How is the fetus wrapped around the neck by the umbilical cord? It is mostly related to the bad habits of pregnant mothers, so quickly change them

How is the fetus wrapped around the neck by the umbilical cord? It is mostly related to the bad habits of pregnant mothers, so quickly change them

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According to statistics, the proportion of caesarean section in China occupies the forefront of the world, and some of them may be a last resort. For example, if the umbilical cord wraps around the neck, it is too risky to force a straight delivery. High, had to be cut. 

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Since her pregnancy, Lily has undergone a normal pregnancy check-up. She is about to arrive at the expected date of delivery. She is ready to wait for the fetus to start. She thought she would be able to give birth safely. 

At the last check-up before the expected date of delivery, the B-ultrasound found that the fetus in the belly had “umbilical cord around the neck”, and it was necessary to perform a caesarean section in time. If it is delayed, not only will the baby be suffocated , It may also threaten Lily’s life safety. 

Lily entered the operating room in time, and finally through the caesarean section, the mother and child are healthy, but the plan she wanted for the smooth delivery has not been realized. After all, Lili thinks that the baby born smoothly will be healthier and smarter. , For this she was depressed for a long time. 

According to investigations and studies, the probability that the umbilical cord wraps around the neck is 20%~25%. 

In addition to the long umbilical cord and excessive amniotic fluid, the reasons that cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the neck are also closely related to some habits of pregnant mothers, especially in the third trimester. 

In fact, the high incidence of umbilical cord around the neck is between 5 months of pregnancy and 8 months of pregnancy. The specific reasons are as follows:

Before 4 months of pregnancy, the fetus is small, although it is already basic It is formed and can move freely in the uterus, but the amount of activity is less, and the possibility of umbilical cord around the neck is less;

After 8 months of pregnancy, the size of the fetus is larger, which almost fills the entire uterus, and the space for movement is small, then it will happen The probability of the umbilical cord around the neck will be reduced to a certain extent;

At 5 to 8 months of pregnancy, it is the rapid stage of fetal growth and development. The baby’s bones, weight, strength, etc. In the enhancement, the space for activities is also larger at this time, so when the activities are not restricted, when they are playing, they are likely to play with the umbilical cord around and enter the situation. 

Mother-to-be Several bad habits can easily lead to the appearance of the umbilical cord around the neck

1. Frequent sleeping position changes

After entering the third trimester, the size of the fetus becomes very large, which is a burden on the body for pregnant mothers. It will aggravate, which invisibly easily affects the quality of sleep. 

Therefore, pregnant women are likely to constantly change their sleeping positions to find a suitable and comfortable posture to sleep. But when the expectant mother is going to sleep over and over again, the fetus in the abdomen will also feel that her mother is anxious. Emotions will increase their own movement and induce the umbilical cord to wrap around the neck. 

2. Get used to stroking the belly

In the third trimester, the fetal movement felt by pregnant mothers will be more intense, which makes many expectant mothers want to interact and communicate with their babies, so they are likely to be Make the act of stroking the abdomen. 

This is because frequent stroking of the abdomen is likely to cause frequent fetal movement, which to a certain extent will increase the chance of the umbilical cord around the neck. 

3. Get used to eating too salty food

Some pregnant women feel that there is no taste in their mouths during pregnancy. They will eat sour or salty foods, but if the expectant mothers Too much salty food can easily lead to excessive sodium ion content in the body, which can cause edema or excessive amniotic fluid. 

Excessive amniotic fluid will increase the space for fetal activity and increase the activity of the fetus, which is likely to increase the chance of the umbilical cord around the neck. 

For the above three bad habits, it is best for pregnant mothers to change them as soon as possible, so as not to really threaten themselves and their babies. 

How about pregnant mother What can be done to keep the fetus away from the umbilical cord around the neck? 

1. On-time check-ups

Pregnant mothers will have timely check-ups during pregnancy, which not only helps pregnant mothers to know the growth and development of the fetus in time, but also can quickly make them in case of bad conditions. Measures to remedy. 

Among them, the fetal umbilical cord around the neck can be understood through B-ultrasound during pregnancy, and the winding position. 

2. Monitoring fetal movement

Under normal circumstances, the pregnant mother can feel the fetal movement at around 19 weeks of gestation, but it is not regular at that time, and it will become regular after 28 weeks of gestation. 

At this time, mothers-to-be can monitor fetal movements at a fixed time every day, 3 to 5 times per hour, and the number of fetal movements in 12 hours is about 30 to 40, which means that the baby is normal. 

If the fetal movement is less than 10 times in 2 hours, or if it suddenly weakens or even stops after frequent fetal movement, you need to beware of the severe umbilical cord around the neck, leading to hypoxia of the fetus, and you need to rush to the hospital in time treatment. 

3. Maintain a healthy state and avoid stimulating the fetus

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should keep themselves in a healthy state, such as a normal life and rest, healthy diet, and a good mood, etc., so that the fetus Maintain a good condition, normal growth and development. 

If the pregnant mother is in a bad mood and mood swings, it will easily cause the hormones in the body to change, which will cause a kind of stimulation to the fetus, feel very uncomfortable, move around, this will be invisible Increase the probability of the umbilical cord around the neck. 

Umbilical cord around the neck Is it necessary to have a cesarean section? 

Not necessarily. 

If the number of umbilical cords around the neck is less than 1 week, the fetus can go around by itself during the movement; in the case of 2 weeks around the neck, some interventions can be used to help the fetus go around. 

But if the umbilical cord wraps around the neck for 3 weeks or more, then it is likely to cause hypoxia of the fetus and threaten life safety. It is necessary to promptly terminate the pregnancy by means of caesarean section. Return to Sohu to see more

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“Raising children should avoid four, and adopting daughters should avoid three “, some “shortcomings” of the baby’s childhood, make them better

“Raising children avoid four, adopting a daughter to avoid three”, some “shortcomings” of the baby’s childhood, make them better


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When parents are educating their children, it is easy to follow the trend or repeat the wrong ways of their elders , So there are often situations like this:

“Obviously my child has been very good and obedient since he was a child, why did he become rebellious after he grew up?”


“Children were smart when they were young, but how come they grow up to be mediocre?”

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The reason for this problem is very big This is because when parents are educating their children, they are too much to let their children be the same as other children, and regard some of their advantages as “disadvantages.” 

In fact, many children have been living In contradiction

“I am a boy. I have been interested in clothing design since I was a child. When I grow up I want to move in that direction, but my parents often say that I am’mother’ I’m embarrassed, now I have no direction in life, I don’t know what to do?”

“I am a girl who likes to be lively and adventurous, but now I have become timid And hypocritical character, I always feel that my parents asked me to learn from my quiet sister next door since I was a child, and now I can’t do anything. I’m so gentle and unrestrained.”

Children’s adolescence is relatively short, compared to Let them always spend time questioning themselves, parents might as well let them be their true selves and spend their good time in learning and progress. 

Therefore, in the process of educating children, parents should also avoid the common mistakes they often make, and do: “Raise children avoid four, adopt daughters to avoid three.”

Four taboos for raising boys

▶ No Boys are allowed to cry

One thing the older generations often like to say to boys is: “Men have tears and don’t flick them lightly.”

But tearing is normal Physiological phenomenon is the body’s protection of oneself. Studies have shown that tearing when you are depressed can secrete substances that make you happy and prevent physical injury. 

So, Parents should tell boys that they also have the right to cry, but in addition to crying, they should also exercise their ability to solve problems. 

▶ I think boys must be brave

Everyone has something to fear. Parents keeping boys brave may increase their inner pressure, and there may be a chance to cultivate a preference for discrimination Other people’s children. 

For example, when they find that other boys are not brave, they will laugh and bully. 

True bravery is the opposite of cowardice. Rather than being brave, you should learn to take responsibility. 

▶ Indulge boys

Boys’ emotions are generally impulsive and irritable. Parents should not blindly spoil and condone any of their requirements, so as not to develop boys selfish, irritable, and unable to The character that controls one’s emotions. 

let them know themselves correctly It is more important to vent your emotions reasonably. 

▶ I think boys do not need to do housework

Some families believe that boys do not need to do housework, as long as they have good academic performance and a high income in the future. But it is also easy to cultivate boys who are disrespectful, machismo, grumpy, and irresponsible. 

Housework is shared by every family member, and one person cannot be required to do it. 

Raising a girl needs to avoid three This kind of education method

▶ We can’t only enrich girls with material enrichment

Although the education method of enriching girls has some truth, we can’t only enrich them materially. For example, spend more than half of household income to buy brand-name products for children. 

May develop a child’s character that likes to compare. 

Compared to material satisfaction Children, it is better to enrich them in education. 

▶ I think girls must be well-behaved and sensible

The opposite of boys who should be masculine is that girls must be well-behaved and sensible. At the same time, this may suppress the child’s original character, or train the child into a cowardly person who dare not resist. 

But also be careful not to be too strong, otherwise it will become bullying and afraid of hardship. 

▶ Girls have to take care of all the housework

Families who think that boys don’t need to do housework always feel that girls should learn housework and marry better in the future. 

This can be learned from Jia Ling’s mother. Rather than cultivating daughters’ housework abilities, they should cultivate their professional skills and means of earning a living. 

Furthermore, educating daughters with this kind of ideology can easily make them form a pleasing personality, and they may be wronged in marriage and love in the future. 


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