How long is the life span of the “tadpole”? Neglecting these precautions will only lead to “acid death” faster

How long is the life span of the “tadpole”? Neglecting these precautions will only lead to “acid death” more quickly

There are still some women who still don’t know how long the life span of the “tadpole” is. This refers to the fact that it enters women. After the body. 

First of all, we need to be clear that when the couple has the same room, the “tadpoles” enter the female’s body, and then they leave the “comfort zone” on which they live. 

We all know that the pH of “tadpoles” is about 7.2-8.0, which is weakly alkaline, while the pH of female reproductive parts is between 3.8-4.2, which is weakly acidic. 

Acid and alkali are incompatible, so when the “tadpoles” that have always lived in alkaline environments enter the acidic environment, they will definitely lose their vitality slowly, and they can survive for 2 to 3 days at most. 

“Little tadpoles “What will be done in the life span of 2~3 days?” 

1. They were killed by acid as soon as they entered the female body

Some “tadpoles” were relatively poor in activity and quality, so they were killed by acid once they entered the female body. This part of the “tadpoles” that were acid-killed may be excreted by women before long, or absorbed by women’s bodies. The so-called “turning into spring mud to protect flowers” is the same. 

2. Lost on the dark road

Compared with the less active “tadpoles”, some tadpoles with better quality, their survival time is relatively It is relatively long, so they will struggle to find an exit, only to match the egg. 

However, the female reproductive parts, especially the fallopian tubes, are no different from the “small tadpoles”, and it is easy to get lost. Some “tadpoles” get lost in this process, and some The “little tadpole” was not so active. After getting lost, he was sorely killed before he found the right direction. 

3. Try to pair with the egg

After the lucky “tadpoles” find the egg, they try to find the receptor and pair with it. You must know that finding an egg does not mean success. After all, not every one of the hundreds of millions of “tadpoles” can be paired with the recipient, and it is necessary to be lucky enough to have the opportunity to contact the recipient. 

When a “tadpole” is found to be unsuccessful after pairing, they will give up, and then wait to lose their activity slowly. The other “tadpoles” continue to rush to match until they succeed. 

Men neglect these Note that “little tadpoles” will only be “acid death” faster.

1. Smoke less

The components of cigarettes contain nicotine, and its activity on “tadpoles” will bring more Big impact. Especially for men who have been smoking habit for a long time, research has proved that the sperm quality of these men will be a little weaker than that of normal men. 

It is more important to note that the longer the smoking age and the more you smoke, it means that the more nicotine content in the body, the more the body is affected by nicotine. Therefore, “small tadpoles “It’s even harder to escape. 

After these “tadpoles” enter the female body, their activity will be lost relatively quickly. This is why it is not recommended for male friends to smoke regularly. 

2. Drink less alcohol.

Similarly, the composition of wine contains more alcohol, and it is easy to have a greater impact on the activity of “tadpoles”, even stronger than nicotine, and the effect The time is shorter, that is, it will have an impact in the short term. 

Maybe some male friends also have this feeling. After drinking or drinking a lot of alcohol for a long time, their own sexual function may be affected, but many men don’t recognize this problem. I don’t even know what it is. 

Therefore, as the saying goes, “Drinking pleasure, drinking too much hurts the body”, so be sure not to drink too much, nor to drink for a long time. This is also for your “small “Tadpoles” are for the sake of quality. 

3. Stay up late

In comparison, after staying up late, female friends can better feel the impact of staying up late on themselves, such as dark circles, acne, menstrual disorders, etc., while male friends are not only Except for the physical fatigue, most of the others don’t feel much. 

But in fact, if men often stay up late, the balance of the reproductive system will also be disrupted, which will affect the hormone system, so the quality of “tadpoles” will also be affected to a certain extent. 

Therefore, it is recommended that male friends fall asleep before 12 o’clock at the latest. If the self-control ability is strong enough, it is best to fall asleep before 11 o’clock, which is more beneficial for “tadpoles”. 

4. Don’t have sex too frequently

There are also some male friends who are too frequent in husband and wife behavior. As everyone knows, this behavior will also affect the quality of “tadpoles”. 

Because of too frequent husband and wife behavior, the growth and secretion of “tadpoles” lack a window period, which is detrimental to the perfection of their functions, so we must control the frequency of intercourse. 

Of course, in addition to the above aspects, male friends should also pay attention to their daily nutritional intake, which is also helpful to enhance the quality of “tadpoles”. Otherwise, when it is time to prepare for pregnancy, it is found that “the time is used to hate the night”, and it will take a lot of time to treat it. It would be better to start from the moment. When adolescent children encounter “parental life”, don’t panic to answer first, look at these standard answers

What should I do if my child encounters a couple’s sex life? I believe that many parents find it difficult to answer this question, and it is embarrassing to even think about it. 

But this is not a reason to escape, because if the problem is not solved, it will always exist. If the child has entered puberty, the parent’s escape will stimulate the child’s curiosity and bring him to his growth. It hurts a lot. 

There is a couple in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. They were bumped into by their son who was in the second year of junior high while having sex. 

The couple were ashamed to talk about it and assumed it had never happened. Later, when the son asked about it, they reprimanded his son for not doing his job properly and told him to focus on studying instead of other things. 

I thought it was going to be like this, but a few months later, the couple was suddenly told by the teacher that their son had fallen in love early at school, and the object was a female student in the same class. 

After receiving the news, the couple were dumbfounded. The son looked very honest, and because of his late development, he appeared very naive. He looked like a primary school student. How could he fall in love? 

But it happened. After talking with my son, I found out that it was after that incident that my son became curious about men and women. 

But his parents were always covering up, which made him more curious about it. Gradually, he couldn’t restrain the restlessness in his heart, so he got along with a girl in the class. 

Fortunately, it was discovered by the teacher in time, and the two had not crossed the line when they were discovered. After the education of the school and the parents, the two children were relieved, and their studies were not greatly affected. 

But this incident left a huge shadow on the couple. Thinking about it later, they regretted their escape behavior. 

In Western countries, most parents will provide sex education to their children, and schools and society will also have corresponding measures. 

But in China, parents seldom talk about sex with their children, thinking it is a shameful thing and not suitable for conversations between parents and children. 

Even if a child encounters an intercourse by chance, he can escape if he can. If it is impossible, he will make up a reason to deceive the child. 

But children are not fools, especially children nowadays. They have a wide range of information. Even if the parents don’t tell them, they already know what they should know. 

Adolescent children bump into “Parental life”? Take a look at these standard answers before answering

1. Tell your children that this is a normal behavior among adults

After being hit by a child unintentionally in sex, the first thing parents should do is to calm down as soon as possible, otherwise you Panic makes the child more curious. 

After calming down, you can try to tell your children that what you are doing is a normal behavior between adults and is necessary to maintain parental relationships. 

If the child still has strong curiosity after saying this, and continues to ask questions, it is time to put sex education on the table. 

2. Seize the opportunity to carry out sex education

It is sometimes not a bad thing to be hit by a child accidentally having sex, especially for adolescent children. 

This is a rare opportunity to provide him with sex education, because the most difficult initial embarrassment has been resolved, and parents can go directly to the subject. 

3. Tell the child that he is becoming mature

While giving sex education to the child, parents should also tell the child that he is becoming mature, there will be some changes in the body, and some reactions will also appear in the psychology. . 

With this understanding, children’s adolescence’s anxiety and anxiety will be greatly reduced, and their curiosity will be curbed, instead of trying to explore the mysteries in their own way. 

When it comes to children’s puberty, they have to fall in love early. This is also an enduring topic among Chinese parents. 

Although most parents still regard puberty love as a scourge, in fact, it does not necessarily affect the child’s learning and development, as long as it is handled properly, it can also play a positive role in the growth of the child. 

has sex Education. Puppy love will no longer be a thorny issue.

Accepting sex education can greatly reduce the child’s chances of having a puberty love.

Many parents are reluctant to talk about “sex” with their children, mainly because they are afraid that their children will know too much. Much will fall in love. In fact, on the contrary, only by meeting the child’s cognitive needs and dispelling his curiosity, will the child be less likely to fall in love with each other. 

So those parents who are too conservative are actually pushing their children to the brink of premature love step by step. The more you worry about some things, the easier it will happen. 

Puppy love that keeps the bottom line will not adversely affect the child

In fact, it is not necessarily a scourge in the eyes of parents. A beautiful school romance can bring great encouragement to the child and to him. On the contrary, the study is helpful. 

What parents have to do is to constantly remind their children, especially girls, to teach her to protect herself and remind her to keep the bottom line, so as to avoid a lot of harm. 

Actually, it’s a bit late to provide sex education to children in adolescence, but it’s at least better than doing nothing. 

I hope that parents can realize this and stop treating sex as a shameful topic. Instead, they should look for opportunities to communicate with their children. Only by letting the sun shine in will children’s hearts become healthier. It will be brighter.

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