How is life in a family without the elderly to help with their own children? 3 mothers tell their own experiences

How is life in a family without the elderly to help with their own children? Three mothers told their own experiences

Bringing a baby is a hard job. Since the birth of the little guy, the mother needs to raise the spirit and focus all of her attention on the baby. Every aspect of life should be cared about, from food, clothing, shelter, transportation to food, drink, and Lhasa. 

But now the cost of raising a child is very high, so after giving birth, more mothers will choose to entrust the baby to the elderly at home to take care of them, and then return to work by themselves. In this way, Bao Ma can continue to earn better living conditions for the child, and the quality of life of the baby can also be guaranteed. 

However, every family is hard to read According to the experience, not all elders can help to take care of their children. So what are the lives of those families who choose to bring their own children without the help of the elderly? The following three mothers shared their experiences. 

Bao’s mother smiled: Obviously I only gave birth to one child, but there are like two babies at home.

My parents-in-law and mother-in-law are not in good health. When the baby was born, she rubbed her eyes and complained to me that she could not stay up My mother was far away, so I chose to bring the baby on my own impulse. 

Unexpectedly, the road to bring a baby is much harder than imagined. My husband does not know how to do housework, does not know how to wash clothes, does not know how to cook, and even the soy sauce bottle is poured. Will help. 

So after the confinement, I also I can only cover all the housework. Take care of the children every day, but also wash diapers, clean up, and cook…every day take care of the small one, but also take care of the big one, and feed the small one and cook a delicious meal for the big one. . Sometimes I feel that I have given birth to one child, but I have to take care of two babies, which is really exhausting both physically and mentally. 

Baoma Sixia: Although I have worked hard as a full-time mother, it is also very gratifying to watch the children grow up a little bit.

My husband is a single-parent family. His mother passed away when he was very young. I gave birth to the child. After that, I wanted to ask my mother who was far away in my hometown to help, but the old man’s health was not good, so after careful consideration, I finally decided to quit my job and go home to be a full-time mother. Fortunately, my husband supported me more and took the initiative to take on part of the housework. 

After I became a full-time mother, It’s not easy to truly understand being a mother. I don’t talk about it every day. Even if the little guy sneezes, I can’t help but get on my feet. Fortunately, after a period of turmoil, I finally got on the right track and found it. Own rhythm. 

The baby is getting smarter and smarter under my care. Looking at the baby’s growth day by day, I feel that all the hard work has been rewarded, and I feel very comforted in my heart. 

Baoma Atao: I rush to home and school every day. I only hope that my children can grow up quickly.

My child is now in elementary school. I have a fixed schedule every day. I get up at 5:30 in the morning. The whole family cooks breakfast and then cleans the room. After the child has eaten, I will send the child to school, then go to the vegetable market to buy food, go home to clean, wash clothes, and make lunch. 

After lunch, I’ll give it to the child For lunch, you have to prepare dinner in the evening, pick up your children from school, go to tutoring classes, go home after dinner and help them with homework…

In my opinion, everyday life is running around school and Between families, it goes back and forth, and I want to say that my biggest wish is probably to hope that my children can grow up quickly, and I can also go out to work to help my husband share the pressure. 

From the narration of the mothers above, it is not difficult to see that there are both advantages and disadvantages in bringing a baby by yourself. Some mothers enjoy this kind of life and hope to witness the growth of their children every step of the way, while some mothers For various reasons, I want to get rid of such a boring life, so the good times and bad times when I bring my own baby is also a matter of the benevolent and the wise. 

Whether you want to bring your own baby depends on your own situation Considering

Many scholars believe that parents who bring their own babies can not only promote parent-child relationship and build a sense of security for their children, but also cultivate their children’s independent and healthy personality. However, with the increasing pressure in life nowadays, it is obviously difficult for a person to take care of a baby alone to support a family. 

First of all, from the perspective of the breadwinner, the economic needs of a family of three or four increase, and one person makes money for three or four people. The quality of life in the family must not be guaranteed. 

Secondly, for the party with a baby, When a person has to take care of a baby and do housework, there is a lot of physical and energy pressure, and sometimes even unable to do well. There is a situation where the baby can’t do the housework or do the housework well. At this time, if there are elderly people to help, whether it is financial support or physical support, they can share part of the pressure. 

So in the matter of bringing a baby, how to choose, parents must weigh the pros and cons before deciding. “Easy to recognize twins” is on fire. The hair volume follows the father and the mother. It is super easy to distinguish

When it comes to twin babies, many people’s first impression is that they look like they are looking in a mirror. For children, especially when they are young, it is difficult for strangers to accurately tell who is the eldest and who is the second. 

Even parents, at the beginning, they may be distinguished by some small differences, or simply use the color of the clothes to distinguish two children. 

Of course, there are some twins that are easier to recognize in life, such as the two babies below. 

“Good identification twins” accidentally went viral, depending on the volume of hair It’s easy to distinguish

There are such “recognizable” twin babies on the Internet, and when everyone read the photos of twin babies posted by Bao’s mother, many netizens sighed and said: “This is a parent’s It’s too eccentric!”

It turns out that although the two children are both female treasures, their hairs are obviously different. One baby’s hair is very thick, and both have pigtails, but The other baby has little hair but is a bit pitiful. And this is why the little guy wears the same clothes, but everyone can distinguish two people at a glance. 

Some netizens speculate that it may be that A baby with sparse hair was cut by his mother before, so this happened, but this is not the case. 

According to the child’s mother, the hair volume of the twins follows the father and the mother, so it’s super easy to distinguish them.

In addition, there are also careful Netizens found that this child with thick hair has larger eyes than another baby. I have to say that heredity is really amazing, but more people will be curious, how can this happen to twins? 

They are twins, why are there differences? 

In fact, most of the twins are similar in appearance, but there are some obvious differences in individual children. In fact, it is mainly due to these several reasons. 

Different inherited genes

Innate genetic factors are random and unchangeable, so there will be some differences between twins. 

For example, one child may inherit more fathers, with a tall nose but smaller eyes, while another child may inherit more mothers. Although there are double eyelids, the bridge of the nose will collapse. These slight differences Will make a difference in children. 

Different personalities and dressing styles

Although they are twins , But as the child continues to grow, there will be certain differences in personality. For example, one child may be more introverted, while the other child will be relatively lively. 

Due to the different personality, the dressing style will also be different. For example, some children like to be a little bit ostentatious, while another child may dress in a simpler style, and the aesthetics of the two parties are also very different. 

The career direction of the future is different.

The twins grow up The environment is similar, but they still have their own preferences and ideals, which makes them all different in their future work and life. 

For example, some may like smoother work, while others like challenging work. This is where the twins make a difference. 

For this, parents need to carefully understand each According to the ideas of each child, choose the future career direction according to their different personalities and likes, and make a suitable plan for them to help the children succeed, so that the children will be more outstanding and outstanding. 

In fact, the key word for twins’ education is “teach students in accordance with their aptitude”

In the eyes of many parents, twins mean the same looks, the same personalities, and even the same clothes, but as mentioned above, each child They should be independent individuals, not vassals of their own brothers and sisters, they have their own thoughts and concepts. 

In the later education, parents should not think As a matter of course, twins adopt the same method of education. In fact, there are certain differences between them, so the education method of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude is the most appropriate. 

According to the specific characteristics of the child, determine the way parents get along with them and the direction of guidance, so as to give the child a better growth environment and future. 

I hope that every pair of twins can grow up happily under the care of their parents.

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