nurse will prepare skin for Bao’s mother, that is, remove the hair in private parts. Because of the awkward location, both sides often don’t know what to say when preparing the skin, and it is strange to say not to speak. If you met a male nurse at this time, then Bao Ma would be even more embarrassed. In fact, it is not difficult to resolve this point, Bao Dad can do it for him, but many Bao Moms and Bao Dad don’t know this step, so they can only bear it when things happen. 

When the baby officially starts to start, the real embarrassment begins. In order to understand the baby’s state and the situation of Baoma’s opening of the uterine mouth, doctors and nurses will conduct internal examinations for Baoma many times, that is, put the fingers into the vagina and the position of the uterine mouth to detect Baoma’s status. But this kind of inspection is often done many times, and there may be other people around, sometimes the detection is not clear, Bao Ma still needs to make a very shameful posture. A mother once told that she was in the delivery room by herself at first, and occasionally waited for the doctors and nurses to come for the internal inspection. After the inspection, she was left alone, as if she was a fish waiting to be slaughtered. 

When entering the delivery room to give birth, Bao Ma might be surrounded by a lot of people. Such a private matter was watched by people, and it was difficult to think of embarrassment. If you meet a novice doctor and nurse, the doctor will also explain to the interns during the delivery process, such as identifying the reproductive parts and organs, and judging the progress of the childbirth. When Bao Ma heard these words, she felt even more embarrassed, as if she was put on the podium and became a guinea pig. In the past two years, there has been a lot of heated discussion about male doctors in the delivery room. Many people, especially men, are very resistant to male doctors in the delivery room. Earlier, there were even reports that a treasured father had to divorce his wife because the male doctor delivered the baby when his wife gave birth. 

Indeed, it is more embarrassing to meet a male doctor at such a moment. But male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology are actually very necessary. Because there are many emergencies in hospitals, continuous operations and work are very common, and patients often need to be moved manually, and male doctors are more supportive of such work intensity in terms of physical strength and energy. At the same time, male doctors will not get pregnant, have no obvious hormone cycle, and can work more stable and long-term. It is precisely because of these advantages that male doctors are actually still delicious in obstetrics and gynecology. Moreover, when entering the delivery room, there is only the relationship between the doctor and the parturient. No one has paid attention to gender differences anymore. The safety of mother and child is the first. 

“Originally, I entered the delivery room to give birth to a baby. I didn’t expect to solve the convenience problem first. The room stinks suddenly, but the key is that it also sprayed on the doctor. I didn’t want to have a baby at the time, I just wanted to disappear directly”, one Bao Ma still feels ashamed of her incontinence when she gave birth two or three years ago. 

Many people don’t know that Baoma may suffer from incontinence during childbirth, so it is naturally embarrassing when this happens. But I have been accustomed to doctors for a long time, and even regard this as a good thing. Because this shows that Mommy has found the right place to exert her strength, and she will not be far from the baby coming out. And they have been prepared for this a long time ago, they will clean up in the first place, and will not blame Bao Ma for this, but will continue to encourage Bao Ma to give birth to a baby. 

Not only do you have to endure a lot of discomfort and face life-threatening when giving birth, but there are also moments that make people feel discouraged. It can only be said that having a child is not easy, and the mothers are too great. These things are really embarrassing, but when they happen, the doctors and nurses think of helping Momma give birth to a healthy baby as soon as possible, and they don’t mind. Therefore, moms must be open to them and don’t give themselves too much psychology. Stressed out.

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