How much do you know about IVF? The nurse will not tell about the life expectancy, but the expectant parents must be aware of it

How much do you know about IVF? The nurse will not tell about the life expectancy, but expectant parents must be aware of it

The difference between test-tube babies and ordinary babies is the combination of eggs and sperm. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

Although society is constantly improving, my country’s infertility The probability of childbirth is increasing year by year, from 2.5%-3% before to 12%-15%. In order to solve this problem, a new medical technology-test-tube baby was born in medicine to help couples live well. The dream of parenting. 

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About IVF

It is a kind of doctors who use artificial methods to extract sperm from men’s semen and egg cells from women’s body, complete the sperm-egg combination in vitro, and fertilize the eggs. After being placed in a petri dish for 3 to 5 days, the division is completed, the embryo is transformed into an embryo, and then transferred to the female uterus to complete normal implantation and development, and then develop into a fetus. It is called test tube baby. 

Although this technique is good, there are still some necessary conditions. First, they must be legal couples. Males must be no more than 55 years old and women no more than 40 years old. Secondly, you need to prepare some documents before going to the hospital, such as both ID cards, Marriage certificate, household registration book, birth certificate, etc. Finally, a series of physical examinations are required. Only after the conditions are met, will they be allowed to undergo IVF surgery. 

Furthermore, when someone decided to go for surgery after hearing about IVF technology, there was a concern that the life of the baby would not be long. 

After all, there have been rumors that the life span of IVF may be only forty to fifty years old. This is also a problem that people are worried about. What is it like? 

IVF How long is the lifespan? 

Although people’s minds are constantly changing and the level of technology is constantly evolving, couples who have difficulty getting pregnant have gradually learned about IVF, but it is still not a mainstream way of giving birth. After all, there are still many people who have not yet been exposed to IVF. , Even some rejection, after all, they still feel a little unreliable or not understood in their hearts. 

And the cost is a bit high, and some people say that the life span of IVF is relatively short, and the life is not long, but in fact these claims and remarks come from those who do not understand and have not really succeeded in doing IVF, There is no scientific basis. 

The reason is as follows:

First of all, the difference between test-tube babies and ordinary babies is that the combination of eggs and sperm is different, and will not have any impact on the baby born. Its health and life expectancy are consistent with normal pregnancy. The babies born later are the same, and they are all affected by their parents’ genes. 

Secondly, because IVF will artificially select better quality and healthy sperm and eggs, this will not only increase the probability of conception, but the baby will be better than the embryos naturally conceived. 

And the world’s first test-tube baby was born in the United States in July 1978. He is 42 years old and is in good health at the time of the physical examination. Doctors predict that he can live to be at least 70 years old. 

Therefore, families who need IVF only need to meet the conditions, be prepared for a long-term battle, and follow the doctor’s advice to increase the chance of success. There is no need to worry about the life of IVF. 

Do IVF Precautions before

1. Use medication with caution

Before IVF, you need to be sick and need to take medication. At this time, you must ask your doctor in advance to see if these medications will interfere, or It affects the advancement of IVF, such as ovulation or embryo implantation. 

2. Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Couples who are preparing for IVF, must avoid tobacco and alcohol, because studies have found that the nicotine in cigarettes will affect the growth and development of the fetus; ethanol in alcohol The ingredient is a kind of anesthetic, and it is likely to affect the effect during the treatment process, and even affect the quality of sperm and eggs. 

3. Adjust emotions

In the process of preparing for IVF, the emotions of the couple may be affected and they feel a lot of pressure. Therefore, you must learn during this period To adjust mood, you also need to ensure adequate sleep and a reasonable diet to increase the success rate. 

After understanding the preparations for the operation, you also need to understand some precautions and daily care before the transplant operation. The details are as follows:

First of all, the husband and wife need to do a good job before the operation Personal hygiene, and eat more protein-rich foods, so that the follicles can develop better. 

Secondly, on the morning of the egg retrieval operation, you should eat as little as possible, empty your bowels before the operation, and take antibiotics as directed by your doctor. 

Finally, after taking antibiotics for 2 days after the egg retrieval, abdominal distension and bleeding may occur. If it is serious, you must seek medical attention in time.  Maternal delivery in winter, there are three things in the delivery package There is no lack of things, the lack of the same thing that both you and your baby suffer


Writer: Xiao Xiao

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

Many pregnant mothers should hate having babies in winter Not only do you always have to wrap yourself thickly, you also have to prepare a lot of things in the delivery bag when you go to the hospital for delivery. 

So some pregnant mothers bought them directly according to others for convenience and peace of mind, but only after arriving at the hospital did they find that they hadn’t bought what they should buy, and instead there were a lot of unnecessary ones. 

Pregnant mother thinks her mother-in-law has prepared too many things and she doesn’t want to bring her, and her hands are in a mess after giving birth.

Xiaoyun’s expected delivery date is in winter, which is close to the week before her delivery. Help prepare the ready-to-produce package. 

Because the winter clothes are too thick, one or two bags are not enough. Xiaoyun watched that they prepared a few more bags and added some slippers, hats, towels, etc., suddenly felt trouble. 

So I advised my mother-in-law and husband, I’m going to have a baby. Everything is sold in the hospital. There is no need to prepare so much, and it is troublesome to carry it. Isn’t it necessary to bring big bags and small bags to let people watch a joke? 

My husband wanted to persuade Xiaoyun again, but she refused to agree and lost her temper, so she had to give up. 

Two days later, Xiaoyun suddenly contracted. Her husband quickly took the small bag of things and took her to the hospital. After arriving at the hospital, I found that the others had prepared enough and a lot of things. 

After the child was born, Xiaoyun realized that she had too many items that were not ready and had to ask her husband to buy them. As a result, there are not enough people to take care of the children, and it will be messy for a day or two. 

Pregnant mother’s delivery package It’s indispensable

Pregnant mothers can’t blow the air just after giving birth, so warm clothes and shoes are necessary, but also need to discharge lochia, so mattresses and sanitary napkins are also indispensable, some of the usual life Supplies, towels, toothbrushes and the like are also needed after giving birth. 

Baby feeding, bathing, dressing, diapering etc. when they are just born, if you can’t prepare in advance, plus the novice parents are inexperienced, they will only become more flustered. It may not only take good care of the children, but also cause family quarrels. 

Therefore, it is very important to prepare the production package before delivery. And because more than ten percent of pregnant mothers may give birth earlier than the 38th week, it is best to start preparations about a month in advance. 

Winter because The temperature is too low, so you need to bring a few more things with the waiting bag, and both yourself and your baby suffer. 

1. Breastfeeding underwear

Even if the hospital has heating, pregnant mothers need to wear thick ones, so breastfeeding becomes very inconvenient. There is a special underwear that can reduce Trouble, but also to avoid the pregnant mother catching cold when she opens her clothes. 

But it’s best to buy underwear when you are in labor to determine the size, and you need to buy a larger one than when you are in labor. 

2. Cotton slippers

Women are prone to cold hands and feet, bleeding after childbirth, and physical exertion. They need to keep their hands and feet warm to prevent cold from invading the soles of the feet. 

Because I have to look after new students at night Children, so it’s best to prepare a few more pairs so that your loved ones can accompany the bed. 

Because the temperature is too low in winter, so you need to bring a few more things with the ready-to-be-produced package, and you and your baby suffer for the same thing. 

3. Constant temperature sleeping bag

The sleeping bag can protect the baby’s body tightly, and pregnant mothers don’t always need to worry about not covering them tightly. 

The constant temperature sleeping bag can ensure that the temperature around the baby is fixed and suitable for his body, avoiding the impact of excessively high or low temperature in the hospital. 

Pregnant mothers can choose one by one when preparing the delivery package, or they can choose the one prepared by the merchant. But when looking at the guide, it is inevitable that you will buy things you don’t need. Today I will clear the mines for everyone and save more milk powder money for the baby. 

1. All kinds of special products for confinement

Same as children’s products, with the addition of two systems for confinement, the value has also increased, such as confinement toothbrush, toothpaste, and confinement cap , Confinement slippers. 

Most of these products are not only inferior to ordinary products, but are also ugly in shape and expensive. 

Pregnant mothers do not need to buy special Yes, just choose ordinary people, but pay attention to the safety and comfort of the material. 

2. Newborn pillow

Newborn babies must not use pillows. They can only use pillows when they need it. Therefore, there are a lot of newborn pillows in the delivery bag. 

3. Umbilical care stickers

Some parents may buy umbilical care stickers in order to protect the baby’s newly cut umbilical cord. But nowadays hospitals don’t recommend this, just keep their belly button dry. 

4. Small shoes

In order to prevent the newborn baby from catching the cold, some parents may wear small socks and shoes for them, but the baby’s feet are small and soft. , May be kicked off all at once. 

And newborns need to be touched Feeling the world, putting their hands and feet together will cause discomfort. 

If you want to keep them warm, just wrap them in a quilt. No additional gloves and foot covers are needed. 

Of course, the needs of each pregnant mother and the baby are different, and the hospitals for delivery are different. If you need a delivery package, you should seek truth from facts and consult other mothers for strategies to avoid wasting money. . 

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