How important is “music enlightenment”? Expert: Children who learn music are smarter

How important is “music enlightenment”? Expert: Children who learn music are smarter

Now “Music Enlightenment” has long been known by many parents, especially when parents want to carry out prenatal education, the best choice is music. 

Many parents will also find that basically every child is very interested in music, no matter what type of music, as long as the melody sounds, the child will immediately dance. 

According to relevant surveys, those who study music Of children will be smarter than their peers. This cleverness is not limited to learning. Long-term music learning can improve children’s abilities in all aspects, whether it is intelligence or temperament. 

Don’t know what to do with your baby at home? Why not consider music enlightenment

The children’s winter vacation is coming again soon. I believe most parents have already arranged cram schools and interest classes for their children. But when these extracurricular classes are not arranged, parents usually let their children play at home. 

In fact, this period of time can be used by parents. Instead of letting the child watch cartoons or play games at home, it is better to give him a musical enlightenment. 

When it comes to music enlightenment, parents may I’m a little embarrassed, because I haven’t learned this knowledge, how can I teach my children? The so-called musical enlightenment is far less difficult than parents imagine. Even if you just sing a nursery rhyme with your child, you can be regarded as completing the enlightenment. 

What changes can music enlightenment bring to children? 

It allows children’s brains to develop quickly

According to surveys, music can improve people’s ability to transform abstraction into concreteness. With long-term exposure to music, people’s brains will be more active and their central nervous system will also be more active. Be improved. And in the process of transforming the two images, the children’s imagination and creativity can be improved accordingly. 

It can make children’s expressive ability stronger

When children are young, they have a very high sensitivity to sounds. At this time, their hearing is developing. If the cooperation is appropriate Musical enlightenment can quickly improve the child’s hearing acuity. 

At the same time, the child’s expressive ability will be exercised accordingly, because when the child has not learned to speak, They need to pave the way for themselves to speak by listening to the people around them, or listening to music. 

So, as long as the parents choose the right music and let the child listen to it for a period of time every day, it is good for the child’s hearing and expression skills. 

Improve children’s learning ability

A professor from a foreign university conducted a research on this issue. He found that those children who have received high-quality music education have Ability is higher than peers. 

It can be seen that music not only improves children’s listening or expression skills, but also allows children to have the ability to surpass their peers in learning. 

Don’t know how to perform music enlightenment? 

First of all, parents should substitute music into their lives. Some parents always think that music enlightenment is a very formal thing, so they will devote a period of time every day to specifically let their children listen to music, but such a deliberate approach may backfire and make children a little bit resistant to music. 

What parents should do is to substitute music into In life, for example, a family can play some soft music when they eat, and when they wake up in the morning, they can play some lively music when they wash. This will not be overly deliberate, and it will also make the child feel like he is enjoying music. 

Secondly, let the children touch some musical instruments. The entry requirement of music is extremely low, because it is very inclusive. As long as a child plays a sound while holding a musical instrument, it can be called music. 

So parents can buy some simple, entry-level musical instruments for their children, so that children can try to play nice melodies by themselves, which can increase their children’s interest in music. 

During this process, parents can check Use related tutorials to guide your children so that if you study musical instruments with your children, the parent-child relationship will become more harmonious before you know it. 

Finally, parents should also keep interest in music. When children are young, what they like to do most is to imitate the behavior of their parents. When they see what their parents do, they will quietly imitate them later. If they see their parents indulging in the world of music, they will naturally also be interested in music. Full of curiosity. 

Usually parents can put more music at home, of course, parents should control the type of music and the time when listening to music. Many parents will take their children to listen to music with a heavier sense of rhythm, such as rock music. However, for children, they cannot feel any emotions from this kind of music. Their only feeling is that it is too noisy. . 

Although music enlightenment can bring many benefits to children, parents should not spend all their time on it. The benefits that music can bring to children are always the icing on the cake. Parents should not neglect other aspects of their children’s education in order to make music enlightenment have a better effect. On the kindergarten open day, Bao Ma complained that the teacher gave the children less food. The principal: It’s not stingy.

Nowadays, parents are willing to invest in their children in education, and in order to let their children have Better teachers, parents are also trying all kinds of ways. 

Not only must the school district room at home be arranged in advance, the kindergarten, as the first step for the little guys to enter the collective society, is also not sloppy. It is not only expensive but the right choice. 

After all, in the eyes of many parents, high tuition is almost equivalent to good teaching, good environment, and good food, but is this really the case? 

The kindergarten held an open day event, and the teacher told the child about it We have less food.

When Xiao Zhang chooses a kindergarten for his children, it can be said that Zhang is very painstaking. In order for the children to have a good learning and living environment, he finally chooses a bilingual kindergarten with a middle-level tuition. 

Once a kindergarten held an open day event, Xiao Zhang also rushed to the kindergarten early. After watching the children in class and playing games, Xiao Zhang was secretly happy and felt that he had chosen the right kindergarten, because the teachers here are not only liked by the students but also very patient. She thinks her son will definitely have it here. A happy childhood. 

But when it’s lunch time, Xiao Zhang When the children’s meals began to frown slightly, because although the kindergarten made a lot of dishes, but the amount was really too small, and Xiao Zhang found that not only she, but many mothers were secretly complaining about the teacher. There are too few meals for the children. 

Later, when the activity was about to end, several parents in the class said that their children’s meals cost 25 yuan a day. However, it seems that the amount of meals provided by the kindergarten does not match the price. After listening for a long time, he said helplessly: “This is really not our kindergarten stingy. It is mainly for the sake of the children!”

Although kindergarten teachers also have their own difficulties, in fact, in life, Ming Li There are quite a few parents who secretly complained about the kindergarten’s “stingy”. 

@一叶知秋: My children’s kindergarten also compares Stingy, sending things to the children at a time, just in time for them to send fruits, and as a result, a banana was cut into several sections, and the oranges were only divided into three slices, which was so pitiful. 

@可乐: The kindergarten meals cost a lot, but I don’t understand why the amount of food is very small, which is so much worse than at home. 

In fact, in many kindergartens, it often happens that a banana is divided into three pieces, and an orange is divided into three pieces. However, behind this seemingly “stingy”, the teachers’ good intentions are also hidden. . 

Why does kindergarten always seem to be “mean”? 

The small amount of meals in the kindergarten is actually not because the teacher is too stingy. Parents still know these 4 reasons. 

1) Prevent children from being overly picky eaters

Children may be picky eaters at home, so in kindergarten, the teacher’s serving size is smaller, which is to prevent children from eating too much food on the plate. Too many meals and picky eaters. 

In this way, children will not eat one of the dishes because they love to eat one of the dishes, or eat very little of the other food, instead, each one will be less, so that the children will have a more balanced exposure . 

2) Let children try to taste as much as possible Foods

Children’s appetites are relatively small, so the kindergarten reduces the size of each serving, so that the children can eat more kinds of food, so as to promote the child’s development. 

3) Children themselves are more suitable for “eating smaller meals and more meals”

Children’s bodies are in the developmental stage, and due to the characteristics of their physique, they are also very suitable for eating smaller meals and more meals. 

Furthermore, in addition to lunch, schools usually have snacks. In this way, we will give children a little bit less at noon, so that they can have afternoon snacks and fruits. 

4) Kindergartens can control costs

Although kindergartens all charge tuition fees, they must also consider the cost. After all, kindergartens also need to be profitable. Especially in some private kindergartens, so on the premise of ensuring the nutrition of the children, it is possible to save costs as much as possible, so there will not be a lot of meals for the children.

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