How many days do you expect to get pregnant as soon as possible? The body has these reactions, indicating that it may be a mother-to-be

How many days do you expect to get pregnant as soon as possible? The body has these reactions, indicating that it may be a mother-to-be

Having worked hard for a few months to get pregnant, so that I can see the moment I am pregnant as soon as possible. However, if you really want to go for a pregnancy test, the psychological pressure will still be great. If you fail to get pregnant, a sense of loss will hit violently. After all, you have been pregnant for so long, and you have paid no rewards. I am definitely unwilling. In contrast, if you don’t have a pregnancy test and wait for the physical changes to be less stressful, even if it is finally determined that you are not pregnant, it will be a long process, and no amount of loss will be washed away by time. 

So if you don’t use test strips or go to a professional organization, how can you tell if you are pregnant? In fact, it is very simple. After a woman is pregnant, there will be some significant changes in her body, and we just need to judge by this change. When the cousin was pregnant, there was no pregnancy test at the beginning, but she still knew that she was pregnant when she was less than half a month pregnant, and then went for a pregnancy test, which really confirmed her guess. At the moment when the results came out, the cousin’s heart was joyful and calm. 

You can know that you are pregnant without a pregnancy test, and it is still within half a month of pregnancy. How can this be done? The answer lies in the breast. It turns out that about ten days after a woman is pregnant, her breasts will change and will produce a faint tingling sensation. If you touch the breasts with your hands, you will find that the breasts become significantly softer. If these two phenomena occur at the same time, it can basically indicate that you are pregnant. The cousin was judged by this, of course, she was pregnant for the first time, so it was also the experience she heard from others. 

In fact, it is not just breasts. There are many physical changes in women after pregnancy, but now there are very few second or third births. Everyone is pregnant for the first time and has no experience, so that these changes are ignored Just drop it. 

Husband and wife “make love “Later, these changes in the female body are likely to be a mother-to-be.

The breasts become soft and the chest is tingling

The first major change appears in the chest. After the fertilized egg is successfully implanted, The mammary glands will develop rapidly to prepare for the breastfeeding period after delivery. The development of the mammary glands can cause pain, like acupuncture, but the pain is less and less sensitive pregnant mothers may ignore it. If you are not sure whether there is pain, you can touch the breast with your hand. If it becomes soft, it means that the possibility of pregnancy is high. 

Slight bleeding from the lower body

On the eighth day after implantation of the fertilized egg, some women will have slight bleeding in the lower body, or brown stains may appear. Do not worry about this situation, the amount of bleeding will not be large, and it will not pose a threat to the health of pregnant women and fetuses. It is a normal pregnancy reaction and can be used to judge whether or not you are pregnant. 

Increased body temperature

After pregnancy, women’s body temperature will also be slightly higher than usual. If you regularly take your body temperature and record the value before pregnancy, you can then use the temperature change to determine whether you have successfully become pregnant. However, the absolute value of body temperature changes is still very limited, and there may be errors in the measurement. It is recommended to measure several times before judging, so that the accuracy is higher. 

Increased visits to the toilet

Women who have been pregnant should feel this way. The urge to urinate during pregnancy is faster and the frequency of going to the toilet increases significantly. This is because the expansion of the uterus will put a lot of pressure on the bladder, which stimulates the urge to urinate more quickly. This phenomenon appears as early as about one month after pregnancy. Although it appears later than the reactions mentioned above, if the first three reactions are not strong, then frequent urination can also be used as an important judgment in early pregnancy. standard. 

Vomiting and nausea

The last reaction we have to say is the most well-known and most likely pregnancy reaction, that is, the feeling of vomiting and nausea. Statistics show that almost 90% of pregnant women will have vomiting in the first trimester, and 40% of pregnant women have a strong reaction, which may even seriously affect their daily life. Therefore, if other pregnancy reactions are not strong, pregnant women can also judge whether they are pregnant through the reaction of vomiting and nausea. In fact, ancient people did exactly this. 

The above five kinds of reactions will appear as soon as about eight days after fertilization, and they will also appear about one month after pregnancy. It is very suitable and very accurate to use them to determine whether you are pregnant. Therefore, if a woman wants to know if she is pregnant, she doesn’t need to go to a pregnancy test. Experienced people will know it in about ten days at the earliest. Judging whether you are pregnant or not through the body’s reaction will bring much less psychological pressure to women, so it is a more suitable choice. 

Of course, it is not ruled out that a very small number of women do not have any significant pregnancy reaction. If this is the case, it is recommended to go for a pregnancy test in about half a month of intimacy. If the result is false, then Just continue to make people. After all, the hard months of pregnancy preparation cannot be wasted, and the existence of fertility barriers is not ruled out. As long as the pregnancy is not successful in the next three months, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, in case you are really infertile. , And do not delay accepting assisted reproduction. These three sentences by the old professor of Tsinghua seem to sound very reasonable, but they are actually poisonous chicken soup for children

Now it is the world of self-media, and the so-called “self-media” means that anyone can mix it up. On the one hand, its content is naturally mixed, which is very different from the seriousness of traditional media in the past. Therefore, in the self-media era, each of us should always maintain the spirit of independent thinking, and habitually examine it with questioning eyes, so that we can find valuable information from the uneven information and absorb and use it. 

However, if you really want to do this, it is even more difficult, because we media people are often smarter. They know what kind of language can stir the heartstrings of the readers, and the most common method is to give the readers” “Boil chicken soup”, and most of those chicken soup are poisonous chicken soup. For example, in the field of childcare, there are some typical poisonous chicken soups that are harming parents and their children. 

An old professor from Tsinghua University discovered this problem and wrote an article on the Internet screaming “Watch out for poisonous chicken soup”. The article mentioned three common words from the media, namely, “Education is not important, you will have a good life in the future. Good or bad has nothing to do with academic qualifications”, “What children need most is freedom” and “Happy education is the best education for children”. 

These three sentences are very reasonable at first glance, and even very provocative, especially those parents who put themselves into the perspective of their children, they are likely to be instantly moved and resonate deep in the brain . Is that really the case? After reading the analysis of the old professor of Tsinghua University, you will know that the so-called truths in these words are actually false, and these seemingly nutritious chicken soup remarks are actually poisonous chicken soup for children. 

Three sentences that seem to make sense, in fact, one sentence is more “poisonous”

Look at the first sentence first. Those who think it makes sense will definitely cite a lot of counterexamples, such as XXX graduated from elementary school, but eventually became a big boss, or graduated from XXX famous university, but ended up miserably, etc. Given the large number of Chinese people, such an extreme example, if you really want to cite it, I am afraid that you will not be able to cite it in a day, but what does this show? Putting aside the probability, the result is to be a hooligan. If academic qualifications are really not taken seriously, why are so many people stuck with a piece of academic qualifications and cannot be promoted? Why do some people desperately take the adult college entrance examination when they are in their 30s or 40s? The fact is that for most people, academic qualifications are important, even extremely important. If you believe in that toxic chicken soup and despise your academic qualifications, it is tantamount to pushing your life to the brink of failure. 

The second sentence is also a fallacy. Of course children need freedom and everyone needs freedom, but freedom is also relative. With the child’s active nature, if it is not restrained, it is conceivable what misfortune can be caused. Once this happens, it will be a huge blow to the children, to the parents and the whole family behind them. Therefore, although parents want to give their children freedom, they cannot just lose their discipline. Only freedom under restraint is safe and beneficial to the growth of children. 

Compared with the first two sentences of poison chicken soup, the third sentence is much more confusing. Because many young people who are already parents now yearn for a happy childhood, which is exactly what they yearned for in childhood but was not available. However, like freedom, happiness is a very illusory concept. What kind of childhood is happy? Is it a joy to play carefree, or is it a childhood joy of constantly enriching yourself and constantly mastering new knowledge and new skills? I’m afraid this is hard to tell. As long as the child is not allowed to feel excessive pressure, even if most of his childhood is occupied by learning, he will be happy. 

Like the poisonous chicken soup mentioned above, if you don’t have certain recognition ability, it is easy to be confused. Of course, intellectuals like the old professors of Tsinghua University, the probability of being confused is very low. Therefore, if ordinary parents want not to be fooled by the poisonous chicken soup, the most important thing is to continuously improve their knowledge and improve their ability to distinguish. 

See less incitement Sexual self-media parenting articles, read more regular books

Parenting also requires science, and there are countless related books. Although every child is different, some parenting methods and guidelines are the same. Compared with some random fabrications in the media, the complete set of theories in professional books are more instructive for parents’ parenting. Therefore, everyone should read less provocative parenting articles, and should spend more energy to read professional books and learn useful knowledge and information from them. 

Childhood is the foundation of a child’s future development. Only when the foundation is firmly laid can the future building of life be built higher. Paying attention to childhood education is an cognition that every parent should have. In terms of specific practices, if you are not sure enough, then you should read more successful cases and get in touch with the opinions of professionals. In this way, you can improve your ability to distinguish poisonous chicken soup and improve your parenting level. At the same time, Your child can also get a better family education, which will be more helpful to his future development.

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