How long can I avoid “confinement sickness” after confinement? The doctor gave the standard, not the 42nd day

How long can I avoid “confinement sickness” after confinement? The doctor gave a standard, not the 42nd day

How long can I avoid “confinement sickness” after confinement? The doctor gave the standard, not the 42nd day

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Pregnant mother is in confinement At that time, the most fearful thing is to fall into the “confinement sickness”. However, during the confinement period, many mothers are uncomfortable, and it is difficult to judge whether they are suffering from confinement disease at this time. 

In the end, finish the confinement How long does it take for the body to have confinement sickness? 

Now Bao Ma knows that the length of confinement has been changed to 42 days instead of one month for the older generation. Does that mean that on the 42nd day after sitting in the confinement, if there is no discomfort in the body, it means that the confinement is completed? 

In fact, it is not. The doctor said that Baoma’s confinement conditions are different and physical fitness is also different, which will cause their confinement disease “incubation period” to vary in length. 

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Some mothers may feel unwell after one or two weeks of confinement, and have not improved for decades; some mothers may have been sitting for one or two months There was confinement sickness, and some Bao Ma only appeared when she was older. 

Therefore, the doctor said that, generally speaking, if Bao’s mother’s confinement disease is usually in the third month after delivery, if their body is unwell at this time, it may be that the mother’s confinement disease is falling. . 

If Bao Ma is still healthy at this time, it means that she is sitting well in confinement and can escape “confinement sickness”. 

Baoma How to judge whether you have a “confinement sickness”? 

▶ Are there any gynecological problems? 

Confinement is mainly to restore Baoma’s uterus and other parts. Therefore, if you do not sit well, the most likely reason is that there are problems in these parts, such as infection with bacteria, cold, weakened immunity, etc. Wait. 

So after three months, problems such as abdominal pain and abnormal discharge appeared. At this time, Bao Ma pays attention to go to the hospital for a check-up, so as not to delay treatment. 

▶ Is your body painful? 

During pregnancy, because the fetus and uterus will continue to grow, it will squeeze Baoma’s internal organs, waist muscles, and pelvic bones. 

If during the month, The muscles and bones of these parts are not fully recovered, and body pain is prone to occur. 

Furthermore, pregnant mothers during the confinement period have weaker body immunity and are very afraid of blowing and cold. If the important bones of the body are not warmed, the body may be painful as soon as the blow is blown. problem. 

▶ How is your mental condition? 

In addition to the physical symptoms of “confinement sickness”, mental problems may also occur. If you have trouble with your family during the confinement period, you will not have enough sleep or rest. 

Baoma is prone to lack of energy, fatigue, and even postpartum depression. 

Long-term depression, but It may cause harm to the body. 

Baoma usually For these reasons, what about “confinement sickness”? 

▶ Not paying attention to keeping warm

This should be something that all mothers will know. Blowing cold wind or touching ice water when the immune system is weak and the body is weak is very Easy to get sick. 

After the cold invades the joints and bones, it is easy to leave the body with future problems. This is why some mothers do not have confinement disease for 3 months after giving birth, and when they are a little older, their physical fitness It drops rapidly. 

▶ Don’t get along well with family members

Baoma, who is emotionally unstable after childbirth, is vulnerable to psychological harm and may have thoughts if she doesn’t get along well with her relatives. change. 

We will Because of a single problem, depression, tension, anger, etc., and emotional problems can cause more damage to the body. 

▶ Can’t get enough rest and help

When people continue to lack sleep, tired, and stressed, depression is prone to For endocrine reasons, postpartum depression is prone to occur. 

In addition, there is not enough rest and the help of family members, the physical recovery will not be possible, and the possibility of mental damage is very high. 

▶ The ambient temperature is too high

In addition to not paying attention to keeping warm, too high ambient temperature can easily cause damage to Baoma. When the surrounding temperature is relatively high, more bacteria will be produced in Baoma’s clothes and secretions. 

At this time, if the mother Infected wounds can cause very serious gynecological problems. 

Especially when the summer is hot, pregnant mothers who are lying in bed without turning on the air conditioner are at risk of heatstroke and may have more serious problems. 

Therefore, it is important to keep the ambient temperature comfortable and suitable. 


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Parents have average IQ. If you want to improve your children’s intelligence, you must seize these “secondary development” opportunities.

“Genius is 1% talent and 99% sweat.”

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The emergence of all kinds of talented babies has filled ordinary parents with envy. Some parents think that they are born with high IQ and cannot be compared; but some parents do Understand that secondary development is very important. 

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Parents have their own unique tricks to make their children “backwind”

Many parents are struggling to make their children win at the starting line, starting from pregnancy , It has already increased the schedule for improving children’s IQ. 

Many parents have a deep understanding of this:

“It is said that prenatal education plays a very important role in children, because I have always liked piano, but I didn’t have the opportunity to learn it when I was young. Growing up and lacking energy, so I listened to various piano music every day during pregnancy, hoping that the baby could fall in love with the piano and improve his intelligence. Now the baby is about to give birth, and I almost vomit.”

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“When the child was a few months old, I always took my child on the road In various early education institutions, I hope he can be smarter. After all, his dad and I are not geniuses, but I still want to cultivate a genius. Running around every day is really tired and dizzy. I hope it will be effective for the children. “

“From school to the present, all kinds of training classes, specialty classes, and interest classes have not been left behind. For fear of falling behind, the children sometimes cry, saying that they are too tired and don’t want to learn anymore, but I still believe that opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. People with high IQ must bear more, and children will definitely be better in the future.”


I believe many parents have done these behaviors. The ardent hope of all parents, then what factors affect the child’s IQ? 

Factors that affect children’s IQ

▲Genetic factors

Speaking of factors that affect children’s IQ, genetics is definitely an important part. Studies have shown that children’s 40% of IQ is related to the IQ of the parents. 

This shows that parents’ IQ does have a certain relationship with children’s IQ, but at the same time, it also shows that the impact of acquired environment on human IQ is far greater than the genetic part, so doing a good job of secondary development can improve Children’s intelligence is especially important. 

▲Acquired factors

Children’s intelligence will be greatly developed in the acquired environment. Studies have found that the children of the rich usually achieve more than 75% of the acquired intellectual development, while the poor can only reach 30%. This is why there is “It’s hard to get a good son in a poor family”. 

Because generally rich families have richer material life and will spend more energy on children’s learning, children’s learning resources are richer and more diversified, so they can naturally develop better; while poor people will Being busy with livelihood, paying less attention to children’s education and growth, children can get fewer resources, and naturally they will be slightly behind in intellectual development. 

Parents have average IQ, make good use of these times” Opportunities for secondary development of “children’s intelligence”

1) “Secondary development” in daily communication

Many surveys show that families with higher education levels generally pay more attention to Communicate with children. In the process of communication, children’s “language library” is enriched, and their intelligence will be more developed. 

The main reason is that parents will speak more vocabulary in the process of communicating with their children. When children receive and understand these vocabulary, they naturally need brain operations to help memorize them. The brain is naturally exercised, and intelligence will also be developed. 

2) Improving children’s concentration “Secondary development” in the process of strength

As an indispensable ability for everyone, concentration is the basis for success in doing things. Generally, the stronger the concentration, the better the child’s brain is in terms of thinking ability. The stronger the thinking, the more active the brain will be. 

3) “Secondary development” in reading

Reading ability is a basic ability. Many people think that reading ability means being able to see, but this is not the case. Real reading ability Can understand, understand, and feel. 

When a child is reading, he will think at the same time, and the act of thinking is a display of intelligence in itself. Therefore, the child’s reading ability is improved, then he will fall in love with reading, and his intelligence is also It was developed on this basis. 

4) In the company” “Secondary development”

I have said it many times. The children’s early abilities, including language, movements, and behaviors, are all acquired through the imitation of their parents, and then they gradually become themselves in the exercises again and again. Ability. 

In the process of accompanying the child, the mother can play some appropriate games with the child, such as jigsaw puzzles. When the child plays such games, the brain of the body runs at the same time. In the process of gradual balance and coordination, Intelligence will also be better developed. Return to Sohu to see more

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