How long does the baby need to sleep within one year of age? Meet this standard, not to mention that the child sleeps soundly, but also helps to grow up

How long does the baby need to sleep within one year of age? To meet this standard, if the child sleeps soundly, it also helps to grow up.

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The child is still young, so coaxing her to sleep is an unspeakable pain for Mom. You have to toss for a long time every time, repeating this action day after day. However, there are also such a group of children who have been considerate of their parents since they were young. 

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If the mother coaxes the child to sleep, she falls asleep first, and the child is quiet and does not disturb

Xiao Wu’s child is like this, it is not easy to sleep, but the child cries The degree is much better than other children. Some children cry and cry when their mother is asleep, until they wake up their mother and ask her to coax themselves to sleep. 

But Xiao Wu’s baby is not like this. It takes an hour to sleep the child. Because of her husband’s work, it is inevitable that she will be unable to take care of the family and children by herself. 

That was the case two days ago, After finishing all the housework, Xiao Wu began to coax the child to sleep, but the child was very active and refused to sleep. Xiao Wu himself was already very tired, so he coaxed himself to fall asleep. 

When the husband came back, he saw that the child was not asleep and his wife was already asleep, so he couldn’t help taking out his mobile phone to record such a beautiful moment. 

Although the child does not sleep, he is just playing obediently. He has no intention of waking up his mother. After Xiao Wu wakes up and sees the cute appearance of the child in the video, his heart is warm. 

In fact, the fact that children do not sleep is not intentional, but is determined by their physical development. After the child is born, he still maintains the habit of working in the mother’s stomach. It takes time to adapt to the sleep habits of the parents. 

Baby needs daily How long do you sleep? 

1, 0-3 months

At this stage, the child has just left the mother’s body and is still in the stage of adapting to the environment, including the distinction between day and night. Children usually need a lot of sleep time at this stage, but the sleep time is scattered. 

Usually a day’s sleep time is 14-20 hours, and a sleep time is about 1~3 hours. 

2 3-6 months

At this stage, the baby has begun to be able to distinguish between day and night, forming a certain sleep pattern, and each sleep time gradually increases. 

Usually a day’s sleep time is 13~15 hours, and the time has gradually been concentrated at night, the daytime sleep time is shortened, and each sleep time can last for 2~4 hours. 

3, 6-12 months

At this stage, the children’s distinction between day and night is becoming more and more obvious, the daytime waking time is getting longer and longer, corresponding to the night sleep time will be prolonged. 

Usually a day’s sleep time is 13 hours. When I go to bed at night, I basically don’t wake up suddenly, and a sleep time can last for 5~6 hours. 

To sum up, if the child’s daily sleep length meets the above criteria, then the quality of his sleep can be guaranteed, his sleep sounded, and it will help him grow longer. 

Especially when you sleep well at night, the secretion of growth hormone is strong, which plays a very good role in the baby’s height development. 

How to help children fall asleep correctly? 

In addition to the development of children’s sleep habits, the correct guidance of parents is also very important. It is mainly divided into five parts:

A. Parents should take the initiative Be a good example

In the process of children’s sleep development, the behavior of parents has a profound impact on children. 

Usually the time when a child sleeps is closely related to the time when the parent sleeps. If the parent sleeps late, the child will also sleep later. Especially for some office workers’ parents, the child is very late during the day. It’s hard to get along with my parents. I definitely want to stick to my parents at night. 

So when parents take their children to sleep, they must help their children develop good sleeping habits, go to bed early and get up early. 

B. Cultivating sleep habits from an early age

Many parents feel that their children are young and often do not deliberately ask for their children’s sleep habits, thinking that they will naturally develop regular sleep when they grow up. 

In fact, this is not the case. The habit of childhood is easy to form, but it is difficult to correct. Therefore, parents should start from an early age when correcting their children’s sleep. 

C. Don’t go to bed immediately after eating.

The child’s digestive system is not perfect. Sleeping after a meal will cause the child to have indigestion reactions. At the same time, after eating a full meal, the child’s stomach is in a more active state, sleep will be affected, and the child cannot sleep for a long time. 

D. Keep calm before going to bed The state of

Many children play some more exciting games or do a lot of exercise before going to bed. When they are about to go to bed, their body is still in a relatively active state and it is not easy to go to sleep. 

E. Don’t yell at them

Many mothers tend to lose patience when coaxing their babies to sleep and yell at them. However, in fact, this method will make the children fall into fear, not only It will affect his sleep and even damage his mental health.  There are usually these types of children after being scolded Response, if it is the first type, it is often very promising in the future

Raising a child knows the kindness of parents, and only after being a parent can you know how difficult it is to raise a child. 

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Every parent hopes that their children will be able to make a difference in the future Therefore, it is not easy to cultivate a good baby. If the discipline is too strict, it will be detrimental to their physical and mental development. If the discipline is too loose, they worry that it will be difficult for the child to achieve something in the future. 

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Xiaopeng is a clever and stubborn child. As long as he is aware of things, he will generally stick to it. 

When he was a child, if he really made a mistake, he would not say a word when faced with the scolding of his parents; but when there is a valid case, he would not choose to be silent, but would refute Mom and Dad even asked their parents to apologize to themselves. 

When applying for the college entrance examination, his parents felt that the business administration major was very popular, so he asked Xiaopeng to study this major, but he insisted on choosing the design major he liked. After graduation, after a few years of experience, I opened my own studio, gained a firm foothold in the big city, and started my own entrepreneurial career. 

Although the child was disobedient at the beginning and caused a headache to the parents, they are still very happy to see that their son’s hard work has paid off. 

In real life, you will encounter many children like Xiaopeng who will resist when facing the scolding of parents. In fact, this is closely related to the character of the child. When parents are angry, they should use rationality. To look at this issue with a different mentality, it does not necessarily mean that it is not good to resist. It is good to be obedient and silent. 

Whether the child is silent or rebellious after being scolded, there are hidden personality traits.

1. Children who choose to rebel

This type of child shows that, from the perspective of the above, they are due to their parents quarreling or talking back , Which shows that although the baby’s heart is dissatisfied with the scolding of parents, but still believes in their parents. 

In order to prove that you are right, or to fight for your own rights, you will choose to confront your parents and hope to get your parents’ understanding and approval in this process. 

In fact, they are more stubborn, have their own unique views on things and have the courage to insist on their own opinions, and are unwilling to submit to the authority of their parents. 

Although this kind of children make their parents a headache when they resist, parents should be happy. This kind of parent-child interaction is benign. Even if there is resistance, it is only temporary. Once it passes, The relationship between each other will be closer. 

In addition, this type of child is not easily affected by negative emotions, and will never get bored with anything. It is a cheerful personality, dare to speak and dare to do, and the way of thinking and behavior They are more active, so they generally do not make any excessive psychological reactions. Such children tend to be more independent and more prosperous in the future. 

2. Children who choose to be silent

When facing the discipline of their parents, children of this type always say nothing and choose to be silent. They are not without their own thoughts in their hearts. I don’t want to resist, I just don’t want to resist. 

In fact, most of the children’s hope of reluctance to resist is because of their low self-esteem, because they are not confident in themselves and feel that even if they resist, it is unnecessary. 

In the end, they can only bury this negative emotion in their hearts, making the children more and more inferior and depressed. 

3. Children who choose to beg for mercy

Some children choose to beg for mercy when facing the scolding of their parents. This is most likely because their parents usually make mistakes. He often beats and scolds too hard, and the baby chooses this method because he is afraid of being beaten again. 

It shows that when children make mistakes, they only know how to cry and beg for mercy. They seem a little smart, but in fact, their hearts have been broken. Not only are they disappointed with their parents, but they also have fear. 

Children of this type will become weaker and more prone to extremes when exposed to strong stress for a long time, which will be detrimental to the baby’s physical and mental development. 

Sister Fortunately, I suggest: When facing rebellious children, parents should carefully listen to their opinions, and discover the true thoughts of the baby in patient communication. When educating, pay attention to persuade others with reason. , Do a good job of guiding, make them easier to accept criticism and education. 

For silent children, parents should usually care more about their children, get close to them, help the children eliminate conflicts, and slowly cultivate their children’s self-confidence so that they can be positive. In addition, when criticizing, try to control your emotions and guide them calmly and patiently. 

For begging children, when they make mistakes, parents should not lose their temper and scold the baby in a hurry, but should calmly follow them to analyze the pros and cons behind the incident, so that the baby truly understands where he is wrong and how to correct it in the future treat. 

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